7 Things Most Men Learn About Women Eventually

March 12, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin
"Man checking out woman"


Have you ever had a man do something so right, you’ve thought, “Somebody must have taught him that?” I bet you plenty of women in his life, after getting mad at him plenty of times for the same thing, taught him what women do and don’t like. Like this:


"Woman yelling into the phone"


Your spontaneity offends us

“Want to get dinner in an hour?” “I’m drunk at a bar. I want to see you, come out!” At first, men think women will read this as, “If I ask to see a women so soon, she will feel I really want to see her.” They eventually learn that we see it as, “If he really wanted to see me, he would have checked what my schedule was way more in advance than this!”

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  • Marina Calis

    men get on my nerves….I once had dreams of marriage and twin boys…but now I just want it to be me and my daughter! Men are way too….complicated now for a relationship.If a woman is lonely she should consider getting a dog! it’s a shame as many women as men go with they still dont know a thing about women or what a woman wants!

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  • Tony Sloany

    This list is good but #1 is sketchy…Sometimes spontaneity is s*xy as no woman wants a guy to be tooo methodical because he’ll be seen as boring.  Yeah I said it, y’all can be difficult like that.

  • anonymous

    These articles lack substance.

    • Nunya


      ““If he really wanted to see me, he would have checked what my schedule was way more in advance than this!””

      Really? This sounds like something a drama queen would say. You know…the type that ends up 40+ and alone. 

      • Nunya

        They learn that women need some time to just chill together after sex, maybe talk, maybe not talk at all. ”

        UGH with the stereotypes. With my husband, sometimes I feel like cuddling and sometimes I jump up when we’re done and go play video games. 

        • Www Yummybottoms

          Really? A video game…wierdo

        • Realer

          Video games! Love it!

        • Kath

          I doubt this article is about old, married couples who are accustomed to each other.

      • Nunya

        A lot of men, during that transition for women, are taken by surprise when it turns out a girl they’ve been seeing heavily is seeing somebody else! ”

        Communications problem. Nothing to do with gender. 

      • Nunya

        “We don’t always need advice. If we vent about something, and you say, “Well maybe next time that happens you can do this” we feel you’re saying we didn’t do it right the first time. Also, we might just have wanted someone to say, “That totally sucks that that happened to you. Come here” and hug us. The time when we are emotional is not the time to get practical. Most men figure that out after a few blowups.”

        Again, sounds like a drama queen. Mature women know that men are creatures of action. If you present them with a problem, they will try to fix it. If all you want is to an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on, THEN SAY THAT. Men aren’t mind readers. 

  • Bigdrew6

    Getting a towel immediately is kind of important to make life easier for the rest of the day/night.  No one wants to sleep in the “wetspot”

  • An idea is a feat of association.

  • sunsetssplendor

    Yes, it’s nice when men are already trained 😉