Huh?!?: 8 Media Moments That Made Us Go WTF

January 17, 2012 ‐ By Renay Alize

2. Break dancing power ranger

Was it a coincidence that the only black Power Ranger also wore a black suit? Most likely not. I don’t think that’s racist or stereotypical or anything…perhaps just a lack of creativity. What was stereotypical was the fact that the black ranger danced in his fight scenes. If you were being attacked by extraterrestrial monsters would you bust a move before you fought them? No, not at all. But, sadly, that’s exactly what the black ranger did.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Deon Cole pointed out the black ranger, n ever since if I randomly YouTube the show I only look at the Black ranger… Who I had a bit of a crush on…

  • Cheryl

    LOL I’m sorry, I used to LOVE that McNugget Love commercial “Girrrl ya got a 10 piece now dont be stingggaaayyy….”

    And I always hated the Hail to the V commercials

  • Wesleyetienne

    Mel B was nicknamed ‘Scary’ because she was really loud and a bit aggressive, and kind of ‘in your face’, it was a jokey way of saying how she was kind of initimidating, it had nothing to do with her race. Not once in their entire careers has Mel B’s ethnicity ever been mentioned in the UK, so it’s sad that something has been made of it on this site because their nicknames were purely based on their character traits. Their names were given to them by a journalist for a teenage pop magazine who interviewed them and noticed how different their characters were.

  • RenJennM

    Oh shut up! This article is so damn dumb, it’s ridiculous. Most of these “issues” are trivial! Scary Spice, the black Power Ranger??? Really?! I grew up with both and NEITHER offended me as a kid. 

    Spice Girls is a BRITISH band, which means that a lot of slang they use over there, we may not use or understand. Back then, I didn’t even know what the word “posh” meant until I looked it up because we typically don’t say posh around here (in America), we say “rich”. “Scary” is supposed to mean bold, wild, and fun… just like her wardrobe and personality. If 10yr kids could get that and still love her, why couldn’t you? 

    And if you still FOLLOWED the Power Rangers’ series past the FIRST damn season, you’d know that being the black ranger had NOTHING to do with his race. There were other black rangers throughout the years who were NOT Black. 

    Every other thing on here isn’t even worth my time. I thought there were going to be REAL media issues on this list. smdh Whatever.

  • dreamer40

    I think the model in the American Apparel ad is gorgeous, who says black women (of any shade) can’t wear bright/bold/sunny colors?  IF anything is offensive to me, it’s that she’s mean mugging with no smizing (Tyra Bank’s voice).  When I see this ad, I don’t think of Aunt Jemima at all, because we all know the Afro-centric headwrap is very fly!!!

  • TVAL

    Same thing with the asian woman being the yellow ranger.

  • Sue

    Okay…I thought I was the only one who wondered why the only black girl in the Spice Girls was called “scary”. The industry…sometimes…I wonder… 
    I never saw the American Apparel ad before but alot of these designers do a lot of semi-racist ish…Good thing I shop at the Thrift Store and don’t support the “top designers” (yeah…that’s why I shop there…) ;)!

  • ms.lisa

    the summers eva commercial was crazy!

  • iReezy

    All of the power rangers were semi-stereotyped:

    black ranger – black suit
    white all-american girl ranger – pink suit
    white irish ranger – green suit
    white all-american guy ranger – red suit
    asian ranger – yellow suit
    white guy geeky ranger – blue suit

  • Teftot

    I had never seen that commercial before. I did see the one with the warriors fighting over the women. Both are over the top.

  • I had never seen the Summer’s Eve commercial, BUT IT IS HELLAH FUNNY!!

  • I agree with all the ENTRIES EXCEPT The Holiday Heart & the American Apparel Ad. I think that Ving was extremely IMPRESSIVE in the movie. I Also Think This Young Lady IS BEAUTIFUL!! It’s a matter of taste & opinion I GUESS!!

  • Lingarner218

    There were two black rangers a girl and a guy. The yellow ranger was black too, with almost like dookie braids so that was bad too

  • Sugar_Spice

    “You dippin’ on me”……. omg I always died when that commercial came on.  I don’t know if McDonalds advertising team meant it to be a joke or who was behind it but I hope it wasn’t meant to be serious.

    • Auna

      “Girllll you got a 10 piece please don’t be stingyyyy” Lmao 

      • Sugar_Spice

        “You got that McNuggets lovin” bwahahaha

  • They should of pushed Lil Mama off the stage!  lol

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  • Ha, and the white ranger was the most skilled one. However, he wasn’t in it from the start.

  • Privatedancer

    Those Hail to the V commercials were such a MESS (the hispanic one was pretty ignorant too)!  But using the CACTUS in the black one is adding insult to injury.  Shaking my head (not poppin’ my neck!)

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  • Lol @ number 8. As for #7., American Apparel is definitely not a place where black Americans/black Africans should shop. Truth. 

  • Naffy

    I’m sorry but don’t y’all NEVA say nothing bad about Holiday!!  WE LOVE YOU HOLIDAY!!! lol

  • Candacey Doris

    The Asian was the yellow ranger (Trini) too. Trying to tell us something Power Rangers?

    That American Apparel ad…WTF?

    • Christophe Tam

      notice they were both in the Power Rangers’ first season. they left after that.

  • Msmykimoto2u

    AHAHAA! @ the black ranger! Omg, I almost fell out my seat but that is so sad and true hoe they portrayed the “black ranger”

    • seek2027

      I know right too funny

    • Sue

      I was dead at that too!