Preview: Oprah Sits Down With Bobbi Kristina and Patricia & Gary Houston

March 5, 2012  |  

This upcoming Sunday, Oprah’s interview with the family of Whitney Houston will be aired on her show, Oprah’s Next Chapter. To be specific, the whole family didn’t take part, but she sits down with Patricia Houston, Whitney’s sister-in-law and “closest confidant,” as well as her brother Gary, and of course, Bobbi Kristina. Looks like Lady O touches on Gary’s thoughts as a big brother on his ex-brother-in-law, Bobby Brown. Interesting, indeed…

If you haven’t checked out OWN yet, this episode of Oprah’s Next Chapter just might be reason enough to. Check out the preview and tell us your thoughts:

Will you be watching?

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  • Jewel

    Actually, Oprah didn’t let Bobbi-Kriss sit-down.  They stood throughout  the interview. 

  • MillieG1

    I’m looking forward to watching the Oprah interview with Whitney’s family member to gain more information and insight to Whitney’s last days on earth. I have great respect and admiration for Whitney Houston for many reasons such as, her love of God, family, music and helping others.  Many media outlets continue to focus on Whitney’s pitfalls instead of her many triumphs and multiple success’s.  Whitney Houston is a international icon and I chose to remember her that way.

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  • Caramelcocolove

    I don’t like her doing a interview SO SOON, but I am glad Oprah is doing it as opposed to the other clowns who cannot wait to question Bobbi Kristina.  Yeah the timing is critical, but that network is struggling like crazy. So all the sharks are swimming in the water, but there WILL DEFINITELY BE A DIFFERENCE IN HOW OPRAH ASKS HER, and what Oprah will not ask.

  • Guest919

    Oprah just begging for people to view her network and I won’t be one of them!!

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  • Mistercaig

    You know when is the right time? Does anybody really know? What I know is that the LORD will not put more on you than you can handle!!! Bobbi Christina is a strong black young lady she comes from a good style and class of strong black women ….. It may never come to pass but she might be the vessel to help others after watching what her mother went through…. Give her a little credit of knowing what she is doing!!! She has a good foundation and a good family back bone……

  • Ummabdulhalim21

    ctfu @ yall.  Doesnt matter what happens in anyones life people are always gonna have something to say. Talking about not watching and contributing to ratings Imma just pray for Bobbi and her family. lmao.. yall are something else

  • Ummabdulhalim21

    ctfu @ yall.  Doesnt matter what happens in anyones life people are always gonna have something to say. Talking about not watching and contributing to ratings Imma just pray for Bobbi and her family. lmao.. yall are something else

    • Kerry

      You also had something to say. In fact you simply repeated what was already said.

    • Kerry

      You also had something to say. In fact you simply repeated what was already said.

  • cubanflowers

    To you people talking about it is way too soon… 

    if it is way too soon why did Bobbi C agree to the interview?? 

    obviously she doesn’t feel that it is WAY TO SOON! and her opinion is the only one that matters!I bet all you people will be right there in front of your tv eyes and ears wide open to hear what will be said…be blessed..

    • Pserene13

      shame on Oprah for exploiting that family for ratings. Wow!!!!…………

      • Pserene13

        to CUBANFLOWER – I will not be watching. Their pain has to be way too raw at this time.I would feel as If I were a part of the exploitation. Just shameful

        • Pserene13

          REGAL – how in the heck does how Bobbi Kris is coping and what the family “plans” are for her going toe affect YOUR LIFE. Please… keep it real. You just nosy

        • Whatev

          Yeah, I agree with you… I replied before I saw your comment. I wouldn’t feel comfortable watching, and plus I do not want to contribute to ratings. I will just continue to care and pray for Bobbi Kris.

    • Whatev

      Bobbi is an 18 year old girl… just because she agreed to it doesn’t mean it is right, or even right for her. She may feel pressure to be “on” for the media from someone. And of course I will be watching. I care about her too and want to know how she is doing. I don’t think she should be on TV yet, but if she is I will watch.

    • Mistercraig

      Because its really not to soon why let it linger Death is apart of Living deal with it all and get on with your life! Yes I know easier said than done. BUt perhaps she will never get over perhaps she will…. the LORD WON”T out more on you than you caqn handle…. She is a strong young lady she comes from a breed of strong women

  • Mocha_687

    Whitney ain’t even cold in her grave yet. I understand that the family agreed to the interview, but it is way, way too soon and they are still coping with this loss.

    • Mistercraig

      Ms. Whitney’s body was cold the day she died! Her spirit let the body It was just a vechicle to hold the spirit …..

  • Whatev

    I don’t feel that Bobbi Kristina should be doing interviews/exposed to the media right now. It is way too soon.

    • REGAL

      The nay sayers are always out there aren’t they? When is the ‘right’ time exactly? in 2 years? what would be the point then? Many of us would like to know how Bobbi is coping instead of having to read the lies from the media. She has never been in the media like other celeb kids…she has always been by her mom’s side. I would like to know how she is doing. I’m sure you also disagreed with Whitney’s funeral being broadcast and yet it turned up very uplifting and many felt included and said their goodbyes by watching the funeral. I support this interview because I would like to know the family’s plans for Bobbi and how she is feeling right now. It’s a great idea and i can’t wait to watch it.

      • hey

        I disagree they need to give that child time to morn her mother’s death in private not do an interview less than three week after the funeral  I mean sometime some people need to have some respect for others

      • Whatev

        Dang, why did you have to come after me like that? I’m not a naysayer; it’s just my opinion… and apparently I am not alone. It doesn’t have to be 2 years, but it has only been two weeks. I did not mention Whitney funeral. That is a totally different subject, and it was fine how they did it. It would also have been fine if they had a public viewing. That does not affect Bobbi Kris. This does. She has to be “on”, composed, etc and I dont think she should be on display yet. People will even be watching/inspecting her to see if she seems to be “on drugs” too. She does not need that; she needs to heal with her family and maybe some counseling, like any other 18 yr old child who just lost her mother, and so suddenly.

      • guest

        It’s none of your business how Bobbi is coping.  You are not family.  Are you going to help Bobbi cope throughout all her ups and downs?  Just because Whitney was a public figure does not give the public the right to intrude on a daughter’s grieving process.  The only reason Oprah is doing this is for ratings…period.  Funny how I had posted that this entire interview was a disgrace, but somehow the comment got removed.  Her network continues to struggle, so what better way to garner some ratings than by interviewing her daughter.  It is too soon.  Btw, televising her funeral does not compare to interviewing a child who just lost her mother.  Who cares if she is over 18?  She is still very young. 

        • Ummm, how about Bobbi Kris needs money?  Don’t assume it’s all about “ratings”.  You don’t think Bobbi is doing this for free, are you?   Takes two to tango, dummy.

  • lu.donley


  • Chessica450

    cant wait