Did You Like Viola Davis’ Natural?

February 27, 2012  |  

Viola Davis was ready to take home that Oscar last night. We just knew it. The fact that she showed up to the extravaganza wearing her own hair was testament to that. She was ready to make a huge statement and we were all ready for her speech. But alas, it didn’t happen. Nonetheless, we love and appreciate her bold and beautiful look for the night. What do you think? Did she rock it or should she have rocked a wig as usual?

Allison Samuels has a great piece in The Daily Beast called Why Viola Davis Ditched The Wig at The Oscars discussing how the actresses’ move provides insight on African-American hair politics.

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  • ElleBella05

    We as black women have received a blessing and I personally am sick and tired of people jumping on us because of our blessing. We can braid it, loc it, straighten it, crop it, weave it and the list continues. Maybe people are jealous because they can not do this. This is a blessing. Take it as one and let others enjoy the view. Stop feeling like we have to justify it. They just want to interrupt your blessing. Have you noticed how many times I have used the word “blessing”. Don’t let anyone take your blessing. Hold on to your blessing. The fact that everyone thinks it is there business means you are on the runway. “Smile”! Sometimes people get you to hate the thing that they want.

  • Allyce

    yes. yes. yes. I hated the heavy wigs.

  • She looked beautiful.

  • SHE LOOKED PHENOMENAL!! I am proud of her for being so brave. She Glowed in her GREEN!!

  • priscilla

    The natural is coming back and I love it

  • makingmesick

    OMG some people are so judgmental, Im so glad she did rock her hair.  She looked stunning and the color of both her hair and the dress were on point.  Obviously I do not see any of you that speak negative of her rocking anything that belongs to you.  And ya’ll wonder why women do not wear their own, why so ya’ll can talk about them like you are doing Viola…smh find you some business

  • She looks great!  It takes a bold woman to rock the natural hairdo in the Oscar world.  She should have won that award too!

  • Kathicks01

    her hair looks better than those wigs I’ve seen! Much better!

    • YESS, I like her much better like this. I just think the wigs she has chosen have not been at all flattering or becoming of her face shape.

  • justme

    Viola looked great!! By the way..granted she had a birds nest on top her head.. can we please stop calling Gabby Sidibe Precious?? Geez

    • MissK

      lol co-sign!

    • Cdwhizz

      a birds nest?  you’re either: not black; is a self-loathing/hating black person and/or someone who dislikes black people altogether.  Because if you judge Viola’s god-given natural hair that way, you must be

      • Navybleu1

        i think the bird’s nest comment was to Gabby Sidibe (“Precious”) not aimed at Viola.

  • She looks great! fresh and stunning …. much better than she looks in wigs.

  • I didn’t watch the Oscars, but from the photos I’ve seen, she looked stunning.  I’m sure either way she would have rocked her hair, she would be stunning.

    Take care,


  • Shelourb

    Of course I love her hair……she is beautiful w/o it. Also she is a brave women to wear her natural hair to the Oscar. She motivate me to do greater and not to be afraid to do so =)

    • Shelourb

      w/o the weave….is what i meant…..sorry people


    HELL TO THE YESSS….some of her wigs were UGLY YOU GO GIRL

  • Nappy headed and proud

    Now we are trying to decide whether or not we are okay with the hair that NATURALLY grows out of her head? Are you fricking serious?

  • Nannygram50

    Loved it

  • Tastemyalterego

    Its a big deal that she wore natural Fro, so many folks in Hollyweird are not acceptance when they are Au Natrual so to speak. So kudos to her for it . On nother note it is sad that both of these women where not given oscars. But big Congrats to Octavia. Please give accolades to all of the brothers in sisters in Hollyweird’ Im sure its hard and even harder when we as a people dont support them fully.

  • Rmdavis45

    I think the natural look never left it’s just that a lot of our black women prefer wigs and weaves.Now Viola hair looked ok but the color did nothing for her the dress was beautiful but the color did nothing for her I felt she should have had on something that would have complimented her beautiful black skin.

    • MissK

      I agree. I would love to see her with naturally dark, rich coils.  And although we definitely can’t accuse Viola of not experimenting with color – that leafy green wasn’t the most radiant color against her skin.  She is still a class act.  

  • RedButterfly81

    At least Viola’s hair looked great and she didn’t have her hair like Precious did last night, did y’all see that ish on her head?!

    • LisaLuvless

      OMG… Yes I did. She needs a moment of silence for that dead mess she put on her head. I wish women would retire their weave when its done,not just put it in a bun or ponytail… Ooo or cut it into a new style-hate that the most. Take that out and re-up on a new one.

      Mmm and if your hair underneath or on the sides and back don’t match, I should not be seeing them ladies.. Stop telling on yourself.

      • RedButterfly81


    • No, I didn’t. I really wished she could’ve looked great but I didn’t see the awards and based on the comments she didn’t look so hot…but I’m sure it was just a one night flub.

    • tval

      Cosign.. It was a hot matted mess

  • J A SASSY aka salon22

    why is it always about black womens hair? i never see an article on “do you love lindsay lohan’s hair” and YES i love Violas hair!

    • LisaLuvless

      Ok! But I don’t see anyone finding fault with this comment. People keep making issues out of things that shouldn’t matter. People who have problems with themselves and aren’t comfortable in their skin, feel its their duty to bring down other people who don’t share their vision.

  • Galenafiel

    I love it! She has the face/cheekbones for it.

  • autumn_breeze

    I love her hair…I wish more black women would wear their own instead of fake hair. It is so beautiful! But of course, to each her own 😉

  • LisaLuvless

    Why does this even deserve an article? She wore her hair,big whoop. I don’t see why this has to be a big deal or celebrated/discussed. Nothing wrong with wearing your own,about the color now…

    • Cdwhizz

      Maybe because Black actresses NEVER wear their own hair out in public?  Maybe because Black women all over the US are made to feel inferior because of their God-given-born-with hair in every work place, not just the movie sets?  Maybe because we are made to conform (through chemical processing and lots of money) to a standard of beauty that is not our own?  That’s why its such a big deal.  Maybe she can help change the views of the US public so that they next time a natural Black woman goes for a job with her OWN hair, she won’t be considered “unprofessional” and might be considered for her skill set.

      • This is very true. When I first started growing my dread locks (even when they got longer) I felt REALLY self conscious. I saw white/asian/hispanic women at my college and they all had “gorgeous” (by society) hair. Even a few black girls who wore weaves. Now I am kind of getting used to it. It takes a lot of managing but I just don’t like the feel of weaves/wigs.

      • LisaLuvless

        She is not the first and only black person to wear their own hair in Hollywood,so miss me with that. If you two feel uncomfortable about your hair,that’s on you and how you percieve beauty. Black people come in variety and so does hair, that means I can wear it any way I da*n well feel without this bs about conforming to standards of beauty “that’s not our own.”

        I could say some ignorant stuff about your comment on US women to the whole professionalism thing, but you can’t fight ignorance with ignorance. Its just how you think,maybe by experience or through what’s been sold to you as a child, but I’m going to stick to what I said. Let’s not sensationalize this because it shouldn’t be a big deal, I don’t think there’s anything special or revolutionary about wearing your own hair.