Case Closed: Vanessa Bryant Gets $75 Mil and 3 Homes in Settlement

January 20, 2012  |  

We knew Vanessa Bryant could get up to half of Kobe’s money when she filed for divorce from him in December, and according to reports that’s exactly what she got.

Vanessa is reportedly walking away with $75 million—half of Kobe’s worth— plus three homes (mansions) in the divorce settlement. The first home is the one which she, Kobe, and their two daughters lived in, the second is a house her mother currently resides in, and the third is a property that was just completed after a two-year construction. Initially, Kobe was said to be moving into the new place, but it seems he’s “homeless” at the moment.

Nothing appears to be settled yet regarding the children. Vanessa is said to have requested joint custody of their daughters Natalia and Gianna but she also asked that Kobe get visitation rights, suggesting she wants them in her care the majority of the time. From the looks of the property settlement, Kobe seems to be going down without a fight so I’m sure she’ll get her way with the kids as well. She can certainly afford to take good care of them.

What do you think about Vanessa’s clean sweep?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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    Well I don’t feel the least bit sorry for Kobe…he was advised strongly from his father not to marry this woman but as most black men are Kobe was just soooo estatic to have the attention from a non-black woman that he couldn’t wait to wife her up. Now he didn’t want to marry Brandy, a beautiful, successful, black woman that had her own millions before him so he knew she wouldn’t be after him just for the money, simply because Brandy was just a regular dark skinned black woman, nothing special in his eyes. So for choosing Vanessa he got what he pretty much deserved!!

    • Go kill yourself, you are a bitter black man. By the way Kobe still came out on top and is still 100’s of millions you on the other hand aren’t worth 50 cent’s. By the way my finance professor taught me never feel sorry for a millionaire so at-least you got that point right.


  • Kameki Malone

    Should have married a sister that’s what he gets for being so arrogrant

    • Postedbya_bw

      Marry a sister so he can cheat on her!  Would a sister have been a better wife?  People are attracted to who they are attracted to. Bw have to get over this, worry about yourself and your man.

    • Maybe he’s arrogant, because he is best at his trade. People who are in top 1% performers of their career tend to be confident and even arrogant. However, you probably wouldn’t understand that since on your last job performance review you were in the bottom third. 

  • Nahla

    I find it funny how she waited 10 years to divorce him, why didn’t she divorce him after he cheated the first time? Because she wanted that money! Golddigger!

  • lee

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  • KIKI

    Can’t turn a video ho into a house wife, should’ve listened to Mike when he told the dummy to get a pre-nup, now you lost half…Never touched a court in her life and she’s walking away with more than most players, damn shame.

    • Fdsrf

      Their kids should get trust funds set up, but beyond that, she should only get what she put in the marriage. It makes me sick when i think of the message we send to women

  • Sho

    I guess now she can enjoy his riches with her new man, down the line, one of her own, aint that a bish.

  • Tashb14

    Smart move on her part!!!! She probably wanted to leave him a long time ago but someone (maybe an attorney) told her to wait it out until the 10yr mark (per the CA martial laws) and then file for divorce!! Once again, smart move on her part……next time he’ll think about getting a prenup!!!

    • 415diva

      Prenups usually have an infidelity clause; I doubt she’d have signed one if it didn’t, & he’d STILL be out of a large chunk of change!!!

  • She never had to cook, clean,
    raise kids, work, never shot a basketball or anything and that is worth half a man’s life
    earnings and them some? I DONT THINK SO!!!!

    • Pivyque

      Who says she never cooked, cleaned or raised the kids? I’m pretty sure that is exactly what she did. ON TOP OF putting up with his cheating. If my husband cheated on me, I would aim to get 90% of everything he owns. My feelings are worth more that half his life earnings, but i’ll damn sure try to get even.

      • Negro are you slow. Kobe is worth 400-500 million and he just gave her three house’s and 75 million and you think this chick was running around cleaning and cooking in those house’s, huh? You must think she is a illegal alien…lol. This is not the show “The Game” and she wasn’t married to Jason Pitts.

        • Pivyque

          LOL! Well, whatever! When they married, they agreed to share money! He should have thought about it before getting no prenup! She may have not DESERVED it, but that’s what she got!! Kind of like…she didn’t deserve to have her husband step out on her so publicly…but he did lol

    • Dee

      It’s called being a wife.  Yes she deserves half if that is how the laws work in her state.  Kobe could have kept his family together (it’s cheaper to keep her in most cases) but he couldn’t be satisfied with his beautiful wife and children.  He had to have sex with any and everyone who was willing…or not.

  • Lucky

    Kobe is smart give her the three houses and 75mil she will be broke from paying all the bills for three houses, and the property taxes from all three houses I give this broad three to four years before this non educated girl loses all her money. Kobe will have the last laugh.

    • Prettyrick

      No no.  She will find another one, maybe with more money.  Vanessa is not a dummy.

    • Msmykimoto2u

      Please…if she was smart enough to stay with him for that long and have two kids to get all that money, im sure she plans on selling those homes. Especially the brand new one and then buying her own. She wiins

    • gues

      yeah that’s what I thought also plus that third mansion is not finished yet

    • 415diva

      You really don’t think all of those bills aren’t worked into the settlement? & remember, child support hasn’t even come into play yet…she’s laughing all the way to the bank, boo!!! lol

      • cass12

        With the housing market on the downside she will have a hard time selling those homes, especially since they’re probably rather expensive.The property taxes alone in Cali will be too much. Kobe’s lawyers knew exactly what they were doing. I’m sorry I think Kobe will get the last laugh.

  • reese

    I knew she was going to get his money.  People get over it.  Kobe brought it on himself.  He couldn’t keep it in his pants and didn’t have a prenup.  I quess he thought he would stay with him and put up with his crap because he was a superstar nba player.

  • I’m not sure what she deserved, But she got what she was aiming for. I don’t blame her , I knew after the whole trial fiasco it was over but she is one smart cookie, she hang on, gave him one more kid and complete the package.

  • Hateit

    She deserves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep it moving. lol

  • lovely01

    These athletes are so dumb, and the women that marry them are way smarter. Vanessa knew what she was doing, by staying with him longer you get more money. Kobe will not stop cheating, its in is blood along with the rest of the athletes.

  • You go Vanessa..That’ll teach him!  All that cheating she deserves half…Kobe sucks anyways!!

  • Sophia

    Loool good for him next time keep it in your pants 

  • When a black woman asks for child support…she is a gold digger. 

    When a nonblack woman asks for billions of dollars, she is entitled.

    • Texaslady9376

      i didnt want to say it, but….the truth is the TRUTH. now watch how many ppl get angry at u for speaking it. they will say that we are just bitter black women, they will say enough with playing the race card, but until they walk a second in our shoes and experience it first hand they will NEVER understand..BW have struggled for YEARS taking care of our homes and children with no man present, and to me, this is just one more slap in the face..

      • lol girl i aint ne’er been afraid to keep it real. Regardless of what those who dont want to admit im right, think.

    • Fiona

      Soooooooooooooooooooo TRUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! all evil is for black women!
      GOOD for him!!!!

    • Jener

      A divorced wife will ALWAYS get more respect than a baby mama seeking financial support. You may not agree nor understand, but in the worlds’ eyes, a wife is deserving a baby mama is just that, a baby mama. That’s how the world works. My intent is not to argue your point, just state the truth.

      • reese

        Ofcourse that is true.  But baby’s mama is entitled to child support too.  And them wanting it doesn’t make them gold diggers.

        • Jener

          Of course they are entitled.  Im the product of a father who often made excuses not to pay.  I would never deny that the kids deserve it.  I just wanted to point out how people view things.  If it was a mistress or even an ex gf of Kobe Bryant requesting support she would be viewd as a gold digger, but Vanessa has  “paid her dues” as a wife.  There’s a difference.  Just the way it is. 

      • Breezy2010b

        and WHO is talking about baby mamas?

        let me gues…you think all black women are potential baby mamas.

        i know you a black man already.

        • Jener

          Dont get your panties in a bunch.  Im a black woman not a bm.  Just explaining why some are preceived as gold diggers and others are preceived as deserving.  Juanita got over $100 million, Morgen Freeman’s ex got more than that, Will Smith’s ex made out like a fat rat. You know Jada will if they divorce.  They were not viewed as gold diggers.  But mistresses and baby mamas will always be.  That goes for white ones, too.  Dont get upset and assume I am associating baby mamas with black women (although majority of bw with kids are baby mamas, I digress).  But point is, that’s how people view gold diggars.  It pays to marry… 

          • Ssljc

            the only reason ppl perceive blk women as baby mamas is simply because they dont think blk ppl should have much. since most of these sports r made up of blk men they cant take away the money , but they will do and say anything to make sure that money go back to the non blk women. how the heck can anyone call blk women gold diggers when its the non blk out there digging the most. heck, if blk women r gold diggers, then shouldnt they have the gold? the BIGGEST gold diggers r non blk women and we all damn welll know it!

            • Postedbya_bw

              who cares.  let them spend their money on who they wish.  I only have myself to worry about.  can care less what kobe does with his money.  my happiness and peace doesnt come from a man who choses to date non black woman.  that’s his business.

      • Fannietmk

        you are so right its not about the race. she was married to the man for 10+ years

      • Ssljc

        i dont care if u r wife or baby mama, u laid down with someone, create a life, that life is deserving of the same good treatment, whether u married or not. lets keep that real!

        • NAOMI

          The point is, it’s not about good treatment.  Because of course the mother is not wrong to expect child support.  It’s about being the wife.  A black wife asking for child support is not considered a gold digger.  A baby mama, no mater her color, will always be a GD when the man is worth millions.

      • hughes

        I’m an ex-wife that is black and have a child with him and am STILL regarded as a hold digger….so being the wife/ex-wife doesn’t matter.

        • hughes


    • fuckVanessaBryant

      Sorry but you’re wrong!! She didn’t get Billions 🙂 And Vanessa is a gold digger

      • Msmykimoto2u

        You must be a Drake fan…

    • Msmykimoto2u

      Exactly. Nobody said nothing when Tiger’s white wife got 100million and their mansion, only to have it destroyed!

      • Jener

        But they called tiger’s mistresses gold diggars

        • Msmykimoto2u

          And they were but Vanessa wasn’t Kobe’s mistress, she was his wife. Therefor entitled.

    • Ssljc

      i couldnt agree with u more here. u know jow most ppl think. as long as blk women stay down and broke, its ok with them, but if they r entittled as well, they r everything bad, not to mention if its a blk man they getting it from. sad, pathetic world we live in. by the way, she endored alot cause of this idiot, but HALF she DOES NOT deserve. on the other hand, since so many of these men forget who they r and where they r from, wipe their AZZ clean!

    • jerseygirl

       no matter race, usually they are gold diggers.

    • Michelcruzflores

      Relax this isn’t a racial issue.

  • Unconditional22

    Kobe should not have given her 3 houses.
    Vanessa deserved a little not a lot.

    Considering : – forced marriage
    – nannies
    – bodyguard s …& everything Kobe paid for or done unwillingly.

    • Unconditonal22

      Vanessa can not be so innocent.

      I believe she did a lot of wrongs.

      • The difference is she didn’t get caught!

        • Msmykimoto2u

          After being publicly humiliated and still standing by him…ya she got what he deserved

    • 415diva

      She was entitled if for no other reason than the public display of embarrassment that he put her thru w/that Colorado case; he should’ve thought about what could go down BEFORE THE DIVORCE. There’s a reason he’s not fighting, & I doubt it’s the kids!!!

      • Msmykimoto2u

        I completely agree

      • Unconditional22

        Vanessa has something over Kobe’s head.
        ….maybe that’s why Kobe gave her everything .

        I bet it’s a tape ! Or maybe she threatened his Life or career.


  • Mariah

    I think she definitely deserved something maybe not half but definitely a nice, large sum.  Oh, this is off the subject but y’all spelled moment wrong in the last sentence of the second paragraph…

    • DMitch

      Moment was not mispelled

  • Gmarie

    This “case” was closed before it even made it to the public. Kobe and Vanessa came to an agreement on their own before the split was announced, so that it would NOT be drawn out and ugly. Good for them, looking out for their children’s well being..