7 Curl Defining Products to Get Your Curls and Coils Poppin’

January 23, 2012  |  
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Looking for products to define your coils and curls? Look no further cause we’ve put together a selection of products that will make those curls pop. Now these products don’t claim to CREATE curls, but they will ENHACE your natural curl pattern and tame your frizz. If you’re not a wash-n-go type of girl, you can use them for your twist/braid outs for amazing results. Check out our list and let us know if you’ve tried any of them!
Price: $5.95 for 2oz., 13.95 for 8oz.
Price: $7 for 2oz., $22 for 8oz., $38 for 16oz.

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  • ChristinaLA

    Try Shielo’s Smoothing shampoo & conditioner. It has a hair oil in the product. My husband started using it and my children (my son has very sensitive skin, but he has no problems with Shielo). They are mixed babies and their hair likes the extra moisture.

  • Mel Stevens

    my natural hair is curly, so to get it to be a lot more manageable I use the pro naturals shampoo and conditioner. Argan oil is the best oil for the hair no doubt!

  • young afrique

    the third one works..its great on my sons hair..and it smells good!

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  • Sarah London

    I have been tryin grow my hair out for the last 3 years. And was consistently getting breakage. I have black kinky hair. I also use a relaxer which I will NOT give up. Anywho, this past winter I had the most breakage in the crown area, so that if I pull my hair up it looks like a crown. Shallow in the center and long around the hairline. So I bought the Shielo VOLUME Collection out of desperation. And as one last go around before I get the clippers. But the VOLUME Shampoo and VOLUME Conditioner work! My hair less of my hair is falling out. And it just feels better after. Some of their products did not work so good on my hair, like the Shielo HYDRATE Mist. But the VOLUME regimen does work! Loyal customer here.

  • Guestfillet

    curly meringue is the WORST product and it makes my hair dry and frizzy… don’t like it at all… 

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  • mdeborah827

    Also at issue is exactly who owns these products? Who owns Smooth N’ Shine?  Where’s all that profit going? 

    • keli

      Right? I worry that these cheap products weaken our kinky hair, even though they may define curls. I’d rather buy black-owned, from people that know our hair and have studied it. You can’t put a price on healthy, strong hair.

  • Jolie

    I learned an expensive lesson with Miss Jessie’s products so hopefully this will help someone:

    You have to KNOW your hair before you commit to spending $30+ on a product…know it and come to terms with what it will and will not do. There are NO miracle products in the natural hair game, so save your time.

    I have 3c hair with a 4a crown so I need a curl enhancer that creates slip (so a liquid spray or gel consistency). What works for me is Aveda’s Be Curly line and John Frieda’s Curl Around Spray! And for second day curls a little water mixed with Aveda chamomile spray and a dab of Miss Jessie’s Stretch Silkening Creme.

    • uh…what is 3c and 4a?

  • Meeks in Tokyo

    Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle is great! My got heat damage from a trip to the salon and this seriously helped! Their entire line is great. On their site they sell samples…for the price you pay you get way too many which is good!

  • I agree some of these MAY not work for extra kinky hair. What really worked for me was this califa pudding from komaza care (lots of other products I wan to try to). I also heard of a haircare line called kynx that is for kinky hair.

    • keli

      I see Komaza has sample sizes so you can do a trial run without spending much $$. Thank you for these suggestions 😉

      •  no problem I believe They have a customer Appreciation thing going on right now also.

  • greygoose125

    Unless you have actual curly textured hair and not extra coily, kinky hair these products will probably not work for your hair texture to define “curls.”

  • why are products for natural women soooo darn expensive?! 

  • This is pricey, plus I tired it and it made my hair hard, I tried it in a number of different ways, but still ended up with dry hair. What works for me is *Smooth’N Shine curl activator gel* referring to the kinky curly curl gel.

    • Tarastephens19

      SMOOTH N SHINE CURL ACTIVATOR GEL IS THE TRUTH!!!!! After spending an outlandish amount of money on products to define my 4a-b hair.. my txt has some curl but I use the smooth n shine and 2strand twist at nite.. in the AM I have soft thick moist curls…

    • Tarastephens19

      SMOOTH N SHINE CURL ACTIVATOR GEL IS THE TRUTH!!!!! After spending an outlandish amount of money on products to define my 4a-b hair.. my txt has some curl but I use the smooth n shine and 2strand twist at nite.. in the AM I have soft thick moist curls…

  • jackieOsassin

    um….are you guys high?

    who in their right mind will pay upwards of $30 for a product to do what a $4 one will do just as well?

    have we forgotten about the recession?? i’ve been natural for 9 months now and after my BC i’ve just been using smooth n’ shine’s curly mousse and my coils are FIERCE.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    All of these products only work for the handful of African American women who actually have real actual curly hair and they only provide false hope for women with kinky afro style hair who want the curls these products are actually for. That’s how they make their money. Why aren’t products for women with kinky afro like hair being created and promoted?

    • I agree. Lets stop nicknaming it. Where are the products for nappy hair? All of the advertisements show women of obviously mixed races with extremely curly hair (coily) or sistas with poofy (kinky) hair. They can use John Frieda and products for other hair. But its the nappy-headed sistas – like myself- who get duped into buying these expensive products and there really isn’t a money back guarantee. So, once again, we’re SOL

      • Resistencia

        Hi Donna, I don’t know if you have used some of the products mentioned on this list. So far I have used the Kinky Curly and Shea Moisture which are GREAT for kinky hair, but of course what works for a person wont work for the other. There are more than a hundred reviews on both these two products made by women with 4a, 4B, 4C textures. I’m hispanic with a 3b/3c texture and I must say I’ve found some that work really really well. You can always visit Curly Nikki or African Export (youtube vlogger) for advice, I follow them and they’re cool. Hugs! ♥

  • Lisibaby

    ok that woman on the first page is clearly wearin a ponytail. U can tell it doesnt match her hair. Urgh

  • IC  Fantasia is what I use for my coils or twist or free form curl pattern,it does not flake and it is nice and light and adds shine  as well…I love it.  Im old school and it works well, my scalp is oiled with ultra sheen satin press and ultra sheen conditioning hair dress mixed together.  My Hair shines and stays that way for at least a week.  A nightly spritz of olive oil and plain water.

  • mrzmlm

    Kinky Curly did not work for me.  I followed all the instructions, and by the time my hair dried, there was not a single defined curl.  I was highly embarrassed, as I was on an out of town trip and didn’t have a chance to fix my hair.

    • PolkaDots

      It’s a crap product. Made me look like the Lion King. It went right back to Target.

  • Ba_in_pa

    I just wish you’d have talked a little bit if only just a blurb, about each product. . .

  • Sugar_Spice

    I use Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, I love it but you can not use it everyday or it’ll make your hair feel hard.  I also use Curl Creme Brule by Curls, you can get an 8 oz bottle for $11.99 at Target.  It gives me great second day curls!

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie is protein based. Try the Shea Butter Hair Masque. It’s Shea Moisture moisturizing version. I use that most of the time and the Smoothie only a couple times a week.

      • Sugar_Spice

        Thanks for the info, it’s hard to find a product that doesn’t make my 3b/3c hair hard.  

  • Git it right!

    The first picture with Kinky Curly is false advertising.  The $16.99 price tag is for the 8 oz jar, but the picture shows the 16 oz jar which goes for $29.99.