Shemar Moore Tongue Kisses Blindfolded Audience Member

January 27, 2012  |  

Would you want a stranger to stick their tongue in your mouth? No, right. Now let’s say this stranger is Shemar Moore? Does that change anything?

Well it was certainly okay for one audience member on Ellen’s show recently.

Check out video of the intimate kiss over at


Turns out this is not the first time Shemar has done this… on Ellen’s show, no less; but the first woman kept her mouth closed.

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  • Day Cali

    OK you guys do know that this show is a “PRODUCTION” and it’s more than likely he knows this person and is probably really good friends with her or more. I’m guessing this is not some random fan. If you look at the history of a lot of talk shows there is a lot of stuff that is “staged.”

  • Moira Eicholtz

    He is very good looking but he is very vain.

  • mslady269

    I haven’t forgotten his questionable sexuality, so I wouldn’t touch that man’s mouth at all. I still think he’s into men and puts on a front because he has so many female fans. If he really wanted to be married with kids, he would by now.

  • zyggie

    Surprised. I read somewhere he was gay.

  • Kat Flynn

    Shemar Moore can french kiss me anytime.

  • Danielle

    Um… has anyone seen the documentary of him where the interviewer says she met Shemar Moore in a elevator first, and they smiled and ended up making out and the interviewer lady is like “even though I have a boyfriend… who cares???” Like do people especially celebrities think its ok to just make out with randoms just because they are trying to fulfill their goal of how many women they can kiss?? lol Like who do they think they are? My boyfriend is not controlling but I wouldn’t do that to him… id probably smack him for trying then see what their reaction would be.

  • Shemar is so full of himself, he thinks its such a gift to woman for him to put his lips on theirs.

  • Kriegar

    You have got to be joking. I do not want a stranger to kiss me at all. Much less if I am blindfolded. Women, or anyone else, who put themselves in this position get nothing more than they ask for.

  • TheOtherRosie

    Still waiting for Shemar to come out of that closet & be proud of whom he truly is.

  • Della

    Who the hell cares! Its Shemar Moore! Hot no matter what!

  • Meka Smith

    Its Shemar Moore…..everything else is out the window at that point

  • jem5

    Yup…kiss me baby!

  • janeyre

    Is Shemar still with Kimberly Elise?

  • Wished it was me !

    I would love to be that woman, and people seriously, if he had any type of sickness do you all really think he would kiss that girl ? unless he wants to be the next inspiration for criminal minds writters, lol !

  • Chris. Joseph

    He poured a shot from his mouth into Sweet Brown’s mouth on Bravo and tongue kissed her.
    Aint nobody got time for that!

    • femmebroker

      Lol…too funny!

  • childofjesusrose

    it would have been more appropriate if he gave her a peck on the cheeks and just hugged her.

    • Cris

      I love Shemar Moore in my favorite series Criminal Minds, but I’m going to have to agree with you on this one.

  • I think half the girls must be fibbing so they don’t sound “promiscuous” but this man is the sexiest thing walking and no way would I turn that down. Where do I sign up??? LoL. 

    • femmebroker

      100% in agreement.

  • Gn0sis

    You people need to dump the sand out of your dried up twats. It was just a kiss.

    • ej

      thank you!

  • Colliz6

    That’s gross and disgusting. EWHHHH!!!!

  • Helllooo. He can kiss me any day with ANY amount of tongue. Blindfolded or not. That man is fine as h3ll. 

  • Courtney

    I didn’t like that. It was arrogant and presumptuous on his part to go kissing a girl he doesn’t know just because he’s Shemar Moore. Who even said she wanted to kiss him? Not like she could have pushed him away on live tv. And the video where he was kissing the blonde woman was disgusting. Tounge kissing a stranger? No thanks.

    • Looks like sexual harassment to me…F*ck a Celeb Status!

  • jackieOsassin

    i have a boyfriend but please believe if i was single, shemar moore could do ANYTHING to me.

    call it thirst if you want but i watch criminal minds and i swear to god i don’t know what that show is about to this day.

    • NicDiva

      I bet he can give you some sexy AIDS and you would  be ok with that too, huh? dumb axx groupie

      • C S

        Seriously? Get educated

      • Danielle

        lol typical… I have a boyfriend too but I wouldn’t want some guy who wouldn’t even enjoy a kiss half as much as i KNOW my guy does..

      • Alexa

        OMG, you are a negative person. Learn some positivity. I am not a groupie, but still he is hot. And still, even if he did have AIDS, which I don’t know about, there is such thing as a condom for those who go further.

    • NicDiva

      I bet he can give you some of his fine AIDS  and you would ok with that too, huh? lame groupies

      • jackieOsassin

        don’t be jealous, now lol.

      • ej

        lmaoo calm down, it was never that serious

      • E Ru

        You are aware that the likelihood of passing HIV or AIDS, assuming someone has AIDS, via kissing, even open mouth kissing is practically non-existent, right? Both people would have to have open mouth wounds with a fair amount of blood transmitted during the “kiss”. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research from credible sources, such as the CDC. Also, making statements that imply someone has AIDS without having something factual to back that up is classless, and could potentially be considered slander.

        • tdouble

          You missed Nic’s point. Hattori said he could “do anything to me”. “Anything” implies more than just kissing. No one said he has AIDS, but if you are willing to let a perfect stranger have their way with you there is a risk of catching an STD. Go look that up, it’s a risk of performing sexual acts.

    • lol!

  • Ericasmi36

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  • Shemar looks like he’s been around the block too many times, sorry no

    • lmao!

    • nofreesamples

      Good looks as such do not disguise smarmy-tool behavior.

  • JustAshley

    Gross!! I think Shemar is gorgeous and all but with all of the diseases and Swine Flu’s and HIN1’s and whatnot………this just wasn’t a good decision on either part. *shudder*

  • Chanese_bell

    I am a Shemar fan but ummmmm NO!
    I’m a germaphobe too and kissing is – to some that’s more intimate than intercourse. Maybe, maybe not. I am VERY particular about who puts their tongue in my mouth.

    • carolina diaz

      Why is more intimate kissing than intercourse?
      after all he putting his richard in your vagina.
      and a kiss is just a kiss.

  • Dianne Daniels

    Um – no tongue…that pleasure is reserved for my husband of over 21 years. I don’t give the nectar of my mouth to just ANYONE!

    • Guest

      lol if you dont get out of here

  •….I mean if I was a fan, of course I’d be really excited and such, but I’m also an extreme germaphobe and what if the person has cold sores. Ugh. Man, such an awkward moment.