True Life: If I Could Say Anything to My First Love, I’d Say…

March 5, 2012  |  
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We really do enjoy communicating with our Facebook and Twitter (@MadameNoire) followers. We know we can always count on you guys and gals for a laugh (or an argument). So when we came up with this idea of things we’d like to say to our first loves, we figured you ladies would be the best people to ask. Check out some of the more entertaining responses below:

Mika: I’ll tell him I’ll always hold a space in my heart for him because I REALLY LOVE him!!!

Mommy Needs Alcohol: Can you bring some baby wipes when you come home we’re low

April: Aren’t you glad you married me?! lol…

“You wanna smell my punani?” Source:

Christine: Take a look at what your missing – you won’t get a whiff of this again! ha ha ha!!

Renee: I would say i am sorry for pushing so hard and although we will never be even friends again, i hope there is no resentment(yeah i was slightly stalkerish, not my best moment).

Alexandria: damn, i would have to tell i love him, and i neva stopped!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa: You bent me but you didnt break me! Oh and your son has grown up nothing like u! Thank God!

Erica : I would say Hi!I still speak to mine! Been friends since the sixth grade, dated in high school & afterwards off and on for several years. We’re just better off as friends. Good guy. Just not for me.

Odetta: It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Thank you for my first life lesson in love.

Alexis: I want you instead of the piece of Shyte I’m with now!

Nikia: Thank you for making me understand that settling for you would have been a real mistake.

Doretta: Where is my money?


Nakia: I still Love U !!! RIP!!

Avionne: I still speak to my first love. When we do discuss the past, I tell him, “Thank you for the lessons you taught me. Even though I was very hurt, I’m happy you treated me like you did because it taught me to love myself more and never to love blindly. That was the best thing you ever did for me. Hubby and I thank you.”

Ulanda: I would of loved u forever..but u wasnt ready for this..

Eldra: U set the bar so high, that no one after u has reached it. U were my best friend..i really loved u, still do. U will always have a place in my heart.

Kimmy: You’re still able to walk??? I need a bigger voo doo doll!!

AngelBabygirl: ‎”I heard about ur AIDS…..guess I dodged that bullet huh?” Then we’d laugh nervously.

Arrianna: You couldn’t keep it in your pants, and now you have 12 kids! How’s that working for ya? Lol

@Haley, duh: ‏b!tch you fell off!

Diane: whenever he show up… I’d tell him… I been waitin for a man like you, to come into my life… yeahhhh waitinnn

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  • Kath

    I don’t remember who you are?

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  • KayBayBay823

    I would say, “I was the best thing that ever happened to you but you were too much of a child to realize that. Have fun with you’re mediocre chick. I got the best of you tho, and this baby will be better off without you!” <3

  • Vera

    Fourth photo that is the Nigerian actress Tonto Dikeh.

  • Lovely_Gal

    some of these were hilarious. What would i say…

    “Thanks for showing me what love isn’t. I was your best ever (and you know it) but your lost because this chick here will find better.”

  • Mls2698

    And to my other love, ” You had the smallest one.”

  • Mls2698

    I would say, ” You had the biggest one.”

  • koiceko

    I’d say i’m so over you I don’t even remember who my first love was… wow growth is a beautiful thing…

  • RenJennM

    I’ve already told my first love how I really felt because he tried to get back with me a couple months ago because still to this day, he believes that one day we’ll be married. I told him: “I don’t feel the same way anymore. You kicked me out of your life! Over nothing! You didn’t even want to be my friend anymore and that hurt me. We can be cordial, but things will never be the same. I wish you the best, but I am not the one for you.” 

    He responded by saying, “But that was four years ago. Can’t we move past it?” 

    And I said: “I have moved past it. I’ve gotten over you. Over these four years, so much has happened and I’ve grown so much. The time apart from you has changed everything, especially with how things ended. I no longer feel the same way about you.” 

    He’s accepted it, and we’re good now. It’s nice being cordial with him and having him check up on me occasionally. I’m still leery, but I’m open to friendship.

  • RotatinMy_Tires

    I would say that I am proud of everything you’ve done with basketball and I miss you!

  • Juranya8

    Lol took the man’s dsabled funds hahahahaha

  • Juranya8

    Lol took the man’s dsabled funds hahahahaha

  • Juranya8

    My first LOVE I would say IT was always love at first sight and I WISH I HAD NOT HAVE BEEN SOOOO AFRAID TO LOVE YOU RIGHT WE WOULD BE WED TILL TODAY!!!! I MISS U STILL

  • Juranya8

    My first LOVE I would say IT was always love at first sight and I WISH I HAD NOT HAVE BEEN SOOOO AFRAID TO LOVE YOU RIGHT WE WOULD BE WED TILL TODAY!!!! I MISS U STILL

  • Team nymphis

    I’ll say “it’s nice to meet you”

  • Ifuaskme2

    I do

  • Karrine

    I thank you for showing me what naive and unjaded love feels like.We had some great times.You disappointed me but you taught me my first lesson that nothing is guaranteed in a lifetime full of lessons.Now can you please stop requesting me as a friend of FB?And can you stay out of my inbox?My page is private and I know you are just trying to be nosy which is why it’s private.And,no there is nothing wrong with my account,YOU are the only person unable to see my pictures and posts.No,I do not have a twitter.Yes,I think about you sometimes.No,I do not want to ‘meet up and chill’,I’m not 17 anymore you must think I’m stupid.Yes,I’m engaged.No,I do not wish he was you.No,you shouldn’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.Yes,it’s nice to hear from you but I silently smile when you inbox me with the crap going on in your life .Not because I want you to suffer,but because it’s nice to see you learning those lessons I learned when I dated you.You wanted to be your own man,not tied down,living it up with as many girls as you could.That was fine,I understood because we were young.Now with 2 babymamas from college,a torn ACL,a receding hairline and adult acne,the groupies,the popularity,the good looks and the money are gone-Oh well nothing’s guaranteed!Sucker!

    • Ju Ju Beans

      *DEAD*@ this whole comment!!LMAO!!!!

    • Louisiana Lickable Lips


    • Jesus Shuttlesworth

      HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAA…..This made me spit out my juice!

  • Goddess8281

    I love Avionne’s response! That sums it up for me pretty good!

  • Louisiana Lickable Lips

    I would say: Thank u 4 the emotions & feelings u evoked in me. I was truly in luv with u, but was too scared 2 trust u with my future. U are & were unstable & I thank God everyday tht we are not 2getha. Im glad God blocked us. But thx for the AMAZING head…..no1 does it better than u. And thank u for moving on with such a uncouth woman (tht ur family hated). U will NEVER be able to get ova me, b/c they will constantly remind u of wht u passed up. So srry, but wish u the best! Smooches!!!!

  • His first everything

    I’d say thank u Andre’ for taking me to love myself. You know I’ll always have a place in my heart for you, that its why we arte still friends<3

  • Cokeland

    I’d tell her congratulations on the new baby and best wishes in your marriage!

  • J.

    He knows and I know….. Marques Houston’s, ” circles”, and usher’s, ” my boo”. 702, ” i still love you”. That says it all.

  • TeonnaRichards

    get ur lazy a*s up n get a job with ur moochn, 4 kids by 4 grls (me included) no hs diploma havin ass. Ben 2gtha 5 yrs since i was 17 and i dont knw nothn else. Tried to move on but i want r family 2wrk. We both 22 with r ahead of us. Im tired of financially takin care of r son by myself. Love u but its time 2grow up.

  • Nina Dashotta

    I’d say: thank you for making me your wife and giving me such a beautiful baby boy!

  • KalifaWilliams

     gimme back my hymen you unworthy dog……

    • Goddess8281


    • Kath

      LOL! Laugh of the day.. Thanks!

  • Superfly78

    WHERE’S MY CHILD SUPPORT NEGRO!lol! No but seriously. I would say I’ve learned a lot of life lessons within our relationship. It opened my eyes to what what love should be. Although it didn’t work out. We share the greatest gift ever….our son.

  • Mrs.Hulk

    I would say, I loved u more then I loved myself at one point in time, I was your fool and I didn’t care. I wanted our family and nothing else. We were young and hurt eachother badly. In thee end I did you wrong and you did me worse. Our daughter looks so much like you. Thank God, God sent me a man who loves me for me and knows all my flaws and doesn’t throw them in my face. Good luck with your broad. I’ve moved on and won’t be coming back this time! Dueces! 

  • Gbeskybo

    I’d say: You were my heart; you made me want to do and be better You had/have everything I could ever want in a man, but you didn’t understand and appreciate the gravity of my love, so I stopped trying to force you to understand. I let go, but thank you for the amazing feelings knowing you put in my heart, and like I told you, I can never regret a single day loving you.

  • Candacey Doris

    I’d probably say…what’s up?

  • LadyRed

    II should have it should read..Look you ( were)

  • LadyRed

    I’ll say! I’m sorry for using you for your disability was young..please forgive me..And if he talked shid to me For that…i’ll be like LOOK YOU FOR BUYING DOPE TRYING TO BE THE DOPE MAN SOOOO JIGGA MOVE AROUND..I DIDN’T HAVE TO APOLOGIZE. LMBO

    • Louisiana Lickable Lips

       Disability check??!!! LMBAO!

  •  Hmmmm…
    Id say I never admitted you were my first love… But you were. And I
    still have a small space for you in my heart. Breaking up was hard but,
    Im such a better person now. I still have much love for you. And Im
    happy youre happy now too… (something like that) Oh, and thanks Im a pro at that now… 😉

  • perplexed

    wow, there are some hurt women out there,-yikes!

    • Ifuaskme2

      And bitter. Sheesh!

  • applesauce585

    You were my friend, sweet and always a “gentleman” and in my heart always a “special” place for you. Wish you the best today, tomorrow and always! Love ya 🙂

  • LaTasha

    Thank you for showing me love and being there when I needed you the most. You will always hold a special place in my heart, but now I have move on to someone who is truly meant for me.

  • Smacks_hoes

    “Thank you for coming in my life and showing me friendship, compassion, and true love when I needed it the most. I wish you all the happiness life has to offer you.”

  • Dear_Heart

    I’d say “Thank you for being a lying cheater. You made it easier to spot your kind.

  • Sugar_Spice

    Wow…… dead off of AngelBaby! I would tell mine that “Now that I know what real love is I know I didn’t love you. Also thank you for showing me what love is not & what an a** you were to me so I can move on to marry someone who truly loves me”