That’s Not Ladylike: Female Celeb Beefs That Had Us Scratching Our Heads

January 17, 2012  |  
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We all know that in hip-hop, beef is the norm, and in many cases, it’s expected. And while that’s all fine and dandy in the boy’s club, there have been some sistas in the public eye who have had their fair share of drama and elbow throwing. It’s not something I’m particularly a fan of seeing, but thanks to reality TV, it’s something we’re being exposed to on the regular. Check out these ladies who love drama and do yourself a favor by doing the opposite of what they say and do.

Mama Jones vs. Olivia…?

I think this is stemming from the last season of “Love & Hip Hop,” where Olivia shoved a drink in the face of Mama Jones to keep her from interrupting Chrissy’s much talked about proposal to Jim Jones. While Mama Jones was still a bit heated about it in last year’s reunion special, it seemed to be the least of her issues. But after Olivia joked about Mama Jones’ deep voice (and it is DEEEEEEP) on the show, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Mama Jones ran on Twitter and went in on Olivia (and Yandy actually, but she seemed to be an afterthought), claiming she was passed around by 50 Cent and G-Unit, and a whole lot worse. In response, Olivia, told Mama Jones to suck a fat one–and we’re not talking about toes people. I’m assuming Mama Jones will have a diss record on the way for this chick, but she needs to sit down. IMMEDIATELY.

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Ciara & Rihanna…?

Oh Ci-Ci…This all got started after Ciara decided to air out her competition on national television; not for being a bad singer or performer, but for being mean of all things. Say what? During the E! Channel’s “Fashion Police,” when asked not only about Rihanna’s red carpet fashion but about the chick in general, Ciara decided to keep it real, even though it wasn’t really appropriate or necessary: “I ran into [Rihanna] recently at a party. She wasn’t the nicest,” Ciara told Rivers. “It’s crazy, because I’ve always loved and respected what she’s done in fashion. It wasn’t the most pleasant run-in.” When Ri heard this, she decided to clown, and things got kind of ugly: “My bad, Ci, did I forget to tip you” From there, Ci said that the Bajan singer didn’t want to see her on stage, and in return, Ri told her that she was going to need help booking said stage, insinuating that Ciara’s album sales were so low, no one would be checking for her. Ouch. In the end, Rihanna apologized, and the ladies let bygones be bygones…or so we think. *Fake smile*

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Nicki Minaj & Lil’ Kim

Here’s to hoping that this beef is OVER. Who can keep up with it, and really it’s hard to tell when and where it all got started. Maybe it was all that talk of stolen styles and sounds, or maybe it was a bit of jealousy over competition. Despite when it all popped off, I think we can all attest to the fact that it has gone out of control since Nicki became a mainstream success. We know Ms. Minaj has thrown her subliminal shots, and we can’t forget the random threats made by Kim that she would erase Nicki’s social security number and talks of ringing her throat. Then there was “Black Friday,” “Roman’s Revenge,” angry interviews and more. Things have seemed to quiet down and we can only hope they’ll cut the drama and make money together. Because, well, we all know one out of these two people NEEDS the publicity more than the other.

Keri Hilson & Ciara

Ciara stays in some drama, huh? But this time, it didn’t really seem to be her fault. After having big success with her album, In a Perfect World, Miss Keri Baby took to the remix of her hit “Turnin’ Me On” to try and allegedly throw shade. The ladies she took aim at included Beyoncé and Ciara (“Go ‘head and tell them folks how long I been writing your songs. I been puttin’ you on, just check the credits, ho.”). While we’re sure Bey didn’t feel the need to respond, Ci Ci (who was chummy with Keri) took offense, and Keri admitted they were caught in a feud at one point to Jones magazine. The ladies seem to have patched things up though, and even appeared in a Ustream video together to show it’s all good. Hopefully they really are done with all that, because tearing each other down when musically, neither of you are all that dominant is pretty random…

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Foxy Brown vs. Jacki-O

Foxy is another female lyricist who has gone toe to toe with many people: nail techs, next door neighbors, managers and Lil’ Kim of course. But her very random drama with Miami rapper Jacki-O was a bit too heated and wound up ending a physical fight. The two were slated to spit on a track together and met in the studio, but according to Jacki-O, when Foxy entered, she didn’t feel she was greeted by Jacki-O properly, and let her feelings be known. B-words were spewed incessantly, and eventually, O says she grew tired of it and they went at it for a short time: ” I didn’t look to get in no altercation, but when you come from where I come from, you gotta protect yourself. That’s exactly what I had to do.” Inga, Inga, Inga. If there was anyone who needs some good old-fashioned anger management and a vacation or five, it would be this chick. She STAYS brawling with any ‘ol body.

NeNe Leakes & Star Jones

No matter whose side you take, after watching these women have their own battle royale on Celebrity Apprentice, it’s clear that they’re both a mess. NeNe Leakes has always come off as a big bully if you ask me, and Star has never seemed too pleasant herself, but when these two women met up to help Donald Trump net some ratings, it was like an explosion. And the fact that both women took to other television shows to publicly humiliate one another was a step in the wrong direction. Star said she wouldn’t spit on NeNe if she were on fire, and NeNe called out Star for being manipulative, conniving and bossy. To this day, there’s been no reconciliation, which is sad, because they are both too old for beef, and such a public one at that.

Amber Rose vs. Alexis Phifer & Kim Kardashian

Remember when Amber Rose cried on the show “RapFix Live” talking about how she keeps her mouth shut and is all nice and ish? WOMP. She’s made many an attack on women–the notable and the everyday woman. For instance, while still dating Kanye West, Amber was smelling herself and her fame a bit too much, and went on the radio to take shot at Yeezy’s ex, Alexis Phifer. Why? Who knows, but this is what she had to say: “You see Kanye’s other ex, he was with her for six years, took her the same places and no one even remembers her name now…” Ouch much? In response, Alexis kept it classy when talking to VIBE and said, “I was kind of like “Girl please.” I just laughed that off, brushed that one right off my shoulders. She doesn’t really know what she’s saying, so I can’t even be mad at her. She doesn’t even know the half.

But that wasn’t the end of Amber’s beefs. As we all know, she recently called out Kim Kardashian for allegedly breaking up her relationship with Kanye by cheating with him during her notable relationship with Reggie Bush. She threw out the word homewrecker and everything ya’ll. Those are fighting words! Kim hasn’t responded and it would be best if she didn’t, because how much worse can she really make herself look? She’s pretty much in the gutter reputation wise. Leave that alone, girl.

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Lisa Raye vs…Everyone.

The all-white everything wearing actress has had to call a few people out in her day, from co-workers to really good friends–she’s no stranger to drama it seems. For instance, after years of being BFF’s with Vivica A. Fox, in an interview with Honey Magazine, she called out Viv for NOT being there as a supportive sista during Lisa’s breakup with Michael Misick (the former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands) in 2008.

“You can’t be with me while the chips are down? But while things were good, ‘we flying over here.’ We at my house free styling and profiling and you can’t be there when I’m going through it. Huh I don’t need you.” She also fell out with old girlfriend Star Jones, who she said took the wrong side during her divorce, and also wound up MIA.

But who can forget her major beef with Rocsi Diaz about allegations that the 106 & Park host had an affair with Michael Miskick as well as the drama with Stacey Dash? Lisa Raye says she saw pictures of Rocsi in her home when she wasn’t invited and called her kid, saying that she hopes homegirl knows what she’s getting into.

As for Stacey, on The Rickey Smiley Show, Lisa Raye admitted that she and Dash had a spat during the filming of Single Ladies, and that hands were put in faces and words were exchanged. “We were on the set, and tempers was flaring because we had been filming 15 hours a day,” Lisa Raye said. “The particular night … there was a scene that we were doing, and she didn’t want to stay on the set for my line.“I just walked over and said, ‘Stacey, just do what the director tells you to do.” When Stacey wasn’t feeling that idea, she put her hand in Lisa Raye’s face and this is what she had to say to Dash: “I said if you don’t get your hand out of my [bleep] face…” We all know that since that spat, Dash was replaced on Single Ladies (let’s just assume she left on her own…).

The queen of celeb beef might just be Lisa Raye, but there have been many who’ve thrown words and fists at one another before and after her. But I will say, if you continuously fall out with people, it might be time to stop pointing fingers and start looking at what you might be doing or NOT doing too…DRAMA!

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