No Hard Feelings, Right? Meryl Streep Gives $10,000 Donation in Viola Davis’s Honor

February 28, 2012  |  

That darn Meryl! She makes it so hard not to love her even though I really wanted Viola Davis to win on Sunday. According to Reuters, the morning after the Academy Awards in which Streep took home the award for Best Actress for her work in The Iron Lady, beating out Davis for her work in The Help, the winning actress decided to write a check of $10,000 to a struggling Rhode Island school in honor of her friend. Davis grew up in Central Fall, Rhode Island and was working to help the bankrupt town get back on its feet. Knowing Davis’ efforts to help her community get up and running again, Streep’s check arrived the Segue Institute for Learning on Monday morning, a school in the area facing closure. According to Reuters, the school is ecstatic about the donation:

“We’ve just been screaming from the rooftops,” said Angelo Garcia, founder and director of operations at the school. “We’re excited Meryl Streep has gotten the ball rolling for us, but we recognize there’s a long road ahead of us,” he said.

The money she sent will hopefully be used to help renovate the school and it’s accompanying community center. Allegedly Davis had discussed the school with Streep in the past, and the legendary actress wanted to have her charity, Silver Mountain Foundation for the Arts, send a check and help out.

Who knows if this was something Streep already planned for her good friend (the two worked together and became homeskillets while filming Doubt), or if she felt a certain way about winning the Oscar over Davis and wanted to show love. Can’t question a person’s reasons for giving, because either way, something wonderful and charitable came out of it! Nice.

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  • Candacey Doris

    Their movies were both goo. Who knows how the voting went, but i’m not ma about Meryl winning. If it had been someone that obviously sucked that won, yeah, i’d be mad. I think she was just helping out a friend.

  • Kara

    I did not see either movie but I love Viola and I think Merryl is a class act!

  • Gmarie

    The best woman won come on now people give her her props..and if Viola HAD one we’d be here today responding to a post  about “why the black woman had to win an academy playing a mammy”. Viola tends to take on very strong roles in really well written films, and I can see her going up for another award in no time. I think it was a great gesture, and they’re obviously friends.  

  • April showers bring forth May flowers

  • joyeshow

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  • TMc

    Come on people, it was a friendly gesture for a great cause. Let’s stop looking for negatives in a person’s actions and roll with the positive.  We gotta stop this way of thinking, because it’s SO ugly and we’re way better than that. Go Meryl and Viola!

  • Jc_nash

    I so wanted Viola Davis to win, but Meryl Streep knocks all of her performances out of the ball park! She is truly an AWESOME actress.

  • I’m sorry, why is she feeling so guilty? I just hate this so much it’s like she feel sorry for Viola, I’m not sure what other award show it was that she had also won and during her speech she was like shout out to Viola, I’m not sure but it’s like minimizing MS Viola. This just my opinion. I think she won  her Oscar and I say good on her! She is a great actress but I wanted Viola to win and she did not, I’m ok with that and MS Streep you should be too. 

    • No Disrespect

      Thank you…it just doesn’t seem right with the timing. It’s great that she gave, but she should have given in her name not in Viola’s name. Why did she feel compelled to give on behalf of Viola? It’s like the Help all over again. Viola doesn’t need to be saved from the embarrassment of losing because there is no embarrassment – her performance earned her a nomination which is an accomplishment that most actors still cannot claim. The fact that she didn’t win means nothing, but that she was up against stiff competition. It’s like a pity gift. Does Viola not have $10K to write her own check?

      • Kara

        Look.  She is Merryl Streep.  Give it a break!  She did not have to do anything.  She would still be Merryl Streep.  Get over yourself…  Take some meds

        • No Disrespect

          Lol, Kara, perhaps it is you who needs to “get over yourself.” Merryl Streep is not a GOD. She is human like the rest of us and I gave my opinion on her actions. Whether you agree or disagree, it is still my opinion. I’m not sure what “She is Merryl Streep” means, but if it means that she is supposed to be placed on a pedestal, then maybe it is you who needs to “take some meds.” She is no more or less important than the rest of us. She is an actress that does her job well. That’s all. 

  • Guest

    Confused at the previous posts…but kudos to Meryl! That was a very noble thing of her to do!

  • If she really wanted to make amends, she would have given the rightful winner that Oscar at the Academy Awards.

    • momo28

      What good would that had done..cause on record Meryl would have still won…the statue is just a’s what on paper that matters…

    • Kashbmaryd

      I think Viola Davis even thought Meryl Streep had that one. I haven’t seen either movie, but I know their work and it was going to be difficult to beat Meryl this year (or any year she was up for the award).

      • Info

        I’ve seen both movies and fair’s fair. As much as it would have been nice for Viola to win, symbolically, Meryl deserved to win, hands down.

  • AnnaRenee

    Those Oscars can mess everythang all up.