The 2012 Grammys: Best and Worst Dressed

February 13, 2012 ‐ By Loren Lee

Every year, the Grammys are as much about the music as they are about the fashion. Last night during the 54th Annual Grammy Awards was no exception. The artists did their part musically as they entertained us with their performances – including Jennifer Hudson’s moving tribute to the late Whitney Houston. Still, fashion-wise, we were just as entertained by the stylish and style-less choices.

Check out our gallery of the best and worst dressed gals of the Grammys.

"Rihanna at the 2012 Grammy's"

Photo via Fabsugar


True to form and in her own words, Rihanna keeps things “simple, Hot and a lil’ gangster” in a black Armani gown and pointy toe Christian Louboutin heels. She actually co-designed her plunging, backless dress with Giorgio Armani and was inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s character in Scarface. She accessories with gold donning a thin necklace, multiple gold rings, an arm cuff, and a few bracelets. Her newly blonde locks are messily tousled and compliment her complexion well. Rih Rihi’s makeup artist, Mylah Morales, kept the focus on Rihanna’s sultry eyes by linning them in dark shadow. She kept the rest of her look natural with bronzed cheeks and pale pink lips.

Verdict: BEST. Rihanna looks amazing! Say what you want about her, but she is stunning! She’s looks age appropriate, fresh faced, and do we really have to mention what great shape she’s in? My personal favorite of the night.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Annojah

    Drena did you notice Alicia Keys and Rihanna had the same shoes this night? (sorry for my bad english, french from the carribean)

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  • obviously you are blind to some of the “BEST” …especially with Fergie..yuck and Kelly’s dress wasn’t all that either but she did look cute

  • Zenanirae

    why are only women being judged on their appearance? What about the guys?

  • Kelly and Rihanna looked great, but i still feel like Ri Ri just didn’t bother to do her hair.  as for Ferfie, are we looking at the same dress? that was a horrible, garish, hot mess. maybe if she had orange underwear…and a bit more underwear. but paired with the black, it was a tacky ‘adult’ halloween costume

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  • Coconut

    If that lady didn’t have the hottie sign, I would have just thought she was a random tacky hood rat. And Nicki Minaj…(sigh)…is she trying to be the black Lady Gaga or something? What is going on? And her performance was the worst thing I have ever seen. The song, the dances, the costumes, EVERYTHING was horrible.

    • IllyPhilly

      She was a tacky random hood rat

  • cute mum

    U snubbed Katie Perry,she looked wonderful.

  • ariesdollface

    Um, Fergie is a miss. And not because of the cutouts (which, oddly, I like) but because orange + black ALWAYS = Halloween!!!  

  • MorganM

    reminds me of the Budweiser Clydesdales……. lol  not a good look… 

  • Wah ra

    Riri, Amber, and Fergie  all looked delicious.  I’ll give a “wtf” to Nicki and Hottie and a “wheel and come again” to MC Lyte. 

  • TK

    I totally disagree about Fergies dress. I love JPG but honestly that dress was atrocious! It looked as if someone had drunk a crate of Tango and then thrown up all over her, and no I don’t want to see her underwear I don’t care how bloody retro it is! Not classy just a bit trashy.

  • I think Amber looked FABULOUS. Very classy for once!

  • ShamikaMH

    Oh please! Amber LOOKED great!! She was a BEST!

    • I wish Amder’s dress were a gold or mustard… the yellow is a bit harsh on her skin tone… with a gold or mustard color (heck almost ANY other color) she could’ve set the place on fire!

    • TK

      I liked Ambers dress too, and I don’t think it needed any extra embellishments, hello its yellow, its done what its come to do!

  • No, No, No Fergie! That was a HOT HOT mess….Amber, RiRi, and Kelly looked great!…No comment on Nicki

  • MixedUpInVegas

    Hands down, Kelly Rowland’s dress was the classiest.  Rhianna was also lovely and she had the body to pull it off.  As for Hottie . . . just when I thought I’d seen it all . . . .

  • NikkitaMichelle

    Is anyone else over Nicki’s costumes and horrible wigs?  Her performance was horrible and she looked like a hot mess.  She’s too pretty of a girl to go around looking like that.   

    • Nicki’s performance was also at the worst time — it just made her look like a fool.  She’s seems a bit uncomfortable in the pics — wondering if she was aware it was a bad move?

      • MissK

        I didn’t even stop to consider what poor taste Nicki’s performance was in.  The camera didn’t dare cut to the audience even once!  How embarrassing!  Just a mess. She is entirely too gimmicky for my liking most times – even Gaga (who isn’t my top choice either) was toned down that night.  Both women have shoved themselves into tiny pigeon holes as artists.  Shame..

  • How did hottie get to the grammys in the first place?

    • NikkitaMichelle

      I’ve gone to the Grammy’s it ain’t hard.  You buy tickets online.

      • No I think she went as the celeb crowd..that is why im confused

  • RedButterfly81

    LOL at the woman holding Hottie’s name on paper, as if we want to know who this golddigger is! Plus Nicki is straight up blasphemous for that get up and her performance, a one way ticket to hell!