That’s Not Ladylike: Female Celeb Beefs That Had Us Scratching Our Heads

January 17, 2012 ‐ By IndigoBlack

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We all know that in hip-hop, beef is the norm, and in many cases, it’s expected. And while that’s all fine and dandy in the boy’s club, there have been some sistas in the public eye who have had their fair share of drama and elbow throwing. It’s not something I’m particularly a fan of seeing, but thanks to reality TV, it’s something we’re being exposed to on the regular. Check out these ladies who love drama and do yourself a favor by doing the opposite of what they say and do.

Mama Jones vs. Olivia…?

I think this is stemming from the last season of “Love & Hip Hop,” where Olivia shoved a drink in the face of Mama Jones to keep her from interrupting Chrissy’s much talked about proposal to Jim Jones. While Mama Jones was still a bit heated about it in last year’s reunion special, it seemed to be the least of her issues. But after Olivia joked about Mama Jones’ deep voice (and it is DEEEEEEP) on the show, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Mama Jones ran on Twitter and went in on Olivia (and Yandy actually, but she seemed to be an afterthought), claiming she was passed around by 50 Cent and G-Unit, and a whole lot worse. In response, Olivia, told Mama Jones to suck a fat one–and we’re not talking about toes people. I’m assuming Mama Jones will have a diss record on the way for this chick, but she needs to sit down. IMMEDIATELY.

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  • Crimjust

    Lisa Raye should probably do herself a favor and be quiet so that no one figures out what she already knows and that is she has no talent other than her ability to be ignorant and tacky. Her grasp of the English language is truly lacking. Amber Rose should just be thankful for where she is, how she got there shows how some women have the morals of an alley cat. Lil Kim would do well to stay away from plastic surgery she looks like over inflated barbie doll reject. None of this holds any interest for me especially on these women, they do more to embarrass themselves than to honor who they are which is pretty much limited at best.

  • devildog808

    Momma Jones is simply a disgusting mirror image of Keyshia Coles mother Frankie. She has no true purpose and has never grown up. Rihanna’s head has grown three sizes since 09 and her comments to Ciara were uncalled for! Lil Kim will always be “Queen B”…LOL! I love Star, Nene Leaks is a mess..LOL Amber Rose just needs to shut up at this point and be happy with Wiz Kalifia. And then there was my girl Lisa Raye…LOL! I don’t know about the others but Rosci Diaz is a natural skank for sleeping with her husband. I don’t blame Lisa for that beef!

  • Junie

    U know they really shouldnt do that i mean thier celebraties they know its gonna be on the news

  • Sanderschykim

    This is part of the reason they’re calling our first lady Mrs. Obama an angry black woman. Were better than this, especially Star Jones whose an educated woman ex Da.. get it together ladies.

  • Cairo5

    I know none of these females including Jayonce or JLo had or have beef with my girl miss Lauryn Hill as she Queen B, seriously think its only a matter of time before she reclaims her throne.

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  • Anthony

    Keri Hilson is considered a writer for the mentioned performers. Therefore she is considered as “The Help”. There is no need to respond to her….EVER!

    What has she done again?!?

    • mrs.j.cole

      keri hilson needs to sit down some where ain’t nobody checking for her that’s why beyonce is still making more money than her now and ciara’s been in the game longer than keri……..miss.keri you can take several sets_/ _/ _/ _/ _/ # damn coleworld no snuggie



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  • You know what astounds me about your list? None of them remotely interested me as having a handful of talent…..