Evelyn Lozada on Her Upcoming Book and Her Upcoming Wedding

February 3, 2012  |  

Evelyn Lozada is a busy woman these days. Along with planning her July wedding to beaux Chad Ochocinco, Evelyn is also working on a series of books called “The Wives Association,”which is a part of a reported six-figure deal she has struck with Cash Money to write and produce multiple projects. We caught up with Evelyn in Los Angeles to not only talk about her book, which will be a fictionalized version of her whirlwind romances and illustrious life, but to also chat about her high profile engagement to Ochocinco.


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  • JustSayin

    I really do not have the energy for this. Quit these games Evelyn. you are a grown woman. This is not high school where you are going to accept your prom queen crown and give your speech about how you went through trials and triumphs through 9th-12th grade and then somehow became head cheerleader. STOP THE MADNESS. You are grown. Wives Association? Girl… my organic milk lasted longer than your marriage. Get that foolishness outta here. That book is as useless as the “ay” in okay. You know what you need Evelyn? You need a good ole down south southern grandmother to come up to your sweet house and beat the living H-e-double hockey sticks outta of you. Just Ugh… I need a drink. this is too much.

  • Walter

    embarrassing,this reach for meaninglessness. First off, take those sunnies off … I guess there’s a lot to hide, but the ego and the sense of ennui and pointlessness can’t be concealed ….

  • who? + re = WH0RE

  • who? + re = WHORE

  • Dalstuff

    Who cares?!  Seen one gold-digger you’ve seen’ em all

  • Mari42

    I’m so disappointed to see, that there is a medium here, on a site I respect, which is focused on uplifting black woman…that would even entertain this woman and give her a voice! Where’s the journalistic integrity? Please, leave the sensationalism to the fly by night blogs/vlogs and keep MN POSITIVE…w/positive woman (not some fool, who calls women the “B” word whether she is happy or angry w/you!)!
    I know this is a business, and she is popular in a way, but GIVE ME A BREAK!

  • Cia

    I really want to like Evelyn.  She is a beautiful Afro-Latina woman and I love that she has things that she is trying to achieve BUT it makes me so sad to see her fighting, cursing and acting so immature on the show.  

  • Onegr8thumanitarian

    Evelyn is disgusting. She’s a good example of how uneducated, insecure whores (kim kardashian, Paris Hilton) try to come up (if you can call it that) in the world, by using sex as their weapon. She’s so used and disgusting that she probably smells from sleeping around! Get a f****** real job. You’re a horrible example to your child as well as every other girl out there. Shows like “Basketball Wives” should be called “whores getting married for money because they are tooo lazy and stupid to get a f****** real job”

    • JustSayin

      I just wanna point out that Paris Hilton is the LAST person that needed to come up. She is definitely educated. But the women that you described are women that did exactly what they needed to do to make money. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Snookie and who ever else? These are household names. They make MILLIONS. Just because of them being uneducated, insecure and beautiful. America has always loved a pretty woman to look at. Evelyn is doing the same. She isn’t on their level because she is trying to combine ghetto underclass hood like behavior with beauty. But Kim, Paris and whoever else? Made their money… making their money and when they die down their children’s children will still be balling outta control. While the other 99% spend their “spendable” income hoping to look like them one day.

  • Bella

    I didn’t bother watching the video, I just wanted to know why MN gave this woman the time of day after constantly complaining about how shows such as BW:Miami, BW:LA display women as violent, conceited, money-hungry hood rats? I don’t care whether Miss Lozada is Puerto-Rican or black – she gives herself, her daughter (who is waaaaaaay more mature than her) and women a bad name, yet we adore her and give her a platform to spout any kind of rubbish – It’s ridiculous! 

    Please try and take a stand on this mess, MN, or at least stick to one side and stay there.

    • Mari42


  • Diaznkelly

    I hope there are less “ums-ums-ums” in her book than in this 2 minute conversation. Get speaking lessons my dear!

    • miss_lauren

      the only reason i watched the vid is because of this comment and i really didn’t hear anything she was talking about; couldn’t stop focusing on the “ums” lmao! and i won’t be buying that book. if i’m bored one day i will do like i did with superhead’s book; go check it out from the library up the street. i don’t even look at these women in a positive or negative light. “at the end of the day” lol they play characters on tv for a paycheck so i don’t expect them to walk around getting along with one another or being STRICTLY classy. i expect them to fight, cuss, argue, etc because that’s what gets their ratings. if that didn’t happen the show would be viewed as boring and would lose ratings. majority of reality shows these days are following the “real” lives of women between 30-50 years of age and they all “ACT” the same. whether it’s Bravo, Vh1, Oxygen, doesn’t matter; producers and editors don’t want them squashing beef and acting like straight classy and respectable women. they want their money! lol! and so do these women

  • Lorenzo

    Who will write this book, Call it what it is , she is dictating a book to a writer. I have listened to this young lady speak and it is an effort for her to put a sentence together without swearing.(write a book) much less grammatical structure as well as diction. I suspect this will be an enlightening piece of literature for your coffee table, wedding pictures, the best of tweets from Chad and Evelyn. I would love to read some original thoughts by Ms. Evelyn. Lozada, less the swear words of course. Tidbits of information she penned while watching Chad  run roughshod over the Giants last weekend.
    Ms. Lozada would probably be a better standup comic, I must admit she is not an eye sore, and I am sure she can tell a few anicdotes from her life as a basketball wife married too…….(joke)

    • chocolotdiva

      Exactly! she can barely form a sentence. Imagine a book full of “like”.. “ummm” . Please! smh

  • Letitialindsey

    I never liked her when she made the comment about Royce being a bum, like she was above this woman. She also stated that if she and her current fiance had kids that she hoped they looked like her and not him, she obviously has deep-seeded problems with black people. But black people continue to look past her behavior and others like her, by helping her stay relevant.Chad is an idiot and he verbally abuses her and she tolerates it because she wants his wealth and she will probably get a chunk of it.

    • Crimjust

       I agree with your comment that she has a problem with black people but with one exception. I believe she has a problem with black women, while she and while women like her are willing to take on the black man the black woman is quite another avenue to travel. Remember, we have many women from various cultures that dislike us because of our strengths. Our only real weaknesses seems to be our sensitivity to the black male at least for some of us. I have no problem with black men dating and marrying whom they want I just they would stop lying to those women about how bad the black women is and even worse these women believe them. I know this is not all black men but those that do are absolute losers.

      • Letitialindsey

        Exactly, thank you. I wonder what the future holds for black people if we continue to allow other races of people to divide us.

        • Crimjust

           The future for us is actually plain to see, we have got to stop being followers. A great deal of us allow anyone and everything to sidetrack us. From politics to the various colors we come in as blacks, who cares if you are dark skinned, light skinned or have red hair, brown hair or black hair; really who cares. Unfortunately a great deal of us do and why? Because of our own insecurities. I have often wondered why do we hate on blacks who are republicans why because they chose to go with a party that represented their status of living? Why are we so willing to bring each other down? We can stop blaming the white person, its not them its us. They have not done anything in a long, long, long time to us. Think about it we have black politicians, black organizations and black owned businesses yet we are further behind than we were in the 60’s when it comes to morality, economy and family status, you know why because we have allowed ourselves to fall prey to the I be the massa now mentality. Look at our top politicians regardless of their location what are they doing other than getting rich off of our backs by using us as threats to corporate America. These so called elected officials go before corporate America and threaten to boycott if they don’t bring blacks on board and then accept a large paycheck from them to be quiet. The end result we are still unemployed and we are still struggling and we are still tearing each other down. Go back to school, get an education, stop hanging in the streets and stop having babies and be women and men not boys and girls. Grow up teach our children what is right and stop allowing them to be raised by the computer, music and television. Men/boys, if you are grown enough to make a baby then be grown enough to help take care of it. Women/girls if you are grown enough to help in the making of that child do the same. Stop raising ignorant children, I know its hard but buckle down and ride it out. Get an education, get a position, start your own business. Contribute to your well-being take care of you and take care of your child. If he is unwilling get the help you need but continue along the path of education the opportunities are there move on. Please stop falling prey to these boys and men who want to do nothing but lay down with you and move on. I know this is not every black man and every black woman a great deal of us are educated and are doing all that we can to maintain I am one of them, I married had children and went back to school to obtain another graduate degree and post graduate degree. I chose early on not to go the route of the many friends I had who were having babies and doing nothing with their life. I am not special, you too can do it. Stop hating on each other and take care of business. 

          • Letitialindsey

            So True.

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  • Crimjust

    Evelyn Lozada is just sad, really  sad. She is so willing to sacrifice herself for anything and everything. Hopefully she finds herself somewhere, I wish her the best of luck she is like so many others is morally bankrupt.

  • YM

    She says “You know” a lot!

    • sothere

      Add to that, ‘At the end of the day’…lol

  • Darlenelyons1

    Wedding???  I’ll believe it when I see it

  • Guest

    In that picture she does not look happy. Her smile even looks like a smirk.

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  • renee


    • MsDivine1

       …a career in being a ratchet h0.

  • ActiveArchitect

    This chick is doing the most to make herself relevant. I mean seriously, YOU ARE NOT A WIFE YET. When you are, it won’t be to a Basketballer. Go take a seat.