Canada Eh? 8 Celebrities We Didn’t Know Were Canadian

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Cree Summer

FREDDIE! I mean, Cree! One of our favorite chicks from A Different World and probably the hardest working voice actor out there, was actually born in Los Angeles. However, she’s repping Saskatchewan of all places and was raised on a Reservation in the province. I don’t know why, but I really had myself thinking she was born in like…Seattle or some mess. Well slap me silly, she’s a proud Canadian!

MadameNoire Video

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  • RGJ

    Scarborough is not in Toronto, it’s a part of it…

  • Ayo

    yep i knew it, Melyssa ford was the bar girl at Club Nix in New york back in the day. i have always known that was her i use to see at club Nix.

  • Kjaimarie

    Yall forgot Melanie Fiona

  • Thatscold

    Should change title to:
    “Canadians We Didn’t Know Were Celebrities”

  • Glenjames52

    Canadians of color and otherwise have been gracing the silver screen as well as TV for a long, long time…remember Lorne Green, Bonanza? Yeah, he was Canadian and the list is very long…Nice job showing up Canadians of Color though…Toronto is my all time favorite city…Go Canada…Eh!

  • Guest1

    where are the people we did not know were haitian, or their parent/parents are haitian? Like Blake Griffin

  • Damn_Igot_it1

    Cree summer was raised in TORONTO …. born in Saskatchewan..

    She used to babysit me and my cousins

  • sweetie

    you guys forgot melanie fiona ….. lol

  • MeMe

    Hahaha… “York University, Toronto’s famed research university.”

    Well ok then.


       Why the sarcasm?  It is a research uni…

    • Finedime25

      lmao for real

  • ???

    Canada rocks!

  • Tweety_Baby

    I’m from Montreal, Canada and let me tell you : it’s a beautiful place to be.

    • sholla21

      Hi fellow Montrealer. How are you liking the latest snowstorm?

      • Melrause

        i just cant wait for the spring time…can’t take it anymore!

    • Melrause

      Real city is the Coolest city in Canada im tellin you…

    • Valentine Joseph

      Originally repping from Montreal North, still love my home even when I’m away

  • F3ral Anarchy

    i love love loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the sistas in canada!  they are such a breath of fresh air to the sistas living here in the states.  (((gotta get back to toronto soon!)))   

  • Cree, Keanu and Rick Fox were the biggest surprises to me. 

  • Chanda

    Most all of them I already knew were Canadian except for Rick Fox. I knew about Tamia and Deborah Cox being Canadian the minute they came out.

  • Smacks_hoes

    I really would love to live in canada or the uk…

    • LisaLuvless

      Yes you would! I’ve been to the states;Washington,Atlanta,Boston,Pennsylvania,New York,Buffalo and to Manchester,England. Canada’s the clean version of the States to me,I hope that doesn’t sound bad cause that’s not how I want it to.

  • SweetPea

    Ive never heard of the last two people on this list, never mind knowing where they come from lol!!

    • LisaLuvless

      I hope you’re being sarcastic lol , being that the last two ladies are almost known for being Canadian and the first for breaking onto the urban scene.

      • SweetPea

        Unfortunately Lisaluvless, no sarcasm here….i dont pay much attention to celebs, canadian or american, so i must admit that these two slipped under my radar 🙂

  • Yes most say it, I’m not Canadian I’m American been in Canada for 5 years now and I say EH unknowingly

  • hyfr

    Good article. I<3JustinBieber!!

  • RedButterfly81

    What aBOOT Melanie Fiona?

    • They are talking about people we would not know about but people know about Melanie Fiona

    • Sarai

      No one says aboot here…I really don’t know where this stereotype came from

  • LisaLuvless

    Canadians are nothing like Americans… We’re cool 🙂

    • Smacks_hoes

      This is a serious question ….do Canadians really say “aye”? I heard a very canadians speak and they sound just like amerians. I don’t even hear an accent

      • Smacks_hoes

        Excuse the grammatical errors…typing in a hurry

        • LisaLuvless

          No, we really don’t. I actually tried really hard not to comment on that stereotype.. I’m just glad they didn’t talk about igloos..

          Native Indians/Aboriginals speak with the a different accent. Its kind of like the States,accents differ in Provinces.
          People in Toronto,Ontario have a lingo that’s greatly American and Caribbean influenced so its a mix of those. Some loser Canadians will try to talk like either one completely so WE even wonder where they really come from.

          • SweetPea

            And dont forget how they talk `down east`and in the Maritimes. That`s another accent altogether. We are not one homogenous lump as most Americans think we are 🙂

            • LisaLuvless

              Yeah,some have that subtle Queen(British)accent.

          • LisaLuvless

            Mounties,Aboriginals, french speakers say “aye”.. We might do it for fun..that’s about it.
            Canadians are chameleons,they will mirror whoever they’re talking to for some reason…
            Unless this was online, only white Canadians are true to the accent, my black Canadians think they’re New Yorkers or Jamaican lol * kanye shrug *

            • Valentine Joseph

              French speakers DO NOT say aye. We have our own language eccentricities but aye is not one of them

              • Msmykimoto2u

                So where did that word come from then?

      • Damn_Igot_it1

         No we do not all say aye…..

  • Smacks_hoes

    8 pages? Really