Atheists Use Black History Month to Target Black Non-Believers

February 2, 2012  |  

Black History Month isn’t just a time for corporations to put out a pro-black diversity message, it’s also recruiting season for African Americans for Humanism, a national organization of non-believers.

On Monday, the Dallas branch of the atheist group will erect a billboard on an Interstate centered amongst a dozen or so black churches in the city. The ad will feature controversial member Alix Jules, who discussed his decision to become an atheist in the July issue of Ebony, alongside Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes. The purpose, he told MyFoxDFW, is to make black people question what they’re being told in church.
“Can I believe in a God that will help me find my keys and win a ball game but allows hunger in places like Africa? Those are really big questions the church does not have answers to.”

Dallas is just the jumping-off point for the billboard campaign which will also show up in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, DC, and Durham, NC. Other prominent African American figures like Frederick Douglas and Zora Neale Hurston will appear on billboards as well. While a local Dallas pastor said the campaign will provide an opportunity for challenging debate and discourse, Alix says he’s not interested. According to him, the billboards are simply meant to provoke thought.

“It’s for the ones that really have doubt,” he says. “Understand you are not alone.”

It will be interesting to see how people react once the ads go up next week.

What do you think about this idea? Do you think black atheists feel particularly isolated given the tradition of Christianity among African Americans?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • This is a most refreshing article.

    I am a believer and welcome this discussion. I do believe in a higher power and that power commands me to LOVE and RESPECT my neighbor. Does that include my non-believer neighbor? YES it does!

    For the record i believe in:
    Rights for non-believers/free-thinkers
    Gay/Lesbian Marriage rights
    Pro-choice/safe access to abortion
    Comprehensive birth control access and education for all

    I refuse to proselytize or try to convert NBs or suggest a ‘church’ home as i believe everyone’s truth-seeking journey is a individual one. Believers, IMO, should not be threatened by billboards aimed to provide support for other Non-Believers/Free-Thinkers. My message to my non-believer brothers & sisters:
    Carry on in peace. I respect and honor your journey.

  • one’s tripping about the gazillion church billboards, gospel channels featuring hellions with crooked halos. Who cares that a child molester and a pisser on children (r kelly) is SICK in the long as he calls on the lawd he’s giving a get out of jail free card. never mind..eddie long and his brillo pad of a toupee has made a COMPLETE mockery of you all’s religion along with that fraudster trying to pass himself off as jewish…xtians want to condemn us, mock us, curse us etc

    Can’t quote scriptures correctly to save your lives, but you want to tell us we’re going to hell.  Prove there are gods..tell the christian god to get HIS BLIND SHEEP to all believe the same thing and act on one accord.  Don’t worry about the non believers-your churches and congregations are the ones filled with sick, twisted people.

    the very book that was used to ENSLAVE our ancestors…is now being used by the community to impose SELF enslavery.  IT’S IDIOCY! 

    STOP BEING AFRAID (OR LAZY)…read, read the bible-read it seriously and question the contents! stop being blind sheep being lead to slaughter. get off your A$$ and READ THE BOOK. it’s a great piece of fiction

  • jackieOsassin

    i find so much inspiration in this. i thought i was just one of few black or black-identified people in my area who did not agree/submit to a religious theory. it makes me feel so inspired to know that there is a group DEVOTED to this ideal, and it makes me want to read more into them. 

  • It’s about time we had some debate. I’m tired of people clinging to the same beliefs without ever stepping outside those beliefs and questioning it. It’s hard being a black atheists, it’s like I told my parents I’m gay. A person is entitled to their beliefs but there is nothing wrong with discussion. about it. 

  • Phoenix Reign

    I classify myself as a spiritualist. I hate religion but love Jesus and believe there is a God. I have a poem called “Me, personally”. And it goes like this:
    I don’t attend church know why? Because my mother believes my problems will be solved in a church with other sin slinging hypocrites. I don’t attend church know why? Because my friend got pissed with me because I wouldn’t church hop with her, nor would I visit hers. I don’t attend church know why? Because nowhere in the bible does it say 10% of my earnings go greedy, materialistic preachers. I don’t go to church know why? Because at 20 I slept around with and got spoiled financially by a married ordained minister. I don’t attend church know why? Because the ignorant negros still read from a book that has been revised so much I no longer know whats real or what really happened. So I won’t attend this church, your church or another church. God doesn’t dwell in church’s, he dwells in us and if u tell me I have to attend church to feel that, you are another reason why I don’t attend church.

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      I’m sorry you had a such a bad experience with church, but I hope and pray that you are led to a church of substance because Lord knows you’ve been around some false people. . .

  • LotusLeader

    This is actually very good news.  As we progress as a community, our education status has improved as well as our economic status has improved (as compared with 30 years ago) 

    We are becoming more aware of what religion really is. 

    A control to keep people fearful, ignorant and powerless. 

    Fearful because we are not god. 
    Ignorant because we are not god.
    Powerless because we are not god.

    God is the master, can we guess who the servants/slaves are? 
    God has all the power/control and who has none? 
    Who is more important to believers than anyone else? God is more important to you than you or anyone else. 

    Religion is poison, ask your muslim and christain friends which of one is correct, you may start a war.  

    • Chris

      I totally agree! Knowledge is power.

  • Chris

    This is a really great discussion. Being a Free Thinker I do encourage many African Americans who have some doubt to explore and ask questions. There are literally thousands of religions on the planet, and not to mention the schisms in some of those religions. African Americans need to have the knowledge that our ancestors were not Christians when the were brought here in slavery they had a multitude of beliefs. Forced Christianity was the result for our people. Now that we live in the time where we have biblical archeology that has discovered many, many biblical fallacies, and biblical scholars who have pinpointed forgeries, insertions, and rewrites in the bible. Why not ask questions? Right now there are biblical scholars in Isreal rewriting the bible to fix over 500,000 errors in the bible (The Old Testament alone). There was a survey in late 2010 that revealed Atheists & agnostics were more knowledgeable about religion than believers. Blacks were the least knowledgeable. Blind faith is a powerful thing, but I wouldn’t subscribe to it. Check out  biblical scholars like Bart Ehrman, William Devers, Isreal Finkelstein, and Richard Friedman for starters and work your to further studying. Asking questions lead to answers.

  • Sdennis334

    I have struggled with religion my entire life…I’m very much ‘in the closet’ about my beliefs. I just have so many questions. Why is it that Christianity is the only way to Heaven, but so many others practice a different religion? Are all non-Christians going to hell?  How do we know that the Bible shouldn’t be taken so literally anymore? Because it’s inconvenient?  Why are there so many different denominations? Who is practicing Christianity ‘correctly’? Do Black people know that our ancestors practiced traditional religions and were forced to convert to Christianity when Europeans enslaved them and colonized their land? How do people know this and still continue to believe so strongly? These are the questions that run through my mind sometimes. At this point in my life, I guess I’m spiritual. Someone is out there. I am a moral person because I truly care for others, not because I’m afraid of the afterlife.

    • LotusLeader

      Excellent questions, I hope this helpful:

      Why is it that Christianity is the only way to Heaven, but so many
      others practice a different religion? Religion is culture, this is why there are so many religions.  All cultures determine moral values.  What is good in Canada is evil in Nigeria.

      Are all non-Christians going to
      hell?   Yes, according to all religions all non believers are doomed to hell.  So christians are going to heaven but also to muslim hell.

      How do we know that the Bible shouldn’t be taken so literally anymore?  In a word, science.

      Why are there so many different denominations?   Capitalism

      Do Black people know that our ancestors practiced traditional religions
      and were forced to convert to Christianity when Europeans enslaved them
      and colonized their land?
      Yes, but where would Jesus be if we acknowledged it?

      How do people know this and still continue to believe so strongly?  The attachment is made in childhood.  This is why religion tries to control education.

  • Prissy

    AT LAST!!! I LOVE this article. We non-believers need a voice as well. You would be surprised of how many us that are out their. I personally consider myself Agnostic and NOT Atheist because the same way I feel you can’t tell me there is a god, the same way I can not tell you for sure that there isn’t . Folk like to make it seem as though this issue is black and white. I at first thought I was an Atheist after coming to college and do my thorough research as to how Africans and slaves became “believers”. I find it odd that even if you choose to still believe why folk get so ANGRY at us who simply do not want to believe in that form of mythology. DO YOU. Whatever makes you sleep better at night is cool with me, just don’t get mad when most of the time Agnostics and Atheists know the bible better than those  who claim that religion. If you want to have a tasteful debate, like I do with many of my friends, perfect. But do not get disrespectful because that only leads to trash talk and unnecessary banter. 

    • I’m so surprised (and pleased) to read so many comments from nonbelievers in this forum!  I hope you plug into our network–join our Facebook group, or like our Page, to connect with other black nonbelievers.  We’ll be working in the future to start more local communities for people to connect with each other–and get more campaigns, too.

      Debbie Goddard
      Director, African Americans for Humanism

  • Mr.Darryl

    It is interesting that a non-believer is going to run into problems (cast away) from the lord. This assumes quite a lot (“workers of iniquity”). Either you believe or you are screwed. But it seems easy to be bad and believe IMO, so it is not so black & white. We are not born to know god. We are taught these things, and it seems as though the ones who are religious are making the rules of a “good” or “righteous” life. Any counter argument would (seemingly) make many of their beliefs irrelevant, so they must stand by their religious faith at all cost no matter what religion it is. Cults get started this way. And none of the religions are wrong until someone (or, at least, the right one) gets hurt.

    • Newcastle

      If we are not born to know God how come so many of us do?  That’s you assuming.  You dont know that.

      • so many of us are indoctrinated as children and are scared into believing because kids don’t want to burn in an imaginary place called hell.

  • Crimjust

    At least it stimulates debate, I for one believe that he exists of this there is no doubt. Its too bad we don’t question other doubts like being enslaved to ignorant politicians who look like us and claim to represent our views but do more to enhance themselves and make sure their followers stay ignorant which they do willingly.

  • MrsB

    The one thing all believers, atheists, and agnostics have in common…Jesus is Our Lord.

    • not mine. that guy is imaginary.

    • Beautifulblackatheist

      Google is GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Estevan Carlos Benson

      It sounds as though you may not understand what atheism is.  Atheists do not recognize any authority if this thing you call “Jesus”.  Additionally, many atheist’s question if this person actually existed at all.

  • I’ve always had an issue accepting:
     God sent himself down to earth to sacrifice
    himself to himself because bleeding on the cross was the only way that he could
    convince himself to forgive us for the fact that an ancestor of ours that was made from a rib
    ate a magic fruit that she wasn’t supposed to eat after being tricked by a
    talking snake. Anyone that doesn’t believe this story will be tortured forever
    by the very god that loves us. I really can’t understand how people accepts this a true. 

  • i believe everyone has a right to not believe, i just don’t agree with categorizing them by color, like believers and nonbelievers need to be color coded or something. God is not going to separate you by color, he’s going to say to the believer “well done my good and faithful servant” and to the non believer “depart  from me, I never knew you you workers of iniquity”. simple as that. 

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    You don’t wanna believe, that’s ok. All God expects from me is to inform you and allow you to make the conscious decision of whether you believe or not. Whether you do or don’t, it’s between you and God at the end of the day and personally I feel sorry for anyone who is too proud to believe and hope that some day they shall change their minds, but then again that is you choice and your decision. . . .

  • StuckInDaMatrix

    I love the nature of this article!  As it gives an small insight into this population.  We need more black thinkers who are independent and who are not moved by the dogma of religion.  These blacks are the most progressive in my opinion.

    • Gigi

      May I ask, how is it free thinking when you think like many other non believers?  You, most likely, didnt come across your belief without someone tugging your ear.  And if free thinkers are advocates of free thinking, why do they worry about me using my free mind to choose God.  It’s my choice. 

      •  Amen!! GiGi!!

      • John

        Several things. Thinking freely doesn’t mean no one else has your thoughts, it means you came to your own conclusions. You don’t have to “come across” someone to be a nonbeliever. We are all atheist at birth. We have to be taught otherwise. Most free thinkers aren’t worried about your belief but many religious people attempt to influence public policy based on religion. That’s what upsets people. 

        • Gigi

          But many atheists believe many believers didnt come across their own conclusion which not true.  My acceptance to Christianity was a journey. 
          You get upset with Christians because they choose to believe in what you dont believe then many of you mask that with “religious people attempt to influence public policy based on religion.”   Can you truly say atheists dont influence public policy? The reason why religion is not in schools is because of atheist opposition. Have you listened to Bill Maher and Ricky Gervais? Atheists are quick to judge Christians for their “narrow mindedness”. However atheists do the same exact thing.

          And you are incorrect.  We are not atheists at birth .  Atheists deny or disbelieve in God.  A new life does not have the ability to do so.  Thank God, Our Lord knew us before we were born.  You made the choice to be an atheist.  Just like I mad the choice to be a believer.  Stop insisting that I was influenced because I can throw that back into you. 

          And this is coming from a college educated Afr Amer woman who lives abroad.

          • Well religion has no place in school. You can’t teach religion in a classroom, it’s called indoctrination. Not unless it is in an academic way, not a Sunday School way

            • Chris

              Courtney, you are totally right. Religion don’t belong in schools for many reasons. That’s what the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights firmly established. Now a person or a group of people can do all the praying and practicing their beliefs all they want but it cannot be lead by the school or forced. The individuals has rights that they can and no one will stop them from their practice.  Now teaching religion as an academic should scare religious people because as an academic it will expose the wholes in religion for instance. The Exodus from an archeology stand point never happened, there has never been a global flood (Sorry Noah) and so much more would be exposed.

            • Gigi

              My point was not whether or not religion should have a place in schools (and that was clear).  My point is that atheists dont want to accept that they push their beliefs on others while claiming Christians force their beliefs on others.  

              For some on this site if you mention God in your comment they, including you, will tell commentors to not use the word God.  Why would a people who advocates being able to express your beliefs limit others from doing so?

              • It’s funny how annoyed Christians get when Atheists stand up for themselves at all, claiming they are “pushing their beliefs” on them… this coming from the religion that has done more to push its beliefs on every community, organization and tribe throughout the world.
                 on the flip side  how many atheist teenagers have you heard of making death threats against Christian teenagers?…..

                • Gigi

                  Courtney, you are way off base.  This is a forum where people can express their opinions.  I have never told an atheist to not express themselves.  Although you have told Christians on this site and bossip not to mention God.  I wasnt the first to mention that “religious people attempt to influence public policy.”  Commentor John mentioned that and I have the right to respond by pointing that atheists do the same.  My comment is not about debating religion in school.  My comment is not about being annoyed.  My comment was about pointing out recognizing your own flaws before stating what others do.  If an atheist wants to accuse Christians of influencing public policy, why pretend atheists dont do the same?.

                  Im not and will never get annoyed nor angry over an atheist’s beliefs or Christian’s beliefs.  I dont have to.  No one will ever accuse me of disrespecting their beliefs (not just atheists, but any opposing views).because i know have to state my opinions, views, beliefs in a tacful manner.

                  • Christians love playing the persecuted card, even though they make up 80% of the US population. We don’t push beliefs, because in definition we are lack of belief we just push logic. 

                    Christians do way more “pushing” than an atheists ever will. Or does it seem like pushing because we dare question your beliefs. Last time I checked it was the christians

                    -Laws against gay marriage-Trying to make abortion illegal-Attempting to outlaw interracial marriage-Not vaccinating your children because it is against your religion-Attempting to deny access to birth control-Prayer in school 

                    So in reality who is actually “pushing” thier beliefs? because I’ve never seen an athiests come to my door trying to convert me

          • John

            I’m sorry but you’re not making any sense at all. No child is born religious. Having no concept of God, i.e. a non-believer makes you an atheist, which we all are at birth. Stop trying to make a false equivalency. 

            What beliefs do Atheist try to force upon you? All Atheist ask for is neutrality from the government when it comes to religion. Christians feel like they’re losing something when the government does just that because they’re used to having a privileged position. Atheist don’t care if you pray at home, all they ask is that their kids aren’t forced to pray when they go to school. That isn’t forcing anything on anyone. There isn’t even anything to force. 

            Of course Atheist attempt to influence public policy, we all do and should. Read what I wrote. Try this exercise: 

            Person A: Dear congress, I think you should consider passing this law. I’ve provided decades worth of data and countless peer reviewed studies as well as personal accounts. The evidence shows it will save lives but I am open to future data that may show otherwise and revise my suggestions. 

            Person B: I think you should pass this law. Why? Because my magic book said so. 

            Do you see the difference?

            When people create a false equivalency it’s because they know they’re wrong so they attempt to make the other side appear just as wrong. It doesn’t work. 

      • LotusLeader

        Gigi, free thinking means not be forced to accept beliefs or opinions that are opposed to what you believe.  Free thinkers do not want you to change your faith or belief. 

        You are correct, we do worry that believers are trying to turn this place into a religion based government and not a Constitution based government, that really angers us.

      • StuckInDaMatrix

        Your comment sounds more like your venting and defensive!  You need to take that to someone who cares about you and who understands.  It is your choice, so what does that have to do with my post?

  • LotusLeader

    Bishop Eddie Long molests five young men and his congregation gives him a coronation, now his is a king.   No I do not believe in corporate christianity.  The other christianity was destroyed by capitalism, supremacist and politics.    God is dead.

    • Ms_Sunshine9898

      That is one person. You can’t base the whole aspect of Christianity on one person. The Bible said that there would always be false teachers and preachers out in the world decieving many. Christianity hasn’t been destroyed, it is the people who corrupt it and use if for themselves who give it a bad name. You need to know the true meaning behind Christianity before you are quick to judge it. That situation you named isn’t Christianity, that’s just the Devil at work in the church as the best way to destroy something is from inside. . . .

      •  and we are living in the times where they are all being exposed for what they are. the scriptures are coming to pass and being fulfilled. it’s funny how when people see bad thing happen in this world they blame God, when good things happen, they give credit to man….it’s funny that they never blame satan for anything. he is indeed a great deceiver of many!

      • GeekMommaRants

        Hello, my comment does point to a single person but rather the members of the church, other pastors in leadership and I will include the Bishop as well.  Wealth, fame and privilege have become the new fruits of the spirit.  We have seen the following events in the body of Christ:

        1.  The Catholic Church  (global sexual abuse)
        2.  Ted Haggard (homophobic homosexual)
        3.  Eddie Long (homophobic pedophile)
        4.  George Rekkers (Focus on the Family leader and lover of male prostitutes)

        All the while, christians remain strongly homophobic to those outside their church but blissfully ignorant of the same behavior in the church.  My comment was not stereotypical but rather observational.

      • Ms_Sunshine9898

        The point I was making is that all religions or organizations will have some bad seeds, that’s inevitable. However, there are some truly good aspects of Christianity that condemn the very nature of wickedness in the church and those who use to the church to promote their own agenda. Unfortunately like anything in life, you’ll hear the bad before the good because the good is not as entertaining as the bad. A lot of what you see portrayed about churches and Christianity is bad, but just as you can’t label a few bad black men from their choices and actions to represent all black men in the black community you can exclusive label the church because of some of the negative things you hear and see highlighted. Some black men are good and do try to combat the negative stereotypes. Just as with churches and Christianity, you have to have a strong foundation in yourself and/or the true parts of the faith in order to find a good church, teacher, and leader/man or husband, because until you do so you will be unable to recognize the no good men/false prophets that you seen currently making a bad name for the church. This is why I say you have to have a firm understanding in the true meaning behind Christianity before making those assertions, because everything you just named is exactly what the real churches that live upon the principles of Christ is are not, and is in fact the manner of false prophets who abuse the name of Christ and his message for their own selfish needs. . .

        • LotusLeader

           When I learned how our ancestors were christianized and visited Senegal.  I saw what was the most horrible thing I could imagine (Our ancestors were kept in under ground in torture chambers and treated worse than animals in a facility that was and is actually a church, I was through)  Those who tortured, raped and murdered those who would not convert where Priests, not soldiers, Priest.  After slavery started in the Americas, the British made their claim to world power by producing the very English King James Version of the Bible.  The rest is our history.

          The morality of the New Testament is horrible.  Jesus trains slaves how to act, but did not preach the his people could not be owned, that would have been, well, god-like.  Religious belief has never worked for me. 

          Ms. Sunshine thank you.

          • Ms_Sunshine9898

            which all goes back to abusing it in the name of their own selfish needs . . .

            • LotusLeader

               Are you saying what about Jesus not banning slavery?  Please clarify, thanks.

              • Ms_Sunshine9898

                personally I believe that there is so much about Jesus that we don’t know and quite possibly he did denounce slavery. however as there is no proof of this I can only go by the Bible discussing how slave master were not supposed to abuse their slaves, but of course anyone can twist that to interpetation. . .

              • Ms_Sunshine9898

                Personally I believe there is so much about him that we don’t know and he may have very well denounced slavery. But for the time being I have to assume that he went by the same standard as the old testament and preached that men should not abuse their slaves. However, I’m pretty sure that has been reinterpreted to fit the needs of those who want to use the Bible to make their points and justifications. . .

    •  you should be very careful what you say, because whether you believe, don’t believe, or are undecided we all will give an account for our words and our actions. even satan himself knows that God is alive and is King of Kings.

      • Prissy

        Girl SHUT UP!

        • Ms_Sunshine9898

          So because she expresses her beliefs she needs to shut up? You need to have a seat. . .

          • Prissy

            SHUT UP

            • LotusLeader

              Prissy, explanations are better then insults.  You shut up, just kidding. 🙂

            • Ms_Sunshine9898

              stuff it parrot before you choke on your cracker. . .

        •  I understand, frustration will have you making insults instead of having sensible debates.

      • LotusLeader

         Jessica, it would be very nice if everyone believed, acted and even looked the same. This is not the world we live in. 

        I am as certain in my belief as you.  We all feel morally certain, everyone does.

    • Science

      I am a beleiver a Christian, and Eddie Long and his croonies are about as Chrsitian as Hitler or the KKK…Jsut because you say you “are” doesn’t mean you are.

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  • Sugar_Spice

    I consider myself a free spirit (my grandma says i’m a lost soul) in the sense that I respect all religions & know that there is something out there greater than us.  I was raised in a Baptist church but unfortunately have a terrible relationship with Christianity because of major stuff that went down in my church.  I have not turned my back on religion, I just need to find something that speaks to me.

    • F3ral Anarchy

       that makes you a spiritualist/agnostic@ spice, not an athiest/non-believer

      • Sugar_Spice

        I don’t think it makes me an atheist but like I said I just haven’t found what works for me or haven’t stopped believing yet.

  • F3ral Anarchy

    Me being a non-believer i do love having the debates i have with the religious/spiritual.  They often times can become testy simply because they feel the questions that non-believers have can seem so trivial.  black non believers are very isolated. blacks will often look at us with a “how dare you question there not being a god” mentality and its often off putting.  Funny thing…most non-believers ive met are college educated.  i wonder if 1 has anything to do with the other?…..

    • Diver

      The meek shall inherit the Earth

    • Believer

      No. I know too many college educated believers, myself included. I do know that in college we are exposed to exploring sciences in depth that question creationism. If you aren’t grounded in faith, you can find yourself falling for what you take as logic and reason when in reality it’s just as “illusionary” as faith. When you don’t question what you learn, you will accept anything. I don’t just accept that God exists. I questioned it and I have too many reasons to believe it’s true. Nothing about science truly contradicts creationism, but it’s easy to construct a convincing argument that says otherwise. On the other hand I’d say I know many non believers that are not college educated. Again, I don’t believe one has anything to do with the other. You’ll find believers and non-believers in all classes of society.

      • F3ral Anarchy

         i feel ya.  the debates will go on forever im sure.  Ive always been a questioner and since i have been given no answers or been lead in the right direction by either a scientist or a person of faith i just dont think about it until the convo comes up.  Ive never been able to wrap my head around the concept of a “god”.  i just dont get why people feel there HAS to be something beyond this life or bigger than us on a “spiritual” plane.

        • Believer

          For me, I would have to be ignorant to write off God’s presence in my life as mere coincidence. You must not be asking the right questions. I can’t guide you because I don’t know what you have and haven’t asked. There are many books out there. The Reason for God by Tim Keller for example. The thing is, you can’t just read the books and listen to the debates and expect the answers to fall from the writer or speaker, you have to seek the answers within the text. A true questioner demands answers. They are out there, but it sounds to me as if you’ve given up. I’m not asking that you believe that God exists, but I am asking you to keep asking questions until you at least get answers.

      • Dat1flygirl

        Very well said. I am also a child of God and college educated.

      • Hottness

        It depends on what you studied in college not just any college educated person. Science is never I repeat never logic and reseason it is straight truth and fact. Biology is the study of life not the study of stories and beliefs. Sometimes I wish people would skip church and feed a homeless person or help a child in need on Sunday and the world would be a better place. One day people will see that jesus is not in the church he is in helping others, feeding the homeless, raising a child, helping the sick and poor. Jesus did not invent christianity it was created after he died based of his teaching.

    • YES, F3ral Anarchy, there IS a correlation between higher education and non-theism.

      Just search phrases like ‘religiosity vs education’ and you will find studies that indicate a direct correlation between education or intelligence and lack of religious belief.

      IMO whether it is having access to higher education providing access to better answers than the non-answers (i.e. god did it all) of religion or people who are predisposed to seek out answers ending up availing themselves of higher education, it is very difficult to be truly informed about the world and universe we inhabit (i.e scientifically literate) and still embrace explains of the world from the Bronze Age mythology known as the bible.

      As the great brother Neil Degrasse Tyson has so wisely stated:

      “If you’re scientifically literate the world looks very different to you”

      and also:

      “I want to put on the table, not why 85% of the members of the National
      Academy of Sciences reject God, I want to know why 15% of the National
      Academy don’t.”

      and finally:

      “The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.”


      • Science

        I’m a scientist and I believe in the God of the Bible the birth life death and ressurection of Christ. I will say this to agree with the atheist. Many Christians today ( whoo and i use that loosely) can’t quote as many scriptures as the DEVIL…however, as a scientist i do and i research and prove and measure. I love KNOWING what i believe and not what i’ve been told. there are “trends “in Christianity that aren’t Bible based that my own family is shicked i don’t believe..But i know my tenet…my beliefs are solidified in my proving it to myself ad really studying.  We will know on the day we die, if we our wrong or not…I have faith that i am correct.  But i guess we shall see.

    •  Judas was also a very educated man.

      • F3ral Anarchy

         who is judas?

        • he was one of Jesus’s disciples who betrayed him to the Romans for a few silver pieces. you never heard people call someone a “Judas” when they “stab them in the back” metophorically speaking?