What the Heck Happened To You? What Lost Celebs Look Like Nowadays

January 31, 2012  |  
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How many times have you watched a movie or TV show, or listened to a throwback album and said to yourself or someone else, “I wonder where ___ is…” We’ve done enough of those type of lists with no answer to the question that we think it’s time to find out. And not just find out what certain individuals who we used to jam to and dress like are doing, but what they’re looking like. We get it, people change over time, with some aging better than others. But man, some of these people have gone through a Transformers-esque change over the years. Time to play catch up in gallery form…

Lark Voorhies

As Lisa Turtle on Saved By the Bell, Lark Voorhies had us wanting to dress like her in her fly pastels and always on-point accessories. Although she was one of the only black faces on that show, she definitely stood out for more than her color. After that show ended, you could check Lark making guest appearances on other big television shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martin and on the soap The Bold and the Beautiful. But as of recently, her roles have dried up. But a few photos surfaced in 2010 of the actress looking paler than usual. Blame it on a horrible foundation choice, or something a lot worse that I won’t say, but Voorhies looks a lot older (and drier) than her 37 years. What’s that about?

Photo from 2010

Craig David

Around 2000, English singer Craig David stepped on the music scene here in the States and made some mighty big waves. I mean, who didn’t love “Seven Days,” “Rendezvous” and “Fill Me In”? Though he has released four albums since his successful 2000 debut, Born to Do It (the other albums released in 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2010), his buzz has definitely decreased big time. And aside from making smooth music, David has been getting hella buff! Not sure why or what that’s about, but a hard body can’t be a bad thing. But still, he looks VERY different.

Photo courtesy of Splash

Jasmine Guy

Whitley Gilbert is by far one of the most important black TV characters I’ve ever seen. She was funny, fashionable and so over-the-top funny that Jasmine Guy’s character saved a show that could have been a big, boring mess (sorry Lisa Bonet). And even though A Different World is worlds away now, she’s managed to stay very busy acting wise, doing guest appearances on TV shows and TV movies ALMOST every year since 1986. But she must have shown up on a series that I wasn’t watching because I was too shocked to see how she appeared in the straight-to-DVD film, The Heart Specialist, which is from a few year’s back. At 49 years of age, I’m surprised to see Guy looking almost five to 10 years older than that. Rumors have swirled that Guy has Lupus (though I haven’t seen any direct quotes from her confirming or denying that), so if it’s true, that could definitely play a part in her current appearance. But only she knows for sure. No matter what, Jasmine is still beautiful though!

Al B. Sure!

Yeah, Al B. Sure! has always been a cutie, though I wish someone would have tied him down and shaved off that damn unibrow. The singer had big music success in the late ’80s and early ’90s with hits like “Night and Day” and “Off on Your Own (Girl),” but he fell off pretty quick as we went further and further into the ’90s. The father of Quincy Brown, the child Kim Porter has that Diddy claims as his own (splitting image I say!), Al was pretty much MIA after a while. That is, until he popped up for the very random MTV show Rock the Cradle in 2008 when his other son was a contestant. As the photos show below, he has been looking a little bit on the bloated side. But hey, that unibrow is gone!

LaTocha & Tamika Scott

Okay, so we know where Kandi and Tiny are from this group, but I’m sure we’ve all been pondering where sisters LaTocha and Tamika Scott went. Good question. As for LaTocha, the one with the best pipes in the group, she tried to do the regular solo thing, and did features for folks like Trick Daddy over the years. Her sister Tamika on the other hand, well, aside from having very random photos on the Internet, she’s been on Tyler Perry’s good side, showing up in his stage play Meet the Browns, and helped put together songs for the Daddy’s Little Girls soundtrack. As you can see below, both ladies (especially LaTocha) have lost a great deal of weight. Gone ‘head then!

LaTocha Scott

Tamika Scott

If you say you don’t know a song by Freddie Jackson, you’re lying. I’m sure you’ve stayed up through enough late-night infomercials to hear his jams. “You Are My Lady”? “Rock Me Tonight”? THE jams. Yeah, he’s gone through his lost and found periods over the last 20 years, but Jackson is still around and making music. He sure looks different though. The gastric bypass he had must have changed his looks big time, or maybe he’s just wearing way too much makeup…I can’t put my finger on it. Either way, he doesn’t look very much like the “Rock Me Tonight” Freddie. But hey, if he loves it, then that’s all that matters.

LaTavia Roberson

An original member of Destiny’s Child, LaTavia Roberson endured a lot of success and a lot of bull****. After working with the group since she was nine, Roberson and LeToya Luckett were dropped after seeking outside management when they made it known they didn’t trust Mathew Knowles or his spending habits. Since then, Roberson has tried her hand at acting, doing stage plays and what not. She has even tried to do the solo thing to no avail, so late last year, she came out to the press and told her side of the story about the Destiny’s Child drama. Too bad it didn’t really benefit her like that…She doesn’t look very different at all, just a bit on the scandalous side is all.

Aaron Hall

 Aaron Hall has one of the best voices I think I ever encountered in R&B music. Seriously. I can play a Guy album on the back of his vocals like that disc just came out last week. His vocals were so powerful and dramatic. And while he did the solo thing and was successful thanks to hits like “I Miss You,” unlike his main man Teddy Riley, he has faded in and out of popularity (you might be able to blame R.Kelly for that), popping up for cameos and at the BET Awards with a rebooted version of Guy. Very last thing I heard though, Hall was running a dog rehab, calling himself the “dog whisperer,” speaking Spanish to canines and looking like he got slapped in the face with a palm full of powder (see below). Really though, what’s that all about?

Christopher Williams

The twin of Al B. Sure! (kidding, they’re cousins though), Christopher Williams had all the ladies swooning when he dropped “I’m Dreamin'” and showed up looking fine and fresh in New Jack City. After that, the singer had his share of roles, appearing in big films as well as B movies, and was even one of the few men to date Halle Berry! While others might be jealous, he recently called her out and said that she has personality problems. She might have personality problems, but at 45, she’s looking a whole lot better than he is at the age of 44. I’m just saying, man. Chris and Al B. Sure! sure have a lot in common physically these days…


I can’t even play her. Reggae singer Patra looks exactly the same as she did in the early ’90s. And when I say exactly, I mean exactly. She has the same dookie braids and everything (okay, so they are a little smaller and now they’re box braids). The singer made big waves after jumping on tracks with Shabba Ranks and even Aaron Hall, but everybody knows her for her takes on songs like “Pull Up to the Bumper” and for the jam, “Worker Man.” She is said to be in the process of finishing up a new album (aren’t they all?) and could possibly be dutty wining and backing it up on folks again very soon. Patra is coming at ya…

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  • TheKnow

    Jasmin Guy…what do you guys think about the way she looks? How old is she anyway?

  • Stephanie Bertholdo

    God, I hate the constant body shaming. Perhaps Jasmine Guy chose not to get plastic surgery like so many celebrities and is comfortable looking beuatiful at 49. The perpetuation of youth worship really hurts women. Enough already.

  • Rick Reid

    they need to have side by side pics to tell who they were, don’t recognize any of them, we are talking about the show where their on that really strange Island ?

  • CeeEllEff


  • Ein on Shrooms

    Never heard of a lot of these. Daf*k is Freddie Jackson?

  • Ray Dziadzio

    What the hell is wrong with these people. It is nobody else’s business.

  • Tish

    As for Freddy Jackson and Jasmine Guy, We all just have to accept that fact that we all get older some age graceful and others not, but it will happen to all!!

  • Nellie

    Seriously! Has this author heard of aging! Do you expect people at 20 to look the same as they do at 40?

  • zenobia123

    All black people be white look

  • DaTruf

    Damn Patra! Black really don’t crack! Gurl if you can still dutty wine and back it up on folks then get it! KMSL!

  • AJ_UK

    I’m sorry but this is irritating. People change naturally. Um, sorry if that comes as a shock. Some people gain weight, and some people don’t worry about wrinkles — especially men. And please give Lark a break because she is dealing with some issues. All of these people look fine. Ugh.

  • Max

    Well, to be fair Lark Voorhies, even a year ago, you were way better looking than what I could date.

  • Max

    If your current pictures of Lark Voorhies are indeed current, She looks a lot, I mean alot better now than she did a year ago. Good for you Lark Voorhies.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alice Aiyegbusi

    Actually she looks even better.

  • SerioousXM

    Uhh, its all that white she has in her. White don’t stay tight but black don’t crack.

  • alexis

    what in the hell happened to lark voorhies she used to be gorgeous but now she is so ugly what changed in her appearance I know people do not look the same when they get older but damn do you have to look that rough?

  • bob

    Jasmine Guy was one of the stars of Dead Like Me alongside Mandy Patinkin. She was also in the Vampire Diaries.

  • deschl

    wow shame on madamenoire, lark has been battling a mental illness, and looks pretty damn good to me, I’d like to see what the writer who wrote this looks like, don’t make fun of people cause karma is byotch

  • Johnny Taylor

    Who’s in charge of this “website”? If you took the time to do your research instead of, trying to blast someone famous just to make a name for yourself. You would have realized that Lark Voorhies is sick, and has Lupus which is an auto-immune deficiency that messes with your skin causing inflammation which gives a reddish color and then gets flaky, which is why her skin looks “pale”. So please know what you’re talking about before you try to degrade someone.

  • jerk

    Always thought Lark was the pretty one back then.

    • Tammy

      Have you STILL not figured out she has LUPUS?!

  • is it me, or is it that Patra actually looks “better” older?

  • me

    Jasmine (who is my cousin) is biracial. Given her fair skin, it is not surprising that she appears to have aged far beyond her years. BUT she doesn’t appear to be clinging to the plastic surgeon’s knife either. Nothing wrong with aging gracefully.

  • Horatio Bennett

    Yahoo, whomever is the writer of this article a jackass. I wondered how he/she will look 20 years from now, if the used condom lives that long. On top of it all, he/she stole my moniker “NUFF Said!!” What a phased-out turd. NUFF Said!!!

  • Junior Thomas

    we figured that out about Hale along time ago lol

  • Geinuine

    lark voorhies has a mental health issues that she is struggling with… sad

  • Spiked Honey

    LOL… Not a PALM full of powder… And then I scrolled down… The best description possible…

  • C.T

    for all who do not know..she has LOPUS,

  • stfuproductions

    Her makeup is too bright for her skin tone. WAY too bright. Looks like white powder

    • Tammy

      It’s not make up she has Lupus! WTF.

  • Spaceship

    She is 49 people.

  • Hampton Blu

    Madam Jasmine was asked directly during an interview whether she has Lupus she said no quite firmly. Ill find the interview for u.

    • Tammy

      Lark Voorhies has Lupus not Jasmine!

  • Melissa Mckinnies-Sanders

    Ok after this comment I will be disliking this page because I don’t associate myself with immaturity and ignorance. I can’t believe that you could be so arrogant and judgmental. I pray that you’ll find peace within yourself so that maybe you will stop belittling others. These people have aged and so will you. I hope that you’re not as hard on yourself as you are on these people.

  • jane

    i dont see anything wrong with half of these recent ‘celebrity’ pictures .. people age, get over it!

  • HelenL1

    Lark Vorhees would actually look fine if she didn’t have on the wrong color foundation. The white makeup makes her look odd.

    • Tammy

      You’re an idiot. It’s not her make up being of the wrong color! Lark Voorhies has Lupus! Do you seriously think someone would purposely put on a white foundation with black skin my gawd.

  • mstrendydiva

    Lark is sick, that’s not right at all!!!

  • Brandon1978

    He looks like Gloria Steinem now.

  • rainbow

    Craig David looks like a man

  • Garfield Jones

    They should have included Jodie Resther in this.

  • Ardeare

    I don’t care who you are, there isn’t any substitute for youth. Give me a woman between 23 and 27 every time.

  • Derek Cope

    I had a crush on Jasmine Guy strong enough to destroy small galaxies. I bought her solo album, and drooled over re-runs of Different World well into my 20’s. I think she looks fantastic at 50!! She just looks like a NORMAL 50 year old, not the Botoxed-out, plastic surgery freak show that Hollywood types usually look like at 50.

  • Captive Audience

    What happened? About 30 years that’s what. These people look fine for their age. At 49 a person’s facial expressions are pretty well-defined without cosmetic procedures so try to keep a positive outlook. Laugh lines are far more attractive than frown lines.

  • Naima Major Berry

    Post your photo why doncha’? Jasmine Guy looks fine. Her talent as an artist, a writer/director, a friend, wife and mother are unsurpassed by some who may be considered better looking today. Wait on that! We all age differently and without cosmetic surgery your life will show in your face. A life well lived is so much more important than a good looking corpse. What next — sniping at Cicely Tyson because she got old? We should all be so lucky, to get old that is. The alternative to getting older is death. I’ll take our talents anyway they come.

  • Curtain2

    Lisa is sick…never make fun of sick people. We are all humans.

  • janissa

    Jasmine Guys does not look “5 or 10” years older than her age.. she just hasn’t had any cosmetic procedures like most Hollywood stars have. Just because she is aging naturally and gracefully and not plastic and botoxed, people look at her like she looks so different because the plastic looked, Botoxed Pulled faces, and cosmetic procedures have become what our society expects, sadly. If she was put in a normal everyday crowd, everyone would think she looks great for her age – and she does!

  • PlutoSontse

    Who are these people!? I have heard of, and admired Jasmine Guy but that was it.

  • acornhead

    I’ve never seen but one or two of these people then or now!

  • Chelle Williams

    I never that jasmine Guy was all that anyway. Just like Bey and Rhi today they got the completion for the protection so they gets a pass.

  • Aniyah Sydney Renne Tifari

    Jasmine Guy those wrinkles…black dont crack unfortunate for her shes mixed and her white dna dominated

  • Native65

    It’s called aging.. people get old. the smooth skin gets replaced with old wrinkled skin… we all will get there… and some who are reading this and post things like ‘Damn, yeah what happened to her/him?” your next if you’re not already there! Show people a picture of you that was taken 10-15-20 years ago, I’ll bet someone will “DAMN” about you too!! all of you need to laugh at yourselves… especially the morons that post this crap up here… some is entertaining, i’m not going to lie, but other articles are just stupid, it’s like you can see when the writing skills and imagination are running dry…

  • grammadee94

    What? No before and after picture of Michael Jackson????

  • Jasmine Guy is a 49-year-old woman who looks like a 49-year-old woman, but you claim she looks ten years older. I think it’s because you’ve completely lose sight of what a woman who’s reached her 50s actually looks like. She looks better than most woman I know at that age. Stop promoting ageism against women.

  • Zahr

    Fine. Can I word it any better?

  • Olivia88

    My daughter is 37 and she’s beautiful. I was 57 in the photo you see of me here; that’s my real hair. I’m in my 60’s now, and still going strong (thank God!). What happened to these women? Oh, I don’t drink or smoke; maybe that helps. Idk. My mom looked young all of her life too (thanks Mom).

  • Jasmine Guy is a renegade mulatto who hates blacks and NOW wants a mulatto identity. Black people have to stop producing them before the white man has them destroy us.

    • Guest


    • IHateKnowledgeiswhatsup


    • IHateKnowledgeiswhatsup


    • IHateKnowledgeiswhatsup


    • IHateKnowledgeiswhatsup


    • IHateKnowledgeiswhatsup


  • Freddie is flaming but he looked smoother in his natural state. Sometimes you have to hold what you have. If he was doing women, then he could have gotten exercise.

    • Guest


    • IHateKnowledgeiswhatsup


    • IHateKnowledgeiswhatsup


    • IHateKnowledgeiswhatsup


    • IHateKnowledgeiswhatsup


    • IHateKnowledgeiswhatsup


  • Lena

    Wow, props to Patra, she looks exactly the same and absolutely gorgeous, all we need is a new album and that start is ready shine again, LOVE her music!

  • patra

    Bi-Polar disorder sucks. And then sucks again.

  • Nic

    Patra looks good as fvck.

  • Sam-Iam

    Jasmine Guy is a smoker, which I believe has contributed to her accelerated aging. When she speaks, you can see all of the the tell-tale lines around her mouth.

  • MS. LU

    Patra still look like a drag queen.

  • MS. LU

    Patra look the same with pants too tight and too much fake hair. Still got them big-ass thighs too. No changes.

  • MS. LU

    Christopher Williams look constipated.

  • MS. LU

    Aaron Hall look like a mummy.

  • MS. LU

    LaTavia need to close them thunder thighs.

  • MS. LU

    Freddie Jackson look like he a homeless person.

  • MS. LU

    OMG! Al B. Sure look like Chaz Bono.

  • JokersGirl

    She looks the same as when she was younger but you can tell old age has taken a toll on her.

  • JokersGirl

    The people that said she looks beautiful now are you blind ? She looked so much better when she was younger. Her skin color looks like it is fading away.

  • David B.

    Al B.Sure looks fine.let’s remember he was hot in the 80’s!! He’s got to be pushing 50

  • Tiffany

    It’s “Nite and Day”.

  • phreakincool

    Holy-chit! I’d pull up to Patra bumper anytime! She looks better now than she did back then.

  • Frances

    Craig David is still a nice looking man !

  • mrslynndavis

    whatever happened to the guy that played Zach on the show with Lark Voorhies and LaTocha looks good honey.



  • expose_them_ all

    i know wut rong wiff all dey asses – dems be tryin to act all wite n shiet

  • bdub3022

    patra can still get it

  • crazygemini12

    Oh, no, Al B. Sure! 🙁

  • Tracy She’saBrikhouse

    I think what’s on Aaron Halls face is make up from women. you know, when you do the cheek to check kiss thing on both sides.

  • Poppin’ Fresh

    Lark Voorhies has health problems, Lupus?, I think.

  • Daniel

    Jasmine honey, once again – too much plastic surgery. She used to be gorgeous. So sad.

  • Destinie Indy Starr

    No offense but Jasmine’s “Black” definitely cracked.

  • Alex

    Wow, some pretty shallow comments about the way people look in this article.

  • Ant Tony

    Pull Up to the Bumper” was song by Grace Jones not Patra… Patra look the best out of all the ones on your list.. She look the same..

  • glacier

    you guys (publisher) are too cruel. i came on here as i got a feed about amel leriux. i will not be returning to this third tier online magazine.

  • Sandy

    Lark voorhies is still cute jazmin guy looks so old y’all got it twisted or probably jealous

  • Sandy

    Lark voorhies is still cute but jazmin guy looks so old.. Y’all got it twisted or jealous one or the other

  • Surprise-1

    The only one with the most drastic change was LARK VOORHEES.. Her look is bizarre almost, like she’s a whole other person. Latavia didn’t even need to be on this list and the others I think is just aging. Which will happen to all of us (God willing) we make it that long.

  • Lamar

    So you take a photo from twenty years ago that has professional makeup and lighting and compare to a regular shot with basic makeup and real world lighting and you are shocked the person looks different.

  • justme

    Patra……one word…..BRA!!!!! O_o #justcuztheylittledontmeantheydonthang

  • Al B SURE! Got Fat!

  • bibi93

    Beautiful Patra!!

  • TooMuchInformation

    Jasmine Guy could, very recently, be seen on “Vampire Diaries” on the CW. (Along with Persia White playing her daughter, if you were looking for her, too.)

  • lucia

    Patra looks great

  • carol 48

    If you don’t know for sure whether or not Jasmine Guy “might” have Lupus – why not keep your mouth shut about her appearance until you find out. Even if she does have it – WHY do you feel the need to tell her in a public forum that she looks WAY older than she should. Then you try to save yourself by saying, “but she looks beautiful anyway”. Just shut it. Whether she has lupus or has any physical ailment – what’s the point of making someone feel bad about themselves when it’s just NOT necessary!!

  • just sayn

    Patra looks GRRRRREEEAAATTTT! Beautiful skin! Jasmine Guy, Oh my!

  • just sayn

    Patra looks GRRRRREEEAAATTTT! Beautiful skin! Jasmine Guy, Oh my!

  • just sayn

    Patra looks GRRRRREEEAAATTTT! Beautiful skin! Jasmine Guy, Oh my!

  • Anywho…STFU@ ALL whom are complaining….Patra looks GREAT, and EXACTLY the same like DAMN! didnt age or gain weight at all….Every high yella person in this article aged like SHlT! Damn!!! Like WTF yo!? Well that just proves the darker the skin the slower you age…I Heard that dude that played Shaka Zula STILL looks exactly the same. WOW!

  • ScorpioM83

    I guess Lark doesn’t know that you should put on makeup in natural light so that when you go outside the makeup actually matches your face, dafuq?

  • kandikane

    Having looked beyond her face, I say it’s a bad foundation choice. Her neck isn’t discolored and neither is her legs; it could also be face bleaching.

  • alexd12ru

    This is bull! You show before photos that have been doctored fin magazines & other professional avenues . You compare those photos with real life un-doctored photos.

  • tracy

    I disagree with Sexynik’s comment. Celebrities are held to a much different standard they have MONEY, nutritionsists, stylists, they are supposed to look good until they die. I agree with the article. If you are a millionairre, there is NO excuse not to look good.

  • damn… Patra looks good!
    The others -_____________- #thatsall

  • ZodiacQueen

    Most of them look so unhappy and depressed… :-/

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  • Jeze

    great list! You should do a list for “celebrities that didn’t age well…”

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  • I’ve said that least 174618 times. SCK was here

  • Miss B

    As we know, black don’t crack. African-American women age well. Unfortunately, not all white women age well and as we can see, biracial women don’t age well either. (Lisa Bonet, Jasmine Guy)

    • Chanda

      But what about Halle Berry and Mariah Carey? They still look good. Then again they have money to fix things.

  • Patra looks damn good. Freddie Jackson look like an old broke down wriggled up man that hangs out on the corner all day drinking beer. Sorry the truth hurts

  • Bulwarkservices

    Al B. FAT!

  • Bulwarkservices

    It’s the white genes kicking in at an older age. Everyone knows…Black doesn’t crack! (Or Black don’t crack…if you aren’t concerned about English)…

  • LegalEagle902

    We are so used to looking at Hollywood’s botox/fillers and surgically enhanced faces of every woman 30 and up, we forget how people actually age naturally!  Yes, Jasmine Guy looks older, but girlfriend is 50, she’s not 30 and she looks nice and natural.  It’s refreshing to see women aging naturally!

  • Jacqueline

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  • Agtac76

    Not everyone ages well, but at least they can say that they did something really cool like act or have a few recorded hits. I will say that I think that Christopher Williams looks much better today, then he did 20 years ago. To me, I think that he aged nicely, and that he looks good in the light tan suit. 🙂 

  • Christal R.

    First time on MN. The content was good, loved STB !!!, MN has lots of class, very clean, quite polished, and tastefully sophisticated; truly this site is something I will appreciate. Madame Noire, you represents us well. :-)))) Thank you kindly.

    Graciously yours,
    Christal R.

  • Reutlo

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  • Wow,some of these stars look horrible. I really hope,I keep my decent looks. I must I am 34 and about to marry a 21 year old man.

  • B1ackDiamond

    Lee Mixedsinglecom as SPAM.

  • Kimwryparr99

    Junny i agree with you Craig David’s body looks good.But something is off about his facial.

  • Aging is something “they” just don’t prepare you for!

  • Lihgg42

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    marriage and even more.

  • shelly

    I would hate to see what any of you look like right now! Never mind 20 years from now!

  • I don’t agree with that silly comment that Christopher Williams doesn’t look good these days, because he does, he just gained weight. Don’t be mad because he called Halle out!

  • Mshengjkd

    Just a little older.

  • Mshengjkd

    I think all that hollywood makeup has a lot to do with their skin breaking up like that.

  • Dang Freddie!!! Are you going to be okay? Lark…just….wow!!!  Patra looks awesome!!! The rest…have a good evening. 

  • mscoco04

    thanks for this very entertaining article….I have never laughed so hard!!!….that piece about Aaron Hall!!?..had my stomach hurtin!!…slmbo!

  • mscoco04

    I remember when I saw Jasmine after all those years of being on Different World, and was mortified…then my sister reminded me that it’s the white in her…it can do that to some people…we’re used to seeing black that doesn’t crack but that’s not always true!

  • Sepianne

    Al B. Eatin’!

  • Sonshynemovette

    She doesn’t look bad!!! Thats the way they took that pic. And ANYBODY can take a bad pic in bad lighting…so to say she looks older than 49 is down right mean and hatin’!

  • Stopit

    Patra is GORGEOUS and that beautiful skin along with staying in shape :)!!

    Jasmine…wow….Lark…sad wow

  • I cant lie, I want them braids she rockin right now!!! <3's me some Patra!!!

  • Junie

    THE FOUNDATION is too light on Lark Voorhies (
    Lisa Turtle on Saved By the Bell) Other than that she looks great.

  • Junie

    THE FOUNDATION is too light on Lark Voorhies (
    Lisa Turtle on Saved By the Bell) Other than that she looks great.

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  • Carmelcup

    I loved this; you picked every person I really was curious about! Thank you so much!

  • Carmelcup

    I loved this; you picked every person I really was curious about! Thank you so much!

  • springdale

    i ‘m shocked that the ladies of xscape( ok, the sisters) look amazing! We all remember they were the most busted ppl in the group but then again,  they ALL were homely looking and by default Kandi was the best looking. My, how time flies!

  • springdale

    i ‘m shocked that the ladies of xscape( ok, the sisters) look amazing! We all remember they were the most busted ppl in the group but then again,  they ALL were homely looking and by default Kandi was the best looking. My, how time flies!

  • Aa

    Big up to de Jamaican girls dem! 🙂

    • Wah ra

      True dat

  • ValdaDeDieu

    I find when many people go Vegan or Vegetarian, their looks seem to fade. Maybe it’s the lack of oils in their diet. In my observations, Vegan and Vegetarian diets fit only a small sub-set.

    And Patra still looks great!

  • cqudpi

    Am I the only one that thought Bobby Brown was standing behind Arron Hall in the 2nd picture?! That’s why his face is “powdery”…he was smoking that ish in the back with Bobby!!!

    • mscoco04

      ooohhh!!!….quit it!!!…I can’t laugh no mo!!

    • Wah ra

      Stooop!!! LOL!!!  u r too much

    • i’m about to choke laughing at you, lol! 

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  • Jeez, whatever happened to growing old gracefully. Apart from Patra!!!

  • philkizer

    Patra look good, foreal!

  • SMH

    Patra is THE epitome of Black don’t Crack. Wow!

    the rest of ’em…welll…

  • guest

    Lark has lupus! That’s why her skin looks like that. Fact check BOSSIP!

    • Oh no!!

    • mrslynndavis

      i can understand that because my aunt and i have it. she has the skin as well as the internal organ and blood disease. i have the internal organ and blood disease version. my heart and prayers go out to her.

  • Mr.Wow

    Ole Lark and Sammie Sosa must go to the dr. together!!

  • Anon

    Most of these celebs prove that race is no indicator of how well you will age, almost all of the women and the men in particular look busted. I never want to get old!

    • mscoco04

      oh, but you will baby!!…even the celebrities that have all those fake parts added to keep’em looking young will just end up with old, saggy, faaaded..: look at Joan Rivers is all I can say!

    • Mywaytheonlyway Shannon-Kimpso

      Unfortunately you would have to die young….growing old is a blessing but I do understand. I would kill to be 25 again

    • Maggie

      Not true . . melanin=UV damage protection from the sun. Ask any dermatologist. But, smoking, alcohol overuse, poor nutrition, stress and less exercise in excess will age someone very fast.

  • Lisibaby

    Jasmine guy has always looked older than she is. I remember on fresh prince she looked waaay older than will, come to find shes only 4-5 years older than him

    • Susanomolo

      Jasmine Guy was on Fresh Prince? Do you mean Karyn White?

      • RIP whitney

        jasmine guy was a guest one time..in the earlier episodes. remember when her and will had that joke session. too funny

      • Guest

        Yes. She was one of Vivs students and Will was distracting her from her studies…

  • patra looks good!  i thought she was soo sexy back in the day.  i gotta replace that debut album of hers.

  • junny

    The Lark woman still has it, she just needs to get some inner confidence, relax and stop acting all weird, plus change her hairstyle, back to black, curly or grow it out long. She has the ability to look 7-10 years younger. Oh yeah and get a stylist.

    • sholla21

      And foundation that matches her skin.

    • mscoco04

      I’m pretty sure she looks that way because she’s sick…

    • Ash

      She has lupus, chill

  • junny

    Something has happened to Craig David, I don’t think he should be looking like that in all honesty. He looks a bit funny and his body strange. Maybe a little drug intake or a little surgery somewhere gone wrong.??

  • Squeezablechic

    I don’t think anything has happened to these people…only that they have aged; and most of them still look good. These were people we admired over 30 years ago.  In these times, they’re lucky to be still alive and hopefully healthy.  We all should be so blessed.

  • Love_Sexy

    what happen to Aaron Hall’s face?……..LOL!

  • Smacks_hoes

    What’s up with lark and that terrible make up!! It’s Horrible

  • DeepThinker

    Dang Al B and Christopher Williams look like hamsters now. SMH!!!  Didn’t CW have a child with Stacey Dash? That must have been the only brother on her roster.

    • Websista8

      Al B. Sure had a son with Kim Porter. But their relationship isn’t the best.

  • RedButterfly81

    I used to crush on Craig David , Aaron Hall and Freddie Jackson, but WTFH?! I know we all have to age, but geez! I’m shocked that Patra still looks great and I haven’t heard from her since 1994.

  • Sdswt9

    I think the main thing to keep in mind is that all of these people have had NO work done, which is rare for someone in the industry.  We may compare them to their counter-parts and cast mates but all of them (at least the ones who are still working regularly) have had some sort of procedure done to stave off the aging process (e.g. Tiffani Thiessen, R. Kelly, the rest of Destiny’s Child, Tiny, etc).  To hold-up 10-25 year old photos of these people and ask “what happened?!?!”  almost seems unfair.

  • traceykinohio

    Well, they didn’t look too bad – Aaron Hall – get him some Vaseline – STAT!  Patra is ageless. All the women have on so much makeup, I have a feeling we STILL don’t know what they really look like. Al B. looks like a chubby gangster (LOL!), Christopher Williams – I’ll still take him. And yes, Freddie Jackson looks very tired.

  • Prissy

    PATRA… Black DO NOT CRACK (Jamaica stand UP!).. Ps: Jasmine Guy, Tiny are half white… White’s usually don’t age well… Freddie on the other hand looks AMAZING. How the tables have turned…… Chris Plummer looks AMAZING still… Al B. Sure will always have my heart LOL.. and Aaron Hall… He looks the same. Hasn’t aged “bad”.. Lark Voorhies … I think she bleached her skin… And Freddie… NOT trying to sound mean.. but he looks like he has the die slow… “Rock Me Tonight”, “Jam Tonight” and “You Are My Lady” are my joints though! Yall seen his Unsung last week?? 

    • ROTFLMAO at “the die slow…” #dead. smh. Lark looks like she needs dome RX For Brown Skin, not now but right now. #imjustsayin lol.

      • Prissy

        LOL Hey Maxine!!! hahahaa 

    • WhoCares

      Freedy who Kruger?  because Mr. Jackson is looking a hot ass mess!!!

      • Prissy

        LOl NO Freddie from A DIFFERENT WORLD!! She wasnt deemed as the “cute” one on the show but look at her these days.. She is GORGEOUS

        • Run

          Cree Summer…you may want to call her by that name so people don’t get confused when you say that “‘Freddie’ looks Amazing”.

          And, for the record, lots of guys were crushing on her back then. She was so unique looking. But Lisa Bonet was the one everybody wanted.

          Jazmine Guy was attractive as well…not really my type looks-wise, but I could understand the allure.

  • Sexynik529

    I think that it is very uncool to show pictures of people in their younger years and talk negatively about how they look now. Do you really think that people aren’t going to grow and change? Do you look the same as you did 10-20 years ago. I think not. People are so obsessed with youth that you make mature looking people feel like shit. I am still in my 20s but I hope people don’t talk about me the way you are talking about these celebrity icons when I get older.

    P.S. Considering that this is a African American website, I would think you’d be uplifting our black peolple…not putting them down. The physical things you seem to think are so important really aren’t going to matter much in the end.

    Think about it…

    • cake211

      what are you talking about? nobody is getting cut down nor being ridiculed about their aging. If anything, its actually a testament to the fact that you may age in years but certainly not in body. Especially Patra!! The ladies from Excape, Latavia, Craig David, they all look great. Others on the list just look ashy- Lark Voorhies look like somebody done did her WRONG. But it’s probably a wack makeup artist. 
      And also, I think Jasmine Guy still looks gorgeous. And her makeup artist is the bomb.com,

      • Sw1keena

        True and oh so funny!

      • Wah ra

        Your Lark comment had me LOL.  Saw Jasmine Tuesday night on “Let’s Stay Together” and to me she still looks good just older.  I’m glad she’s not stressing about looking like a girl in her 20s – like some of her celebrity peers – but takes care of herself naturally. 
        Bad gal Patra is haawt and Craig David is mmm mmm good!!!

    • cake211

      what are you talking about? nobody is getting cut down nor being ridiculed about their aging. If anything, its actually a testament to the fact that you may age in years but certainly not in body. Especially Patra!! The ladies from Excape, Latavia, Craig David, they all look great. Others on the list just look ashy- Lark Voorhies look like somebody done did her WRONG. But it’s probably a wack makeup artist. 
      And also, I think Jasmine Guy still looks gorgeous. And her makeup artist is the bomb.com,

    • Six2black

      I agree, why doesnt the writer/producer of this article put their picture of 20 years later!

    • sasha

      beautifully said , this is despicable !!!!!!

  • Wow, I was surprised how time has done some of them in.  David Craig looks wonderful.

    • Freebee33

      Craig David..

      • Mrs. Craig David

        Can you say YUMMILICIOUSNESS??! I love his song ‘Insomnia” I’ve played it every day for the last year or so (ever since I rediscovered that he didn’t completely drop off the face of the earth after his song with sting “Rise and Fall”

        I missed him so I search hard. When I finally found him on myspace and youtube and saw how much of a man he became… well. All I can say is, I want to be his wife. Seriously…

  • JustAshley

    Sunscreen people. That is all.

  • As Jasmine and Patra clearly show. . .Black don’t crack and white don’t stay tight. LOL! (I know Jasmine is technically Black but that melanin count is looooooooooooow.)

    • Mail

      Jasmine is half white. 

      • NikkitaMichelle

        Her mother is Portuguese.

  • Ibdw2

    LMAO… Aaron does look like he was slapped with some powder! 

    • Vee

      He sure does.

  • X0xqueendivax0x

    Damn Al B Sure sure did lose it!!!

    • mscoco04

      I always thought that Al was a little on the hefty side, so seeing him with weight now really isn’t surprising to me, but what was shocking was how dry that dang Aaron Hall’s face was!!!…lol

  • Courtney

    Don’t forget about the DeBarges. They look terrible now, though drugs will do that to you. 

  • Kaay

    Wow! Patra is absolutely gorgeous! Sorry Jaz, Sure…

    • Silvermist

      Patra is even more gorgeous than when she was younger. It is beautiful to see black women age like a fine and exquisite wine and not trying to look ridiculous as some young girl. A majority of young women, and I use the term “women,” loosely are sporting the muffin top, buy your clothing two sizes smaller, look a hot, sad mess along with looking like they could be our mothers. I’ve twice mistakenly congratulated younger ones on being with child. Now I have learned not to comment and just SMH, because of the impending health problems they will face in the future. I am thankful that I come from a good gene pool, physical fitness along with eating clean is a lifestyle for me. Proud I am finally a certified Personal Trainer, so I can help anyone learn to live a healthier lifestyle.

      • Joseph

        She’s only 40 yrs. old, and for all we know, never touched drugs. I’ve seen people(such as Whitney) who don’t(or didn’t) look the same in their late 30s. Good for her.

  • IllyPhilly

    D@mn Patra does look the same. Most of the others though r waaaaay out the limelight. Whitley still gets paid. What’s the point of being all prissy to sit at home waiting on a phone call.

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    • SheezAJazzybish

      Patra had to be using sunscreen

    • MsKay

      What I don’t understand is the snarkiness and the rude little digs that are written in these articles. People should check themselves and make sure they don’t have any flaws before they start ripping people apart!! I’M JUST SAYIN!!!

    • Tish

      Patra looks Beautiful good genes!!! or Jeans lol