Missing Teen Featured on ‘The View’ Found Hours After Broadcast

February 27, 2012  |  

The View’s new crime segment “Missing Black Children” is serving it’s purpose of highlighting African American children who often disappear unnoticed. Last week, a missing New York City teen that was featured on the show was found just hours after the segment was broadcast.

On Friday, an anonymous viewer recognized 16-year-old Mishell DiAmonde Green who was profiled on the show and called in to the Black and Missing Foundation to report her location. The girl was later found at the Safe Horizon shelter for victims of violence in NYC that same day.

Mishell went missing on Sept. 8 when she was on her way to an after-school program in SoHo. According to her mother, Janell Johnson-Dash, “This was her first time going out alone where we weren’t going to pick her up, so I trusted her with a set of keys, because I trust her, and a 10 p.m. curfew. You’re 16, you can do this. She said, ‘Ma I promise I’ll be home on time.’ She gave my husband a hug and a kiss and we never saw her again,” she said on “The View.” The next morning she called the police to report her daughter missing.

“They told us, ‘Don’t worry about it, this type of stuff happens all the time with teenagers. We’re pretty sure she’ll show up.’ And my immediate response was, ‘You don’t know my baby. This is completely out of character. There’s no way in the world that she would just stay out.'”

Months went by with no leads as police classified Mishell as a runaway rather than a missing person. Thanks to “The View” the mother and daughter have been reunited.

“We thank all who lifted your hearts and voices in prayer, who posted reports, who told about her disappearance, who called us with suggestions, and who were there,” Green’s family said in a statement.”Thank you to ‘The View’ for providing a platform that gave Mishell’s story the media attention needed for her recovery.”

Mishell and her family are expected to appear on “The View” today to discuss her recovery and what happened when she went missing. But for the family, the most important thing is that “Mishell is safe and out of harm’s way.”

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • ??? how is it that that child was in that shelter in NYC where she’s from & the police didn’t know or they  found out & didnt inform her parents? and whats this child saying about why she didnt come home? something stinks here!

    • Carole49

      Yep, something is definitely fishy here!!!!!

  • Jada

    Well, everybody knows that every black teenager has a pimp right? Some people’s train of thought is very scary. I’m glad it’s not up to some of you, you probably would have told the mother “She’s probably with her pimp”, so I guess it’s a good thing that they at least looked for her (because if they didnt there would have been drama, and they dont want that). It’ scary how you cant even mention race without hearing a slew of comments about how blacks are drug dealers, on welfare, etc. we all know how it goes. Then they say, “Its not about race”. And of course you totally miss the point. Why did the police have the right to ASSUME she had run away. The most famous white missing children are always the poor defenseless ones, not a bad bone in their body, while they go party and do drugs all night, then leave with some stranger…Anyway, as you can tell, I’m frustrated. The story is a little strange, I must admit, but I’ll let the authorities figure it out, but I know somebody’s trying to dig up some dirt as we speak, just like they did with Treyvon. The best thing to have done was be honest from the beginning.They cant afford to hold back any details, lest it be used against them as a justification for unfair or unequal treatment. Just to be able to say, “that’s why we dont look for blacks”, which is still no excuse. There are little black children that go missing everyday. They are just not of any value to our society.That is something that I wish I could protect my children from, but eventually, they will be told by someone that they dont matter.

  • tj98223

    She’s a young teen. Young teens do stupid things. And if it involves a boy then sometimes they do whatever it takes to see the “love of their life” cause of course they’ll always be with them. If she was at a shelter and she had such a good relationship w/ her mother then why did her trip take as long as it did? Is there something that they dont want the public to know about?

    • Jada

      There’s nothing that justifies pre-judging someone. BELIEVE ME. This is weird, but it seems like people are searching for a reason to justify not treating the situation as an abduction. It’s kind of like “we know how you people are, so quit ur belly achin”, that’s just wrong. I’m black but I’m an individual and that’s how I want to be judged, by the content of MY character. If one of my babies went missing, I dare somebody to tell me “These things happen”, especially when the child has never even run away before???

  • ebonyhud

    Reading the comments, I thought I’d point out that the police pegged her as a runaway BEFORE they knew or not. Even though it looks as though she is now, I don’t believe you should just ASSUME someone’s teen is a runaway when they go missing.

  • Presleyam

    According to the family, the police rescued her from the house she was held in and took her to the shelter for reunification

  • Dunnnn

    Seems like this girl was abducted just like the other case a few years back and was in real danger. She’s going through a lot of things right now and not able to tell the whole story, but the person that led the parent to her said to move fast before she was dead. So let’s all just wait and see

  • Glittermagic86

    im glad she was found, but why was she in a shelter if she wasn’t a runaway?? in the same city she is from?? weird

    • Karma

      That’s what I’m saying. She’s 16, didn’t call her parents for months and then they find her in a shelter in the same city she’s from? She ran away and Saf Horizon made her leave when her parents went to the view. Duh!

  • johnrich

    Ok i dont get it if she was in a safe house why didnt she call home or go home or something this story makes no sense its looking like she was a runaway

  • PRbySasha

    So she was a runaway.. and not missing. If she was found in a shelter, she wasn’t kidapped.. what’s the problem with them labeling it as a runaway.

    • Jada

      Of course it appears that she may have run away. Do you feel that they were right to assume that? If so, why? I missed the one detail that justified them treating it a runaway and not an abduction? When a white child is missing, there are amber alerts, tv conferences, then in some cases, it turns out that it was in fact a runaway situation. Every situation has different factors, but we should treat all cases the same, until we have a reason to assume otherwise. I feel for those that are being brushed aside, while their baby is out there having God knows what done to them. It’s a cryin shame. Regardless of the outcome, those parents deserved the same urgent response that is often experienced by other parents of missing children. I am not justifying what the parents did IF they with-held pertinent information. It’s just a weird situation, but we have to focus. Its about equality, and yes, even black people deserve equal treatment, without the stereotypical assumptions. Sometimes it’s hard to not assume all the things that are said about black people as truth, but without people changing their overall opinion as a whole, we will be treated as though we should just sit and be quiet

  • Guest

    Wow, incredible!

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  • Deamfg

    I wonder if the same assumptions would be made below if it was a white child

    • Of course not. People would have said “Oh the poor child was snatched off the street.” Because of course all black girls are reckless fast things…(sarcasm) smdh. Happy she was found.

    • Mia

      Whyin the hell would u say that

  • Blacksapman

    Don’t be confused I’m sure she had a boy friend who she thought love her & she didn’t realize till it was to late the he was a pimp I could be wrong

    • I was thinking the same thing. Someone took advantage of her and maybe she was too ashamed to go home. 

  • msgeegee

    I cant wait to see the follow up for this story. There are lots of holes…I mean, she has been missing since Sept 8th. Has she been in that shelter all this time? I’m confused

    • ExRoot

      I agree.  I think it’s great they are all back together.  Amazing how quickly the call came in.  I hope it happens many more times again with this organization.

      Thank being said……I saw the follow up show on ABC.com with the parents and there is something up.  The parents were so sure last week that she was not a runaway and even knocked the police for not investigating yet now we see because Barbara Walters was sure to ask the paarents and confirm that she left on her own.  The parents keep saying she’s npt ready to share what happened yet.  Yes….I am also interested in seeing the follow up.  I ma glad the young lady is now home.

      • Rubyredjewel

        I saw both  appearances on  The View.
        Yes  her mother was defensive when asked about the situation. Said she
        &  daughter were close but never said she called her daughter. 
        2nd time on show  3 people were there. Her father &  along with the mother & stepfather?  Someone told the show the girl ran away.  Most confusing was the 1st appearance mother said daughter went to after care program (The Gate) to do homework.
        Many people posted online that day that the Gate  is a safe haven for runaways & children with various life