Ouch! Evelyn Tells Jennifer She’ll Never be a White Girl

January 27, 2012  |  

It’s not enough that the stars of “Basketball Wives” can’t be in each other’s presence for more than five minutes without drinks being thrown, but Evelyn and Jennifer have managed to keep the bi-coastal drama going strong even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Last night, Evelyn went on a nasty Twitter rant after hearing about Jennifer’s Sister 2 Sister interview. She told the magazine the basis of the beef is Evelyn’s jealousy because she’s friends with Nene Leakes (odd) and Mashonda:

“I feel like it’s all coming from a place of hurt, and she’s turning it into anger. Why do you care who I’m friends with? Like, that’s ridiculous. I live in New York. You live in Miami. I don’t care who you hang out with. I’m kinda over it because I just feel like I’m at a point at my life where I’m trying to get rid of negative energy. To me, I feel like it’s something so minuscule. It’s not like I slept with Chad. It’s not something irreparable. It’s something stupid that you’re mad over. If you really are mad because I have other friends, I think that’s completely ridiculous.”

As comes as no surprise, Evelyn didn’t let that get far at all. She went in on Jennifer immediately when she tweeted:

“So @iamjennifer thinks I’m MADD that’s she’s hanging out with @NeNeLeakes ??? B**** pls! Interview coming soon…. #ItsOnContacts”

“Tired of this heffa constantly running her mouth to remain relevant! @iamjennifer Let’s talk boo! You will never WIN!”

“@iamjennifer No matter how long u walk around with those purple contacts, u will never be a white girl! #InsecureA**”

It’s kind of bad when a non-black woman has to check your blackness. But Chad stepped in and did a little checking of his own and that shut Evelyn up for the night.

“The man has spoken***DROPS MIC*** RT @ochocinco: @EvelynLozada Do not send another tweet out if it’s not positive.”

Maybe Chad isn’t as bad as he seems. Somebody needs to step in and tell these two public beef is not cute.

Do you think it’s time for Evelyn and Jennifer to make up or should they just go their separate ways quietly?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • to all you haten on evelyn and jen they have been friends for a long time. how ever they want to git at each other is their way. any body being negative you proably have no friends. most of you as evelyn says are a non factor in their issues. if I check your background all you haters will proably jump across a table much faster than she did so stop judging. congrats evelyn on the fur ad nice job . sorry wendy williams keep your day job evelyn out did you on the fur ad

  • beebee

    evelyn isnt by far setting a great example for her daughter. she acts like she was raised by wild animals so what makes everyone think that her daughter wont be just like her mother. be a leader not a follower.

  • lisa

    and another thing chad ask urself this question would rather marry someone whos basically portraying themselves to be a fake a** hood rat or would you rather marry someone whos classy and does not go round picking fights with people just cause they pumped tooo many drinks in themselves. seriously ur wife to be has issues.

  • evelize

    ok honestly evelyn reallllllllly needs to quit trying to act ghetto with someone who is obviously way more beautifull than she is. and let me say this evelyn really thinks that she is better than everybody and she isnt. well all i have to say is that if she feels that shes tuff she should come to harlem and realllllly try those hood rat tactics on somebody and then we will c if she would survive. p.s. one day soon she will meet  her match and when she does tooooo badddddd for her.

  • LeeLee

    I have not heard anything that Evelyn has said on radio or in interviews like I hear Jen doing so in my opinion Jen is wrong for this.  She should be woman enough to go to Evelyn and talk to her and if Evelyn does not respond or get all stupid on her then she should leave it along and recognize who she is dealing with.  Evelyn could have also called Jen out if Jen was not trying to call her first and set her straight then, but they chose to keep it going instead of keeping it moving. They are supposed to be friends and Jen see how Evelyn responds to people who she considered her friends. You cut her and she will cut you back. Obviously there could be more to this story but to me they are both being childish but Evelyn need to learn how to take the high road sometimes and not do what we expect her to do such as throwing  stuff and fighting everyone. She really do need to grow up and stop acting like a kid in jr high/high school and what does that show her daughter.

  • Ericasmi36

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  • Apreid51

    I find it hard to believe that Jen finally got her nose out of Evelyn’s behind, where she lived.  NeNe Leakes is toxic as well. She’s going to turn on Jen, too.


    They all need real jobs. Fake show, Fake women and men!!!

  • Kelly

    LOL black women do want to be white women. 

  • cc

    evelyn is a hot ghetto mess and needs to act like a grown woman instead of a hoodrat. for you to publicy and continue to dish and talk crap out about an ex friend is disgusting and down right low. has jennifer ever said anything about her and her past of shit (im sure is a mess and never will come out)? smh 

  • immaguest

    1) true friends don’t air their grievances on twitter
    2) this is for publicity for the show so we’ll tune in to see the drama resulting from them not being “friends”, which translates into ratings for the show and vh1
    3) it amazes me that the best response ev can come up with is to curse and throw insults. kudos to jen for not responding to her rantings. 

  • junny

    I think Jennifer is gorgeous. How embarrassing, people need to use Twitter with more discretion. 

  • I’ll Pass

    2 ugly girls fighting is not hot.

  • Orozco

    They are both hard faced masculine looking chicks I wouldn’t HOLA at either one of them.

  • Gmarie

    says the bottle blonde hispanic woman. Evelyn is ALWAYS jealous whenever a new woman comes around the group, she has the worst case of “queen b. syndrome” so I believe it 100%. She needs to have control of the people she surrounds herself with at all times and it’s sad..you have a life of your own to try and control. Twitter though? you have just as much access to media outlets as Jennifer does or how about..you have her phone number! if there are things you feel need to be said to or about her use the appropriate outlets and do it in a civil manner. I’ve never understood what the appeal of evelyn was and why people (on the show) jump through fire to try and be in her good grace. I’m happy Jennifer has stood up for herself realized how toxic Evelyn is.

  • kim

    evelyn’s obviously afro-hispanic. She and jennifer can easily pass for siblings. I would love to know why soo many black hispanics consider themselves to be a different race, instead of just a different ethnicity.

    • Guadelupe

      Because they want to forget their 400 years of slavery I guess Spaniards are a difference race.

  • VelvetStaccato

    Evelyn is the epitome of trifling. She’s a so-called grown a** woman yet she acts like she’s still in junior high. And if she really wants to go in on someone’s appearance, she needs to take a look at her own Vulcan-esque FIVEhead, that hideous “blonde” hair colour and that mouth that makes one thinks she’s part human, part serpent. She’s ugly inside and out and I’m glad Chad finally intervened and let her know her negative rants only amplify that ugliness!!!

  • these two are both acting a little ridiculous #remindmetosuewhoevercameupwithtwitter!  and why can’t she wear purple contacts? lol! does it have that much of an effect on her? there’s other things in life that are way more serious than your outer appearance.

  • Rodriguez

    Neither one of them will never be white not Evelyn and her blond weave and not Jenn with her black one. They are both childish old women acting like they are prom queens in high school.

    *folds arms rolls eyes*

    • Smacks_hoes


  • Tiredofthebs

    It’s interesting that my comments have to be approved, but spam and ppl that hate Black women are able to post their comments. Y’all need a new system, or moderator.

    • Sugar_Spice

      Yup this happens to me all the time & I don’t get it because i’m not cursing or anything like that in my comments. 

    • Emily


  • Tiredofthebs

    Jennifer is not trying to be White, the problem Evelyn has is that Jennifer has class and Evelyn is not used to being around women of color who have class, which is why she said that she’s trying to be White, and this is coming from a women with blonde hair and a boob job, whateva. 

    Evelyn, expects Jennifer to fight her, physically, not verbally cuz that’s what she’s used to. For instance, her friend supposedly slapped Jennifer during taping, and Jennifer said she is pressing charges, which she should. Evelyn and her friend don’t understand that everyone doesn’t respond with a fist, but I’m sure she will have time to think about that in prison.

    Also, this has been brewing for some time, and I was glad when I finally saw Jennifer hanging out with other ppl, and on a side note it’s good to see a Black woman on a reality show NOT fighting, that reason alone has ppl mad, especially Evelyn, because they want to see us fight.

    • MultiDarealdeal

      you are so right!!! i use to love eve but shis 4 real on some bs!! she needs to out her energy into getting her mom out of that lil as project style apt. since shes so much “about that life” dnt floss and have your peeps looking boke. not a good look. and that crying fronting sh-t she did about that girls statues didnt she do the same to royce last season? talking bout her busted up shoes and raggedy hair? eveyln YOU GTFOH!!!!

  • Maisy

    I’m just a silly white girl and I’m not trying to be rude but they both look the same to me features and all so why is one accusing the other of trying to be white when they both look black?

    • Smacks_hoes

      Exactly it’s stupid.

    • That’s nice, but no one really asked you. The world is not based off of what the “White man” thinks. Your standards are yours, we have ours. No one is trying to fit into your standards of blackness…well, maybe Jennifer, but whatever. 

      • Smacks_hoes

        I Dnt understand what your trying to say

        • Pahleeze

          co-sign <:~/

    • Amoldo Cruz-Resendez

      Evelyn fits into my standard of blackness though she is trying to fit into a standard of whiteness with the blond weave. Nevertheless, a good tranny fight is always entertaining.


    Evelyn displaying her anger whenever she gets an opportunity is just a reflection of her needing some professional psychotherapy.  It is apparent that she is suffering from deep issues that she hasn’t worked out.  Although many people need the psychotherapy but since she is a reality “actor”, she needs to work her issues and stop behaving like a high school teenager.  Yes, Jennifer also has her  unresolved issues, but I hear Evelyn more because of the anger that bubbles over on a regular. 

     What I find interesting, NeNe and Evelyn are very similar. It is funny that Jennifer has befriended NeNe who is very much like Evelyn. Interesting.  The saga continues. 

  • Vic

    It’s kind of bad when a non-black woman has to check your blackness. But Chad stepped in and did a little checking of his own and that shut Evelyn up for the night.”

    What makes you ( the author) think Evelyn is non black? ” Latino, Hispanic, Puerto Rican , etc” are not races. 

    • DJTheDJ

      But they generally entail mestizos or quadroons/octoroons.

      • Vic

        mestizo isn’t a ” race” either all of these things are “ethnicities” or nationalities. A person is ultimately either white or non white. 

    • Smacks_hoes

      Thank you

    • Domingo

      true latino has never been a race. and as for boriquas many are indeed black or african heritage. get educated wow.

    • Naffy

      Also, implying that Jen HAD to have her blackness checked?  For some contacts? In 2012?  Please.  Anybody can see she’s black.  She’s not required to adhere to Madam Noire’s standards of blackness or black beautification rules. If she want purple eyes let the B have purple eyes.

  • SickOfRidiculous

    How can Evelyn speak on anyone’s insecurity? She has breast implants, which is a clear indication of the fact that she was uncomfortable with her true breast size. Evelyn, have a whole row of these _/ _/.

  • Hickman Jasmine

    Obviously there is more to the issue than Jen talmbout Ev sooo they need to just let it go and keep each others name out of their mouths. Although I do believe Jen is jealous and miserable alone.but who am I and wtf do I know.