Training Day: Things You Should Never Have To Teach Your Man

April 2, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin

Scheduling you in

Do you find yourself trying to tell your man how to spend time—as in more with you? Ever get annoyed because you hear through the grapevine he’s been at the beach all day, and he didn’t invite you and it was his one day off ?! Let’s be real: while he may not have intentionally avoided calling you, you also didn’t just naturally pop into his mind. And that says enough. Wouldn’t you rather be with someone who thinks of you all on his own?

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  • Nayville

    i don’t understand y ppl leave comments like “stupid list”… obviously it wasn’t too stupid for you to take time outta day and not only read the article, but comment as well. idk… sounding a little hater-ish!

  • L-Boogie


  • I noticed most of you here in the comments either have settled for less in a relationship or have NO idea what love, intimacy and passion for attributes to have in a companion and lack expectations….And are basically the reason why there are so many bad characters like this list out there…Yo’ own momma’s never taught you anything about real companionship or intimacy, and is one of the reason why folks like ya’ll walk around with a grimace and are a bunch of haters that can’t and won’t ever find real love in the right places because you don’t know the “meaning” of the word.

  • QB

    all this list does is teach women to not work on their relationships.  Everything is leave and find someone knew lolol, thats why there are so many of them single and unhappy now.  Dont “settle” ladies, you are perfect ( just like Jesus), and you deserve a perfect man too….. right??

  • Ladybug94

    I don’t understand why someone would be obligated to “impress” your family and friends.  That just leaves the door open for them to be fake in order to do so.  A person should just be themselves.

  • Angie

    Who writes this stupid shizzy??? Sounds like whomever wrote it doesn’t want a man, they want a second skin! SHEESH>>>>GET A LIFE OF YOUR OWN!

  • Winter

    This isn’t a list for men, but one for women. Don’t get made when you can’t change someone just move on. However, these are things that you sure as hell shouldn’t have to teach someone.

  • Jasondrvmz

    Stupid lists like this are the reason why women will remain single, being too picky. U better be happy if u find someone that loves u and is faithful to u. Smh

  • Bluekissess

    Another stupid list.

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