Nick Cannon’s Not Having it with Chelsea Handler’s Mimi Shots

January 24, 2012  |  

Everyone’s been talking about Chelsea Handler opening up about her relationship with 50 Cent on Howard Stern but Nick Cannon wasn’t hearing none of that. The proud father and husband was more concerned with what Chelsea had to say about his wife, Mariah Carey. She told Howard:

“Anyone who’s married to Mariah Carey I’m sure doesn’t have a great sense of humor. Shes’ ridiculous. What is her game plan? What kind of person operates like that? She’s worse than like Elizabeth Taylor. She’s just so ridiculous with her body. You see her one day and she’s 50 pounds heavier or light…there’s nothing real about her and her Hello Kitty or whatever.

Nick Cannon actually does have a sense of humor but not when it comes to jokes about Mimi. He unleashed on twitter with this:

“I hear @ChelseaHandler is out there talking s*** about my wife again! She’s lucky I’m trying to live right now! Jesus my cup runneth over.

I think @ChelseaHandler is still bitter that she got blasted on my radio show! It’s okay I still love you! When miserable people see happiness they must attack it. You know me, I’m always up for a good joke or wise crack but when people talk about my family the ‘Hood’ in me wants to come out! I’ve learned cooler heads prevail. Life is too short to focus on negativity!”

I love the “Jesus my cup runneth over” part. Great to see a man have his wife’s back, go Nick!

Are you a fan of Chelsea Handler?

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  • Pebblesvashon

    I fux with chelsea; but Mariah I love waayy over her! I grew up on & cherish her music. However, what hood nick?? U been rich since nickelodeon! bwahaha. Stop it.

  • Salon22w

    Chelsea is just fugly and not funny at all to me,, she attacks people and she has ome nerve, does she have mirrors in her home.. 50 cents.. oh please she just wanted some schlong and he hit it and quit it.. nothing to lose there.. Nick Cannon should take up for his wife.. eff Ch ole ugly old meth face broad.

    • Girliusmaximus

       LMAO. I don’t like her either.

    • Love_Sexy

      Yeah me three!……..She mean spirited.

  • Jazzsingerar

    Chelsea Handler and Sarah Silvermans name should not even be in the same sentence. Sarah is funny, original and pretty. Chelsea is..not. Not funny , not original but she is something -fugly !!! I think she hates all women,  I think she bumped uglies with the right men to get where she is. And dont get me started on the 50 thing- of all the men of color in Hollywood thats who she picks?!? Whow, maybe thats the only one that would do her ( for kicks). Shes a beast, and I have a new found respect for Nick C……..

  • lol

    i hate when men comment for their wives to another woman- soft!

  • RedButterfly81

    Well he loves his wife and a REAL MAN is gonna defend his wife when such an unfunny old bag like Chelsea try to bring her down! Not only that, she brought the legendary Elizabeth Taylor in this BS. Chelsea sounds like a bitter old hag, she needs to go back sucking up 50 and leave Mimi alone!

  • Louisiana Lickable Lips

    Im srry, but i have 2 agree with Chelsea. Mariah asks like a mix between Barbie/Fairy God Mother/Evil Witch of the West. I have seen her on QVC & the woman just doesnt seem stable. I really dnt know how Nick puts up with her. Bless those poor lil’ babies!

    And yes, Chelsea can b very offensive. She plays on stereotypes, but she also talks abt herself & her co-workers

    • Guest

      “asks like a mix…”. I had to reread this sentence three times before I could decipher the meaning of it. You meant to write, “acts like…”. Damn!!

  • OH my god. THE “HOOD” in Nick Cannon? stop cracking jokes, nick, please stop. Im crying from laughing so hard at the thought of all the “hood” Nick Cannon has in himself.
    anyway, i dont like chelsea handler because I think she is super mean and thrives off of taking cheap shots at people — there is a difference between stand up comedians who make jokes about others (katt williams, louis ck, etc) and then chelsea handler who is mean for no reason, and half the time isn’t evenfunny when she says the mean things.

    Anyway, she was right though about Mariah Carey. Mariah used to be beautiful and taken seriously. Now I can’t stand to look at her inappropriate clothing, she wears expensive things yet somehow comes off cheap and trying too hard. I’m pretty confident when I say that Mariah carey is probably an effing nut job. i used to adore her. 

  • cublktigress

    Chelsea Handler just like Sarah Silverman are reckless at the mouth but they are funny…. offensively funny at times, but funny nonetheless

  • bailedex

    She does seem miserable and tries to make happy people feel bad for being happy… I hate that, I know a few people like that.. I’m not going to apologize for my life being good lol. He should have just ignore her until someone asked then answered “who’s Chelsea handler?”

  • Carolynpayne34

    No can’t stand that ugly azz biotch. I think Nick is right to defend his WIFE against that facially challenged loser!

  • Lonnie

    How edited is the pic of Mariah thou?? Her upper body doesnt match esp her Huge as@ hand!!

  • Phoenix Reign

    No I’m not, never been and I watched her show. She comes off as the b**ch in school that likes to bully people but deep inside she hates herself a little more everyday. I mean really?? 50 cent?? Even sistahs don’t want anything to do with him. She’s a loon who can’t even get a white man of her caliber or above. I seen nothing “jokingly” in her comment, jealous c*nt she is. She’s not married or with kid so she is miserable with herself. I can go on and on but making that crass comment about nick and his wife were uncalled for and I’m glad Nick checked her

    • JN31

      I agree- she does come off as that catty and childish. She’s very condescending to people of color- not to make it a race issue but she gives off that “White privilege” attitude. You can be funny and comment on certain characteristics of a person that make them laughable,  but she seems to just come at people for shock value. Rosie O’Donnell and Wanda Sykes are edgy, funny and somewhat controversial but never come off as a bitter woman the way she does. 

      • Pivyque

        She is condescending to everyone, not just people of color.

    • Pivyque

      Who says she wants to be married with a kid? There are plenty of married people with kids that are miserable and I don’t blame them. But anyway, I like Chelsea. I think she’s funny.