BET Bans ‘Stupid Hoe’: Sexist or Justified?

February 1, 2012  |  


BET is continuing its trend of sexism by being harsher on sexed-up female artists than the males who have slews of naked women around them while they rap suspect lyrics.

According to TMZ, the network is refusing to air Nicki Minaj’s latest single, “Stupid Hoe.” A rep for BET wouldn’t specify exactly why the video was banned, but he did say BET will not broadcast it. Other sources at the company  said the ban was put in place because the video is too explicit for TV.

A lot of people had strong (negative) reactions to the song and video, and BET would no doubt have it’s work cut out for them bleeping out every use of “hoe” in the song, but aside from a few booty pops in a cage, the video wasn’t any raunchier than others I’ve seen the network air. In recent years, Ciara’s “Ride,” Teairra Mari’s “Sponsor,” and now Nicki’s song are the only videos I can recall being banned. If there was still an “Uncut,” I wonder if they would get airplay there? That’s where all the raunchy male artists were given a pass.

I’m not saying Nicki’s song and video don’t have questionable aspects, but it seems BET is saying it’s only OK for women to be raunchy in a video when a man is pulling the strings.

Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it. What do you think about the ban? Did BET make the right choice or do they come down too hard on female artists?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Fiji

    I love the vid; it’s out there and Nicki is quintessentially Nicki in it-she looks fabulous and she’s fun and funny. I think a lot of people don’t appreciate it for what it is. It’s edgy and new and by a long shot, it is not just a song and video like in the olden days.

    As for BET not airing it. it’s their network, let them run it like they want. If they want to change the line up they will.

  • 나디아

    The video is bad because it gave me a seizure. I’m glad they banned it from television because you know their are little kids looking at this kind of garbage that could end up having seizures! These kind of songs turn your brain to mush anyway…

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  • Tashii

    The video itself is stupid. I believe they banned it due to the lyrics and ask the editing they would have to duo just to air it all you see is flashing lights and big bubble eyes. It’s not anything BET hasn’t already aired so I say it’s the lyrics. I feel like if you can only make a sting by song stupid hoe over and over, then your not a very well artist. Something just needs to give. Nicki can’t make music saying stupid hoe over and over and expect networks to show the video. her while rap career just gets old for me.

  • AirForce Chica

    Seriously!  All the energy and time it took to put into that video (mess, I mean)!  I’m glad that BET is finally standing for something.

  • wow……smh…….but i don’t understand why is she dissing good talent
    0:00-0:06 Beyonce
    1:17 Shakira
    2:53-3:04 Mariah Carey

    rlly Nicki?

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  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    They should have blocked the song for the simple fact that we have enough people putting us down as a race, we don’t need a song about 2 black women arguing over who’s better than the other musically. . .

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    They should have blocked the song for the simple fact that we have enough people putting us down as a race, we don’t need a song about 2 black women arguing over who’s better than the other musically. . .

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  • Sexist?!? why would they be Sexist?. BET is run by a woman in fact the majority of the people on BET are women. But anywho, they are justified for banning this asinine song. They wouldn’t be able to play the video in peace anyway since HOE is everywhere in the song smh. Its sad that people listen to this foolishness anyway.

    • fdsfsdfgsf

      Women are not absolved of any guilt for helping uphold a system that oppresses women and their freedom of self-expression. That’s not rocket science. I’m just saying, this is the same network that constantly airs videos of half-naked women being objectified (both visually and in lyric). Let’s get it together, BET, and start sending a clear message regarding what “art” is okay and what is considered obscene.

    • Guest 2

      BET is run by Viacom Debra Lee serves as CEO and I’m sure she isn’t hands on in these sorts of decisions. As someone who remembers the raunchiness of BET Uncut with videos like Tipdrill and P-popping, I must say the Nicki video is rather mild. Videos like Back Dat Ass Up and Project Chick were far cruder and had worse subject matter the issue here really is the masculine gaze and its role in defining acceptable and unacceptable content

      • Fiji

        Well said!

    • Guest 2

      BET is run by Viacom Debra Lee serves as CEO and I’m sure she isn’t hands on in these sorts of decisions. As someone who remembers the raunchiness of BET Uncut with videos like Tipdrill and P-popping, I must say the Nicki video is rather mild. Videos like Back Dat Ass Up and Project Chick were far cruder and had worse subject matter the issue here really is the masculine gaze and its role in defining acceptable and unacceptable content

  • Stacy L

    I’m split on this. The video itself is NO worse than anything else that BET shows, but the lyrics are pretty strong. Every other word would be bleeped.

    It is pretty side-eye-ish of BET only banning certain videos though. If they were to ban everything that SHOULD be banned they would go out of business quick, fast and in a hurry because they would have hardly no videos to play.

  • Torontochick

    Omg, you mean BET did something right? No freaking way.

  • Pivyque

    Well, I don’t like the song so I watched the video on mute lol BUT it’s pretty tame compared to male videos. 

  • fdsfsdfgsf

    Really, this has nothing to do with whether or you like the video or the song. It has to do with BET’s blatant hypocrisy in their recent video bans. This is an obvious display of sexism. Women can be raunchy (“Stupid Hoe”), gold-digging leeches (“Sponsor”), etc, as long as they are portrayed in the confines of male artists’ videos. Once women start taking those roles based off of their decision and not off of some man’s decision, it is deemed inappropriate because it’s unusual, abnormal, etc. I don’t even watch this excuse of a network, but it offends me that a station that is always trying to sound progressive is so backwards in choices like these.

  • tastythoughts

    clearly niki has to make a radio edit…why not just make a video using the radio edit….#itculdallbesosimple

  • dub money

    BET is one of the worst programs ever, but the name of her song is stupid hoe… atleast they are trying to do something right for once… And yall can get the hell out of here trying to make this a sexiest topic.. if you don’t respect yourself why should BET or anybody else respect you? she makes a song called stupid hoe, but she was just usher’s lil freak.. thats just another version of a “stupid hoe”.. Nicki is the devil, she pollutes young women to think fake body parts and going both ways are cool.. so why isn’t anyone talking about how she plays into all the female stereotypes of hip hop.. she has booty shots, go both ways, fake hair, no respect for females, promotes unlady like behavoir so how is it sexiest , when she gets paid off being so call sexy, or what i like to call it “hoey” ?

  • hyfr

    They’re being sexist. The end. 



  • OH MY!

    The only redeeming aspect of that video was the amazing makeup and hair. Good job to the crew!

  • Audrey

    Justified definitely. But not for the Raunchiness. It’s the lyrics. All you would here is a solid BEEEEEEEEP for 3 minutes. That being said BET doesn’t put anything of relevance on their show anyway. I do not like her music or anyone Else’s in today’s Popular Hip-Hop for that matter. I miss when music meant something and it actually took time and effort.

  • Jen

    I quite agree with them banning her video. It’s absolutely degrading to women; the message she’s broadcasting is encouraging the younger generation to take part in this nonsensical, imbesile way of cursing some one out! Not to mention, bullying as huge as it is a factor right now, can trigger someone not being able to cope under such belittling words. I know cursing amongst females has been around for centuries, but we don’t need Nicki as an advocate for making things worst than it already is. She’s a great artiste and it was real  nice seeing how she blew up onscreen and still is going hard in the paint, unlike most female mceees who fell off. Obviously BET as well as other networks would have the sense to ban it as well. I’m sorry Roman himself should be ban. Nicki’s image has been favoured by many young children across state, and i do not think this is a good look for her to be portraying. She’s an idol to many in the age group 4-10.. now, do you think comparing her video to Ciara’s Ride (adult content) is a good look? And do not get me wrong Ms. Madame Noire – as we all are opinionated – but as a blogger who wants to see the best in women, and i quote “This woman is you, your sister, your mother, your role model, your wife, your friend, your girlfriend, your cousin, your First Lady….”.. do you think it is still right for you to have written that above? Totally disappointed as a daily fan of your African-American love and support, encouragement etc.. for we Black women. Totally disappointed. Smh..

  • Nicky

    If they have to censor half of the songs lyrics then what’s the point of showing the video at all? “Stupid hoe”…rather brazen, its not like she has a line or two with the remarks. She has dedicated a whole song to this nonsense.

  • Kay

    I think if it was banned it was for lyrics not for the video itself. I have seen MUCH MUCH worse in hip-hop music videos and to me this was pretty tame. So I would think it was the lyrics. Frankly, I don’t watch as much BET as some do.

  • Jenese Saunders


  • Txmsladytx

    The song is extremely stupid and the video is as well. Should have banned it on stupidity alone. Nicki had (not has, because she keeps doing silly stuff) the potential to be a good female rapper but she keeps doing and saying stupid stuff. Leave the scooby doo immature raps alone and come out with some real stuff Nicki.

    BET, VH1 & MTV all need to go off the air.

  • Opinionated4Days

    If only this would actually make a difference. Hello. Anyone heard of YouTube? It’s a bit late to try to stop THIS train from a-rollin. SMH.

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  • I don’t watch BET anyways, so good riddance to her

  • Truth

    The fact is this, BET’s trend is clearly set for teens typically between the ages of (12-18). Its one thing to create a song titled “stupid hoe” for your CD album, but its another issue if you think that title will fly with a video attached to it full of curse words for the world to watch. Nicki Minaj has alot of potential but she’s not using her gift in a positive direction. One minute she’s the sweet and innocent lady, then the next minute she’s pretending to literally be a mf’in monster, really? To me, the music an artist make is a true reflection of self, and she comes off as if she’s willing to do whatever just to sell records.

  • Smacks_hoes

    Stupid song ridiculous video…

  • Galenafiel

    From what I can tell, it’s the song, not the video that they have issues with. They would have to bleep at least 3/4 of the song. This song is awful. I honestly believe that Nicki is talented, but the product that she puts out is horrendous. Most of her songs make me want to cut my ears off.

    • Peterpan

      This is what sales.  If making classic, honest love songs sold millions she wouldnt sing such lyrics.  This is what our society has come to.  And years ago, people warned against this.  But free speech.  I remember when I was younger and I playing a Lil Kim song.  I payed more attention to the beat than the lyrics.  Mom turned that crap off.  She heard B I T C H and S U C K and wasnt having it.  I have a great mom, she taught me well. 

      • Galenafiel

        I’m dealing with that now. I have a 13 y/o who only hears the beat or maybe a catchy chorus and misses the blatant profanity or nastiness, and she LOVES Nicki. We fight over the car radio daily.

        • Jacey

          haha… she’ll appreciate your efforts later.

  • Ga Harris

    This is one of fhe dumbest videos that I’ve ever seen.

  • RedButterfly81

    Justified, the song and video is STUPID! I’m more shocked that BET had the common sense to ban it after all the coonery they air on TV.

  • SweetPea

    I dont think the video is so bad compared to much of what else is out there. I think Niki Minaj`s biggest crime is making bad songs, and ridiculous videos.

    • IllyPhilly

      CTFU!!! I was thinking that. The damn video almost gave me seizures. WTF was she saying?

      • guest

        those bright flashes got to me too!!

  • Happydozen

    I dont watch BET.  Havent for years.  As a young girl, I couldnt stand inappropriate behavior so a lot of music, reality shows, blah blah blah is not for me.  BET is silly because most of the videos they show are garbage with disgusting lyrics.  So now an executive wants to take a stand.  If they did this with most of the rap videos they woulnt have much airtime.

    • IllyPhilly

      So true.