Judge Orders Chris Brown to Stay on Probation

February 10, 2012  |  

The public and the entertainment industry may be ready to put all of Chris Brown’s past transgressions behind him but a Superior Court Judge says not so fast. Judge George Lomeli has ordered Chris Brown to remain on probation despite complying with the terms of his sentence, and Chris will have to continue to report to his probation officer in his hometown of Virgina.

Chris’s probation officer has reportedly been giving him high marks across the board and has commended him for passing all required drug testing. He’s also met all of his court requirements such as completing a yearlong domestic violence program and anger management classes. He’s currently halfway through his six-month mandated manual labor-oriented tasks as well.

Despite the judge’s hesitation to give Chris a pass, he’s back on much of the industry’s good side, as evidenced by his upcoming performance at the Grammy’s. Chris’s next hearing will take place July 30.

Do you think Chris has demonstrated enough good behavior to have his probation lifted?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Stepthroughmyiz

    He has more money then the judge and because he cant wait to flip the bird and say get the freakin out of here they making him ride it out to the end… don’t matter …. his actions were young actions. And now he has learned but I believe a lesson learned far sooner then the people’s judgment …

  • devildog808

    This is ridiculous they are only detaining this boy because he is young, rich & black. This was a 1st offense, Rihanna admitted to beating on him 1st, he took the rap because of dumb young love and her immigration status. Enough already damn…

  • devildog808

    Charlie Sheen had previously shot Kelly Preston and beat pregnant Densie Richards yet he received a 1 year slap on the wrist for putting a knife to the throat of 2nd wife Brook.

  • devildog808

    Charlie Sheen go 1 year probation fo beating yet another wife Brook Muller yet he destroyed a hotel penthouse suite while high on coke and herion.

  • devildog808

    So we can’t have a discussion about why this is total BS on this site? Why sensor my true assesment of events?

  • oOBubbles21

    The rumours about him and Rihanna meeting up on the sly doesn’t help.  I can’t wait to see him perfrom at the Grammy’s.

  • Beyonddbeautyee

    Everybody Acts Like He Just Went Out Of Nowhere And Just Started Beating Her. Rihanna Is Not A Victim. She Is Partially But Not Really. She HAD To Have Provoked Him In Some Way. Chris Brown Is STILL A Great Artist No Matter His Past. I Mean Look At R. Kelly ‘ They Said He Raped A Few Girls But Yet He Still Getting The Best Publicity. Chris’ Offense Is So Little Compared To That , So Why Does He Have To Be Condemned? Its In ThePast Lets Move The F%@$ On. No Im Saying Its Right But It Was ONE Time ! Are Yall Serious ? He Not Even Worried About Her But Obviously She Still Missing Him.

  • Salinalee49

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    He made a mistake paid his dues let him live we harp on his one mistake but yet we give others with worst crimes a pass he was an easy target he is young and dumb who at that age didnt make dumb decisions

  • Lorenzo

    If the probation does not end in July as I may have surmised then it is up to the probation officer and all Chris can do is be a straight with the courts. His probation will probablly be lifted so he may not have to report as frequently or maybe not at all. If that happens and he keeps his nose clean his attorney can petition the court to drop any remaining probation. It is all in Chris’s hands. Tough, but I think he will be a better man for it. I sincerely hope for the best. Jail is no place for a black man with a plan and talent. They do not go hand and hand.


      “Jail is no place for a black man with a plan and talent. They do not go hand and hand.”

      Possibly so, but it’s a perfect place for an idiot like “FIST CLOWN”, THE CONVICTED FELON…..

  • Lorenzo

    Yes, But being that I am from that area of Virginia and understand the process and the good old boy network. Chris would be better served if he got all the court sanctioned penalties completed. That  would render him complete with Virginia and if the slighest transgression might happen, the state of Virginia would not have those penalties hanging over his head. He would have a clean slate with the stae in regard to those charges. I understood you to infer that the probation period will end in July 2012.

  • Rah Truth

    So glad he’s doing well. But, let’s not forget the window he just smashed after getting angry with the reporter’s questions on whatever show that was. He’s making progress….keep on the right track. He needs to accept the help people are giving him so that he will truly be able to show the world that the anger and violent compulsion truly is gone. I wish him the very best.


      @RAH TRUTH: That idiot THREW a chair through a window without regard for who could have been possibly hurt or killed if it accidentally would have hit them….Sorry, but he’s a MENACE…Not only to HIMSELF, but to OTHERS as well….

    • Guest

      Wow Charlie Sheen smashed every window at the NY plaza hotel while on probation and no one ever mention it. It’s funny how Chris Brown is always singled out for his one or two missteps as a young black man while white men and women (Lindsay Lohan) are runnin a muck always with no one saying a word. SMFH at the double standard..


    Ha ha!!!! This chump is WASHED UP and his career is truly in the commode these days…. He’s making nowhere near the money he used to all as a result of his own BONEHEADED choices in life. HE chose to attack and BITE RIHANNA like a cowardly woman beating abuser would have, HE chose to get on TWITTER and act like an asanine idiot, HE chose to alienate his fans, friends, and co-workers and distributors, and then when it looked as though everything was dying down, HE went to GOOD MORNING AMERICA’s offices and threw a chair through a window like an IDIOT….Sorry, but I can’t see giving this LOSER any type of break, when anyone else would have been subject to the terms and conditions of their sentence….In short, he got 5 years PROBATION for a FELONY, and he needs to COMPLY WITH THAT…..END OF DISCUSSION, PERIOD, POINT BLANK……He gets NO SYMPATHY HERE….

    • Juicymay21

      Wow! I’m so happy that you are perfect. I mean, you will never have to worry about anyone having to forgive you because you never make mistakes. Well seeing as though you must be Jesus!

      • Ouygfytc

        MISTAKES?!  He slammed her head against the dashboard of the car they were in and bit her ear.  And a couple of years later when he is ‘rehabilitated’ he throws a chair out of a window while working.  How are these just mistakes?!  If any other black man did this they would be locked up.  Don’t be foolish.

        • Guess

          And show me his non-existing MUGSHOT show we can see all that she did to him. He was a teen, she popped him and he popped her back so what, get over it! Who are you ppl to constantly bully a kid like Chris for making one mistake in his teen life? You ppl are so ignorant and savage!

          Oh and he should have thrown the chair at Robin Roberts for the crap she pulled Rosie O’ Donnell was correct in sayin that! It’s sad when a white woman has to call BS on a black woman!

      • Lalatarea

        a mistake is something u don’t mean to do. he meant to do everything mr. justice said they’re not mistakes just poor choices and of course everyone makes bad choices but to consistently make the same anger infused choices after he was already given a break (probation!) and he hasn’t really changed so yes he should stay on probation.

        • Guess

          What are you talking about? Chris didn’t start that altercation Rihanna did. She was the one that broke into his phone, read a text from another female and went ballistic on him. Wow, revisionist history is a trip!

          We all make bad choices even later in life. He is under constant pressure by all ppl that want to see him do bad. No matter what he says or does it is misinterprted or blown out of proportion to make him look bad. You haven’t lived under that type of pressure as a young person so who are you too judge him and his missteps? You only know what the biased media highlights!

    • devildog808

      He doesn’t need your sympathy or anything else. Chris Brown has more love, respect, and money then you will ever know! Who care about you or what you think! God always takes care of his people so I know Chris Brown will be just fine. Can you say the same jackass?

  • Holidaeee457

    While he has complied with the court’s orders, I think its likely in his best interest to stay on probation til July if for nothing else..to keep his image and nose clean. He’s young and in his prime so everybody wants a piece of him. I wish him the best.

    • Reutlo

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    • devildog808

      Enough is enough already! This is simply overkill! Charlie Sheen was 6 days shy of his probation when he detroyed the entire Penthouse Suite at the NY Plaza. He was caught with cocaine and herion and had beaten a naked call girl who had called 911 for help. He of course was on a 1 year probation for beating yet another wife Brook Muller and holding a knife to her throat threatening to behead her. Now tell me again about “evil” black teenage Chris Brown!

    • MISRA

      Chris will be okay. He has overcome the worst. I believe that by February 2013, he will be completely free. 

    • Kimulo8

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    • Kimuulllooo8

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