I Whip My… Oh, Wait: Willow Smith Shaves Her Head

February 3, 2012  |  

Well… she said no matter if it’s long or short. In a recent move, Willow Smith decided to shave most of her hair off. Jada has said that she’s fine with Willow experimenting with her hair because at the end of the day, it’s really not a big deal.

I have to admit, I think it’s kind of cute. The child has a cute face so she really can’t go wrong. And honestly, as much money as she and her parents have, I’m sure she can afford some good fake hair to cover it up, if she ever regrets her decision.

Check out some more pictures below.

What do you think of Willow’s new hair cut? Would you be “cool enough” to let your daughter shave her head at such a young age?

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  • L2toya25

    So beautiful. We are not our hair!!!! We make the hair

  • Coreyzalee

    Its funny how we can talk about her hair and waiting to cut it. But we will cut designs and words in the sides of our 2 year old boys head. I think the new style of shaving one side is worse than the whole head. Leave the girl alone!

  • FromUR2UB

    Personally, I wouldn’t let my own daughter shave off her hair.  Eighteen is young enough to do as she pleases with her own head or body

    Their kid, their business.  But, I can’t help but wonder what there is for her to look forward to in adulthood, if she gets to do whatever she wants in childhood. 

  • She looks beautiful.  It’s good to let you child make decisions about things that are not going to cause them any harm. It boosts self-esteem.

  • You bet I would letter her.. would probably help.  It is frustrating when you have a daughter with beautiful hair who can not sit still to let you comb it.  Where’s my razor..  Its just hair, it will grow back, it is not who she is, just extra adornment. 

  • R. A. Mathis

    There is nothing “cute” about Willow.

  • Lorrainebates

    It’s questions like that that keep beautiful black women from letting their hair define who they are.  She is NOT HER HAIR.

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  • seatspc

    Thank God this beautiful young lady, Willow Smith, is liberated enough to love her own hair and be comfortable enough, and love herself enough, not to be slave to hair weaves and “perms” and the prescribed version of beauty.  She’s free.  As the Funkadelics said many, many years ago and I
    adopted it as my motto for life:  “Free you mind, and your #$$ will follow.” 

    This young lady is going to do some phenomenal things in life.  She’s one of the few of the African-American race who was born totallly free from day one.  Money will never be a problem in life for her [unless she, heaven forbid, strays along the way; and she obviously loves being her creative, natural self.  I am a babyboomer and started wearing my hair in a nearly bald Afro at 13 years old, when my Mother gave me $10 around the time I turned 13 and said that I could start doing my own hair now, and to launch the step to becoming a high school student that I could jumpstart this phase of my life by getting my hair done. 

    Well, I had witnessed the astronishing beauty, poise and soft womanhood of the late, great Miriam Makeba on the Ed Sullivan Show and thought that she was the most beautiful, soft spoken and regal woman I had ever seen.  So I took that $10 and went to the barber shop and had all of my nearly shoulder length hair cut off and returned home only to cause my parents a near coronary.  This was before even the event of the perm, let alone hair weaves. 

    I have been wearing my hair in this short Afro style ever since [with rare, very short term exception].  It is very liberating to wear your own hair, and to love it, and to be comfortable in it as it is the crowning glory that God gave you.  I pray that one day black women will start to love themselves enough to love their hair, and to stop spending millions on yak hair that you purchase from a group of people who have practically dessimated a multi-billion dollar industry – black health and beauty aid products — that we used to own.  It started with Madame C. J Walker, remember.

    And to be spending those billions with a people who would not spend one red cent with you [the black community] if their lives depended on it, is truly said.  Yes, they think of us as the fools that we are by giving them billions for false hair and grease and paying them millions to design a memorial to our heros and yet they laugh at us for being the self-loathing of our hair and ourselves by being the modern day slaves that too many of us are. 

    I pray that Willow’s celebrity will lead other young black women to love themselves and their hair more; and to be the confident, beautiful and liberated females that she obviously s.  You go girl!

  • queenie

    She looks gorgeous and she’s obviously extremely confident in herself and beauty. I wish more young girls especially in our community were like this.

  • tastythoughts

    i think its great….its just hair and it proves that her self esteem is through the roof im happy for her. 


    It is most likely reasons why her head is shaved.  Maybe it was just time to start it over.  It’s no telling of all the glue, hair peices, color and braids that messed up her hair.  I’m sure it will grow back natually and beautiful; after all God made our hair beautiful.

  • The Bee

    Honestly i don’t think that hair is such a big deal but I do think that they do allow her to act a little too grown for my taste. I think that may have been what Hottness was trying to say.

  • Cocolicious

    Well, in Africa, it has been traditional practice for girls her age to wear their hair short. A lot of us women shave our heads when we go natural. Usually, people try to transition little girls out of perms/relaxers using braids, instead of shaving their heads off. Young kids can be brutal when other children don’t align with the social norms they’ve been taught.

    In the end, I don’t see anything wrong with a girl her age having short hair. I just shaved mine a few weeks ago to start my ‘natural’ growth over again. And I wore my hair shaven as a little girl for traditional reasons.

  • Gigi

    To me it’s no big deal.. I dont find it that nice looking.  But way my hair has been looking lately, I might be better off doing the same.

  • Lilfe_fe

    It’s just a BC….big deal, it’ll grow back healthier and stronger.

  • Aturner366

    She could be going natural? 

  • blisskris

    I love her strength and bold sense of self.  You go girl!


    I think she’s just going natural.That’s not a bad move.

  • Candacey Doris

    I would definitely let my daughter shave her hair. Hair grows back and there are worse hairstyles. Best for her to be creative with her hair then other things.

    Besides, it looks cute.

  • ImanIndigo

    WAY too young for that.

  • OneFlyNatural

    I think it’s cute!

  • Grace

    Who cares about this talentless little twit?!

  • Yazzie

    I can’t believe the ignorance that is being expressed about this child cutting her hair. The fact that one posted said “her child’s hair belongs to her until she’s 18,” is sickening. Someone else hair doesn’t belong to another person. I applaud willow for being so brave. If she had a damaging relaxer in her hair people wouldn’t whisper a sound. But because she decides to cut all her hair  she, “looks like a little boy and has no standards or rules.”

  • P.S.  I especially love the pic. in the ballerina shoes sitting in the chair.  So delicate and precious.  She is going to be a force to reckon with when she grows up.  I wouldn’t know what to do if I had a daughter and she was that pretty.  I would love to see her be just as creative with her beauty.

  • Faecoast

    She looks cute. She’s a girl and just prolly wants to experiment wit diff hairstyles. ITS JUS HAIR IT WILL GROW BACK

  • RedButterfly81

    It’s just hair people, it’ll grow back so relax! But personally, I wouldn’t want my daughter to shave her head unless it’s a life threatening situation like brain surgery.

  • SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL!  Looks so much like her mother.  Her mother rocked that hairstyle in the day. BEAUTIFUL.

  • its cute, but the duckface is hella played out…IJS

  • nurdgoddess

    It’s only hair. Hair grows back. It’s not what’s ON the head that matters, it’s what’s IN the head.

  • Mizzdanielleg

    I definitely encourage it. Why is ok for adults to experiement with their natural hair and she can’t?! I always hear child stars in the media for ridiculous things….But this young lady has only shaved her head. Will and Jada must be doing something right because ALL their kids are superstars at such young ages.

  • Marafina5

    I love this baby right here. Do U Willow.

  • Danielle Greer

    I definitely encourage it. Why is ok for adults to experiement with their natural hair and she can’t?! I always hear child stars in the media for ridiculous things….But this young lady has only shaved her head. Will and Jada must be doing something right because ALL their kids are superstars at such young ages.

  • Bleuladi

    I wish my daughter would try me! If she wants to do it at 18, she can go right ahead. Otherwise, her hair belongs to me until then. This is coming from a woman who couldn’t cut a bang until she was in high school and that bang was to my chin.

  • Seekerzoftruth

    I really don’t like that style. Some styles are not made for everybody….and this is one that’s not made for her. She looks like a little boy not a little girl. That’s my opinion.

  • Song_bird

    I dont like it and she aint all that cute anyway.

  • ms new new

    I am not my hair; however, if I had a daughter I would not allow her to cut off all of her hair just as I will not allow my son to grow his hair long. It’s just my preference.

  • Stopit

    Will & Jada are raising free thinkers! Willow is GORGEOUS and has the self esteem at her young age to realize “SHE IS NOT HER HAIR”!!!

    Such a pretty girl

  • Prissy

    She’s a little girl. She is having her childhood.. She isn’t killing anyone. She doesn’t have a baby. She is just a little girl. She wants no hair? So be it. She could be doing worse things..

  • Janelledrakeford

    I just wish she had a shape up. Otherwise, it’s just hair.

  • AnnaRenee

    Uh oh, the shock factor a la Rihanna has gotten underway…

  • Beckky

    Very cute! Conformity is unattractive. Willow, you’re beautiful!

  • As6320

    I love it !!!!! She looks just like her daddy. Beauty is on the inside as well. So many ppl as well as celebs are worried about their appearance on the outside

  • Th4nco

    My mother always let me express my self in various way’s, including hair and clothing as long as it looked ok!! She’s a cute little girl but she does look like a little boy. This works in her rich and famous world!! Sadly, if she were another girl on the block she’d be made fun of.

  • Guest

    The position of her feet in those ballet shoes looks….painful! But cute look…those smith kids seem so smug and over indulged 

    • rain

      those ballet shoes are painful and your toes will bleed

      • FromUR2UB

        I’ve heard professional ballet dancers say that they never get used to the pain.  Balancing on their toes always hurts.  I guess there’s a trade-off for everything.  

  • Cassandra Leach

    standards and rules? people (including children) have a right to wear thier hair however they want, its called FREEDOM

  • It’s hair, not a 12 year old walking around with a tramp stamp tattoo.  Part of growing up is experimenting and finding out what you do and don’t like.  Hair styles are not a gateway to indecency.  I think Willow is old enough to have a valid opinion in her personal appearance; who are we to say differently?  FTR, I think it’s cute.

  • Mercy Nyarkoh

    It probably was damaged anyway, she’s young it’ll grow back!!

    • Cocolicious

      Yes, like weeds.

  • Linda

    It’s just hair! She really seems like a well adjusted, self-confident little lady.

    • Katrina Cox

      I like it. Black natural hair is never embraced especially not by us. So I say if a young girl feels proud to go against “mainstream” beauty more power to her!!

  • Mrskiyewalker

    HELL TO THE NO>>>>She looks just like WILL with out the OW

    • tastythoughts

      maybe because thats her dad…..ijs….

  • Edgrewilliams

    Willow has a Mr. Spock of star trek thing going

  • Znbma2

    I thnk its cool! Idc who u r or how old,u gotta hav major confidence to pull that off! Kudos

  • Anothergal

    Not cute!

  • Calysa02

    How do you think our ancestors and African sisters wore/wear their hair? I thinks she’s beautiful.

    •  When I grew up in Zimbabwe, many boarding schools did not allow girls to grow their hair and so you had your hair shaved off at the beginning of every term. Hair was seen as a distraction, I dont think any of those girls were traumatised for life.

    • queenie

      Every time I see young girls in Uganda, Kenya, S. Africa, etc. with shaved heads or cropped hair cuts, you can’t help to see their natural beauty.

  • A.N.R

    Just because it’s “just hair” and people don’t have to be attached to it doesnt mean everyone who shaves their head gets a compliment. That’s not how it works guys. Lol

    • This is a kid.  Remember that and comment accordingly.  Don’t make an a– of yourself.

    • It’s not your job to like her, it’s hers.

  • Inger Nemcik

    I shaved my head when I was 14.  I was not, am not and will never be my hair. Good credo for a young black girl.

  • ButterCup :)

    I think she looks like a cute little boy… cute just like her daddy…

  • Shay

    I probably wouldn’t be okay with it, but then again…it’s just hair.  It’ll grow back.

  • Unque43

    I would be find with. Some decisions are between the parents and child. If there are no behavior issues why not live love and laugh. Oh! I think the cut is cute.

  • Dianne Daniels

    She’s adorable – and her TWTWA (Teeny Weeny TWA) is adorable on her!

  • Maediamond16

    Precious! You go girl!

  • Hell no!! When she becomes 18 then she can cut all of her hair off like that!! 

    • Blah

      Just out of curiosity, why should she have to wait until she’s 18?

    • Cha-Cha

      Kids need to have room to express themselves… If the grades are good, they are respectful and are keeping themselves out of trouble and following the rules… it shouldn’t matter what hairstyle they wear. Hair is hair. It grows back. I’ve had my hair every which way since I was a kid.. and I’ve never been to jail, had good grades, have a good job… etc., etc…

      • hey

        If the grades are good? Please..Willow doesn’t go to school.

    • rain

      what’s going to happen to her by cutting her already short hair, all she did was cut off the middle part, it was already shave on the sides and back… she looks absolutely adorable.

    • it’ her head she should be allowed to do what she wants. im sure when you were growing up you decided what hairstyles you wanted before you turned 18

  • Denisgirl1

    I think it’s cute & I think it shows her confidence. She is not defined by her hair!

  • Yup I would. Why are folks so attached to damn hair? Stop living vicariously through your childrens hair follicles and let em live. 

  • love it!! she’s already an individual. she’s gonna be great as she gets older.

  • ariesdollface

    i love that Jada allowed Willow to experiment w/her look. for too many girls, esp. young black girls, a little too much value/self-esteem/etc. is wrapped up in our hair. clearly this young girl is learning to get a sense of herself beyond her hair & her mother is promoting that; bravo!

  • i like it and seriously its just hair!!!!! ..itll grow back at some point …if her mom and dad r ok w/ it who is any1 to say anything ..every1 is gonna raise their kids to suit them just because we may not agree doesnt make it wrong…

  • tuttifrutti3

    She certainly looks just like her daddy! Hair does grow back and I am glad Jada doesn’t let Willow grow up with the notion that her hair should define who she is.

  • Lancelin55

    Only if she was donating it to a cancer patient……..

    • Candacey Doris

       They don’t take relaxed hair.

      • Lee Grace Huzzy

        They don’t take African American natural hair either.

  • Ablake48

    Too cute!

  • Hottness

    Hell no!!! This lil girl needs some freaking standards and rules!

    •  standards and rules as to how to look/be/act like everyone else? Yeah cause thats what we really need to encourage SMFH

    • Unque43

      Calm down. What has she done, that would make you think she has no rules or standards. They may not be yours but I am sure her parents are find with it. I have never heard anything bad about her. You just make sure your kids follow your rules and standards

    • Stopit

       Only a bitter, rude, insecure person makes mean comments about a CHILD. Someone hurt you as a child and now you are continuing the cycle of abuse.

      • Oh calm down!  What in the world says this young lady is not being raised with standards.  How brave some folks get on blogs.  Especially at a little girl.  I bet you feel really big in your shoes now saying something so ignorant to a child.  Takes a childish mind to be so small minded.

    • you obviously are too attached to your weaves. smh

    • L2toya25

      In Ghana they cut the girls hair like the boys to make both sexes better students.
      It’s all about perspective. So now she saves time from her daily routine and btw natural, uncomplicated oozes confidence. Everybody can do it.
      Applaud her for her strength, and the chins shall