Moooooom!: 6 of Hollywood’s Most Embarrassing Mothers

February 13, 2012 ‐ By Renay Alize

Spelling errors and all…Photo courtesy of Ice Cream Convos

Chances are we’ve all had moments where our parents didn’t act like we wanted them to. When you’re going through the adolescent phase you pretty much want your parents to be seen and not heard when it comes to public appearances. Luckily, we didn’t have to grow up in the public eye. Our embarrassing parent moments most likely only happened in front of a couple of kids at school instead of the entire nation or even worse, several nations across the world. But that’s not the case for these celebrities. When they reached fame and notoriety, their parents came up right along with them. And sometimes they had no act right, whatsoever. Check out the list and see what I mean…

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  • Hasty Feeler

    what a stupid website this is – utter crap

  • Tony Williams

    And what do they all have in common? their all black not one. MAMA dee should be on there too. And Lebrons mom was rumored to sleep with his team mateS BLACK WOMEN DO BETTER.

  • dee

    What about Evelyn , Tami , Mama Dee Mimi and others to count their children have got to be hiding , Fighting , slapping and being weak smh SN Kris Jenner should be 1-10 and Kim will be on here a few years

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  • I think that Nancy IS A GREAT MOTHER. I am glad her and THAT GIRL were able to hash out their differences, BUT SHE IS COOL. I can see where you are going with all these other moms though. MAYBE Not Kris Jenner Though. I think she’s pretty cool too.HER DAUGHTERS (not Cloe’) are ther HOT F$%^&NG MESSES!!

  • SoTrue

    Whaaaaaat?! MN How could you forget the mum’s of other reality shows: Love & Hip-Hop (E.G. ERICA) and Basketball Wives (e.g. EVELYN LOZADA)!!!!!!



  • Think

    What about Courtney Love?

  • RenJennM

    I luv Mama Jones! I wish I knew her personally.

  • FromUR2UB

    Even when I was a teenager, I had little respect for parents who tried to look and act like their children’s siblings.  It’s time for Jim Jones’ mom to give that up.  Although her body looks youthful, that face on the first pic looks like it belongs to someone in her 60s.  The few times I saw Keyshia Cole’s reality show, I’d grown sick of her mom, who acted like a spoiled brat throwing tantrums all the time, usually because she felt she wasn’t getting enough attention.  And Lindsay Lohan’s mom sending a camera crew to the rehab center?  No wonder her daughter has drug and alcohol problems.  That must make her feel awfully alone in the world.

  • iRepTheBoot

    If these ‘celebrities’ are embarassed by their mothers, its their own damn fault.  These hoodrats gave their mothers the opportunities to present this disgusting behavior to the world.

    • HUH? when can you tell a grown person how to act.

      •  You can’t tell grown people how to act, but you can’t limit the lights, camera, action and exposure, especially since they aren’t stars. 

    • Paul Dronette

      We can choose our friends, but we can’t choose family. Especially our parents.

  • Pahleeze

    Next on ratchet news…smh!

  • Wouldn’t we ALL be different if we had different parents?

    • ManOrWoman

       Love your statement, has to be the quote of the year so far.