Moooooom!: 6 of Hollywood’s Most Embarrassing Mothers

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Chances are we’ve all had moments where our parents didn’t act like we wanted them to. When you’re going through the adolescent phase you pretty much want your parents to be seen and not heard when it comes to public appearances. Luckily, we didn’t have to grow up in the public eye. Our embarrassing parent moments most likely only happened in front of a couple of kids at school instead of the entire nation or even worse, several nations across the world. But that’s not the case for these celebrities. When they reached fame and notoriety, their parents came up right along with them. And sometimes they had no act right, whatsoever. Check out the list and see what I mean…

Jim Jones’ Mother, Nancy
You know you’ve GOT to be embarrassed when you have a mother who devotes her time to making “psychotic Itchbay” t-shirts and working on establishing a rap career. The woman needs to get some age appropriate business. She just does too much and still tries to fight people like she’s in high school. And I’m not just talking about Chrissy, recently she got into a Twitter beef (of all things) with fellow “Love and Hip Hop” co-star Olivia. I mean really Mama Jones, how old are you?

Tiffany Pollard aka New York’s mom, Sister Patterson

Am I the only one who was low key scared of Sister Patterson? The woman was so off, it was terrifying. Her holier-than-thou/gold digger words of wisdom were just too much. While New York would sometimes act ashamed at some of her mother’s antics, most times they were two crazies in agreeance with each other. While the two claimed to be related for the purposes of the show, rumor has it that Sister Patterson was just another actress like New York and that the two aren’t actually family…Hmmm, points to ponder.

The Kardashian Clan’s Mother, Kris Jenner

Kris, put very simply, is a thirst. A thirst for fame, a thirst for attention and a thirst for money. Basically Kris is down for anything if it’s going to give her or her daughters a little bit of extra shine. She encouraged Kim to pose for Playboy, she’s become the media spokesperson for the family and even mentioned that she wanted to change her last name to Kardashian because it was more popular. Bruce should really be giving her some kind side-eye.

Keyshia Cole’s Mom, Frankie Lons

Where do we even start with Frankie? Let’s not even talk about the drug issue, clearly that would change anyone’s actions.  It’s more about her behavior since she’s been back in Keyshia’s life. Essentially she just perpetuates so many of the negative stereotypes associated with black women. You can’t watch an episode of “Frankie and Neffie” without cringing. The tourette like outbursts and the crassness are probably just some of the reasons, Keyshia is no longer involved in the show.  Sure you might get a laugh or two from Frankie, but at the end of the day there’s nothing funny about a grandmother releasing a dance video called “The Frankie Leg” in all seriousness.

Lindsay Lohan’s Mom, Dina

I can’t help but think that if Lindsay had different parents she’d be a different person today. Dina and Michael are a little different to say the least. Anytime you have a woman claiming she was a Rockette, when she clearly wasn’t there’s something not quite right. The thing with Dina and Michael is that it wasn’t enough for their daughter to have fame, they wanted a piece of it too. In the midst of Lindsay’s battle with drugs and alcohol, Dina claimed that she couldn’t be held responsible for her daughter’s behavior. Ok, Lindsay’s grown, that’s fair. But her lack of responsibility didn’t keep her from sending a camera crew to Lindsay’s rehab facility.

Lebron James’ Mom, Gloria

Ms. Gloria  is a hot one! While we believe Lebron loves his mother, she’s no doubt embarrassed him more times than he’d like to remember. She’s been arrested a couple of times, most recently in April of 2011 for assault. Momma James slapped a valet for taking too long to return her car to her. She’s quick to argue with a ref during the game or go to war for her son. That’s understandable; admirable even, but Lebron is not always trying to hear that. In fact once he had to tell her to “sit her a*s down.” And if all of that weren’t bad enough, there were those rumors that she had an intimate relationship with his teammate Delonte West. You’ve got to wonder if that rumor had any impact on his decision to take his talents to Miami…

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