Is Brandy Lying on Her Love Life (Again)?

January 23, 2012  |  

Brandy recently gushed about her relationship with Ryan Press on Wendy Williams and admitted that she’s in love with the producer who has to be a relative of Laz Alonzo on somebody’s side. And while the relationship is new to us, according to Star magazine, these two have been going strong for quite some time and they’re even ready to take things to the next level. Here’s what they wrote in the Jan. 23 issue:

“Will wedding bells soon ring for Brandy Norwood? She finally flaunted her hush-hush romance with music producer Ryan Presson at Las Vegas’ Cosmopolitan casino over New Year’s. And pals believe the singer, 32, has found The One. ‘They’ve been going strong for two years,’ says an insider, who replied without hesitation when asked if marriage is in the cards:’Yep!’”

Hold on, how many years? Does anyone else remember Brandy being set up on a blind date by her best friend Shay on Season 2 of “Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business,”  and all the talk about being ready to get back in the dating world? She was even linked to Flo Rida in mid 2010 and said that “he’s somebody in my life, and I’m definitely interested.” We could let that go with a technicality and assume her and Laz Jr.’s relationship is coming close to a two-year anniversary and her friends just like to round up, but that would mean she had to jump straight from Flo to Ryan. We can also assume somebody has been lying, and it’s not her friends.

If Brandy is being a little sketchy about this relationship it wouldn’t be the first time. Remember that whole fake “non-traditional marriage” fiasco when she claimed to have had some sort of spiritual union with her daughter’s father, Robert Smith? Most people assumed it was to protect her innocent image at the time, now she may have been doing just the opposite to boost ratings for her reality show. There was also that whole I’m celibate, but not really controversy. I need Brandy to either tell the truth when she talks about her relationships or not say anything at all because in most cases, whenever she talks, she ends up looking ridiculous in the end.

What do you think? Is Brandy’s relationship timeline a little off or do you think she was was just claiming to date Flo Rida and other men on her show for ratings?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • ray

    So twhat I wish people leave my sister n are family business is are business thank u

  • Thats my DAWG!!!!!!! Lets get the facts straight though, Ryan is a A&R/Manager not producer.

  • Jbells16

    Brandy is a grown woman! She doesn’t owe you, me, or anybody for that matter an explanation regards to her love life! As long as she is happy that is all that matters… Find yo life!

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  • Pebblesvashon

    Does any 1 really gives a rats Fat as$s?? irrelevant & I can see her reality show being cancelled soon. Another has been trying to be as relevant as they were in theyre peak career. Loved ya in the 90’s but ur swagg is off.a

  • Pebblesvashon

    Does any 1 really gives a rats Fat as$s?? irrelevant & I can see her reality show being cancelled soon. Another has been trying to be as relevant as they were in theyre peak career. Loved ya in the 90’s but ur swagg is off.a

    • Ashleyllockhart1990

      If you don’t give a “rats fat ass” why the fuck are you on here saying stuff??????

  • Vcsmill

    Actually, Brandy never said on the WW show who she’s in love with.  The show had the above picture of her and her manager/producer up on the screen then WW began to ask Brandy questions about her love life and Brandy admitted to being in love, but she never said with Ryan.  She also said the man she’s in love with is one year younger than her, Ryan is not a year younger.  Anybody that follows Brandy knows who she’s in love with.  

    • sos

      Agree, she did state Ryan’s name in an interview,but what I found confusing is the whole thing of looking for love. On the family business show Brandy put it out there that she was looking for love in 2010 and Ryan was always in the background. WTF! Okay,I can see why this little article is up because it could be seen as a big lie on Brandy’s part if you ask me. Then on DWTS Brandy burst out and said that she was celibate. LOL! Okay, Brandy was just giving out too much information and she kept saying that she was looking for love.Ijust think that all of it was lie in order to get ratings for her cancelled reality. Also, and totop itall off Brandy included the love thing while on DWTS. This relationship is a sham to promote her new album coming out. The pieces are notadding up. Also, everytime Brandy was on DWTS she kept kissing and hugging Maks like crazy. Heck,she had better chemistry with Maks,and now she is talking marriage with Ryan Press. Get the heck up out of here with that one. I agree, Brandy never said Ryan in the  WW interview…I bet you any money this is a joke and it will not last!

    •  who?

  • are you stupid? do you realise shows are recorded a long time before theyre even aired?? GET YOU LIFE!

  • I think….who cares??? Shes no longer A list and has a history or not telling the whole truth about her relationships in the past, her albums have been a bit off lately (I WAS a huge fan back in the day).  I wouldnt be surprised if this is just to give pub towards a new album…

  • Naffy

    Seems to me Brandy hasn’t actually said anything about how long her relationship is or was.  An “insider” told Star Magazine it was 2 years… well whoop de doo.  An “Insider” might not have any idea what they are talking about.  None of it has any bearing on Brandy nor does it prove she lied about anything.  The only official thing she has said was she was in love, and no one has contradicted that.

  • Mrsadkiah

    I think people need to mind their own business

  • Dcarter910

    If her and her brother Ray Jay have anything in common it may be their skewed perception of reality and how others view them vs how they view themselves. Just a thought.

  • Michiswife

    That’s probably how her relationship was able to flourish.  No one was in her business.

  • Jadaseraiah

    I think you should probably mind your own business about “BRANDY’S” love life, because that’s exactly, what it is… HER, love life! Whether she lied or is telling the truth, she is not obligated to give details about her personal affairs, let her be!

  • Guest

    No, this article makes you look ridiculous. 

  • Audreannaj

    Yall really need to get a life of your own cause yall saty in these celebs personal life too much im sure thwoman isnt lying so get out of her damn business and her friends said her ryan been goin strong for 2years she didnt say it so let this woman live her life and stop trying to be so negative

  • ImJusSayin

    Your article said an INSIDER was quoted as saying they were dating for 2 years.. why is Brandy lying when she wasn’t the one giving false info?

  • Kntayloe

    I dont really care. Dude does look like a mix of laz and Lloyd

  • DRose

    If you weren’t so nosey maybe she wouldn’t have to lie. They have lives to live as well. Mine your own business.

  • Gmarie

    lol Brandy can tell which ever aspect of her relationships she CHOOSES to tell. It’s her business afte rall. The truth is she was probably dating all of them at the same time (nothing wrong with that, for a single woman). dating. Not in a relationship. Just dating. This guy is obviously the one who made the cut. Sometimes it just works out that way.