Reggie Bush: A Man After a Homewrecker’s Own Heart

February 15, 2012  |  

I know, I said I don’t like using the word homewrecker for cheating women, but Kim Kardashian has actually wrecked her own home a few times so I think the term is pretty applicable to her.

Not long after Kim announced her 72-day marriage was a done deal last year, there was speculation that she ditched being Mrs. Kris Humphries to run back into the arms of ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, and since that time, the rumors haven’t slowed down. The latest word is that the two are friends—for now—because Kim wants to take things slow and heal from the divorce, but both love and miss one another and don’t know what may come in the future. So while things may be up in the air right now, according to sources, if they land with Reggie and Kim back together, I just want to know two things: where they do that at and what kind of Voodoo, Angelie Jolie magic spell does Kim puts on these men to keep her in their good graces?

I’m actually starting to think Ray J really was sexmatized by her. See, Kim has one of those relationship rap sheets that, if she was a man, would make a woman tell her girlfriend “run!” She cheated with Kanye West while she was with Reggie which in turn ruined Amber Rose and Kanye’s relationship—theft rumors aside—then she got married to Kris in what seemed to be nothing more than a money-making publicity stunt that ended two-and-a-half months later. Not to mention this was her second marriage, and if we believe what Ray J has to say about “KK” in his new tell-all, she was creeping on him too. Can someone point me to this girl’s redeeming quality? Just one.

I know, it’s Kim and Reggie’s business what they do with their hearts, but I find it surprising Reggie would even entertain Kim after all of this drama. Men typically aren’t the type to give second chances, especially after they’ve been cheated on, and particularly when it comes to dating a woman who’s run through quite a few of our nation’s major league athletes. The locker room jokes alone would be enough to make most men say her ample backside just ain’t worth it. But not Reggie, he loves him some Kim, which made me wonder why they broke up in the first place again.

Let the Kardashians tell it, Reggie wasn’t ready for rings and baby carriages so Kim decided to find someone who was—we see how well that worked out. Reggie’s camp, on the other hand, said it was Kim’s crazy “work” schedule and her need to continuously be in the spotlight that pushed him away. Kim has taken a little breather from the media attention since announcing her divorce—sort of—so maybe Reggie sees that change as a positive sign that they can have more candlelight dinners and less cameras. But if he’s expecting to wife someone who will be happy waiting for him at home after he comes back from training camp and who won’t cheat on him while he’s gone, I’m just not sure Kim is the one. What happened to his look-a-like Kim K girlfriend anyway? That’s just one more sign that ol’ boy’s got it bad.

What do you think about Kim and Reggie getting back together? Is he crazy in love or are they right for one another?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Magnolia n Miami

    not to mention ray j says she left her first husband for him…smh

  • jessica

    to me its their business what they decide to do to their hearts.. but wit him she actually does look happy but in my opinion what they had was true u could just tell by they way her eyes light up and the smile he just put on her totally diff from kris.. she just wanted more & instead of embrassing what she had and it took them some bumps in the road to go back to wat she happens me and my hubby now back in the day when we were younger it wouldnt of worked but now we r both in that state of mind that we want to b wit eachother it happens u go thru alot then it just hits u soooo if thats the case go on wit it..just try to keep this one private kim he does look like he loves u too!

  • HHH


  • reese

    Who the hell cares what Reggie Bush does with Kim K.  I don’t care the what, when or how of it?  I just don’t want to hear about her or him anymore.  Why is this news? Reggie is nothing to me.  He isn’t any relationship or anything so why do I care anything about what he is doing or who he is doing it with. 

  • jennifer

    Which is why i don’t believe Kim k. is the slore that people make her out to be…True she has made bad decisions but most of that happens whenever Reggie dumps her…She goes crazy.Reggie can have any woman he wants, but his heart is w/Kim and vice versa..Reggie knows Kim better than anyone, even down to her sham marriage..And honestly, its obvious he doesn’t care what people think…

  • Paula

    The angry black b**** brigade is at it again, as usual, trying to emasculate and downgrade a man’s masculinity status to defend themselves against non-black beauties who love black men.  That’s all that this is about.  Calling her a prostitute is a pathetic attempt at downgrading Kim.  She made a tape with her boyfriend, and he leaked it out to the world.  Since then she’s dated less than 10 men and the only known sex partners she’s had are Reggie and Kris.  NOTHING about that situation says prostitution.  Only lonely black girls see it that way.

  • Akosua123

    All you people that are telling us to get a life because we care too much about celebrities should check yourselves. I’ll give you reasons why:

    Numero uno YOU clicked on this site knowing full well that its a celeb orientated site. 
    Number 2 you chose to click on this particular article, to which you read its title and you knew what it was going to be about.
    Number 3, YOU chose to read it!

    One thing people forget is that we don’t live on this planet all by ourselves, this isn’t a one man’s island. What one person does, affects the other, physically or in most cases emotionally. There are countless of other celebrities that are out of the limelight. The money-hungy celebrities are constantly feed us with their lives, They could easily do what they do and be done, but they’re not content with what they have. THEY are the ones making money from us. SO in this respect if celebrities are getting exposure through these blogs (good or bad press), thus making money – They owe US. How are you gonna sit there making money off people in my life that I love, and expect me not to complain when you commit foolishness. WE pay your rent!!

  • Jubilee

    i’d lose all respect for dude.

  • Gogo

    I dont know why everyone is making this a race thing. Reggie Bush DOES NOT liek black women. None of thr women he has dated have been black. They are all white women with dark features. ANd who cares who he dates. Unless he’s your man it shouldnt matter.

  • Unik1

    Reggie bush is a p***y. point blank simple. 


    His Manhood would intel: Likeing to covet wild animals…..If Kim K had as many D*cks on her as she had in her…………she would be a Porcupine 🙂

  • Sportshy

    Reggie is a whimp, been one since USC, he grew up in sunny San Diego! Besides blk guys love cellulite!!!!

  • Dro6375

    Kim isn’t that much different from the everyday woman. Nowadays, it’s all about the exchange of vagina for cash. In so-called good marriages women are also sleeping around

  • Post20

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    galleries.—TallLoving.c/0/m—,  find  you  someone special////

  • Kris50

    It would say he’s a biiiiiittchh lol. But maybe he is a b!t@h, so then it works out for all involved 🙂 She gets her bitchman, he gets his skeez, and they live dysfunctionally ever after.

  • Hrdblkman

    I see the jealous and angry blk woman parade is in full effect. You cannot guilt trip blk men into marrying blk women, it only makes you blk women less than.

    • reese

      Who is jealous?  Who says we want bm to marry us or a bm at all.  I am married to a non black man.  I said he can date who he wants.  I don’t care if he only dates white men.  Stop acting like all bm are mad because you know it isn’t true.  The majority of us don’t give a damn.  I am a professional woman and didn’t even know who Kim K. was until the marriage coverage.  I don’t know who Reggie is except he plays some sport. 

  • Kim3473sf28

    My friend just met a black man on Mixedmingle.COMit’s where for men and women looking for interracial’ship for a fabulous lifestyle
    It’s a nice place for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love.

  • Justdoit

    I’m not a KK fan. I actually like Khloe better but she isn’t a Kris or Kim groupie. Reggie I really think Kim is the girl for you. If you can keep her from requiring so much attention you might have a chance in making your relationship work. You have your work cut out for you brother but I wish you good luck. Kim don’t grow to become a washed up groupie, grow up. Beauty is only skin deep and your lacking in that department. Good luck

    • J A SASSY aka salon22

       Just the things you names is why he shouldnt take this broad back! so simple! doesnt take a rocket scientist.

  • she only gets pass from all these men because she isn’t black. she’s “exotic”. You really think that if she was black reggie would run the risk of getting back with her? we already know her bedroom skills are whack, so what else is it?

    • J A SASSY aka salon22

       i cant think of anything else.. and im sure he knows her butt is fake .. jus like kris h found out.

    • Gogo

      So if Reggie doesnt like black women thats his business.

      • you obviously missed the point of what  I said. Everyone calls superhead a h0e but yet alot of black men will still be willing to chop down Kim K.

      • guest

         are you a hispanic stereotype or a black girl who hates herself? you sound like that, black men are the biggest racists out there, it’s disgusting. You probably use sex for things instead of intelligence

  • she only gets pass from all these men because she isn’t black. she’s “exotic”. You really think that if she was black reggie would run the risk of being known and seen as getting back with this slore? we already know her bedroom skills are whack, so what else is it?

  • Kutta_MoFo

    WHY are we still talking about this trick b i t c h?

  • Jen

    I think the fascination with this woman is because how she managed to become famous and hasn’t stopped to look back.  She is a money making machine but the problem is that they are young women who strive to be like her and it’s a sad situation.  Their personal life is no longer private when displayed in the open.

    • J A SASSY aka salon22

       but if a black woman did the same thing this broad did,, she would be called all kinds of dirty names.. but yet kim gets a pass and thats just ot right..i;ve seen prettier too.

  • Steelcitychick

    As much as I hate these two!
    Your words are on point!But I have to bring this point up too!
    I don’t think any of these kneegrows where Puzzy whooped by her!
    She’s an average white chick with good butt prosthetics, and money, with no kids, to get in the ways!
    What could possibly get better then having a whooore either no kid!

    • Love_Sexy

      You summed it up best.

    • zim

       Yes, but we don’t have to marry them! Black men are always ready to lock-down these type of women, but you don’t see many white men trying to do that! White men look for more quality white women when they are ready to get serious!

      • J A SASSY aka salon22

         white society kept black men away from white women and now that its out in the open,,black men are throwing it back at them.. its like ok, we got your women that you held up so high, and after all that they found out it wasnt worth all that hyoe.. chasing after a person for sex so trashy and never last!

  • KimK-smells


    ….is what that says

  • Love_Sexy

    This woman has made a name for herself through manipulation and sex….I agree with the writer’s statement about Reggie’s peers probably giving him backlash for dating a woman like Kim…….Its really embarassing in my opinion………A man want a woman he can be proud of and walk around with his head up high, however, she do not fit this…..But remember these two people come from a world called “Hollywierd” therefore they think and do things quite differently than the real world……Maybe a man dating/marrying a woman who conduct herself as a whore is not big deal out there in Hollywood…………..The bottom line is that its Reggie’s decision as to how he want to live and love.

  • They were a great couple in the past and sometimes it takes leaving a person, dating other a-holes, and finding your way back to each other to confirm that you never should have split up to begin with.  Love is funny and fickle.  I think people should follow their hearts.  And in her case, she needs someone that’s more like her.  Kris WAS NOT it, clearly.  I’m not the biggest Kim K fan, but I think she deserves to find happiness and love just like the rest of us.  (Even if it is with the love of my life and future baby’s father. )

    • Gogo

      My thoughts exactly.

  • tastythoughts

    miss me on this ish

  • Smacks_hoes

    First things first in ray j’s book I think he was referring to karriene Stephens not kim kardashian. KK was just used a way to capitalize on Kim kardasian. He said himself that the characters are not who they appear. Secondly and most importantly why are you so concerned with Reggie? He’s just a human, we all make mistakes. If he feels like Kim is the one for him, why not give it a try. It actually seemed that she really was in love with reggie where as we all knew it was for the cameras with chris.

    • J A SASSY aka salon22

       I knew he wasnt talking about KIM K, because from what i heard about that tape she was wack, motionless, chewed gum and smiled at the camera.. couldnt sk a d***  if you showed her how and her sex was wack

    • J A SASSY aka salon22

       i knew he wasnt talking about kim ,, her bedroom skills were motionless and wack.

  • Pfeiffer87

    a whole lot of assumptions & chicanery. Madamenoire please go back to your day job & stop gossipin like the rest of the celeb crazy sites. 

  • Diana

    Its sad.  I have never understood the fascination with this woman. There are plenty of beautiful women out there that possess a type of beauty this girl doesn’t have. Women who won’t have sex on tape for profit. Women who won’t orchestrate an elaborate wedding solely for profit.  Women who believe that that marriage is sacred and its not something to be taken lightly and then discarded just because your husband’s clothes wont fit in your closet or because you don’t want to spend time in his home state! I know I don’t know her, but the image she portrays (which is a materialistic, whiny, selfish, phony, lacking common sense, intelligence, and oblivious to the real world) is disgusting. Its truly a waste of beauty. But hey if that what’s the guy is looking for then so be it because that says a lot about his character as well.

    BTW Madame Noire your mobile site is slow and cumbersome!

    • Kim3473sf28

      My friend just met a black man on Mixedmingle.COMit’s where for men and women looking for interracial’ship for a fabulous lifestyle
      It’s a nice place for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love.

    • Cha-Cha

      I couldn’t have said it better…

    • Guest

      the facination for men like that is simply that she’s white. a manufactured white version of a black woman that he can have without having to work hard for. if she was black (no matter how light, dark, medium etc. her skin was) he would’ve never cared about her like this. negro like him would be with a white woman regardless – kk is his passport to “whiteness” or that invisible abyss of equality in the mindset of a weak, spineless black man like him.

  • J A SASSY aka salon22

    She is a h o .. bottom line and you cant trun one of thiose into a housewife, she thinks she is too cute and all blk men want her to settle down. fake diaper . please go somewhere. do you even date your own race of men.. are you racist toward them? like they say blk men are against blk women? whats your reason for not dating armenian men?

    • Gmarie

      She doesn’t like Armenian guys because they’re hairy. Her words not mine..Big Deal. You never had a chance with Reggie so why do you even care? I love how women are so quick to call celebrities Whores when many have dated and had sex with CONSIDERABLY more men in  their lifetime than the few that you know of these people to have been in serious relationships with. Where is the unity? Jealousy is a motha and it will eat away at your soul!

      • J A SASSY aka salon22

         Sorry, unknowledgable one, but i havent ever dated a bunch of men like that or cheated on the one i am with.. never made a dull tape and got paid for it like a so called high class prostitute.. i have a real curvy booty and dont wear weave or tons of make-up and would never think of botox.. love the way God made me and love my race of men.. jealous NOT ON YOUR LIFE< you got the wrong one baby!

      • J A SASSY aka salon22

         Sorry hun, everything on me is real and have my one man im with.. jealousy NOT.. you got the wrong one baby!

      • Gogo

        Women who call others “wh*res” are jealous.  If they were happy in thier own lives they wouldnt bother commenting. Just because no men want them they hate on others.

        • Nna2253

           not  true, you seem very arrogant

      • reese

        How do you know she wants a chance with Reggie?  I have dated professional athletes and they are nothing special trust me.  They are very arrogant because they can dribble a ball.  Look at Kobe or Tiger Woods and you see that they are nothing special.  You are better off getting a doctor, lawyer or engineer. 

    • Love_Sexy

      I agree 100%

      • J A SASSY aka salon22

         Thank you! and so do most real down to earth  people .. nobody wants a phoney but a phoney themselves>

  • Jonesal2

    Well, Kim has to have someone. and Reggie ain’t going no where. I think she is the kinda girl who goes for the biggest paycheck.Hopefully, Reggie can fit this bill

  • Gmarie

    Enough with the home wrecker talk. you’d have to be MARRIED to your man and not stealing money from him in order to have your “home” “wrecked”. Will never be able to fathom how people who dislike these women so much continue to find reasons to report on what they’re doing (not thinking about you is what)

  • Juancito

    You make a valid point, very valid. However, men we are visual and Kim is attractive and seems like she likes to cater to her man.  Maybe that’s what it is, who knows?  Lastly, you’re correct; it’s between them when it’s all said and done.

  • Lorenzo

    You only go around once in this life (unconfirmed any other) Reggie wear big boy clothes. Let him handle his free will any way he deems necessary. I don’t pay the brothers bills, I don’t answer to any of his problems, I wish him happiness in his pursuits. If Kim does that for him, he has achieved what the majority of us are seeking. Now go out and find yours, quit wasting your time trying to mind Reggie’s business.

    • Rayjulian

      Well said. Agreed.

      • Brothas_need2_wakeUp


        ….is what that says

    • What’s the big effin’ deal?

      Amen to that. Why are these people so concerned about what Reggie Bush does? Get a life, and hopefully some love of your own in it. 

      • bored

        Why anyone is concerned about ANY CELEBRITY? I don’t get it….who cares they are eff ups just like us normal folks. I don’t even know why i even clicked on this tab anyways. Good luck to both of them….and to me who is trying to make kim’s money,lol

        • Brothas_Need2_Wakeup

          and for anybody who cares, > ‘you should’ because sluttty influences like kim promote nonsense and make young black men thinks its okay to lay with their masters dogs…isnt that one of the reason mr. soul train killed himself(i could be wrong) but he was married to a holly wood stabled whhore who was ‘sicked’ on him.

          just like they do with most brothas being with these distractions to make the black family to seem unimportant and these fake-unions outfuckinstandin! give me a break!


          is the word for reggie’s actions

          • Gogo

            Ummmmmmm wow. You may want to seek help

      • Brothas_need2_wakeUp

        stoop getting paid for such ridiculous comments everyone know kim is a sllutt that gets paid to do broth-as and any body her mom sick her on cause she a wwhore for hollywood too

        • Duh

          You think he killed himself over black guys dating white women? You are a moron. Go tell your cousin/daddy to change your diaper as I’m sure you are too stupid to be potty trained.

          • Heardeddie86

            I dont think shes white

          • Gogo

            hahahahahahah. best thing I’ve heard all day!

      • Nna2253

        f*** yourself, you are probably a black guy who likes f*****g stereotypes of those types of women..  

    • Broath_need2_wakeUp

      you must like wwhores.


      ….is what that says

    • Brothas_Need2_Wakeup

      Stop egging me on about this batch cause when the lights go out and the show get started, shes gonna have to answer me and imma give her what she wants. ..she like blackcock, then we’ll give her blackcock……..

    • Kim3473sf28

      My friend just met a black man on Mixedmingle.COMit’s where for men and women looking for interracial’ship for a fabulous lifestyle
      It’s a nice place for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love.