What’s Yours is Now Mine: 7 Women Who Cleaned Up In Their Divorce, And Deserved It

February 1, 2012  |  
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Sure, you’ve got your gold-diggers. You’ve got your lime-light stealing opportunists who marry a man because of the paparazzi that follows him and the fact that they want to be stars. But then, you’ve got those who were just looking for a normal, loving marriage, with not so normal, loving men. We think these women deserved their half in the divorce after all the crap they went through thanks to their mates. While we know money doesn’t replace time or heal a broken heart, it can definitely warm it and get a gal back out there on the right foot:

Michael Jordan and Juanita Vanoy

After 17 years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce, saying the decision was “amicable.” Of course, after Jordan’s mistress wrote a tell-all book about her fling with the NBA star, you can’t help but wonder if the married couple just made nice for the media in the reasons for their split. After 17 long years of love and being the ultimate basketball wife, Juanita—mother of Michael’s two sons and one daughter—walked away with a whopping $168 million. Michael is engaged to be married again, so unless he’s willing to go all out to make it work a second time around, a prenup would do him good.

Mel Gibson and Robyn Denise Moore

After The Passion of the Christ came out, we were all wondering when Robyn would get out of that creepy household. A recording of Mel’s racist and sexist rants helped her case, and it also didn’t help that photos came out of Mel getting cozy with Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva (who would become the mother of Gibson’s daughter Lucia) right before she filed for divorce. After 31 years of marriage and seven children (separated in 2006, divorce was filed in 2009 but wasn’t finalized until Jan. 9, 2012), Robyn cleaned up nicely with more than $400 million, said to be the highest in Hollywood history at the time. WOW!


Kobe Bryant and Vanessa

You certainly can’t say the woman was looking for a reason to leave and take all of Kobe’s money. If she was, he gave her countless perky, home-wrecking, NBA-groupie reasons. Finally, after 10 ½ years of marriage and two daughters, Vanessa had allegedly reached her limit of infidelity tolerance. Despite what the haters thought, Vanessa walked away with approximately $75 million from the split.

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Surely the entire country of Sweden warned Elin about some of the American man’s philandering ways, but she took a chance on love. And Tiger took a few chances of his own—more than a dozen sleazy chances actually. After nearly six years of marriage and raising two children, Elin got $110 million in her divorce from the argyle-wearing womanizer (how does he pull that off?)


Shaquille O’ Neal and Shaunie

His “I respectfully cheated” excuse will go down in history as the hottest of messes. Shaunie gave Shaq four kids, 13 years of marriage, meanwhile, Shaq was accumulating a great deal of money and groupies over his career. However, the couple allegedly signed a prenuptial agreement, so instead of half, Shaq was ordered to pay her alimony and child support. And we’re pretty sure what she went through with Shaq inspired her to create the “Basketball Wives” series, which is helping Shaunie rake in the BIG dough on her own.


Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell

Rumors about Eddie Murphy’s sexual orientation and sex drive, along with the fact that he was found in an SUV with a transvestite prostitute in 1997 didn’t make things all rosy while he was married to former model Nicole Mitchell. Incidents like these and others led to their eventual demise, and Nicole, the mother of Eddie’s five children, walked away with $15 million. Sadly, there are rumors she’s already squandered that money though after falling victim to investment fraud and bad spending. But she should be okay now that she’s dating retired NFL player and football analyst Michael Strahan.

Lionel Richie and Brenda Harvey

Sweet, innocent Brenda Harvey had no idea what her college sweetheart and first husband Lionel Richie would become. That is until she pretended to be “room service” in ’88 and busted down a hotel room door to find him on top of another woman (his soon-to-be second wife Diane Alexander). Richie had had been having an affair with Alexander for two years. Harvey was said to have beaten both brutally during her discovery. After 17 years of marriage and informally adopting TV personality and designer Nicole Richie together, the couple split and their divorce was finalized in 1993. If the mistress and second wife Diane Alexander received $20 million from her years with the singer, let’s just assume Brenda got broke off back in ’93.

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  • Josh Jenkins

    Yeah, I think a huge amount of public embarrassment and shame should be worthy of a nice settlement.

  • I really want not this thing!

  • wow! i wantn’t this things

  • I think so, too, deserve.

  • dima

    Prenup seriously if your rich or well to do get a prenup. If she doesn’t want to then that’s her loss, seriously your rich do you think that’s the only woman who wants you?

    • IMJSANYUmad


  • melony

    My name is Melony, i had a problem with my husband sometimes ago but never knew what the problem was,i tried to asked him but he refused to tell me what it was as time goes on i discovered he was having an affair with a friend of mine that happens to be my best friend,i was so sad that i never knew what to do next,during my search for a way out i met a friend of mine who had similar problem and introduced me to a man who helped her with his situation,on getting to the man i discovered he was a spell caster i was shocked because i have not had anything to do with a spell caster in my entire life so i tried to give this man a chance cos i never believed in spell casting as i thought it will not work for me but to my surprise i got positive results and i was able to get my husband back from her even after the spell caster did all. i discovered my husband fell much more in love with me on like before so i was so happy that i never know what to do for him so i am using this opportunity to tell anyone on this blog havin similar problem visit thegreatoracletemple@gmail.com and your problems shall be solved…

    • IMJSANYUmad

      shut up

  • Eric

    Shaunie wasn’t sitting at home holding her hands, either.   Word is she was squirrelling away money and spending it on her personal trainer !

  • Ren


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  • ManOrWoman

    How do you know what someone deserved in a divorce?  Without intimate details, all you can do speculate and guess.  Shut up.

  • The Letters Project

    My mom and I were joking just the other night about how, when it’s all said and done, Shaunie will end up with more money than Shaq.  I’ve never seen Basketball Wives, but you know she is raking in the dough.  www.thelettersproject.org 

  • FromUR2UB

    Eddie M. has been throwing off a gay/bisexual vibe.  He seems to go off into the flaming routine, even when the role doesn’t call for it. 

    I expected Morgan Freeman to be up there.  The article about him and the step-granddaughter said his ex-wife got $400 million in their settlement.  I thought: Morgan Freeman had $400 Million?!?   

  • Cha-Cha

    WOW! So many of you are so angry about this article… if it doesn’t affect you, who cares… If you’re rich and you get married and don’t want give up half in the divorce, get a pre-nup and keep it moving. Work on having a successful marraige, rather than wondering where the money will end up when getting a divorce.. Sheesh!


    • Big Mike

      Because precedents have already been set in the past – that is the only reason.

      Another reason to thank our court system.


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  • Cwendy111

    I disagree with the concept that women “deserve” half of someone’s earnings, just because they were married to them. You deserve what you earn. Being a wife isn’t worth hundreds of millions of dollars. This concept that people deserve things that don’t belong to them simply for existing is a major reason our people are doing so poorly. I certainly would not want my husband to walk away with half my net worth simply because he married me. It’s absurd. These women had the resources to invest and make their own opportunities with all the money they had access to during their marriage. Unless a spouse can prove they contributed to the earnings, there should be no automatic payout just for being a spouse. we are teaching our young woman that it is more profitable to marry a rich man (who is usually already married or in a committed relationship) than to get an education so they can go and try to earn their own. It is an insult to the successful woman out there. I praise Shaunie Oneil for making her own way, (although I despise the show), but at least she is earning her own. Child support is a given entitlement, but half is ridiculous. Everyone is making a big deal out of Russell Brand “stealing” Katy Perry’s money. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. The fact is that it is outrageous period. Not only when it happens to a woman.

    • guest510

      I agree. However, if I’m a wife that nutures her home and family, makes sure everything is taken care of, caters to my husband (which I find nothing wrong with as long as he caters to me) then I feel I deserve half of what was earned during our marriage. There’s no way a man can go to work and be productive if he comes home to a bunch of foolishness. So with me working hard to ensure he doesn’t, I WILL get half if we get divorced. Bottom line. I don’t think women who shop all day and have nannies raise their kids deserve half of anything.

      • Team nymphis

        I wa really bout to go all the way in on you but I’m working on my impulsive behavior.

        You really need to look in the mirror and slap the shxt outta the first person you see.

        You worthless greedy bunches slay me wit that”I deserve ” b.s.
        A man can’t be successful if he comes home to stress or whatever the fck you said
        Then how do you xplain all of us single rich individuals.you sound like a maingie flea ridden honey badger.just be happy you found someone dumb enuff to waist time and money on you.

        • TheMrs

          Bitter and lonely party of one!?!? Marriage isnt for everybody (clearly not for you). That being said, marriage is a social contract between two individual to love and support and be faithful to eachother. If the contract is broken there are penalties involved. A man wont reach is full potential when he has bs and distractions at home. People like you kill me with the “you dont deserve ish” speech. At the end of the day if this was an article about men who cleaned up in a divorce (and there are plenty) most of the critics would be silent! If you earn 7+ figures and you do your dirt there is always a risk of getting caught. If you had that much you would be smart enough to factor that in. Since you most likely dont, I understand why somebody taking half of your check would get your blood boiling. None of these men were left penniless or destitue so they will be aight! Sheesh!

          • Team nymphis

            I’ve made enuff money to last me the rest of my life.and I just turned 34.you think some fem is gettin half of that cause we live and fckd under the same roof.i think not!

            • Justhowitis..getoverit

               All the complaining, bytching and moaning about somebody getting half isn’t going to change that it’s happening. There are men who feel a woman should get half if she stays home. My dh oddly enough believes in this while I lean towards your thoughts on it as I feel a humongous need to be completely independent of him, yet he is very adamant about me being home when he gets here and here for our kids. There are men out there who want housewives and would die if they thought they were trying to leave the home front to earn their own money. I know cause I live with one and he tell me all the time “only black folks think like they should do everything separate in a marriage, that’s why their kids ain’t right and families fall apart cause you got both folks gone trying to succeed.”I’m starting to think in life no one is suppose win. Marriage suck worse than being single but your would never know that when you on the single side of the fence.

            • Ifuaskme2

              Unless you know the day you will die you’re lying. As for the argument at hand…. These men had the option of a pre nup. Shaq did it, Kobe was advised to do it but refused. I’m sure Mel didn’t even know what that was when he married so I feel some sympathy for him. But it is what it is. As was stated by others, the amount was based only on the amount made during marriage which means these men were left with much more than the wives got.

          • Big Mike

            So you need a social contract to prove that you love and support someone? GTFOH.

            A man won’t reach his full potential when he has distractions at home? Yeah, if you are PURPOSELY causing the distraction for him, sure.

            A woman deserves half of nothing – unless she contributed to that half DURING the marriage. This type of thinking prevents men from even wanting marriage.

            And I’m not talking about infedelity – if he is cheating, then he deserves to loose a chunk of change.

            • TheMrs

              I clearly said marriage isn’t for everybody so no, you don’t NEED to be married to someone to prove that you love and support them. Since its clear that our difference in opinion are a perspective issue, I’ll speak from my experience so that you can see where I’m coming from… There are all kinds of women out there and yes some are incredibly shady and do things to purposefully separate a man from his money. Unfortunately there are a lot a men that get burned (hopefully not litteraly) by those women because they’ve been seduced by the fantasy that the women is presenting. Every woman knows how play her position well enough to get what she wants! So if she’s after whatever you got be it money, power or both she is gonna make you feel like ur in a freakin mirage until she gets what she wants. After she’s done with you, you’ll realize that you have no clue who the hell this person is and that she really doesn’t respect you…that’s not the type of woman I’m talking about. If the woman you’re with carries herself with class, dignity and respect and knows how to keep a home together (cooks, cleans, respects and caters to her man and allows him to be a man) at the end of the day I do believe she deserves half when it comes down to infidelity. If you have a trifflin woman who doesn’t do at least half of those things then no she shouldn’t get half a check. But my point is if you have a healthy relationship and you wake up feeling like a lucky man the only reason your divorcing that woman is if you messed up and got caught cheating. Men should be waaay more selective when it comes to women you want to call your wife, especially if your concerned about the $$$. The gov’t is down with splitting everything in half so knowing this, why would you settle for less. Its like paying for premium cable with every package available but being ok with the BS basic box with 10 channels… #thingsthatarestupid! Lol

        • Nnb3321d333211df73

          My friend just met a chocolate man on Blackwhitemeet.COMit’s where for men and women looking for interracial’ship for a fabulous lifestyle
          It’s a nice place for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love.

      • ohh boy

        nurtures, takes care of everything!!!! new flash dummy these broads dont cook, clean, nothing they have maids, stylists, gardeners, drivers, tutors, interior decorators etc. DONT overestimate what these girls do. THEY DONT DESERVE ANYTHING just like K-FED

  • anon

    There was no tell all from any of mj’s mistresses.  He had a crazy stalker who was saying she was going to write a book but never did.  Juanita Jordan trapped mj into  marrying her and that fact needs to be recognized.

    • Kwana Royal

      I wouldn’t say trapped but they were in negotiations after she had his first child with lawyers and such for three years before they got married. So it was more of a business deal.

      • anon

        Well Juanita’s lawyer was threatening to file a paternity suit and mj was worried about his image at the time.  So I would say he was trapped then it turn into a business arrangement.

        • FromUR2UB

          Men are able to prevent pregnancy.  They have the option of wearing condoms or abstaining.  So if they’re such a prize that women want to “trap” them to get them, then they should be more careful where they lay their pipes.  Why do men get to be absolved of all responsibility for whom they impregnate?

          • Stopit

             Let the church say AMEN!!!! 

            Let the folks with COMMON SENSE scream out YASSS!!!!

            Let the folks with A1/700+ credit scores COSIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Cha-Cha

            Thank you! I don’t see how you can trap a grown ass man by getting pregnant… Put an effin condom or or just say NO… but then when they don’t and she get’s pregnant, it’s her fault? C’mon now!

        • FromUR2UB

          Men are able to prevent pregnancy.  They have the option of wearing condoms or abstaining.  So if they’re such a prize that women want to “trap” them to get them, then they should be more careful where they lay their pipes.  Why do men get to be absolved of all responsibility for whom they impregnate?

    • Stopit

       U sound so dumb.

  • IllyPhilly

    SMH at the women who go through those issues for free.

    • Deamfg

      right! so sad couldnt be me as time goes on i realized i am just not the marrying kind i would kill both the mistress n my man.

    • YeahIWentThereCuzICan

      Like all these (ain’t barely got an ENGAGEMENT RING on it) “Wives” playin themselves on cable television! 

  • Jacey

    Mel G left his wife for a woman who dogged the hell out of him.  Was that worth $400 million?  And his ex wife continues to come to his rescue.

    • Steelcitychick

      Not sure how Mel’s mistress “dogged the hell outta him”, but as I recall, didn’t she file charges against him for assaulting her?
      Besides, he dogged his wife, the mother of his children! Whatever that Russian chick gave Mel, was well deserved!
      To give up a marriage for an opportunistic whore, you deserve what you get!