Just Jokes? White Women Against The Cruelty of Black Men

March 2, 2012  |  


This satirical video explores the dynamics between black women, black men and interracial dating. While the piece may hit a few sore spots, we found it pretty funny.

So you won’t be caught off guard, here’s a description…

“Every year over 80,000 black men are abused, battered, neglected. Join the WWSPCABM to make a difference for these innocent victims, and give these men a voice!”

Watch the video below and let us know what you think about it.

Do you find this funny? We sure did.

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  • This is so funny. Did you see the look on his face when she said “and some white men”?

  • Mythoughts

    It’s interesting how people get so offended over this. Satire is what it is called!!!

    Was it offensive or acceptable when Red Foxx and Richard Pryor did this? Or when more of our current black comedians make fun of their race (Eddie Murphy? Katt Williams? Chris Rock? Dave Chappelle?)?

    I am a very educated black woman (engaged to a black man although I have dated a variety of races) and I thought this was extremely funny!

    Stop reading so much into it and enjoy a good laugh. Also, keep in mind, the video is making fun of stereotypes! Stereotypes come from somewhere and if you are reading too much into it, maybe you are portraying that stereotype . . . hummmm?

  • Mythoughts

    It’s interesting how people get so offended over this. Satire is what it is called!!!

    Was it offensive or acceptable when Red Foxx and Richard Pryor did this? Or when more of our current black comedians make fun of their race (Eddie Murphy? Katt Williams? Chris Rock? Dave Chappelle?)?

    I am a very educated black woman (engaged to a black man although I have dated a variety of races) and I thought this was extremely funny!

    Stop reading so much into it and enjoy a good laugh. Also, keep in mind, the video is making fun of stereotypes! Stereotypes come from somewhere and if you are reading too much into it, maybe you are portraying that stereotype . . . hummmm?

  • MissE

    LOL!!!! This was too funny!

    (From educated, black woman)

  • MissE

    LOL!!!! This was too funny!

    (From educated, black woman)

  • Elegance

    Yes it’s a satire but what are they poking fun at? They are joking about Black men being like helpless, innocent puppies who are supposedly abused by the big, bad, Black women. They are joking about White women rescuing these men who can not protect or provide for themselves (something many Black women have done and are encouraged to do, even those who don’t date Black men). They are painting Black women as being physically and verbally abusive (and overweight). They are joking about White women being the kind, gentle, (not overweight) solution to the Black man’s problems. 

    Where do you think the people in this video got these ideas? I’m assuming that Black men told them. They are poking fun at the real things Black men have told them and are calling it pathetic. They are painting Black women as being horrible, Black men as being pathetic, helpless puppies, and White women being Black men’s saviours. Satire lol 🙂

  • Victoria

    Wow, those are definitely the ugliest Black men I’ve ever seen! LOL 

  • Kay

    Oh my god! That was hilarious! Yes, silly folks who may have seen this, IT IS SATIRE. Smart people will know this. Pretty funny. This is a good opportunity for discussion, though, because comedy comes from pain. (that is not an indictment of anyone, just saying)

  • Sol Rothstein

    This parody was funny

  • jackieOsassin

    i thought it was hilarious. i like the one the dude from chappelle’s show did on b!tches, too lol these are so wrong but funny

    • perplexed

      i liked that one too!

  • Sugar_Spice

    LMFAO @ a pack of Newports!

  • Business406

    There is truth in humor. There’s 2 ways to look at it. On the surface, it’s funny. But the reason behind it is really troubling. Basically black women are loud, overpowering, overweight, and white women are nurturers. Once again, some racist s**t crammed into a joke designed to make you feel like if you don’t laugh you’re uptight.

  • Msddre

    it’s funny ‘cuz it’s true, in a sense…

  • This is hilarious. Take note people. THIS is how you do race based humor without being offensive.

  • Forreals

    I always said the only difference between a dog n a ninja is a dog walks on all fours & is loyal! This made ninjas look just like the little helpless dogs that they r.. I always say u gotta take care of a ninja just like u do a dog n whoever made this video just proved me & alot of sistas who feel the same way I do rite!!

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  • Me

    The ads and clicking through 100 pages is really getting out of control. I understand y’all want to make money but you need to consider your readers as well. I’m so done with this website. 

  • Brnsug

    That wasa funny…video….Most of the time this happens is b/c Men come in contact with the wrong women…just like the women comes in contact with the wrong men….Seems to be a really bad cycle..Taking your time and enjoying you helps cut crazies…Maybe not jumping into one relationship to another….Playing around with that person and getting busted….when you can just let the person know your not ready to be in a relationship…before it becomes to serious….Know one wants to deal with  a scorn woman or a bitter man…lol…..

  • Stephanie

    At Stacy…..

    “It amazes me how some of you often talk about black women not wanting good black men (which is true about the black women that chase thugs) but you all never mention how black men out here don’t want brainiacs because to many of you, they don’t look good enough. Funny how men have sympathy for ugly dudes but at the same time always say looks are important. “_____________________I’ve noticed that too. I too agree that there are black women that chase thugs. I can admit that. What I don’t understand is why the good black men that chase no good women aren’t talked about much like they don’t chase no good women. The same men who are good men usually want the same women that the no good men chase, which is the girl with the short, tight skirt who doesn’t have anything going for herself. I have read comments from brothers who call themselves progressives saying they don’t want an intelligent woman because most of them aren’t attractive but most of the women who are nerds usually have character and aren’t scheming. Seriously, many men have said give me a banging woman with T&A over any bookworm. So really all the talk about wanting a good woman and a woman of character is false. A lot of progressive brothers want the same women that the always popular, no good guys want, which is the woman that may be pretty but is up to no good and brings a lot of drama to the table.  

  • FromUR2UB

    It’s too long, but I was laughing at it initially.  They should have kept it as long as the real commercial with all the forlorn-looking shelter dogs.

  • BeautifullyMade&HighlyBlessed

    Lol it had alil dave chappell feel but I find it funny just because it’s actually the opposite someone should be saving us black women. It’s like a vid for all the dead beat black daddies, the player types that get slapped, the black men that make up the highest number in prisons, the drug dealers, and the pimps. Lol white women I would be happy if y’all saved us from them. They like to get babied. I’m glad I have a real black man by my side because I almost gave up on them. Anyways we are the only race that is not untied smh so this vid might help the big percentage of loser black men to really fall away from black women. But hey ladies we’re better without those kind of black men.

  • this has a small ounce of truth in it. Because of slavery times the gender roles for black people have been reversed, so you have black woman being more aggressive and manly with the black man being more soft and weak. Same can’t be true of most whites, thats’ why you have videos like this that show men running away from black woman who emasculate him and into the arms of a white woman who is there to comfort her, can’t blame them that’s what woman are supposed to do. So until we can switch these roles which require actions on both parts we will still have problems. 

  • LOL…as ugly as those critters were, they can have them…and keep them working like slaves…ROFL

  • IllyPhilly

    YoooOOO CTFU!!! Non-angry Black woman here and I find ALL of this sh*t hilarious!! “Some Backwoods.” Too funny!! Who would really find this offensive? I think its funny people only get offended when that person is them that’s being made fun of. If ya mom not a crackhead you laugh when playing the dozens, if ya mom is one you throw punches. If ya not slapping your Black man around or tagging up his car you laugh if ya wasn’t laughing…well you know!  

  • Jabartl2

    My Black man loves me and I love him! Black love is Beautiful! Don’t believe the hype . . . 

  • Smacks_hoes

    All hell broke loose on world star hip hop about this video. Black guys were commenting about dating “snow bunnies” and angry pissed black women were commenting calling them “coons”…I think it’s all been taking out of context. It was a joke. Laugh about it!!! The black community as a whole has some serious deep rooted issues. It’s getting out of hand

    • safirah

      exactly. if u have deep rooted issues, how can u laugh?

  • stephanie newman

    they need to go somewhere with this mess.  my grandaddy told me there are two things that don’t live long, a dog that chases cars and a black man chasing white women.  My husband has NEVER even had sex with a white women and he is 52 years old.

    • Tomiwa_giwa

      That’s what you think. I think if we give Mr. Newman some truth serum, the revaluations will be salacious

  • Johnylee41

    Oh c’mon people! This is satire! It is not making light of abuse (mentally or physically). It is making fun of the stereotyped notion that the “Angry Black Woman” abuses the “Weak Black Man” into the hands of the “Safe Gullible White Woman”. Anyone who believes the hype of any of those people portrayed in this skit is sadder than the notion itself.

  • I did chuckle a little.

  • Taankh

    What’s really cute is that for sure this will get black men and women arguing against each other because the satire is supposed to be directed against us black women.  But the piece also made light of white people’s fondeness for “rescuing”…,and the black men were the dogs.

    • Mahoganimedia

      I saw that same thing lol.  Reminded me of those ASPCA commercials where you can rescue some “poor animal” for a dollar a day.  If Black men see themselves as abused animals, then they have far more problems to deal with than some “angry Black woman” lol

  • Extremely hilarious!!!They can continue to rescue them!!!! I say thank you “white women”!!

    • Mahoganimedia

      LOL! I thought the same thing!

  • Dimples1281

    Hahaha!!!! Too funny. People, nothing wrong with having a little humor. 

  • Akastephy08

    As an advocate for victims of domestic violence I was angered by this video.  I can usually take a good joke but after seeing stab wounds, gun shot wounds, broken limbs, and tire marks on women (and some men), this video seemed to be very insensitive.  I am sure if the writers had actually experienced domestic violence they would not have written this parody.  I am not angry, just disappointed that such a sensitive subject as domestic violence can be entertaining to some. 

    • Mahoganimedia

      I too was a tad bothered by mixing a sensitive subject with satire.  I try to be open-minded and just accept that the whole concept is really ridiculous from beginning to end and anyone who sees this as truth it doesn’t take anything in life seriously. 

  • appassionata

    More disturbing than funny.
    So, Black men are basically like children, or animals that need to be tamed or taken care of.
    Move along folks, nothing new to see here…

  • Smacks_hoes

    I thought it was funny …

    • Kay

      ….I did too, I thought it was a joke…(as it was supposed to be seen as a joke….)

  • Nina

    So black men are so much of deadbeat losers that a woman has to pay his cell phone bill and pay for them to smoke because they don’t have jobs to support themselves. Isn’t that the stereotype that’s been placed on black men for over 50 years? LMAO at black men missing that. 

    • Karen

      LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This video was funny especially when the lady said she had to pay his cell phone bill. 

      • brian k

        The whole thing is a joke.  I’m not a black woman so I cannot understand how you feel completely, but the video makes fun of all three groups.  The men look so pitiful and pathetic, the black women angry and the white women look naive and like suckers.  I thought it was funny personally.


      Guess you missed the part about them stereotyping black women as abusive, loud and not knowing how to treat a man. LMAO at you missing that, but noticing the negative they had to say about black men.

      • truthurts

        Why are you so defensive about the subject. If it don’t apply, let if fly. I guess it applies to you since you are up and down the comments seemingly “pleading” your case.  Let it go. You sound weak and needy for validation. If you’re black and like white women, so what, do you. Why do you care so much what others think? Be a man, get off the blogs and live your life.

        • Colliz6

          Couldn’t have said it better myself. He has an axe to grind with every comment on here. GEEEESS!!!! 

        • HARDMIKE

          If anything I said to you didnt apply, why in God’s name are you replying to me? That should have been one of those things you let fly. But of course I should laid down and allow myself to be slandered, so you can then tell me how weak I am for allowing myself to be slandered.

          And Dr. Phil, did I touch a nerve? 

          I would explain how ironic it is that you accuse me of being weak and needy for validation but I believe you would totally miss the point.And you’re on this blog at about the same time I am, I guess you’re totally opposed to taking your own advice about getting a life.

      • Nina

        Actually my comment was to men like Frank who completely missed the stereotyping of brothers but noticed everything about what the video said about sisters. Just like he missed it, I’m sure other black men will too. LOL too funny how some brothers are quick to see the stereotypes of sisters but can’t see that a black man that made this video is stereotyping them too. 

        • HARDMIKE

          Frank is one person, not some brothers. You’re using the ad hominem attack of guilty by association, since Frank is a brother, then Frank’s train of though represents all black men, but because his line of thinking furthers your point, you act as if a large group of black men are commenting, liking and cosigning Frank’s statement, and they are not. You’re doing the same thing as Frank, yet you seem to think it ok because you pointed out that Frank did it first.

          • brian k

            Bro women like her are the same as men like frank yet she thinks she is better.  They all drag our community down, fight, and make stupid
            generalisations but at the same time talk as if they are leaders or proud members of our community.

      • Anonymous

        There have to be MEN present for us to know how to treat them and sadly BM just don’t fit in that catagory..

  • TLol

    last time i checked black women had the highest domestic violence cases FULL STOP..so whats the difference? looool this just makes black guys look like WOMEN lmao..the white woman totally made fun out of you in this one (claps to her) you wont see asian or white men wanting to look like sissys lmao..MAN UP..women arent meant to be taken care of men. No wonder why the prettiest women of all races date white men (including pretty black women)


      You sound like a cauldron of self hate that just spilled over onto the internet. White men have the prettiest women of all races? You do know that this was A SCRIPTED COMEDY RIGHT? Meaning fictional, as in not true, yet you are going in like they just revealed the absolute truth, or a hidden camera exp`ose, your issues with black men must be epic.

  • Black women have been sitting here and supporting black men for generations and what do they do? Love us and support us back by going in the arms of white women. Smdh. Better off single than dealing with this mess if this is the new deal.


      Actually black men marched and died in the streets of America so that you would be treated as women should be. And please, you’re a woman, stop acting as if every black woman is perfect or is a good mate. It absolutely kills me to see women act as if they ALWAYS go after the “good” guy and he magically leaves them for a white woman. The truth is that smart respectable responsible men are not seen as “good” mates in our community, if they were,they would be the men with the most children and women, and not the criminals. Its awesome how everyone seems to miss that fact, its the same reason why pretty boys have a bunch of children and ugly dudes don’t. So go have several seats with that black men run into the arms of white women, no, black men live in a community where money and status and looks trumps everything, and if you are lacking in one of those three departments, good luck. 

      • Stacy

        So good looks apply to black men in the black community and if they don’t have look, good luck? Huh? With a lot of brothers, if her butt isn’t sticking out and her breasts aren’t that big, she’s overlooked. How many times have men on these blogs and all over the internet and outside of cyberspace judged a woman on how she looks and “repeatedly” said looks are important and they’d choose a woman based on looks any day over any brainiac? All the damn time. Most of the women who are brainiacs are good women and nothing like the women who’s only purpose is to land some rich man. The women who don’t act like this and don’t look like they could be on the cover of a magazine often get overlooked because many black men don’t want them. It amazes me how some of you often talk about black women not wanting good black men (which is true about the black women that chase thugs) but you all never mention how black men out here don’t want brainiacs because to many of you, they don’t look good enough. Funny how men have sympathy for ugly dudes but at the same time always say looks are important. 

        I have a PhD, so, yes I’m a nerd, don’t have children, and I’m not a gold digger. I bring all that up because I’ve been told to my face by several black men that I’m a good woman but not their type. Then when I see their type it’s usually some woman that acts like she could be on Basketball Wives so….. There are plenty of women like me so while you try to make it seem like women are superficial, I know damn well most men in our community are. 

        • Kris

          A lot of women on Basketball Wives don’t just date men who are professional ball players but also men who are educated, got multiple degrees, and who also are pastors. It’s laughable how many black men claim they only look for good women but they date women who act like the bad girls/act like the women on reality shows. The good women who are smart are not noticed by them. Why? Because they aren’t walking around in a dress that’s so tight they look like they can’t breath. Make no mistake, the same women the thugs want, the good guys want. It’s the women who act like they could be on a reality shows that get the most attention. The girls who look like they don’t put out get pazzed over. 

          I’m with you on some sisters wanting thugs. What gets me is brothers act like they don’t like hoes, the bad girls when everyone knows many do but they won’t admit it.  

        • I’m very glad that you’ve mentioned this. I have a male friend. We’ve been friends for years. We’re very close (both black) and he has trouble finding the right woman. I said, “Okay, so what kind of woman are you looking for?” He says “Well, she needs to have natural hair, preferably dreads. I don’t like girls who wear makeup (not making this up)”, and she has to be nice.” Okay, so it still amazes me that every girl he goes after is a weave wearing woman who wears gaudy makeup and has a loud, stink attitude. It bothers me because he is a great looking guy who’s not an @hole, but it just shows the hypocrisy. It’s also funny because every feature he described resembles me. 1. I have dreadlocks. 2. I don’t wear makeup. 3. I guess you can say I’m friendly. Yet, because I’m not a “diva” I get overlooked. 

          • Sol Rothstein

            Maybe you are asking him the wrong question. He is looking for that type of woman, but is attracted to sexxxy women. 2 difference questions and choices.

      • perplexed

        lol and what about the black men? who are these good men chasing? the ‘hot’ chicks who go after these thugs/prettyboys, are they smart? do they have substance? if your answer is no, then what do you expect? why dont the good guys go after the good girls ?

      •  I’m not talking about the “past”. I am talking about now. I willfully acknowledge that not every woman deserves a mate. I think it’s unfair to say that all women ditch the nice guy when I have gone for the good guy. The sweet and nice guy and I STILL got botched over. Not just by BM, but since this article pertains to BM, fine. We will stick to them. Today, BM would sooner throw a BW under the bus than give her a chance. There are quite a few BM I’ve been interested, most of them were either exclusively interested in non bw or were only looking for sex. Fine. Needless to say, I am still interested in BM aside from my experience. Unlike BM, I’m not throwing them under the bus.

        • HARDMIKE

          Miss me with that ish, are seriously telling me that you let a few men represent black men entire dating choices? Seriously, this is like Youtube, where ONE MAN can make a video, but “thats the way all brothers feel”.That the same when a man says that treats a woman nice, but doesnt make enough. And you all act as if blogs such as this dont exist, telling you how awesome you are for doing nothing more than being an responsible adult, “Girl, you graduated from college, you deserve nothing less than the best of everything “. So sure, I really believe that y’all were really doing your do diligence and really only interested in educationally focused men.

          Using celebrities as examples? You just lost your arguement.
          (Not talking to you in particular)  

          • Notme

             mike understand these are some of the dumbest group of individuals to walk the earth, for all you i hope to god your messing with us, taking some youtube video as a rep for all BM, if you ever do something like this please quietely take a knife and slit your throats and end it all there, because through the propogation of your blood line would ensue stupidity, naiveity, and gullibility on a catastrophically retarded level. ppl who judge thier views on here-say or base thier views on comments on troll sites, deserve to die plain and simple. again i restate i hope to some superior being in the universe that no one takes these comments seriously and that these comments themselves are trolls.

      • I beg to differ. Have you see Flava flav? He has a bunch of kids, so does P. Diddy. Hardly attractive in anyone’s book.

  • really me

    Hell no! Not one bit! It’s not funny at all. Trying to hide the REAL problem in a comedy and make it a joke. It’s videos like this that turn our men and women against each other. Damn shame. We are the only race that will turn our back on our own and feel like we can get rescued by white.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22

    That was the most dummiest foolery i ever witnessed, nobody can turn me against my race and have me running tp white people, the same white people who mocked and de-graded my race for centuries and some still do.. niether here or there.. yeah run to them so they can laugh at you, call you the n word and do the exact same  thing  the black woman you claim does!

    • Miller

      Oh stfu, you disrespect blk men each and everyday on B0ssip. so save the fake your tired speech for someone who gives a d a m n.

    • Sassy

      Take a chill pill, it’s meant to be a joke/comedy. Stop reading too much into things, breeds bitterness.

  • Frank

    I gotta admit this vid was funny because it has some truth to it.  We can’t act like some black women don’t mistreat brothers and that’s why some of them end up with the bunnies. This kind of makes me think about the Pepsi Superbowl commercial with the violent black wife and the abused husband that caused all that drama. Why black women get mad when black men are 6x more likely to experience domestic abuse than hispanic, asian, and white men? 

    • FromUR2UB

      Part of the reason I thought this vid was so funny is because I anticipated that some of you wouldn’t realize that this isn’t flattering to you, either.

      • guest


    • Pfft

      And I’m willing to bet that most those women were defending themselves. If anyone know an ounce about domestic violence laws they will know they are not always applied fairly. Example. My mom’s ex, hit her, she defended herself by hitting him back with a wooden clock. He ended up with a bruise. When the police arrived, although her ex had struck her first with his fist, because he had a bruise and she didn’t, she went to jail. She was forced to take anger management classes and she was forced to pay fines. She was never allowed to discuss what really happened or that she was responding to being attacked. I guess she should have just let him beat her bloody.  How many more black women are like my mother? Lumped into a statistic because they don’t bruise easily? I have no faith in those stats. No faith at all. So you can shove them.

      Oh and it’s not like black men treat black women well.  It doesn’t matter how educated you are, whether you speak loudly or are soft spoken, the simple fact is black men for the most part do not know how to love. A good percent of them are insecure, and abusive. I have seen it too often with my own eyes. Seeing a black man who is decent is like seeing a leprechaun. And it’s not to say there are no bad women because there are. Ive seen my share of them too, but we’re talking about men here.

    • Anonymous

      But the bunnies you end up with usually end up dumping you too…..basically BM don’t do well with any race Women do you?  Ginny Barber, Elin Woods , Eva Longoria and vanessa Bryant are living proof.

  • L-Boogie


  • MsObjective

    <—-Single educated black woman here…LMAO…this is hilarious! The very intelligent black men will quickly notice this is a satire. The "slow" black men out there will clearly support this message( stay away from these type of men ladies. This video is making fun of them). Can we go ahead and start a Black Women Anonymous group to try and help these men from this terrible black women…lmao.

    • Gjodyjoe

      And The bitter blackwomen will come here a post things like this.

      • Ro38

        Shut the hell up!!!! self hating  goat!!!!

    • Janee

      I agree. It’s satire people! They do it all the time on SNL. 
      Intelligent Black people will understand that it’s satire, laugh and go on merrily about their day.Uneducated Black men will support the message. Uneducated Black women will get pissed off and post about how offensive it is. It’s satire. Chill out. Of course some of it is unfortunately true. We all know that there are people in interracial relationships for the wrong reasons (i.e. generalizations that all Black women are evil; White women are submissive; [insert more stereotypes] ….etc.) If anything, this video makes fun of the ignorant people who get in interracial relationships out of spite. 

      I laughed! 

      Single, educated, sweet, loving, Black woman with good credit, her real hair and everything else that challenges a negative stereotype about Black women 

  • Stanley

    That sh*t craaa!?!