“Why Won’t My Hair Grow?!” 4 Reasons Why Your Hair is Stalling

February 2, 2012  |  

By Chrissi J

“Why Won’t My Hair Grow?!”

There are several potential answers to this commonly asked question. Unless hair has been permanently damaged for some chemical or health-based reason, our hair is and always should be growing in one way or another. Growing slow, growing fast, growing in crazy directions–it should be growing nonetheless. Everyone’s hair grows on average about ¼ inch every month. If your hair seems to be growing less than that, here are some explanations as to why that may be and tips to help.

1. Breakage– In my experience, this is the number one reason hair seems not to grow. A lot of times we forget to moisturize the ends of our hair so they dry up and break off. You must remember that the curlier your hair, the less likely oil is to reach the end of the strands, so that’s where you need to step in. It is just as important to oil the ends of your hair, as it is to oil the scalp.

2. Split Ends– Split ends can be caused from lack of moisture, heat, chemicals, and plain carelessness. It’s important to trim chemically treated hair every 6-8 weeks, and natural hair every 3-5 months, and make sure to keep hair moisturized to avoid split ends. When hair splits at the end, it splits all the way up the shaft causing breakage and creating a thinner strand. Wearing weave and extensions can also cause split ends, so you will want to trim a little every time you take your extensions out.

3. Scalp Build Up– Grease and other heavy products can clog your scalps pores, stunting the growth of your hair. Your scalp needs to be able to breathe! Use light products that penetrate your scalp and hair. Try to use all-natural essential oils and avoid grease, wax, or jam. If heavy product is required for styling, be sure to shampoo or clean your scalp with an astringent at the end of the day.

4. Diet/Medication– Everything that goes into our body effects what comes out of it… including our hair. Make sure to maintain a healthy diet full of live foods and drink a lot of water. If you’re taking medication, speak with your nutritionist about taking vitamins. Biotin and Vitamin E are both great for hair growth.

Chrissi J is a hair-care specialist currently based in New York City, specializing in creative natural hairstyling and overall hair care. She is the originator of the Keepin’ It Kinky Campaign. Check out her work and videos at Keepin’ It Kinky and through her YouTube page.


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  • brittany

    biotin works wonders

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  • 1st time on this sight  and i like what im seeing great tips and info….ps. the comment by salon22 sounds a lil hate-ish….never down another hair page with the right infomation on it…makes you sound childesh and personal…IJS….i look forward to seeing more of ur advise Ms. Madame Noire

  • This article is good but missing some info. If you have a relaxer or texturizer, it is healthier to get a deep conditioned treatment every  other week and to get the relaxer or texturizer redone about 2 to 3 times a year. It is not necessary to get chemicals put in your hair every 4 – 8 weeks, especially if you are getting a good conditioned treatment in the between time. There are plenty of methods that will lay your hair back down and have it looking silky.

    For natural hair, i recommend a leave in conditioner that you can put in or spray on daily.

    AA women, look at your ingredients. Alcohol free is the way to go. It makes the moisture in our hair last longer. African Pride, Pure Shea Butter, and Fantasia IC are just a few. There is nothing wrong with putting jam or gel in your hair as long as you don’t get carried away with it.

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  • Bianca

    Perms and coloring hair should be  in their own separate category lol…  Granted, women’s hair can grow with both, the chemicals can stunt your hair’s growth especially if you dont get hair treatments to counteract the drying effects of both procedures.

    Majority of AA women have naturally dry hair and pretty much every procedure we do to our hair ( except wearing natural styles) involves drying it out even more, to the point of severe breakage. Think about when you take a bath. When you get out, you put lotion on your skin. You are putting back in the skin what you just took out. The same has to be done with hair if you dont want it to break with the pressing, flat irons, perms, hair dyes, etc.

  • Sugar_Spice

    What products or brands do you suggest for healthy hair growth?

    • MNEditor2

      Good question! We’ll ask the writer to provide some great products for this issue Ms. Spice. Stay tuned!

    • ChrissiJ

      Hey Sugar-
      Every hair type requires different products and treatment. 
      If you’d like, you can email me at KeepinItKinky@gmail.com for an online consultation.
      This way I could better recommend products specifically for you.

    • LaylaAjmine

      For a moisturizer make your own. I use coconut oil, Shea butter, almond, avocado mixture and works great.

  • Sugar_Spice

    This is an excellent article & perfect timing for me. My hair is really curly (3b/3c mix) & the back of my hair grows really fast but the front doesn’t seem to grow at all.  I know I have a vitamin D deficiency which I take care of but I wasn’t sure what other reasons were possible.  Thanks MN!

  • J A sassy aka salon22

    always about black womens hair.. never other races of hair..

    • TNbeauty

      1. Last I checked, the website caters to mainly AA women.
      2. “Other races” have PLENTY of other websites, magazines, etc. that cater to their hair care.
      3. The list has the basics for ALL hair care if you would just READ.
      4. Get over it.

    • sholla21

      I guess you don’t know that “Noire” means “Black”. Or you wouldn’t be surprised that Madame Noire’s articles cater to…wait for it… black women.

    • Bunni

      You must be hella STOOPID if you don’t realize this is a BLACK website. Step away from the keyboard and get hooked on phonics.

    • Miss Tattoo


    • luvmyrace

      Dumb a$$!

    • Couvson Yvette

      the site is called MADAME NOIRE!

    • zaria neal

      -.- really.