Madame On The Street: Is Monogamy Natural?

February 24, 2012  |  

Do humans have a natural inclination to be with (and sleep with) only one person for the rest of their lives or are we still too close to our animalistic nature to live this type of life?

We posed this question to some people walking the streets of New York. See what they had to say about this topic.


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  • 30thoughts

    How can any “choice” be natural? Things that are natural, we have no control over, like women having babies or death.  What is normal and what is natural are two different things, and it is all based on CHOICE. Those who are monogamous choose to be monogamous and forsake all others.  Is it difficult? Sure it is, but monogamy is something you make a conscious effort to do even when you don’t want to do it.  So, I guess the answer to the question is no.  We are not necessarily “built” to be monogamous, but those who are in a relationship with God and make promises to value their commitments can and should do just that.

    If you don’t want to be monogmaous, don’t get married or don’t marry someone who expects you to be monogamous. Marry someone who doesn’t believe in monogamy either.  But, don’t use the argument that it’s not “natural” to do so.  Duh!

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  • Caroneisha

    I have to say I believe being monogamous is very natural. But the society we live in tells us other wise, with the media showcasing people who do nothing but sleep around. Growing up my father was nothing but a cheater, but it wasn’t because he couldn’t be faithful. He had a problem dealing with his mother abandoning him at a young age, denying him the chance to feel real love and & affection. So in his mind by hurting all of these other women he felt as if he was getting back at his mom. The point I’m trying to make is it’s alot of fatcors that go into being unfaithful. But natrually we are born with the mindset to be a one women/man person.

  • Sho

    very natural indeed. Monogamy is.

  • Guest

    If we weren’t capable of being monogamous, God wouldn’t have commanded if of us!!  That’s why adultery is a sin. 

  • Guest

    If we weren’t capable of being monogamous, God wouldn’t have commanded if of us!!  That’s why adultery is a sin. 

  • Dcarter910

    When men and women have the emotional and spiritual maturity to know that they need and desire more from a partner than pleasuring their genitals then yes, monogamy is natural. Not just the highest species on the planet but a species with an inherent spiritual need that is “super-natural” in nature, needs to ensure all needs are met. I have never seen a male/female hoe that is truly happy…because when they are too old for sex, they always say they wish they would have spent their youth with someone that could have given them a family and companionship in their old age.


  • only one person for the rest of their lives

  • Afroepidemi

    Really? Something my biology professor always said was never use nature as an example for how something should be because you will always find something to the contrary. There are many species of animal that finds one mate and mates for life, and within that group animals some procreate once in their lifetime with that mate or many times. I really wish humans would stop coming up with BS to try and justify their immoral actions. If you cheat then you cheat, be up front about it and find a woman/man who will deal with it, but stop using nature and science to justify it because chances are both will prove you wrong most of the time.

    • Gues


  • icanbutiwont

    The first lady is such a show off. LOL!

  • BJ

    I agree some people are natural born cheaters, and cant be faithful no matter how hard they try. I do think they need to be honest and let a monogomous person find another person with their set of values.

    • Nunu

      natural born cheaters??? or do you mean natural born instincts? What does it mean to be faithful? Honest yes.

  • lisa

    lady in the orange tam…………..her gaze *dwl*

  • Pivyque

    I think that it is natural for some. For me it is natural, but for others, like swingers, polygamists and cheaters, they probably think differently. I don’t think anything is wrong with people who do not believe in monogamy as long as their partners feel the same way and there isn’t any betrayal taking place. I have just never had the urge to be with multiple partners. Lol To each it’s own.

  • tastythoughts

    some people do and some people dont. we shouldn’t put anyone in a box they dont belong in


    Ol’ boy says he’s “an animal with clothes on”.  Speak for yourself, brother.  I’m a thinking human being.  If you’re an animal, then I guess you don’t need human rights.  I say that in half jest.

    • REGAL

      he also looks diseased

    • A Human Animal

      I don’t think that’s what he meant. The point is that humans ARE STILL animals regardless of whether we admit it or not. The main difference is our ability to reason and our opposable thumbs. You can’t ignore the fact that we live the way we do because we were SOCIALIZED to live that way. The girl in the video hit the head on the nail–we were meant to procreate and sleeping with multiple partners was the easiest way to do that. We are one of the few species of animals that actually has sex for PLEASURE. Just because there is a negative stigma attached to it now doesn’t mean it’s WRONG–it means that it has become rejected by SOCIETY (which is subject to change–like it is currently changing now). Humans are infamous for ignoring their NATURAL INSTINCTS. We FORCE ourselves to be with one person because we believe that’s how it should be (because family structures serve their own purpose in society as well). 

      • Miss Anonymous

        There isnt anything wrong with sleeping with multiple people but the fact that HIV/AIDS, herpes and a new strain of gonorrhea that you cant get rid of is alive and kicking would make any person rethink their idea of multiple partners.

        p.s. you can get herpes even using a condom. 

        • Nunu

          That is why open communication is important, getting screened for STI’s with your partner(s). I mean its the adult, logical thing to do.

        • blackinthehat

          Yes there is something wrong with sleeping with multiple people. There is something wrong with sleeping with someone without marriage. You can tell the character of a peroson that sleeps around..NO morals & NO self-control, point blank period.

        • you can get aids by only sleeping with one person your whole life… so your point is mute.

          • Lo

            But Kayla, Im pretty sure you have a higher chance of encountering HIVAIDS if you sleep with 10 people, rather than just one. And people are CERTAINLY more likely to discuss sex BEFORE having it, if they were only going to be with or stay with one person. You are lying to yourself if you think these sexually transmitted disease epidemics wouldn’t be better controlled by people being more reserved about who they share bodily fluids with and the number of people they sex. 1 person infected is a huge difference from 10 infected…

            • unprotected sex with multiple partners. sure. 

            • unprotected sex with multiple partners. sure. 

      • Pivyque

        I agree with you but at the same time, there are species of animals that are with one mate for life. So you can’t really use animals or nature as an example. Also, it depends on the society you grow up in. There are plenty societies that are very accepting of multiple partners and free love. 

    • Nunu

      Human beings are animals. The human species *rolling eyes*