Seriously, What’s With All the Overly Aggressive Men in the Club Nowadays?

January 30, 2012  |  

If you don’t want to dance, why did you come to the club?

As my friend and I like to make clear to men, it’s not that I don’t want to dance. In fact, I want to dance the night away! Just not with you…

I’d also like to make it clear from jump that I’m not the type of chick you’ll find in the club every weekend, dressed up in the tightest wannabe Herve Leger dress and in heels so high that I can do nothing but two step while I sip my drink. Actually, I’m the type who will wear something bright with lots of jewelry (that will fling off me when I dougie), and will be the tacky chick in the corner trying to take off wedge heels so I can act a fool in the flats I brought with no pain or trouble. After a busy couple of weeks of work, I’ll make my way out, ready to hear some eclectic and popular music and have a good time dancing with my homey-omey (my friend). Should be fun, right?

Or maybe not, because I’ve been noticing a ratchet trend: What’s up with the overly aggressive and thirsty guys in some clubs nowadays trying to low-key assault you when you just came to have a good time? This past Saturday, all in one place, I had a guy try to forcefully turn me around to dance on his lap after I basically ignored his signals to “juke” on him (even though I was dancing with him face to face for like two minutes…), as well as another who kept dancing up behind me though I was standing up straight and not moving. I literally had to step out of the way from his freakiness. I don’t mind dancing on a guy from time to time, especially if he’s hot, but seriously, that can’t be me on every song every time I go out.

Then, I saw another trifling guy harass a woman around the place as she tried to get away from him after he touched her backside twice when they were dancing together. She was so shaken up that it pissed ME off. The same guy got in my friend’s face and yelled at her when she said she didn’t want to dance. When he got too close and a little too aggressive, I pushed him like he stole something. I’m pretty much known not to make the best decisions in heated moments (remember that whole domestic violence situation I jumped in?), but luckily, whether he was drunk or just crazy, the look on my face (and the fact that we were the same height) kept this fool from trying anything else. After that incident, it was clear that it was time to go home before someone caught a black eye and I caught a case (or that black eye).

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  • Oyesshedid

    And it’s not just at the club, it’s almost any dude that runs up nowadays that will not accept” no thank you”. They get mad if you don’t give out your number. If you do communicate, they’re angry when you won’t let a stranger in your home. These men are just desert thirsty nowadays.

  • I remember going to a club once, and a guy grinding behind me — stuck his finger down my pants! What the hell…..

  • roach

    Well what’s with all you girls feeling so uptight? It’s ok to push the desperate freaks away, but damn, all of you want the best guy and every time. It doesn’t work like that. Plus girls that go to clubs are either mostly dumb or have no true goals in life, regardless of how hot they look. I’ve had way better experience in the mall, bars, or even sidewalks than the clubs. And everyone knows you all are not in the clubs just to dance. You’re there to show off you booty and hope the synthol dudes will throw you a look. I’m just saying you all have no idea what you want until it’s too late.

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  • Teflon Mom

    I couldn’ve written this same article in 2003.  Some of it is men becoming more aggressive (and angry and petulant when they don’t get their way smh) but a lot of it is just age.  I matured, and suddenly a LOT of stuff about the club started getting on my nerves.  These days we tend to visit lounges and restaurant bars that may feature live music on the weekends.  The food is good, there’s plenty of seating and you can still get your dance on.  And nobody’s lurking in the cut waiting to pounce on my hind parts, lol.

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  • Dawnashwood718

    This is the reason why I only go to certain clubs.

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  • z12

    Naw, naw, naw…..just a few years ago, yall where the same females wanting a ‘ruff-neck’ to blow yalls back out on the dance floor!!!

  • ha, this is a good article and the reason why i dont bother going to clubs unless i have a table. Men think that club is a free of all, and after i attempted to dance with someone and he pretty much bruised my pelvis i was over it. Theres nothing wrong with a little grace of the backside to the front, but jeeze then men are basically trying to get wanked off in the club. Their hands start roaming, and then it gets really strange and i have to back away.

  • Younggentleman1

    Most of y’all females are full of it. Lolol. Everybody do hoe shyt from time to time thats life. Men gone try to get some that’s just how it is and yes there is hoe attire. The problem is that men cant tell the difference between the the two cause yall look so simliar. Now dont get mad hear me out. Im not calling all women hoes but most of the fashion that yall claim is grown and sophisticated is street walker and call girl attire. Dont believe me look at films from the eightes and nineties. All tights and minis and sparkly shyt. Look at pimps up hoes down Lolol. Men can’t tell for real they jus be tryin to see who goin for it. Look to make it easier just say the guy that you allow to bends you over has to have that certain criteria to do so cause if he’s you’re kind of cute and you’re kind of paid then y’all all for it. Lolol. If it wasn’t for the club and ” Doin the Butt” most y’all wouldn’t be here. Lolololololo

    •  Fine. Whatever. I once had a man try to push me down in a club while dancing to try to get further. I pushed him off an ran. That’s not cute. It’s scary.


    I go to have a great time and wear clothes and shoes that’s comfortable.  I can’t say for most but when I see a man and woman figuretivly having sex on the dance floor, I can only imagine that perhaps it’s what they were looking for!?  I don’t condone it but I know when it gets to tricky, I step away.  But now the name calling is another thing.  As much as I would like to bop him upside his head should the lines be crossed, my common sense takes over and I go buy me drink and find another part of the room to hang out.  Getting tossed out, beat up, shot at or any type of violence is not becoming for me.

  • DeepThinker

    That’s why I don’t go clubbing anymore. The guys do not know how to take a polite decline for a drink, a dance or when they want to dance all nasty. Most R&B and pop music is mysogonistic so I guess some people think it is okay to dance like freaks.
    I get tired of lying about having a husband just to spare somebody’s ego. If a lady is not engaged in their conversation and/or turns down a dance, why can’t guys just move on.  Geesh!

  • Sharon Thomas

    This is why I don’t go to clubs anymore. I don’t let people touch me if I don’t invite them to, and some men have a tendency to want to grab and squeeze. Uhmm…NO. If I wanted to grind on you, I would, but don’t get mad if I wanna do the dougie. 

    • Slystally

      womp womp STFU. square lol

  • Geedy3

    Look at the “young lady” in the picture above. Apparently it’s okay sometimes to be treated that way/sometimes it isn’t. So I don’t have a lot of sympathy about this.

  • Geedy3

    If a “woman” is continually having these kind of problems at clubs AND continues to go to clubs where this happens, she has to ask why she is attracted to these types of “men”

  • tastythoughts

    OMG I HATE THAT….i had to ask this one guy to take his hands off my a$$ i mean seriously? i turned to his friend and was like…yo…y ur friend so dehydrated? its so aggrivating…and im not stush (stuck up) but its like you say..just because i came to dance doesnt mean u gotta freak on my in the club an act like that

  • Smmmoke

    I actually AM a party person. I love to go out, have a drink, meet nice ladies & listen to good music. I’m 38 (look to be in my 20s) & have been going to clubs, lounges, parties since ’92 (cousin’s ID). These days I’m more of a sports/jazz bar, or lounge guy. I will attend invitation only parties in Chicago & nightclubs only when out of town. The problem with clubs is that there’s rarely a consistent place that has everything. Space (with a quiet/lounge area & a dance floor), parking, a mixed crowd (age, class, ethnicity), a well staffed bar, good music (not mainstream crap), & decent prices. Invitation parties are the best because there’s a mutual friends kind of atmosphere, there are no ‘regulars’ & there’s no VIP so everyone is basically accessible & treated about the same
    The main difference I see with nightlife today is the lack of respect men & women have for each other. Sure there were fights & posturing in the 90s but there was waaay more socialization & a general good vibe going on. I think the vast variety of music & the messages in it helped back then. Men didn’t get mad if women didn’t want to dance or flirt & women weren’t as standoffish when approached by men. For every ‘thirsty guy’ story you ladies can tell, I can tell one about boring, angry, immature, disrespectful & arrogant females who have an overinflated opinion about themselves just because men are trying to meet them.
    Rap (notice I didn’t say hip hop) videos also dictate what happens in the clubs today. Years ago you wouldn’t see guys in clubs with shades, flaunting overpriced bottles or treating girls as sexual objects (nearly as much lol). Today that’s the very template for sooo many BS rap videos that rookies come in and emulate that. If you are running into this type of behavior it’s safe to say that you’ve outgrown that particular spot & should probably switch it up a bit.
    It’s true that a lot of it is about where you go but trust me that clueless guys & b!tchy girls are everywhere. Recognize them & weed them out & FELLAS LEARN TO DANCE WITHOUT HANDS for Pete’s sake. Chances are if you can dance like me she’ll put your hands all over her at some point if the DJ doesn’t throw on some BS and clear the floor. Get the Waka Flock outta here!!!! haaha!

  • Don’t come to a night club if you don’t want to be grinded on.  There are lounges and few other boring places were you can choose to hang out.  Its 2012 and freaks control the night scene now so stay home and read a book if you want respect or better yet go to church or something.  

    Also I have been to Nigeria (Lagos to be exact) and the grinding there is waaay worse than what is happening here so don’t lie to the readers.  

    I’m a gentleman during the day but come Friday night when i go to to the club, i need a nice booty sista to back it up on me and grind me because I know some sistas enjoy it as well.

  • OBE1 Kip Ooozee!! Buuddaatt!!!

     Ladies, clubs were NOT meant to be Morally correct….

    Jus’ Sayin

  • Slystally

    let this be a warning to all u squares: if u wanna have a good time in flats, call ur gyrls over and stay the eff at home. the clubs are a jungle and men come there to feel on ur booty. ur job is too look good at the club and dryhump him so he forgets about clappin fools. get it together ladies. tuffin up and dance dang dammitt. tired of squares.

  • Daswusup1

    I have noticed them, you’re right on with every point you made. This needs to be a requirement to read before entering the club. Everytime. Because it is sickening, and not appreciated. I hate it. And this is part of the reason why I don’t do clubs anymore, you’re supposed to enjoy and have fun, not feel sexually assulted.

  • Once me and my sister went partying at a bar with a dancefloor. So, one guy I was dancing with got too aggressive, pushing me down and pulling my hair so I pushed him off and went away. Men are so disrespectful. If I keep coming across men like this I will certainly begin patronizing the lesbian bars. 

    Admittingly, I have met some really nice guys in bars/clubs. Actual gentleman who were cool, sweet, friendly and the like. But once in a while you have those fools who want to treat you like a sex slave. 

  • Beautii

    IKR the other day I was in the club and I’m 5’6 (not extremely short but short enough) and this big tall dude just came up to me and started humping me. He was humping me so hard and holding me so tight you’d swear he was giving me the heimlich maneuver. My friends said I had the most terrified look on my face while trying to get away from him.

    • Clubs is wack

      In the crazy times we’re living in people still think going to the club is hot. Wake up people we’re not in high school or college anymore. It’s not the ’90s either.

      • Forreals

        The answer ain’t to stop going to the club! The answer is for thirsty n!!njas to keep their hands and hard ons to themselves.. It’s called respect – something n!!njas seem to have trouble with when it comes to women.

        • Guest

          STFU with your “n!!nja” bs…learn some proper english idiot. You really are looking ridiculous on here with your rants saying that same damn thing over and over.

  • Kris50

    This has been going on a looong time. Nothing new. I used to go out all the time in my late teens, early 20’s. I completely disagree with the “h@3 uniform” comment. I’ve never dressed like a h@3. In fact when I went to clubs, I was actually there to DANCE, not shake my a$$ on crotches, but actually get all-the-way down lol and I would wear sneakers! But because of the way I’m shaped, like a volumptuous DANCER, I was constantly molested! Now I’m 29 and last year I went out for my bff’s bachelorett party, I had some guy try to push my head down to bend me over, then he picked me up against my will and bounced me on his…you know what! I could have literally filed sexual assault charges against him! That’s absolutely ridiculous! Anybody trying to use the “h@3 uniform” excuse are probably also the same people that say women “are asking to get raped when they dress like a h@3” SMDH!

  • Guest

    That why I don’t go. “Don’t start none won’t be none.”

  • Im just saying 2

    How about after the age of 23 stop going to clubs 

    • Forreals

      How bout desperate thirsty n!!njas dont put their hands where they don’t belong and learn to respect a woman’s right to be or not be se xually harrased by desperate n!!njas?

  • DC Dancer

    Im glad someone finally said this! Im a dance instructor and hip-hop dancer and see some of the most amusing things at the club.I dance pretty often and am out 2-3 nights a week as either a back up dancer or dancing for exercise. Below are a few of my tips for surviving hip-hop clubs, based off of my experience:

    – Too many women wear sky high heels only to spend most of the night sitting down because they cant walk. Or they stand with their drink in one spot with a “dont approach me look” on their face looking all judgmental and all. Tip: wear 3 inch heels and under, you can still look cute but dance the night away! Pack fast flats if needed. 5 inch stillettos are cute and all but scream high maintenance

    – As a good dancer, when i hit the club men will do one of two things. 1: they will either approach me in droves wanting to dance and grab on me or they will 2. not approach me at all. When #1 happens I kindly turn them all down, once the guys at the club see you decline 5-10 guys they will all stop approaching you for the rest of the night because they dont want the same fate as the guys before, if #2 happens I consider myself lucky for the night

    – The best way to turn down a guy who approaches you from behind is to kindly remove his hands from your hips and turn and dance with him face to face for one song, then move on to the next one. He will get the hint but not feel rejected, and you will not come off as bitchy looking.

    – At the club guys do not have the right to touch you, but witty banter helps rather than a “dont mess with me attitude”. I like to use the line “You know my daddy wouldnt like you touching me like that” or “my boyfriend wouldnt like to see you dancing on me like that”. I also find no harm in stopping dancing with someone and excusing myself to the bar.

    – Men will respect you more and approach you with respect if you are dressed in a decent way. You tend to attract more respectful men when dressed in a decent way. Think about what your looking for in a man, and if you want the type of man who would approach a woman wearing the shortest dress in the club.

    – Try not drinking, red bull is a great substitute. Its amazing what better decisions you make and who you can meet in a sober state of mind 🙂

    – one last personal side note * women need to see each other as sisters and not competitors, we are all young successful women together and need to be supportive of each other not judgmental. Its not always easy being the white girl who dances hip hop at the club, im sick of getting the side eye.

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  • Cashmoney0041

    contrary to the consensus  in here, some of these women are just as forward as men. On several occasions I’ve been grabbed by female’s in a club so don’t let this bias article fool you.

    • Kris50

      I agree with this too. There are thirsty females out there as well.

    • Girliusmaximus

      I can agree with you on that… Women act a fool too. What I don’t dig is what the fool above you said about a “whore’s uniform”? What exactly would that be? And what happens if you come home to your wife or g/f wearing that waiting for you in the bedroom? Is that what she should have on when you get home to her or are you going to say “WOMAN! Take those hoe a** clothes off and change into something decent? I think not. 

  • AMG4

    As a decent blackman I will say that some of our kind are overly aggressive but you have to admit, women these days all may not be whores….but they sure are wearing a whores uniform.

    Not an excuse for putting hands on a woman but women who dress or act “provocatively” usually are the ones who get this kind of attention. Most men are stepping to the classy chics this way.

    My two cents.

    • AMG4…those aggressive guys are winning!!!…lol…I guess an aggressive guy makes a sista forget her not sure what the mental stimulation is but it works…i have seen many of my roughest buddies win the finest chicks that wouldn’t give the decent guy a time of day!!!

  • LoveToDance

    One man was following me around in a Seattle club.  I went up to the bar to get a drink…and then me and the other people at the bar noticed he had on Rubber Gloves?  WTH? finger prints left behind?  I went to different part of the club and ditched Mr. Weirdo, and when I left I walked to my car with a friend.  & I’ve never been a woman to let a total stranger Grind into my behind on a dance floor.  Are you kidding me?  Even most strip bars don’t let them pay to do that.

  • devildog808

    “low-key assault” yeah tis just about sums up what women endure in many cluds these days. I just like to dance on the few occasions that I go with friends.But the grabbing an dtouching without my express permission makes me angry and very uncomfortable!

  • Gmarie

    tight dress or no tight dress. do not put your unsolicited bulge anywhere on my body

  • Lyndon

    Men only do (with women) what has proven to work

  • Some of these girls do dress crazy going to the club I always feel under dressed with my jeans and boots on, but some people like to dress up and go out to have a good time not be mauled by horny drunk freaks- I was just talking with my friend about this, I love going out to the club and dancing with my friend and by myself but people always come up behind me and grab me. I actually stopped going because last time I went this guy grabbed me and I got away and kept walking- then he came up to me and said what the f*ck is wrong with you disrespecting me like that who do you think you are…They just dont realize that just because you are in the club dancing it doesn’t mean your looking for a man, no matter how your dressed

  • im glad i was never a party person, i’d rather go out drinking a night on the town, or go to a movie, i’d rather do anything then go to a party.  

  • im glad this doesn’t apply to me, i was never a party girl. I would go once in a while, but all these people rubbing against each other sweating, woman half naked ,is basically a really big orgy on the dance floor
    I can’t get jiggy wit dat -african voice-. 

  • ahahahaah

    ” I’m not sure where these over-the-top men came from with their short
    tempers and lack of deodorant, but they need to take their a**es on back.”


  • Idiot

    Stop going to the clubs.  Problem solved!

    • GM_I

      Exactly…they need to dance with their girls at home in their living room if they got a problem with the club scene & only invite the dudes they know they want to dance with to their spot…the club scene is official hunting ground for thirsty hoes, gold-diggers, man wh0res and anyone lookin for or tryin to be a booty call/one night stand…its a known fact worldwide that clubs and bars are 9 times out of 10, places u go to hook up with other ppl.

      • Guest

        this may surprise you but just because i showed up at club does not mean that i am clamoring for your dick. you need to get right over yourself and realize that women were not put on this earth solely to satisfy every one of your lascivious urges. If i wanna dance im gonna dance. and if i feel like you are invading my personal space then i will slap the taste out you mouth. #RunAndTellThat. 

      • really?  You can’t just go to the club for music, drinks and to be social? 

        • Hmmmm

          Go to a lounge. The club is exactly for what the man said it is for. It has been for sometime now.

          • Forreals

            Again the answer aint to stop going to club or to switch up to bars and all this bullsh!!t u n!!njas r running up in here. The answer is for n!!njas to stop being so aggressive and thirsty and keep they hands and hard ons to themselves. U n!!njas sound ridiculous trying to blame or call out a females for not wanting to be se xually harrased by some thirsty ape. That why everytime u turn around some n!!nja being accused of rape.

            • Idiot

              You’re a moron.  You can’t change people.   If you don’t like the way people act at a certain place then go somewhere else.  You can’t change the behavior of the people at the club.  

              Do you go back to a crappy restaurant again and tell the chef to cook better this time?  No.  You go somewhere else.  It’s common sense. 

      • Forreals

        GM_1 must be one of the thirsty club n!!njas this post is talking about cuz I can’t think of no other reason he’d be so offended at desperate club n!!njas being called out. Ain’t noone got to sit home to avoid some overly aggressive n!!nja hands all over them. Keep ur hands to urself and that’s the solution. How dare u tell a woman to sit home before u wuld suggest that men don’t touch women without their permission! What kinda sh!!t is that? U n!!njas just have no respect for women.

    • Happydozen

      Stay out of the clubs and focus on your kids

      • Forreals

        Do this apply to n!!njas who r fathers too?

      • Smmmoke

        Everyone doesn’t want/have kids and everyone needs to get out and flap their wings sometimes. The truth is in the middle…be picky about where you go, show others’ respect and take notice of other people like you. Avoid the Bs.

  • JustAshley

    LOL@ “Actually I’m the chick who will wear something bright with lots of jewelry (that will fling off when I dougie)…LMAOOO. I just know someone is reading this going, “I remember her. The bead from her necklace hit me in the eye and ruined my entire night.” 

    • Kim3892321dd9333291

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      It’s a nice place for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love.

  • Slapboxxboy

    well stop shaking yo ass all in front of me with your thong print showing through that lil short dress you got.. STOP TRICKING MY DICK..

    • So you are just a beast? Or should I say a human being with no brain and unable to control his primitive pulsions? A sexual zombie? No wonder why a lot of men rape women and think it’s okay because “their dick got tricked”. smh

    • Tgill

      Grow up……really!!!! That was a dumb response on your part. No one has your name on there thong u assume its for u so u make a ass of yourself. If she wants to go to the club naked! That dont mean she wants to dance or talk to ur simple minded ass..WOW MEN!!!

  • Tata10

    have you seen what women wear to clubs these days? have you heard the songs some of us are cheering? men treat us the way we allow them to — if you don’t want to be treated like a hoe, then don’t wear are hoe’s uniform or perform hoe-ish acts — 

    • F3ral Anarchy

      its 2012…everybody and their mama knows there is no such thing as a hoe uniform. smh…and unless the woman is getting on her knees in the club and going down on the man im pretty sure they arent hoeish acts.  i mean really what decade do you live in?

      • Tata10

        I have been to the seeeeeeeennnnn a woman performing an oral act on a dude who just called her over and was spending money on her — imagine what the rest of the women in the club felt like?? my friends and I left — but look around the next time you go to a club — it is other women who are making it bad for us — you think I’m old fashioned? try to party in a club on south beach and you will see!!!

        • ValdaDeDieu

          I disagree. What clubs are you going to in South Beach? I live in South Beach. I’m not a club-goer per se; I happen to have this weird, twisted fantasy where I think I’m too important to stand in line, so when I have gone to a club, it was with my fiance (now ex–he likes to party; I like to read–I’ll stick to my own kind from now on)… who got us in at Mansion, VIP table etc (Have you seen the money they spend on those? At SET, a table starts at $10,000! Um…no! I’m a writer, my time is valuable; they should pay ME to sit at their table!)…

          Besides being hit on by another guy (and it actually was a cool “hit”, he held my hand and smiled as I walked by with my guy)…I saw nothing that would be termed “hoe-ish.”

          I had a great time, but then, I always do, wherever I go. I just don’t LIKE it all that much; I can take it or leave it. If I’m celebrating something, it’s a fun night, good memories–maybe twice a year should do it. Otherwise, I think it’s just a bunch of people spending money that could be better applied elsewhere. The owners of those clubs are on their yachts in the Mediterranean!

        • Forreals

          If ur lie is true then that was a dirty thirsty b!!tch in a club sucking d!!ck. What that gotta do with the way a woman is dressed makin it okay for her to be groped n harrased physically n se xually like u said tge first time. The first time u ain’t said jack about a woman doing oral u said something bout the way women dress. Stop talking out both sides of ur ignant sh!!thole n don’t try to clean up what u originally said. Dumb heaux!

          • Tata10

            ahh! with your comment you have just proven my point…God Bless you and perhaps, look into some therapy for your anger issues — it’s just an internet post honey — Jesus loves you and your filthy mouth.

      • Hmmmm

        So there is no such thing as a thugs uniform? You dont discriminate huh?

        • F3ral Anarchy

          yes there is a such thing as a thugs uniform…its called a police officers uniform. 

    • Netdandri

      That’s not true though. I know I don’t dress like a h* but I still have guys come up to me and try to bend me over and rub their man parts all over me. That’s why I rarely go to the club. No thank you.

      • Girliusmaximus

        Lol @ man parts…

    • Forreals

      So the way a women is dressed gives some thirsty n!!nja the right to put his hands or d!!ck on her? R u nuts? Again this is exactly y everytime u turn around some n!!nja is in trouble for rape or groping some female. Im sure it won’t be long before ur doing ur own rape bid!

    • Pahleeze

      Disagree…as a woman I must state this mentatility about women “asking for it” is wayy overdone! Too many other women calling women ho3$ and making comments like ho3 attire is giving men the impression that a chick can be disrespected just because of what she is wearing. No Ma’am…if I have on pajamas and I say I dont wanna dance then MOVE ON.

      • Girliusmaximus


    • Forreals

      This was some real stupid sh!!t to say and u claim you’re a woman? I doubt that very seriously but just in case u r I hope the next time u step outta ur house all did up that some n!!nja snatches u into a bush and sodomize u. Since it’s ok in ur eyes for a woman to be treated se xually disrespectful because of how she’s dressed I wish the same fate on u and about 5 of ur female family members! Real talk!

    • Forreals

      Since when does the way a woman is dressed mean she is allowing a thirsty n!!nja to touch her inappropriately and get confrontational when she won’t? Ur a dumb b!!tch. I can’t even believe u claim to be a female and u posted this ignant sh!!t here!

      • Tata10

        Perhaps you should also look into expressing yourself in a manner that does not demean your character so terribly — you use the language of the men who perpetrate these acts and then complain about their behavior 

  • Vee

    Let me say from a guys perspective it all depends on what club you go to. Nowadays i don’t wanna go to where unless its a grown and sexy spot. Most of my friends are real chill and laid back so we really don’t like to be all up on women like that. Now if i do see  women i like ill jus compliment her on her appearance and see what signals i get, and whether to the it further or just drop it. Some guys don’t have any guile when it comes to striking up a conversation, hence the foolishness.

    • Kris50

      I completely agree. I can tell what kind of club I’m in within the first 5 minutes. If its the kind where you get molested, its time to go.

    • Smmmoke

      I feel you but honestly usually when the party is tagged ‘grown and sexy’ it typically means that it’s not. lol

    • Girliusmaximus

      Right on… All I could think the whole time I was reading this article was stay the EF out of those types of clubs. I call those types of place holes in the wall where it might as well be a stripper pole somewhere… If you just want to dance with a guy EYE TO EYE go to a stepper’s set or something way more upscale where you can Latin dance or they actually teach you dance moves… 

  • divathang

    lololol!!!!!!!!!!! the truth! this JUST happened to me. I don’t want u coming behind me with your lil knob poking me in the butt. be a gentleman and at least introduce yourself first

    • Jus Sayin’

      Hello my name is Jus’ Sayin.  Pleased to meet you.  And I’s like to introduce you to my lil’ friend!!!

    • Liish

      Same here! Maaaan I was at the club a couple of nights ago minding my business with
      some friends. Dude came over to dance. (cool.) Song one played… he
      didn’t leave (ok). Song 2 and 3… he stayed on me like white on
      rice. Song 5 played I’m trying to be a good sport but this thirsty fool
      who I was sure at the time looked like wet cat booty (I couldn’t see his
      face but eventually I did. I was right.) was working my nerve. There
      was 457685 other people in that club and he needed to go get up on
      somebody else. Lol I wasn’t even in my freakum attire.

      • Daswusup1

        omg you just made my night i was literally rolling on the floor when i read the “wet cat booty” part. wow. i havent heard somethin so funny in a very long time. hilarious. straight hilarious. lmao

  • Mskwhidbee

    This so true, I’ve experienced the same thing lately, its like why can’t we just enjoy the song and just get our two step on…GEEEZZ