10 Artists That Blew Up…But Shouldn’t Have

January 13, 2012  |  
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If you haven’t seen our story “9 Artists Who Should Have Blown Up…But Didn’t,” you’re missing out on a great list of super talented people who deserve more success. But obviously, by the title above, today’s list is more dedicated to the people whose talents are a bit on the questionable side, but whose success is a bit more than they probably should be getting. While all of these people have had a few songs that had us wopping out in the club, I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen people on the train who can sing and perform better for a dollar. But to each their own.


I’m not going to lie, this chick had a few bangers that I was bouncing my head to in the car (“Rain on Me,” “Baby”), but still, we all know her voice was a bit too paper thin. However, when homegirl first dropped, her album was #1 on the Billboard 200, going triple platinum selling six million copies (that’s huge by today’s industry sales), she was awarded the Soul Train Aretha Franklin “Entertainer of the Year” award in 2002, and won a Grammy for her self-titled album. But still…I mean, if the video for “Happy” doesn’t justify why she was highly overrated, I just don’t know what would.

Soulja Boy

“YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!” Who knew a little shucking and jiving could create such a monumental money maker? Seriously, Soulja Boy might have ushered in the idea of artists making themselves famous by publishing their joints online and what not (which is smart and commendable), but the song “Crank That”(Soulja Boy) was the definition of ratchet. And since that track dropped in 2007, he’s followed up with even more ratchetness, a majority of his joints highlighting a supposedly large amount of swag he has. A rapper that was supposed to be a one-hit wonder found a way to just keep going and making more money. But we think his star might be on the decline after taking on the good folks of the U.S. military. Dumbest. Move. Ever.


Love this chick’s style and her “I don’t give a” attitude. However, all that can’t buy you a good singing voice and some dancing skills. She was most recently tagged as the best selling digital artist of all time for the sale of her singles, but we’re still not really sure what people are going gaga over musically when it comes to her. Repetitive talk about sex and sadomasochism are pretty much mostly what we’re hearing nowadays from homegirl. Her performances are okay–not much but standing around and touching her lady parts–but like Ashanti, her voice is not as strong as it could be. She either needs to get herself some real lessons or stop, go be a model (because she’s a hottie) and leave the singing to the JHuds and Adeles.

Taylor Swift

This chick was pretty popular from the start with country fans and what not, but many only knew her for her fantasy-esque love story based songs and being a Jonas Brother’s old boo. But how many people thought she was kicked into superstardom big time after Kanye acted a donkey and interrupted her speech during the MTV VMAs in 2009? Seriously, she went from country star to big time pop star, “Entertainer of the Year,” and won the “Album of the Year” Grammy in 2010, coincidentally. It’s like because she was able to be the bigger person about the incident folks wanted to award her for any and everything. She sings okay and it’s nice that she can play the guitar and write songs about any and every boyfriend she’s ever had, but c’mon: we all know Yeezy put her on big time.

Wiz Khalifa

A Facebook friend of mine sometime last year called it out plain and simple: “What makes Wiz Khalifa a “good” rapper? Don’t people just like him because he smokes weed???”

WORD. “Black and Yellow” was that deal, mainly because of the pumped up opening and chorus, but everything since has just been…’aight. Maybe it’s the great production he gets that have people acting like he’s a young Snoop, but everytime I hear his joints I want to go to sleep rather than rolling up anything. The lyrical prowess heard on Kush & Orange is pretty much all drained out, and now, all I see is Amber Rose’s boo-thing. Here’s to hoping the next album will be a bit…no, a lot better.
*Note: Apologies for the “Black and Gold,” your girl had a brain fart…


Everytime I hear this chick’s music my mind is blown. I think to myself, “WORD? This is all it takes to make millions and top the charts? What have I been doing with my life!?” Miss Kesha (or Ke$ha) is classified as a singer, songwriter and RAPPER if you want to call that what she does, but her voice and techno-laced songs just always make me think of a Valley Girl who decided to pick up a new hobby. Every single song she’s dropped on the radio has been like acid to my ears, but awesome-ness to everyone else because she’s always in the top 10 of the Billboard charts. Maybe it’s just me? *Kanye shrug*


“Buy You a Drank”(Shawty Snappin’) had everybody snapping and walking it out, and even “Bartender” was pretty fun to listen to (Epiphany, which both singles came from debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, and homeboy even had an app made in his honor). But let’s keep it real, aside from some pretty good record producing, we don’t even know what real singing skills he has. And honestly, thriving off of auto-tune in this day and age is tired. We should have just left that to our main man Roger Troutman with his custom talk box. But no. And while it was cool for a minute, Teddy Pend-her-a**-down hasn’t really evolved beyond it.


I know you’re probably going to snap about this inclusion, but I ask you, have you ever watched the live performance these three ladies did of “Can’t You See?” at Showtime at the Apollo? HORRIBLE. I’m surprised the “Sandman” didn’t come out and tap dance them off the stage. Their voices were cracking and they were straining pretty badly. You can’t watch this and tell me they CAN sing! Their production, like most Bad Boy acts, was pretty flawless (“Kissing You” is that joint), but they didn’t dance and just didn’t have the sex appeal of other ’90s groups. Love their songs, but uh…that studio manufactured perfection is a trip…

Wacka Flocka Flame

“O Le doo e” That’s what I always used to say until I realized Wacka was saying “O Let’s Do It” all that time. I like his energy, his locks, and um…yeah, that’s about it. But for the most part, he’s hella hard to understand and nothing he says is ever very profound. And I don’t mean that in a conscious way, but in a poetic way. There are no fun double entendres, no fancy metaphors over all that bass–just yelling. Once again, great production covers up any hot mess.

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  • Baby Bye

    I’m just reading this article. To see Ashanti at the top of the list was refreshing. For the life of me, I can’t stand to hear her sing. I can’t stand to see her little baby teeth smile. She’s the worst. Rhianna should be tied with Ashanti. I guess Ci-error wasn’t even considered to be a singer, huh?.. She should have been on here before Taylor Swift.

  • Noel

    I’m sorry, but I disagree about Ashanti and Rihanna. I don’t think they belong on this list. Just because they don’t have a voice like Jennifer Hudson or Fantasia doesn’t mean they can’t sing. I don’t understand why people think you have to have a strong voice and hit high notes in order to be a really good singer. Seriously, it seems like you’re more focused on how well they sing. Fyi, it takes more than good singing and “high notes” in order to make it in the music industry. -_- Smfh!!

  • noneya

    Really? Ashanti has no talent. She’s about as popular as she needs to be.

  • mb

    She is the worst. She is an embarassment. Why is Captain Too Much Gums modeling now too? How is she a bigger musician than Mila Jovovich or Lauryn Hill? She is also a terrible guitar player if you watch her live. She is no role model for girls either. Can anyone even count how many men she has gone through by the age of 25? If she were my daughter I would beat the hoe out of her!

  • Rebecca Walton

    This whole thread is reflective of the marginalization of black culture from the rest of pop culture. WHITE WASHED american pop culture is what determines who’s on top and who’s not. #MADAMNOIRE is a black digital media outlet that virtually no one outside BET reads……. c’mon people wake up….. all these “artists” are super popular because WHITE WASHED american pop-culture is super entertained by them…….(as am i, regretfully so – luv luv luv TAYLOR, AND NOT JUST BECUZ OF Kan-who) SORRY Madam Noire your opinion is null and void in comparison to the Simon Cowell’s of the world…..

    • slim

      Just because there’s more value put on the opinion of the ”Simon Cowell’s of the world” doesn’t mean Madam Noire isn’t right on the money with the majority of this list

  • Tracy Frimpong

    No, No. I LOVE rihanna, haha. I agree with the rest of the list though

  • Yo

    Uughm, where’s future and 2chains in this list.. ya’all stfu if they aint in it

  • Dreydrey

    Rick Ross

  • SYBP

    I’m surprised that Kanye hasn’t yet ranted about being the reason for Taylor Swift’s fame

  • queenbee9

    Rhianna CAN sing and what is more important her voice is more relevant it is because of her that other black R & B singers (like Beyoncé) began to unblack their music–the more white girls can sing along and copy it on you tube the more they can identify with the singer and the more little white girls can identify with a song (or little white boys can) the more units can be sold to the people who actually will spend money buying records and going to concerts and not just buy bootleg. Rhianna was a smart move for these times as was Minaj because they could cross over better than a sistah singing riffs and being an R & B beast.

  • queenbee9

    Alicia Keyes. could not carry a tune in a bucket. she’s amazingly beautiful, if she lost more weight she could have been a model, but you can tell she cannot sing when she sings any songs but her own. Then she is totally off key. (see her performance of “if I were your woman” she insulted that song. The only reason her own songs are so dope is that no one knows how they are SUPPOSED to sound and so cannot call her out for going off key–but if anyone else or a less pretty girl had sang the way Miss Keyes sang, they never would have ever gotten a record deal based on singing ability.

  • Ricki Robinson

    Wiz should not have been on this list. He was way famous before his first album. Everyone knows that these days a rap artist true talent is showcased via online videos/mixtapes. Like all artists, they have to please the label when choosing songs for an album. I do not think Wiz’s talent and credibility can be measured by the things stated above.

  • Katya

    Can’t help but agree wholeheartedly with this list. Don’t forget to add lady gaga and nicki minaj to it also.

  • I get where you’re coming from but seriously, never take a job at a major record label as an A&R exec because you’d get fired immediately if you voiced these opinions.

  • missegypt

    don’t hate on Ashanti – she’s a cool chick with an epic pen game! her voice has grown over years and she sounds amazing live in more recent performances. The videos for the singles from her second album and later were much better than her ones as they were directed by Paul Hunter, Hype Williams etc not Irv Gotti (Happy video).

  • hunter

    well you posted this article two years ago, and looking at the comments, lmao…yall really though TPain would remain relevant, LMAO…and yall thought Rihanna would fade away…and to say taht she can’t sing is reaching ..RIHANNA CAN SING!!!

  • ♏ ®

    Every single person on this list could go away from the industry, and I wouldn’t lose one WINK of sleep. Total already has. Ashanti was an Aaliyah rebound. A poor one. Rhianna’s voice annoys the piss outa me. Souljah Boy & Waka Flocka watered the rap game. Wiz needs rehab. Taylor Swift is a jumpoff, 15 “relationships” in like 2 years. They fuel her songwriting. Kesha needs a bath & a job at Burger King.
    You forgot Nicki Minaj. Her voice just kills my ears. Sounds like helium.

  • rockei

    omg rihanna is so right for this list! as i sit and think about each artist and youtube some videos for research and she def skates by on good beats! total on the other hand no one is surprised! every singer bad boy has gotten a hold of was heavily processed! if you need proof listen to jennifer lopez before then after her break up with puff!

  • Tagirl

    Y’all totally missed on Taylor Swift! She may not be your cup of tea but that little girl is talented. Her music is dope. She has a nice pen too.

  • AdorkABLE

    I definitely agree with Ashanti. Her songs were decent, but I didn’t think she deserve the recognition and awards she received, especially the Aretha Franklin one. Didn’t know who Whiz and Wacka were. Completely disagree with Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Ke$ha. I love Taylor Swift’s songs and lyrics. I knew who she was way before the Kanye incident. Some of her best songs aren’t played mainstream and I can identify with some of her songs. . I wasn’t sure about Rihanna when she first came out, but after listening to the different songs she lends her voice to and the last few hits, I’ve become a fan. Ke$ha’s songs are just fun and catchy, they get me moving whether I’ve had a bad day or at the gym.

  • I disagree with Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Total. They can really sing. All the others I agree.

  • #1 and #9 were RIGHT on the money!!

  • maria

    I enjoyed this slideshow until it got to Rihanna. Whoever wrote this is probably a fat ugly charcoal skinned mammy with no friends.

  • Splash

    Taylor Swift is terrible and I don’t understand why people keep making excuses for her. I agree with everyone on here. It’s like people just don’t want talented singers anymore. People get mad at beyonce for just waking up in the morning, Yet Beyonce,Gaga, Justin, JHud and a couple of more that people constantly hate on have way more talent than the ones people constantly defend. Ashanti has a terrible and week voice, Justin biber is talented and can sing? Who comments on here children? I mean come on…!!!SMH

  • toussuite

    Umm, Total was THE BUSINESS in the 90s! Totally disagree.

  • Tommysan

    You forgot John Legend, he pains me to hear him sing, bad form.

  • Insurrextion

    Ke$ha has hot feet.

  • Ethan

    Sure, I’ll give ya Ashanti, Soulja Boy, even Ke$ha, but putting Rihanna on this list is ridiculous.  She just passed her 11th #1 – most artists never dream of doing that.  You cited that she was the #1 selling digital artist of all time, are all of her fans wrong?  Yeah, she doesn’t have a Whitney/Mariah voice, but that’s not why she’s famous – she’s a pop star and excels at making pop records and being a star.  Plus you must just not enjoy dance music at all if you’ve never found yourself dancing to “We Found Love,” “Disturbia,” or “S/M.”  Her inclusion on this list only convinced me that your taste is different from the rest of the world’s, and that doesn’t at all mean these artists “shouldn’t have blown up,” only that you personally resent a certain type of music that appeals to a lot of people.

  • Toni

    Love this list, but you could have added Drake and Nikki Manaj.  He can’t flow.  That’s all there is to it, and she sounds like she’s having a stroke when she’s rapping.  Cannot believe these two are as big as they are.  

  • cyphi1

    Ashanti was fine, that’s all it takes for fame nowadays.  The people who can sang rarely make it to the limelight.

  • Elis Isle

    Taylor sings about being an adultorer… what kind of f’d up person then works with kids?!
    Shes too fake for me. Sorry.

  • No Fleas

    The author of this is a bitter sad person.  And a racist.

  • MilkChan

    I pretty much agree with this. Soulja Boy T Pain Kesha Wiz Kalifa Wacka Flocka all are terrible.

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  • derek dale

    this article is so rude

  • THIS LIST is HATING HARD with only about 2-3 good points

  • guest

    ahem Adele…theres a difference between soulful singing and shouting….also same whiney a** lyrics. yet people herald her as the next janis joplin. please.

  • Mel Blunt

    yeah, T-Pain is a royal pain along with waka, (what an unimaginiative name). This just speaks to the legions of idiots who love this dumb-downed music.

  • Mel Blunt

    Wiz can flow. I reviewed on of his mixtapes for okayplayer.com maybe 4-5 years ago and I instantly knoew Wiz has skills. Unfortunately he, like many others in rap are dumbing it down big time like the industry wants so the mac Millers, Yelawolf’s, and Machine Gun Kelley’s can seem ultra-profund!

  • Ben

    I find it curious that a black website has proclaimed Taylor S. shouldn’t have “blown up” because no one knew her before Kanye “made her famous”.  Not true.  Maybe not many black people knew her before Kanye made an a** out of himself.  The world is not insular.  Get out more often.  Moreover, it can be said George Bush made Kanye famous because white people (the people who actually spend $$) didn’t know Kanye until the infamous Bush comment. 



  • Some blew up because of looks and some are just damn lucky. But Rihanna is true talent. She has excellent singing voice, looks and sauciness. 

  • You forgot Chris Brown, a performer whose most notable singing talent is his ability to dance really well.

    • Misty Jean Moore

      He needs to go back to R&B. He’s trying to cross over to Pop. no.

  • Hassandarrah

    People I agree with that shouldn’t have blown up:
    .Soulja Boy
    .Waka Flocka Flame

    People I don’t agree of being on this list:
    .Wiz Khalifa

  • Donnab

    I agree totally with your list except for Taylor Swift. She has a great voice, is a talented writer of her songs & can act. The rest of you list is spot on!

  • H-A-T-E-R-S

  • It’s rare… and whn I mean rare, I mean this has only happened ONCE in my 30+ years…  that I actually 100% agree with this list.  It’s not even funny how hard I’m down for this list.  Every single one of them actually proves to me that this generation is filled with r#tards.

  • I don’t think I’m a big fan of anyone on this list, but it takes nerve to say they shouldn’t have blown up. I don’t understand the love for Fiona besides her looks, but that just me. Most of the people on this list were at the right place, at the right time (Ashanti, Total, Ke$ha), were on their grind (T-Pain, Wiz, Flocka, Soulja), or lack strong singing chops but have that it quality (Taylor Swift, Rihanna).

  • Taylor Swift,Ashanti,and Rihanna are talented as heck. Total was a dynamite girl group who never reached their potential because of mismanagement by Puffy,Puff Daddy,P Diddy,Sean Combs or whatever his name is. Adele is a studio singer and is so overrated and over hyped. The rest of the people on your little list? Who cares. Don’t get mad because Kanye acted the back end of a donkey and paid for it. He is so overrated. Gold Digger is the most annoying song ever. Rihanna Navy 4 Life. 

  • Jay

    Wiz Khalifa was the worst on the list. White America and a couple tight jeaned weezy fans is what keep Wiz buzzing like that. Hes horrible.

  • DEnny

    I believe in everything that was said in this list. For the most part you where right about soulja boy, but these artist are good at what they do; and that is making hits. They continue to make hot songs that people of the youth to seniors enjoy. T-pain brought back the auto-tune, which was not used much since rodger; so I admire him for bring back the old. There might not be much talent to it but his songs are hot. Wiz Khalifa is one of my favorite rappers, and even today I hear a lot of him being played in a lot of cars.

  • Taresarobertson

    I feel like someone heard my thought and publish them, lol. I would have edit two on the list like t-pain. Overall the list is on point. Ke$ha was on the list of greatest women and she was before great women like Monica I was upset even shot a pillow @ my tv. Lol

  • Desmadozier

    Take wiz off and put FLoRidA!

  •  The fact that these ‘entertainers’ make money is a testament to the lack of artistic taste and artistic discrimination of the American people (I say American because I live in the USA). There are very few people with real talent in the industry today. Most sound alike, all have gimmicks that appease dumbed- down tastes. There are no more Arethas, James Browns, Sarah Vaughns. Strip these people of the studio electronic tricks, outrageous make-up and staging and you have nothing. But that is what the public wants and they pay for it and these ‘stars’ clean up. It’s just sad.

  • Totally agree on Taylor Swift, don’t know how she won artist of the year at all. 

  • FOLK103


  • Jmurdock

    i dont agreee with the wiz part or t pain. T pain is annoying but he still makes music that is better than alott of crappy indie creative rap bullshit

  • Eve L.

    I disagree with just about everything on this list. First let me start by saying I am not a fan of any of the artists mentioned. Not even a little bit. But, becoming a successful musician takes a lot more than the skills mentioned in this article. Take T-Pain for instance: to say he shouldn’t have blown up because no one knows whether he sounds good singing without auto-tune is asinine. Being a professional artist in the industry takes a whole lot more than singing abilitties. T-Pain(whether u like him or not) obviously has solid business skills and a good nose for what sound people will want to hear even before we’ve heard it. That in and of itself is a talent. I also think the criticism of Rihanna’s voice is unfair. Her voice has always gotten on my nerves, personally. But, it is polished. People can only do what they can do with what they have. She has the voice she has, which is limited. But, she stays within her limitations and sings songs that she can pull off well. How could u say she shouldn’t have blown up based on something outside of her control? You can take music lessons all day(which she obviously has training btw) but, any given voice is only going to progress so far. I commend her for establishing a sound around her abilities, even if I don’t like it. lol I disagree with alot of other stuff as well. But, I’ll stop with those two.

  • Eve

    You’re really gonna make us click through 9 things, with your videos on the sidebar reloading EVERY SINGLE TIME? Cmon man…

  • go sit down somewhere & stop hatin on these people

  • SoSuiSexy

    I agree totally. Hits don’t equate talent. So to assume someone has talent because they have hits is to say I’m a professional poker player because I lucked up and won a few hands. As for Taylor Swift, if she had blown up as a songwriter, I would be ok. But be HONEST, if Kanye had not have jumped on stage that night, she might have faded into background where she belongs.

    People aren’t hearing good music because they are being brainwashed by radio and video channels. They play the song they want you to hear/buy once every 45 minutes until you find yourself singing it. How do I know, I’ve got some Souljah Boy and Rihanna on my iPod. But now that the hype is over, I end up just skipping them EVERY TIME they come on. I’ve even noticed that when the Beyonce sells were less than hoped… That would play her track right behind a JayZ track to boost popularity. Pay attention people, there IS a marketing strategy and we fall for it. Time to Boycott the BS. Thank you :0)

  • Danny

    most pop singers are overrated its sad that you wouldn’t be praising people that have made it than being a negative nancy. Beyonce is SUPER OVERRATED and so are many others. Pop music has never = great singing.

    • Viviid

      Really??? Beyonce is who you criticize. One of the few pop artists who actually has an amazing voice, can dance her azz off, can perform live and works diligently. Brittney Spears cant sing for crap. Christina Aguilera has no work ethic. But you point out Queen Bey. That shid kray

  • Mattwarbuckle

    Are you kidding me with this site?  Reload the page to look at each person on the list?  Ugh.  I wish more people knew the difference between a good site and a terrible one like this.  Get some help, please!

  • Nashiva

    I am fascinated that you chose not to include Britney Spears on your list.  I guess the fact that she cracked up somehow grants her a pass even though she falls far below the standard criteria for both dancing and singing?  She can’t sing at all. And by my standard, Madonna would also be on the bubble. But that’s just me.

  • Faypopy

    I totally understand why kesha lame a** is in here that chick sucks donkey s**t! 

  • Jgerm2

    I want to give the writer of this article a Congressional medal, I don’t have any kind of esteemed authority to give a Congressional medal, but the writer should be cheered on, none the less. Funny though, the article express my exact sentiments so, I should be cheered on as well.


    This list is just stupid. Why hate on other people’s success? Music, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and everyone has different tastes. When you insult or belittle an artists’ abilities, you belittle their fans’ taste in music which is extremely offensive. It’s one thing to state your opinion, but noone has the right to insult an artist and their fans just because they don’t fit YOUR idea of what good music is. SMH…people these days.

    • SoSuiSexy

      Why is it whenever someone points out a something they don’t like… They have to be hating. And sweety, there are tons of music one may not like but can appreciate the musical talent of the performer or musician. I’m not at all into Heavy Metal, but I have to give it to some of those guys they are TRUE musicians. But again, I believe people BEGIN to like the music because quite honestly it’s ALL they hear. If I called you stupid 30 times a day for the next 16 weeks, you might start to believe that too (this has been scientifically proven). So please, if you are going to argue that people are “hating”, make sure that it’s because they REALLY are jealous. Nothing about these artists can cause the average person with a life to be even the tiniest bit jealous of their talent.

  • Shane

    I’ve been saying that ish about Taylor Swift since that VMA thing.  I had NO CLUE whonahell she was until then. And Wiz Khalifa thinks he’s Snoop – the skinny weedhead rapper cliche was laid claim by Snoop YEARS ago.

  • Sundae

    I think Ashanti’s success was based on her lyrics moreso than her singing ability. She was an amazing,feel good writer. she spoke about more stuff than sex and more sex. I believe she definitely deserved everything she has accomplished

  • Creation1

    You forgot: Trey Songz (can’t sing, but is hot) , Beyonce (oversings in leotards) , Kayne West (sings about himself), and  Jay Z (sounds like a woman). 

  • Hopehelp3

    My Top Ten of Who Should have blown Up:

    Hil St. Soul
    Teedra Moses
    Lalah Hathaway
    Eric Benet
    Kelly Price
    Ray LaMontagne
    Fitz and the Tantrums
    Brandon Flowers
    Mayer Hawthorne

    • Mlocktx

      Milara,Tracie Spencer,Tyler Collins

  • Justask83

    My Top Ten of Who Shouldn’t Have Blown Up

    Miley Cyrus
    Justin Bieber
    Michael Bolton (withstanding his first album)
    Britney Spears (who i love)
    Katy Perry
    Trey Songz (great albums, good songs, not a good vocalist)
    Yung Joc
    Chamillionaire (great first album, but on paper really)
    Jessica Simpson
    Paula Abdul (beautiful person, excellent dancer, but not a singer)

  • Justask83

    whoever wrote this list is just about right. jaguar wright shouldn’t hav eblown up but see can sing, i thought amerie would but she can’t sing,  i love total but they couldn’t sing. I disagree with rihanna because several female icons can’t sing but are good pop stars like madonna and janet jackson. Rihanna can’t sing and perform well because understands music and her audiences which why musically she is better than some artists who better vocalists than her.

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  • Ranji

    My 10 cents. Every Rhianna song, to me, sounds exactly the same. The good news is this, every other person in the free world loves her. I never got it, but my tastes are my tastes. 

  • Sarah Miller

    I, for the most part agree with you about these people, but the one person I don’t agree with is Taylor Swift. Yes, she is wayyyy more famous than she should be, but, come on. She blew up before Kanye was a jackass at the VMA’s. For some reason, people really do like her, but they do because of her music and her reputation, and the whole vibe she gives off, not because of what Kanye did. I know that boosted her popularity a lot, but she was world renowned since the minute “Teardrops on My Guitar” came out.

    • mrsbradley

      I agree. I don’t know why they think Kanye is responsible for her career blowing up because that’s not even it. Maybe many black people who didn’t listen to country music found out about her at the VMAs, but she’s been internationally known since her first album. Unlike most of the artists on this list, people like her music & her personality, not looking for what she’s wearing or looking like next. 
      But I do agree with the majority of this list, but Taylor Swift is an entirely different story. 

      • Sosuisexy

        Known doesn’t equate vocal ability. No more than magazine covers equate talent… Hence the Kardashians.

  • Who the hell are half of these people? 
    I don’t think they can even be considered Artists,
    because what they do, by the very definition of the word, is NOT music.

  •  I agree with all but Taylor, Rihanna, and Ke$ha. I LOVE them and I think you have a problem. Also you said people would get mad about Total but Ive never even heard of them.

  • Dness

    honestly this article is classic hating. those are all top artists who you have to respect because regardless of talent, they found a way to make $$ in the industry. keep hating

  • Dness

    honestly this article is classic hating. those are all top artists who you have to respect because regardless of talent, they found a way to make $$ in the industry. keep hating

    • SoSuiSexy

      I respect their grind… Doesn’t mean one should give them a cookie because they have no talent.

  • Tyler W

    i agree with everyperson on the list 100 %

  • Mallory94

    I’ve never listened to Ciara.  Soulja Boy has always annoyed me.  I like some of her music, then some is just..now that’s embarrassing.  I love Taylor Swift, great music, even though I’m not big on country.  Wiz K-whatever..heard the name a lot, don’t like his s**t at all.    Kesha is annoying, I usually hate her songs, but there are some that I less than like more than dislike.  I like some of T-Pain’s music like Bartender and Buy You A Drank, I haven’t heard any newer though.  I have never heard of Total…never.  I’ve never heard of Waka Flocka Flame either.  

  • Kanye West didn’t catapult Taylor Swift into a pop star. 

  • Xclusiv1one

    Majority of this list is bogus. I thought this was a shot a modern music until I saw total but, where are those lip syncing dudes with the dreads…milli vanilla, m.c hammer, billy ray cyrus? The Justin Biebers, Aaron Carters…who can’t sing nor bust a fair move?

    The 10 people on this list are may be weak either in voice, or with their dancing, or whatever else but, they have something called marketability. That is the x factor that sets one artist apart from another no matter how much talent they have.

    You can hear T-Pain sing live just go to one of his shows. Then you wouldn’t have to wonder. And Rihanna is Rihanna. Love her or hate her but, she’s gonna keep on busting out those hits regardless. Same with Taylor Swift…kids buy her music…enough said. Wiz only has one major album..I wouldn’t say he’s blown up.

    • SoSuiSexy

      Marketing just means you can sell anything to anybody. Marketed properly an 82 year old mute man could be the next PopStar. This is MUSIC… Have you guys forgotten that its SUPPOSED To SOUND GOOD?????

  • Oliverotis

    I love Rihanna’s singing voice! Take A Bow? Rehab? Man Down? Those songs are all less about the hooks and production than her voice – which is soulful in its own way!



  • LAine

    Nicki Minaj should be on this list. Sorry but she CANNOT rap.

    • Qarlo

      WOW. ummmm MONSTER VERSE. That is all.

    • Mundiorbe

      Listen to her music that didn’t go mainstream. She really can rap.

  • DoubleR

    I agree with some of these artists being on the list-like Soulja Boy, and definitely Waka Flaka, but from a musician’s perspective, obviously this article was written on a more “personal opinion” basis. The music and the the numbers speak for themselves. Who can take away what Taylor Swift has accomplished?! Remember, before Kanye snatched the mic, she was accepting a huge award. She’s an excellent singer/songwriter, who’s relevant in more than one genre. That’s more than can be said about most artists in the game. I really disagree that T-Pain is an artist who should be on this list. As far as the Autotune thing goes, T-Pain was a trendsetter. Nobody else had thought to do what he did. He didn’t start gettin heat for using Autotune until EVERYBODY ELSE started copying him. Not only does he make his own beats, write his own songs, rap, dance his tail off, and put on a show like nobody I’ve seen in a while, when he’s not autotuned, the dude can SANG! By far among the most talented the music world has seen in a long time. It’s not always necessary to have the most dynamic voice. A real artist uses his/her voice as one of their tools. Like I said before, the music and the numbers speak for themselves…

  • Charleym1978

    THIS LIST IS DEAD ON !!!!!. 

  • Charleym1978

    Agree, shes horrible…and everything is a crabon copy of what came before…or she twist her style around to whats out now 

  • It was nice that you tried to make a list, but there was some actual talent. Katy Perry should have been included. 

  • Jjdelacr

    The list I guess I dont understand..Some of these people like Rihanna and T-pain argueably have other talents that made them famous. Its not about having an amazing voice all the time. And Wiz is alright I dont know about him on this list either. There are better candidates you could have put on here.

  • Joygail

    I agree with almost everyone except Teddy P. I mean he has the singing vocals and autotune is just his thing. If you listen to Drowning Again or Keep Going you can’t tell me he can’t sing. 

  • I totally agree with the list except for Total. I actually like Total growing up. Also, I like Rihanna but I can understand some of your reasons on why she is on the list. I want to hear something else besides sex in her music. I think she will go extremely far is she switched it up a little. 

  • OpinionatedPrettyOne

    You were doing great until you messed with my girls ‘Total’! LOL.  I have an affinity for them…songs were the jam when i was in college.  🙂

  • Don

    I totally agree with the entire list.  Most of the comments you included about the artists are the same thoughts I have echoed over the years.  I even agree with the other list, 9 Artists Who Should Have Blown Up…But Didn’t.  The music business is full of many artists who are not really talented but they have the right look.  Since these artists have the right look, they get everything else they need–auto-tuned voices, marketing, and promotion.  In the meantime, real talent gets overlooked and never discovered.  It is such a shame that entertainers (refuse to call them rappers) like Soulja Boy and L’il Wayne are having commercial success while a real MC like Mos Def does not get his just due.  Better yet, how a weak-voiced singer like Ashanti sold records and won a Grammy still mystifies me to this day. That booty of hers must have seriously “Hypnotize”d some music execs big time–pun intended.  Our current music industry is a reflection of our society—we value style over substance.

    P.S. You can add J-Lo to this list also.

  • Cody Morse

    Power is not the determining factor of what makes a great singing voice. And a great singing voice is not necessarily the determining factor of a great artist. This article is off on many points. Look at the legends of the music industry, many of them didn’t have the biggest voices but they were untouchable. Get your ish together people…

  • Cody Morse

    Power is not the determining factor of what makes a great singing voice. And a great singing voice is not necessarily the determining factor of a great artist. This article is off on many points. Look at the legends of the music industry, many of them didn’t have the biggest voices but they were untouchable. Get your ish together people…

  • Thumpz99

    Sorry but Taylor Swift was already big before Kanye forgot he was a man.  In 2006 her self titled album went multi-platinum.  Her follow up record in 2008 – Fearless was what she received all the rewards for.  I mean seriously – she was already being awarded the moon man statue *before* Kanye lost everyone’s respect for being a douche.

  • Jaejae1

    So off about Rhianna.  She has had catchy, dancible tunes that completely fit her voice. I remember the first time I heard SOS.  Great song.  And she is no Adele or Jhud but who wants to listen to them all the time. I love Rhianna. 

  • Alex

    I agree with most but not about Taylor Swift, Rihanna or Kesha. There’s something to be said about entertainment value and sheer interest in people or at least the celebrity image they create for themselves and I think all three of these girls have that. Rihanna actually has an okay voice IMO and Kesha is just a hot, hilarious mess. Taylor Swift was doing pretty well on the charts way before Kayne. The music isn’t masteful but it’s catchy unlike the rest of the artists on your lists. But I guess it’s all about opinion in the end.

  • Jeze

    loved this article. A few had me laughing out loud but for the most part you hit it on the nail. I agree with every last artist you listed. Britney Spears should have been on the list too. I just don’t see the talent!

  • Uhnotsomuch

    I don’t agree with Rihanna being on this list. Celebrity is just as much about the persona as it is about a voice. I can’t stand JHud and while her voice is decent, using her as a bar for talent is far fetched to say the least. Adele, now that’s a beautiful voice, JHud, just regular church choir singer whom everyone decided to like because she beat the weight game and had a tragic loss.

    • Taj

       Your post is BS! I’m sick of people like u bashing JHud as “some church choir singer”.  I don’t buy cds because of someone’s ‘persona’ or because he or she is cute; I buy cds to listen to them and if an artist cannot sing live and is a studio creation then I don’t buy them as an artist.

  • Taylor Swift did blow up after the whole Kanye debacle.  I started to believe that all of her awards were pity presents.

  • Joe_post

    So I see we’ve stopped blaming Kanye on being a jackass and started praising him for it.

    • Thumpz99

      It’s why Americans are seen as such twats by the rest of the world.  We love to vilify victims.  It’s why our society is such a piece of crap.  

  • Joe_post

    I don’t know much about his music, but I’m loving the Fozzy Bear chain Wacka Flocka’s Rockin…a.

  • Joe_post

    F**k Yeezy, have we really gone from blaming him for being a d***head to praising him for being a d***head?  I mean its good to have confidence, but our culture has gone way over the line from respecting confidence to praising selfishness.

  • Scar-scar

    Rihanna doesn’t have the best voice in the world but nor do I think she is talentless. She would be the one on the list that I don’t agree with. Finally someone  calls out Taylor Swift! She is 22 and acts/writes songs as if she were still 16. Plus the over the top “Oh my golly! I can’t believe I won a Grammy. I never thought this would happen even though I already won 13 of them tonight!!” fake surprise is so, so gross.

  • Chodorff

    TOTALLY agree with taylor swift… she’s not a good singer, all her songs are the same, and she’s not even a country singer. to classify her as country along people such as dierks bently and miranda lambert is an insult to them

  • AreyouscaredofBey

    I agree with this list…except for RiRi…Just wondering why Bey in not on the list..

    • Yes Bey does have a tendency to scream at times, but I think she’s not on the list because she can do other things while performing.

  • Pianoprincess27

    Totally agree;  Wacka should have never blown up because of the content of his vocabulary.  It actually disgusts me that someone would think chopping off words or making up some make believe words that are meant for listeners to comprehend would think that it is a part of their “swagger”.  That’s why I have so much respect for Kanye West because what he says actually makes sense.  I mean, at least he can speak English, read a book, write a book, and comprehend what he’s writing and reading.  That is important for anyone to be able to do in any career or profession. 

  • “Now wait a minuuuuuuute…” Thank you for the Roger Troutman reference.  People just don’t understand why I can say I hate T-Pain and auto tune, but then I’ll bump Zapp.  Nobody does it better or even close.

  • Enbruno22

    Whether her voice is strong or not, Taylor Swift is absolutely one of the best songwriters around. Her songs are perfectly crafted and show songwriting mature well beyond her years. And she doesn’t have a BAD voice–not everyone has the power of J. Hud and Adele, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be singing. I’ll take her pretty, light voice over the screaming of Aretha and Chaka Khan ANY DAY.

  • Ichi_the_Killer

    What about Chris Brown?  He is RE-blowin’ up right now!  He was all over the grammys and everyone seems to think he is awesome.  Isn’t this the same cat that was beatin’ the s*** out of Rianna just a year ago or so?  And did you see him dancing?  He looked like a meth-head having a seizure AND his music is trite, derivative and boooooooring.  He’s like the Mike Vick of R&B.

    • Thumpz99

      If we don’t say his name he might go away… so shhh….

    • Taj

       Thank u – can’t wait for his 15 mins to end.

  • TOTAL though?  You have it out for TOTAL?  Girl bye. LOL smdh…

  • YOLO

    Music these days is not just based on vocal skills and lyrical prowess it is also based on feel (the reaction of the body and mind) its a buffet U can choose what u want to listen to. Rihanna music is more on “feel” and sweet melodies, displaying vocal skills and trills will take away from it. If u want to listen to vocal skills u can go listen to gospel, ol’skol rnb and opera music lol  



  • sosotired

    Ditto to everyone on this list, especially Ke$ha, who’s stylist should be slapped because that girl just looks filthy most of the time, like she might actually smell.

  • Def1

    What??? You have Ashanti and Rihanna on this list but no Rick Ross? People actually KNOW Ross is a fake, studio thug, former correctional officer and he STILL blew up.

  • JustMyOpinion

    Ashanti and Rihanna both deserve to be on this list.  Ashanti’s first album was cool only because of the PRODUCTION, definitely NOT because she could sing, it was like she was always tryina sound breath-y (if there is such a word).  Rihana sealed her fate with that hook on “Run this Town”  I swear I thought my ears were going to bleed everytime it was played.  I still don’t understand why Kesha is still making music period.   

  • Ms. Shay

    I agree with each and every last one of these…  

    Although I think I am suffering from overexposure, I have to admit that Beyonce is extremely talented vocally, and the chick can put on a show. I would just love for her to sing one song where her inflections don’t want me to cut it off before it ends.

  • me

    you 4got katy perry

  • Coolio123

    Hi guys

  • Ifuaskme2

    Um Beyonce anybody? Remember that song Ego? When she tried to sing A cappella? SWV? Gaga? 702? Mary J? The list goes on…………..

    •  Thank you for saying Mary J! Seriously! I know she has been uber successful (marketing, good songs, and great production) but she invents notes that don’t exist on any musical instrument. And she cannot dance (although she tried so hard back in the 90s).

      • Ifuaskme2

        LMAO! And how could we forget Jenny from the block?

        • I know this is a delayed response, but I just watched a video of JLo on Oprah and LMAO… WTF was that about? I

  • Tasha

    You forgot Flo-Rida and Ciara. But I totally agree with the list. It shows you that what a few good producers, catchy hooks and good connections can do.


    Add Jay Z i’m just bored of the topics he chooses, those who know better should do better


    Add Katie Perry, Wiz Kalifa, Lil wayne, Akon, Trey Songz/Neyo (and
    theres another one that is kinda like them i forget his name they can
    sing but they are all just soooo samey and boring to me), Taio Cruz,
    kim kardashian, and Lady Gaga and her pointlessly avantgarde dress
    sense that doesnt match her cheesy pop singles, 50 Cent, Ciara, and any
    rapper that has Young or Lil as part of his name….add all of them to
    the list.

    Mainstream music is horrible in this era. Ke$ha is so so so irritating

    Taylor Swift and Waka Flocka Flame are the most pointless on the list….closely followed by Ashanti=wack

  • Add Katie Perry, Wiz Kalifa, Lil wayne, Akon, Trey Songz/Neyo (and theres another one that is kinda like them i forget his name they can sing but they are all just soooo samey and boring to me), Taio Cruz, kim kardashian, and Lady Gaga and her pointlessly avantgarde dress sense that doesnt match her cheesy pop singles, 50 Cent, Ciara, and any rapper that has Young or Lil as part of his name….add all of them to the list.
    Mainstream music is horrible in this era. Ke$ha is so so so irritating
    Taylor Swift and Waka Flocka Flame are the most pointless on the list….closely followed by Ashanti=wack

  • RoxyHeart

    U folks are hilarious. I’m not a Taylor Swift fan but she was huge before DoucheBag West disrespected her. Maybe he made Black ppl aware of her but that did nothing for her since we arent the ones buying her music, idiots. She can’t sing but she has a lot more talent than what’s out now. She knows her lane and stays in it. Young girls need a positive role model and she’s it. On another note, y’all forgot quite a few ppl but they’ve been named in the comments.

  • Katrikapaprika

    The name of this article should have been ‘Artists Who We Think Can’t Sing but Blew Up”. The entertainment industry is just that…ENTERTAINMENT! A BLIND MAN ON A TROTTING HORSE WHO CAN SING WON’T BLOW UP UNLESS HE’S VERY ENTERTAINING. I think that a package is a package! Rihanna does have enough percentage points to make a total package and that’s why she’s on this list. Ashanti at one time was the same.. Same goes for TPain. It’s not just singing ability! If singing ability is all it took to “blow up” then there would be no gospel choirs…there would only be individual artist. Adele, Jenifer Hudson are the exceptions – not the rule!

  • FromUR2UB

    I’d always thought Ashanti sounded about as good as most of her contemporaries, which doesn’t mean much.  I just never understood why she had always been singled out as the talentless one.  Some of the others I’d never heard of.  Don’t people have to have become a household name before they’re considered, “blown up”?

  • Wait, Taylor Swift is on this list? Oh wait, obviously she is, since this list is predominantly filled with urban acts with a lack of knowledge concerning pop music. You’ve probably never even listened to her albums, let alone read her lyrics.

    Taylor Swift was big BEFORE the Kanye incident. Her second album, “Fearless”, was the best-selling album of the year, selling over 6 million in the US ALONE, and almost all of the singles went platinum. She is country-pop and country is a genre that sells a lot! Kanye just broadened her amongst the urban community. Her last album sold less than the one that won ‘Album of the Year’, so your logic is a fail…

  • Eiiisp

    Yall forgot j Lo and Ciara no singing asses

  • Shante23

    Ashanti should NOT be on this list. She writes her own music and is not a bad singer and now she owns her own label and production company. She’s a smart business woman. Ashanti had the unfortunate timing of coming after Aaliyah’s death and people were so sensitive because she accomplished in one year what Aaliyah didn’t in her whole career. And Aaliyah couldn’t sing worth a damn sorry she was cute as a button but her vocals were extremely weak and she NEVER wrote her music like Ashanti. Infact I remember when Aaliyah fans were trying to come after Alicia Keys talking about she was disrespectful and didn’t honor Aaliyah’s death (insert roll eyes here)

    • Dido3897

      I know they say you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, but I think your comments on Aaliyah are on point. I liked her songs, but I thought her vocals extremely weak. I remember when she came out I was in middle school. Half my friends and I — even though my vocals are more geared to classical/broadway style — could sing a better falsetto into a microphone. I remember Aaliyah’s voice did start to get stronger before she died, though.

  • Dabliih

    Damn that picture does not do Taylor Swift justice. She looks like an anorexic alien! I mean look at the size of her head in that picture!! Damn she looks hurt XD

  • Cleopatrajones9

    Auto correct got me I meant Kanye

  • Cleopatrajones9

    I always say she and Manuel are booed up somewhere counting that cheez

  • Candice44

    Add Beyone to this list. This singer is definetly overated

  • Mystery

    And your a good judge of Talent because????

  • Etaylorwalker

    Am I missing someone. I only counted 9, not 10 artists.

  • Bebe

    Taylore Swift can’t sing a lick, but I think she is a wonderful writer.  I heard T-Pain sing without the autotune once, and he actually sounded pretty good, to my great surprise.
    I do agree with some of the posters that Beyonce is overrated.  I think her voice is generally good, but often times she just screams and growls, as if growling constitutes emotion.  I think that if she had come out a decade earlier, she’d have had nowhere near the level of success she has now.  Now she just doesn’t have much competition, unfortunately.  Timing really is everything.

  • HAHAHAHAHA…This list is definitely ON POINT with the exception of Total.  They didn’t last that long so, shouldn’t they be excluded?

  • grimyteddy

    Guess whose wack non-singing behind will be tacked onto this list come next yr: Nicki Minaj.

    • Nicki Minaj is not a singer she is a rapper. But the way people had Right Thur Me on everything it was driving me nuts.

  • Msmykimoto2u

    I think Wiz is on point. Everyone else…ya I agree

  • Chessica450

    the One about Ashanti is complete BULL! that girl is not only a great singer YES! GREAT! she can actually sing!! she sang live for the Wizard of Oz on broadway and hit all of the high notes, look on youtube!! Ashanti can sing!! the problem with you people is that you define singing by how loud someone screams over a song like Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Keyshia Cole, even Beyonce YEs I said it bxtches! everyone have a different singing tone to their voices and dont necessarily have to be screaming at the tope of their lungs belting out notes!!! Ashanti’s voice is soft and sweet, so is Aaliyah’s voice, the beautiful thing about Aaliyah’s voice is a key example that she didn’t have to scream and belt out notes for you to hear her, but instread her sweet soft voice made you listen (Soft Soprano)…so STFU Madam Noire…..Ashanti is not only a singer, but she’s a singer, songwriter, and record producer…and a dancer alot of ppl dont know that…yes she’s no beyonce, she is ASHANTI!

  • devildog808

    I like Ashanti. She has got side tracked by the criminals at Murder Inc andn chasing Nelly. I would like to see her get ack on track. Soulja Boy’s sucess baffles me till this day! Rihanna was good during the GGGB era but the absoulte trash she has made after that CD is simply dreadful. I’ve not seen one once of growth in her as an artist.Tayor Swift is GARBAGE, Kanye West made her career what it is! Spot on about Wiz. OMG Ke$ha is just so…SMH! LOL, I like T-Pain. I saw him in concert and actually enjoyed his set. Yeah Total….Pam always gave off a strange vibe. WWF…LOL! 🙂

  • Prissy

    Ashanti filled the void after Aaliyah passed away. Look at the timeline… Right after she died Ja Rule came out with “Always On Time” and I always love to say that she “tricked” me. Her first cd (no lie) I was in 9th grade JAMMING “Movies”, “Baby”, “Foolish” and “UnFoolish”… Just like with Aaliyah.. she couldn’t really sing.. but had that “it” thing that just worked for THAT time.. If she woulda came out now? …. Chile… lol 

  • Ballarenna2003

    Omg!! for years I got cursed out for saying that to my friends!too funny

  • Jolie

    For every Effie there has to be a Deena! Music would be boring if EVERYONE was a Bey, JHud, or Adele. ……And where in the world was JLo on this list?!?!?!?

    • ManWithAMusicDegree

      umm…music today would be good if it was just a Bey, JHud, and Adele. and throw in a Carrie Underwood too.

  • Why are some of you saying Beyonce should be on this list. Did you hear her practice/warm-up for American Idol where she sang Make Love to Me? She killed it. 

    And Taylor Swift is rightfully on this list. She has no range whatsoever and her singing is bland. 

    • Fuzzy Frisson

      It’s called 1 + 1, not Make Love to Me.

  • Bjhajwhefwbdfjsdk

    You missed two:

    Lady Gaga. If I had known that dressing up like drag queen on crack with Madonna cone boobs would make me famous, I would have done it a LONG time ago.

    Willow Smith. If I had known I could just repeat “I whip my hair back and forth” over and over on a record and become famous, I would have tried to get adopted by Will Smith a LONG time ago.

    These two are the WORST offenders.

    • Netdandri

      I like Willow Smith. I think she’s talented…and Lady Gaga. You have to look beyond their images and listen to them sing a ballad.

    • Catjjacks

      LMAO!!!!!! So very true.

  • oh my

    Ok people we get it, you think Tyler Swift is talented. NEEEEEXXXXXTTT!!!!

    • Phoenix Reign

      THHHHHHAAAANNKK YOOOOU!!! Since when does playing an instrument and writing your own music equal talented?? Thats all i see people writing so newsflash…..Anyone with an attention span and a dream can do the same. I don’t equate that as being “talented” please! Being talented is far more than that. Aretha Franklin doesn’t play an instrument, neither does any of the other greats such as Chaka, Whitney, Mariah BUT they can sing this whole list dizzy. They need learn the difference between talented and just lucky

      • Netdandri

        Actually, Mariah does write her own music. As a person that plays an instrument and writes lyrics myself, yes it does take time, discipline, and skill. Aretha and Whitney have some of the best voices ever. Their voice is their instrument. But, yeah, you do have to be musically inclined to write and play music is the point.

      • guest

        Are you mentally retarded?  Talent is defined as having a natural ability.  If someone can play an instrument and write music…that is considered talent.  In your world talent means someone who is extremely popular, black, and has a huge voice obviously…considering the only artists you listed were Aretha, Chaka, Withney, and Mariah.  Have you ever heard of Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen, or the Beatles?  All great and “talented” songwriters but not the best and most powerful voices.  You shouldn’t negate another’s talent because it doesn’t fit into the mold of entertainment that amuses you.

      • ManWithAMusicDegree

        A-to-tha-men Phoenix! and some great songwriters are not good singers too. TS is neither a singer nor songwriter, just a flake.

      • Felicia Ward

        Aretha actually plays the piano.

        • Dido3897

          I agree. Aretha can play the piano. Look for her live performance of “Don’t Play That Song for Me” on Youtube from the Cliff Richards show. She plays the piano while singing the heck out of that song!

  • Baiaforever

    Can’t really agree with Rihanna, but almost everyone else though I do like Kesha’s songs, but yeah,
    Taylor Swift, definitely, and can we put Katy Perry on the list, she’s starting to annoy me.

  • Tulip61920

    Lmao @ Total…they were indeed horrible. But the video just made my night. Especially ol’ girl with the pants that doing fit…priceless humor.

  • Tyra

    I listen to country and I can say that Taylor Swift is overrated, overexposed and overplayed and is No. 1 in my books for having the worst voice in history. She is not country at all! I have also had the misfortune of seeing her live and let me tell you folks, I barely made it out of there alive. All she does is prance around and fling her hair while having most of her audience doing the singing for her. She would be nothing without her fans who frankly got to know her after Kanye told the truth but did it in a way that wasn’t very popular. Her body count in Hollywood is her song material – period. Did you hear that she just got cast as Eponine in Les Miserables? This really cheapens the production for me. For those who have come to her defense saying that she can sing and won lots of awards… NEWSFLASH: Awards don’t mean a thing now a days. Lots of terrible singers sell records because their songs are catchy and they have good marketing people behind them not because they are actually talented. I may just go and see the Les Miserables production just so that I can see her get shot if that ever makes up for the terrible decision to cast her as Eponine. She is highly overrated!

  • Candacey Doris

    You missed JLo, Cassie, and Ciara. At least you got the rest right. Especially Soulja Boy and Wiz. I still flinch when someone says YOUUUUU! like that fool does.

  • Lola

    if Rihanna & Ashanti are being chided on their paper thin voices-how can ANYONE look @ Jennifer Lopez and not agree she should be #1 on this list? I still look @ her actually TELLING people on American Idol now that they can’t sing, and smh.

    I pretty much agree with this entire list, but sub out Total For Jlo.

    • oh my

      Agreed, jenny from the block definately needs to be up there. She’s the worst ever.

    • Netdandri

      I think J-Lo isn’t on there because she is a performer. This list is more for people who aren’t singers or performers but are still huge music acts.

  • I disagree about Taylor and Rih. Ashanti is all right, too. She hasn’t made a hit in a while, though. Dunno how you got Taylor Swift on there and that’s really got me confused. She’s a sweet girl with creamy voice. I’d rather have the teen in my life singing her songs that some of the other stuff out there today.

  • Forgot to add Gucci Mane

  • Rayna Fields

    Oh and why the hell isn’t Trey Songz on this list???

  • Rayna Fields

    I agree with this list for the most part. In regards to Rihanna, I love that girl, however I do think that she’s becomming a gimmick in terms of her sexual image. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being sexually liberated and wanting to sing about it every now and then but she’s been doing it since Rated R. I purchased “Talk That Talk” and I love the CD for its uptempo beats ( great for working out), but in terms of subject matter, its the same as “Loud.” I just think about artists like Janet Jackson who notably isn’t a strong vocalist as well, but each and every one of her albums was different than the next and she did it while also changing her image. Rihanna should take a break and come back in a year with something different.

  • Smacks_hoes

    Everyone belongs on the list except Taylor swift. The girl and sing and she writes her own songs. She’s no Whitney huston but she definately can sing. Miley Cyrus should replace her, and for those who said Justin beiber you guys are wrong. The kid is really talented. It annoys me the a kid 2 years younger than me can be so rich but I’ll give props where props is due. His music is mainly for teenage girls but he’s a cool, talented, down to earth, god fearing kid and I respect him.

  • Winning

    Can everyone that commented saying Taylor Swift is talented look up her live performances? She cannot sing at all. Yes she can write her own songs and play an instrument, but many people do. As an artist she is not strong. THe list is spot on. Half of you probably never heard of her before Kanye. Nicki Minaj, Lil’ Wayne, and Cassie should definitely be on this list.

  • MissT

    Ummm… (Scratching my head with confusion) Where is Ciara? Nicki Minaj?

  • FAMURattler85

    Miguel’s non-singin azz needs to be on this list. He sounds decent on the radio but a complete M-E-S-S live.

  • LJG

    Taylor Swift is actually REALLY talented and she writes pretty much all of her own music, and they actually speak about her life in a very age appropriate way. I dont know if YOU didn’t know who she was before the whole Kanye incident, but a lot of people did, and I actually think she had better music before Kanye’s outburst… I usually agree with most of your articles but this one really rubbed me the wrong way. I think because music is about different tastes and I think with most of the artists, they brought something to the table. Unfortunately music isnt about talent anymore, so much as it is about entertainment and these Artists are really entertaining.. Rihanna is a boss & Kesha is a hot mess, but that is their M.O. and they work it.. so why not blow up??  I don’t, however, understand the Soulja Boy and Waka Flocka mess…

  • Netdandri

    I agree with everyone on here except Taylor Swift. She can sing, write, and play an instrument, which is more than you can say for most pop stars today. I respect that.

    You may be right that she’s a little overrated to be given a Grammy for album of the year. She is not yet making music worthy of that title. She’s not on Adel’s level yet…but maybe when she gets older.

  • I was with you until you got to Total.  While they certainly didn’t have the best voices, they had a style that was infectious and intriguing.  I wish Diddy had given these women a chance to grow vocally.

  • Totally disagree with the Taylor Swift one. Her songs were already extremely popular (obviously why she beat Beyoncé). She was just starting out, but had been getting a good deal of attention ever since she stepped on the scene. Her singing voice is pretty good and she writes and plays in all her songs. How many stars now can play an actual instrument? Yea. She deserved all the attention she got. Perhaps you just hadn’t expanded your music selection that much, cause she was popular before Kanye. 

    • guest

      Okay I’ll spell it out simply… Taylor Swift had to be popular before the Kanye West incident because TS was holding the grammy she had just won for a song that she.wrote herself. If she wasn’t popular before Kanye the whole incident could never have occured! Get it!?

  • Oh madame noire first do you speak french ? it’s easier for me to write lol !! So Thank u for your article !! Rihanna, taylor swift , Keshia  what the hell they are doing in music industry ? i don’t know ! Ashanti is done , Tpain ahah lmaooo !! Wacka ahaha a mess !! 

    • Smacks_hoes

      Taylor swift Is is definately talented

  • I somewhat agree with this list except Ri-Ri and Taylor Swift.  Taylor Swift is truly talented. She plays an instrument and writes the majority of her music.  Ri-Ri can sing (not sang!!!! ppl like J-Hud sang) and she’s edgy…people like her vibe and style…she deserved to be the star she is…after all, you have to have more than talent to blow up in the music industry.

    • ManWithAMusicDegree

      Why do people act like “OOOO! She plays an instrument!” is a valid argument!?! At least 3 billion of the almost 7 billion people on earth play an instrument. so what! I’ve heard bayou folks with 2 teeth play a better kazoo than TS plays guitar! I guess all it takes to be “truely talented” nowadays is to walk and chew gum at the same time. And vocalizing a junior high school level love letter does not make you a songwriter. Bob Dylan, Dolly Parton, John Lennon, Franz Schubert, etc. Those are songwriters. 😉

      • jussayin

        Wow are you a know-it-all. I will never be one to say Taylor Swift is a singer at least not right now, but, you talk about her as if she has no talent at all. As a trained opera singer I can understand technically why she has the problems singing live that she has, but that’s no excuse fix it taylor. Every time you badmouth her in that obnoxious crass way it is always about her voice and how she has no talent at all. Let’s get one thing straight At age 14, she became the youngest staff songwriter ever hired by the Sony/ATV Tree publishing house. Hmmmm I guess somebody or a bunch of somebodies thought and still think she can write good songs. Face it we all have things that we are good and bad at. Perhaps Taylor’s is learning how to use her voice correctly and well and so she is working on it and it has grown…even the critics have commented on that…I’m not saying she is a great singer at least she’s working on her s**t..  What are you doing with that MUSICDEGREE. Obviously not using it to critique musicians instead you are using it to throw out stupid remarks and tear people down. Shouldn’t you be practicing right now? Tell you what…when you have a career where you have as many successful albums and as many fans as Taylor Swift I’ll let you buy me dinner!  Nuff said LOL!.

        • Dido3897

          As a fellow trained opera singer, I disagree with your entire argument.

  • ay

    Cassie, Ciara, Miley Cyrus

    • Netdandri

      I was surprised Cassie didn’t make the list. It’s obvious how she got her record deal.

  • guest

    Putting Taylor Swift on here is a stretch.  She plays an instrument (or two) and writes her own songs.  That alone places her far ahead of the Jhuds, Beyonces (both of whom can’t even play instruments), never mind write lyrics as well written as Swift….not all her songs are about her ex-boyfriends.  She donated $1 million of her own money to the Nashville, TN flood victims.  What has Beyonce donated again?  hmmmmmmm.

    • Tyra

      Did you just compare Taylor to Jhud and Beyonce? bwwahhhahahahahhah! that is hilarious! she is NEVER going to be on their level! Plus these two talented artists don’t have to publicly announce what they do for their various charities. I frankly found it tacky that Taylor had a whole film crew with her as she donated the 1 million of her ‘own’ money to the Nashville victims. I have also seen Taylor live… she strums two strings and flings her hair around while her fans do most of the singing! VERY OVERRATED! Neeexxxxxtttt!!!!!!!!!

    • Tallchiick

      You don know what Beyonce has donated…most big celebrities like to keep their charity donations private…not go around with a bullhorn saying HEY EVERYBODY..I GAVE TO THIS CHARITY..GIVE ME A COOKIE!

  • Love_Sexy

    Agree with everybody on the list but you could have included Beyonce (yeah I know I will be attack for this by her fans), Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber, JLo, Lady Gaga and many more….Most singers today are less interesting than early years………Just plain cramp!

    • RedButterfly81


    • Guestz

      SO you really mean to tell that Beyoncé can’t sing or perform? Am sorry but like most Beyonce haters you’re talking out of jealousy or hate or whatver. You seen that girl on stage? I have and I became a fan. She may not be Mariah or Aretha but that girl can definitely sing and her stage presence IS the truth. And Gaga is a pretty good artist behind all that freakiness

      • Msmykimoto2u

        No one ever said Beyonce wasnt a good performer because she puts on a heck of a concert and is very entertaining and I would even give it to her that her voice has improved dramatically but her singing is so overrated. I mean come on, you cant even put her in the top 20 best voices. She barely above average but definately better than rihanna

        • Fuzzy Frisson

          She’s a good pre-scripted performer but take her away from that script and I can imagine that she wouldn’t be as dynamitic as people claim.  In all seriousness, look at her The Beyonce Experience, I Am… World Tour, Glastonbury 2011, and Live at Roseland performances.  With the obvious differences of additional/subtracted songs and costume/set designs, it’s basically the case of once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Simple choreography for the songs themselves is only part of the issue.  Listen to the intro of a song and from those experiences you can plot detailedly how she’ll perform that song live.  Her sets are akin to her interviews: robotic and automatic, though I’d rather watch her on stage than see/hear her being interviewed.

          • Msmykimoto2u

            I see what you mean =)

  • I’ll take Ashanti over Rihanna any day.  The rest are fake singers and rappers and that include Rihanna.

  • i would have to disagree with Taylor Swift, it’s because we are black and generally don’t listen to her. But she has always been a good artist, in other circles. There are alot of people who are hugely popular without blacks ever hearing a word about. 

    • guest


    • Tyra

      I’m black and I listen to every type of music from Miranda, Alabama shakes,  to Mute Math. She has taken away the spotlight from deserving artists thanks to Kanye. Nope. I completely disagree. She is highly overrated.

  • Personally.. I agree with the list.. except for Ashanti and Taylor Swift, even Wiz Khalifa.  I just feel like.. the reason Ashanti hasn’t developed much into an artist because even though she did make it “big” ( I guess) she wasn’t managed well. As far as Taylor Swift goes she’s just a crossover between Country and Pop. Yezzy’s drunken-ness had nothing to do with it. If your a fan of Pop you’ll like her music and the same for country. And well.. I just think that Wiz has potential to be great… Just that that once he got mainstream he didn’t have much to strive for anymore. Anyone else notice that majority of this list of artists are from todays generation.? 

  • Losa

    Honestly, you can add Beyonce to the list lol. All she has ever done is screamed, yodeled, and pole dance her entire career.  She is not angie stone, mariah carrie, whitney houston, etc. Those ladies can truely sing. 

    • Love_Sexy


    • Msmykimoto2u

      Probably why she has never been invited to participate with the VH1 DIVAS celebration

      • kakeziez

        oooh very low blow also never noticed it. Are you sure she didnt turn it down?

  • NSimonefan

    I agree about everyone on this list except Total and especially Taylor Swift; truly talented.  My theory about Ashanti’s success is that she blew up immediately after Aaliyah’s death.  If you recall, people were still in mourning about Aaliyah when only a few months later this sunny sounding song and the video to match of this pretty young lady who favors Aaliyah in looks came out; that person was Ashanti.  Granted Ashanti was a very good singer and far more talented than Aaliyah, but that’s my take on this.

    • mscoco04

      I was with you until you said she’s more talented than Aaliyah…now don’t get me wrong, Aaliyah’s voice was not all that great, but the girl could dance her a** off  and around Miss Ashanti’s any day!!,,she was also a really good actress…did you see the mess  Ashanti has done and called it “acting”?…I’ve also never seen her bust a move either.

    • Immapray4u

      Ashanti and Aaliyah look NOTHING alike. Are you legally blind? You must me death also to say that Ashanti is a very good singer…

    • I know I’m late for this party but naw Ashanti was not the Aaliyah replacement it was that ear bleeder Ciara she had the Aaliyah look, dance style, not to mention Timberland and  Missy Elliot I guess bumping and grinding can only get you but so far.

  • GetOnThatActRight

    WTF ain’t NO DAMN SONG CALLED BLACK AND GOLD,old asses….black & yellow,lord!!!

    • Msmykimoto2u

      I think that was the name of this song some underground rapper has and he is claiming that Wiz stole his concept and song

      • Fuzzy Frisson

        No, his (Maximillion) was Pink & YellowBlack & Gold is from Sam Sparro.

        • Msmykimoto2u

          I stand corrected =)


       THERE IS A SONG CALLED ‘BLACK AND GOLD’ BY SAM SPARRO actually which is a million times better than that ghetto nonsense ‘Black & Yellow’ by Wiz Kalifa

  • Jenrojackson2004

    WOW, this list is so bias as usual lol. Rhi Rhi definetly has singing abilities!  Ashanti has made many great hits as well. Taylor Swift is also very talented. 

    • Mszena3

      Chile please! She can’t sing she has catchy music I’m sorry to inform u but….ur tone deaf

      • RedButterfly81

        You’re more tone deaf than Jenrojackson2004 is! Taylor can sing, you just don’t like country music, I rather hear their music than hip hop anyday. TO EACH THEIR OWN BOO!!!

        • Msmykimoto2u

          I enjoy country music and even i can hear how simple Taylor’s voice is. She is awful live and extremely boring

        • Jenrojackson2004

          REDButterfly, how am i tone deaf honey lol? Sweetie you are very immature to write a comment like that….silly girl

        • ManWithAMusicDegree

          REDBUTTERFLY must have that “butter” stuck in your ears. TS couldn’t find a pitch if you stuck a fork in it and fed it to her! I grew up on country music and TS signature brand of boring/chipmunk/14yearoldlyrics should never be harkened among the pantheon of talented female country singers.

          • RedButterfly81

            Well that’s your opinion and I don’t give 2 ishts about it, BYE!

            • Lacey_Johnson

              I like country music I love Carrie Underwood and Shania Twain but Taylor can not sing you can give your opinion and attack others on theirs but when someone disagrees you catch an attitude and dismiss yourself because you can’t realize everyone is not going to agree you grow up

  • Lagois32

    Bullshit Wiz made better music as an underground artist. He has talent although I think he has lost his way.

  • Take total off this list and replace it with Beyonce who is the world’s most overrated artist.

    • Love_Sexy

      Yeah co-sign on that because a friend of mines said the same thing last nite……Funny you said the same thing………..LOL!

    • Msmykimoto2u

      OMG….YESS! I mean she had some good hits but her voice is so mediorce and she yodels waaaay too much. She really has no smooth melody to her voice and everything sounds like she is straining and grunting

    • Losa

      I agree, very overated and played out

    • Sloyd78

      I’m not a Beyonce stan but if you listen to her acapella she is way more talented than any female on this list. Check out youtube video of her singing “Halo” in a hospital, I think. She might be overrated but you can’t deny her singing abilities. Not to mention she takes vocal lessons from Rachelle Farell! For those that don’t know Rachelle has a hell of a range and can definitely sing. You can check her out on YT as well.

      • Lola

        Just because she takes vocal lessons from Rachelle Ferrell doesn’t mean she can sing like her. Sorry, Beyonce’s voice is highly overrated.

      • Reneet1117

        I concur…..rachelle is  the truth…..and beyonce  will out sing any female on this list…overated  or not

    • The Definite Truth

      Yeah I agree with you all except the fact that Bey doens’t deserve to be on this list. Ashanti DOES NOT BELONG ON THIS LIST AT ALL. The writer of this article can’t even justify a good enough reason why. Aaliyah had a paper thin voice same as Ashanti, and everyone loved her. cuz she really is good, Ashanti is the same she is good. RiRi has lost all respect and deserves to be here only becuz of her sell out to mainstream and popularity with TEENS, (Espicially girls and women) (I know this cuz im in Hi-School) ALL her songs became about SEX. T-Pain is ok, he relies on Autotune but he sings about great things, (I hope her writes that stuff, otherwise he does derserve to be here) but Beyonce is good, just tiring to listing to, cuz radio Plays her 24/7 along with RiRi. But both of them are WAY to OVERATTED

      • Reneet1117

        I  think  he/she left her off  out of respect because shes  deceased…..

  • RedButterfly81

    Why is Taylor Swift on the list, she writes her own music and plays a real instrument. Y’all should put Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Drake on the list!

    • Mszena3

      Uh lady gaga really can sing look up her paparazzi performance on the mtv awards she sounded good sorry sweetie holding a note and actually singing are two diffferent things

      • RedButterfly81

        Whatever, she’s just an 80s Madonna/Marilyn Manson wannabe!

        • HaroldSims

          Like Taylor Swift isn’t some stretched out Debbie Gibson with more saccharine  lyrics.  (No shade, Debbie — I still lace up my skates to Only in My Dreams.)  Who is a complete original these days, and is the idea even possible?  What is possible is for us to live in a world where successful singers can actually hold a damned tune, so let’s make it so. 

        • Lacey_Johnson

          actually Lady gaga is a classical train pianist who can sing way better than Madonna I know Madonna is a icon but she could never truly sing she was just the first female to really be sexual with what she sung and how she perform that grabbed her attention in the 80’s because it never was really done before but vocally and instrument wise Lady gaga is way better than Madonna

      • Bjhajwhefwbdfjsdk

        Lady Gaga doesn’t sing on her records. She TALKS. This is what music has come to?!!!

        • RedButterfly81

          Thank you! This is why I listen to old school music because the majority of today’s music sucks!

          • Love_Sexy

            Co-sign………..I do the same thing you do too.

    • ay

      Taylor Swift canNOT sing and her guitar playing skills don’t impress me in the least.

      • RedButterfly81

        Well she can sing to me and her guitar skills impresses me as well, now STFU and go back listening to that mind shrinking music I call modern day pop/hip hop music! You’re done!

        • ay

          Girl bye. You know nothing about me. *Goes to listen to Lady Grinning Soul*

          • RedButterfly81

            And sure don’t wanna know ya, now go watch the paint dry on the walls and f-off!

            • Lacey_Johnson

              we get It you like Taylor now get over it people are allowed to have their opinions everyone isn’t going to like her and you can’t force people to

      • Tyra

        Well said AY!

        • RedButterfly81

          Kiss azz! -_-

    • Netdandri

      You’re right about Taylor Swift, imo. But some of the others I think you’re naming them because you don’t like their music.

      From what I heard Lady Gaga was a piano vocal performer when she started. She just learned that an over the top image was more marketable.

      And Justin Bieber was kind of a child prodigy. He can really sing, and he plays several intruments. I know he plays piano, guitar, and drums, maybe more. Have you seen that commercial for his movie where he was just an infant and he was banging on something at the kitchen table like drums. It sounded like a Timbaland beat. We don’t listen to him now ’cause he makes kiddy music, but give him some time.

    • devildog808

      I agree with you about Nicki Minaj! Justin Bieber has some talent but he is terribly over-rated!

    • Msmykimoto2u

      Lady Gaga my be off in her own dimenstion but that heffa can sing her butt off and is a pshycotic genius. If you think Chris Brown can sing then Justin Beiber can definately sing…Taylor Swifts voice is just so…………..unexciting.

      • ManWithAMusicDegree

        LG sure CAN sing her butt off! Go listen to her live Edge of Glory on Howard Stern show on youtube cause bih can blow!

    • SE

      YES!  I really don’t know how Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj made it.  I really don’t understand.  Justin can not sing to me.  He’s just cute and Nicki……… I don’t even have words for her.  Her look gets her attention.  I’m not a fan of her music.  I do like Drake and Lady Gaga but the rest……. not so much. 

      I also like Rihanna.  I wasn’t a fan until after her incident with Chris.  I liked the album that came out in 2009.  She had a lot of hits from that and the hits just kept coming.  I like her style.  I also like Ashanti’s first album.  It was pretty decent to me.  T-Pain is my dude.  I like his style.  He’s funny and puts on a great show.  He’s very entertaining.  I saw him last year at Chris Brown’s concert and he surprisingly put on a really good show.  He kept the audience engaged and entertained.   

      • Sheamill

        T-Pain was amazing at the Chris Brown concert. Never would have expected that. I went to the concert twice. T-Pain has a great singing voice.

    • Nate B.

      Chill out with that Lady Gaga part. All the things you listed that Taylor can do, Gaga can do and arguably way better. But I totally don’t understand why Justin Bieber wasn’t included. His fame was just unnecessary. 

    • Qarlo

      Nicki Minaj : Monster verse, Super Bass, Roman’s Revenge
      Lady Gaga: Dance In The Dark, Stuck On Fuckin You, You and I
      Drake: Take Care (whole album)

      If you listen to these songs and still believe they shouldn’t be famous, then we just agree to disagree. Do some research before dissing an artist and their skills.

      • Faypopy


      • RedButterfly81

        Well I’m more of an old music loving person so shut the heck up! Modern day music is lame!

    • Hinga Gikaru

      Yup the whole ymcmb needs to be on this list pronto and never forget about Mr. bieber he should be top 3

  • Simiya

    Leave Rih Rih alone! I do agree with Total 100%. They sucked.

  • GET OUTTA MY DAMN HEAD!!!!! This list was perfection and it can go on and on and on. 

  • shayla hudnell

    I definitely agree with this list.

  • *Sigh* I agree with everyone except Total…come now, in their time they were cool as hell and I personally love their music. But u hit the nail on the head with Ashanti…she was alright on a hook with Ja Rule, but as a solo artist, please…lol. just my opinion only.:)

    • Netdandri

      I love Total’s music too. They had some great songs, but I do remember thinking they couldn’t sing. And it’s not like they danced either. I don’t know what made Puffy say “I’ve got to sign this group,”of all the groups he’d probably seen.

      • the_steez

        Total is prolly the group that made Puffy go with the “Making the Band” formula….

  • Nesandiego

    I agree with everyone on the list with the exception of Taylor Swift. This young woman is very talented and was very successful even before the whole Kanye incident. Give credit where credit is due and the credit belongs to Taylor and Taylor alone not Kanye’s schizophrenic butt.

    • MISRA

      Taylor would have never won Grammy for Album of the Year if Kanye didn’t steal her MTV moment. 

      I agree with anyone on the list. Except T-Pain (don’t shoot me). Yes he made the autotune popular he’s still making hits (5 O’Clock) and his take on collaborations plays a great role in their commercial and critical success (Blame it, GoodLife…).

      “Happy” signed the end of Ashanti. I remember when I saw the vid, I was like “why is this chubby chick famous again”. Ashanti fooled us with “Foolish”.

      Rihanna would have never had this success without Def Jam productions and if she wasn’t associated to Jay-Z and Beyonce. 

      The list goes to prove that, with the right production team, the memorable hooks and the right attitude, anybody can have a hit.

      • “Taylor would have never won Grammy for Album of the Year if Kanye didn’t steal her MTV moment.”

        How the hell can you say this? A committee decides on the winner not the public!

        Taylor might not have the best voice, but her sngwriting skills stretch beyond her years or fellow peers. She even received critical praise for her albums.

        • Thediamondlife

          Taylpr Swift is her own brand and this young lady is really a business-head first and foremost. My husband and I saw a special on her and we were just blown away! I truly wish more young artist (not just black) would take notes from her book and start getting smart about their choices and managing theti own money and affairs. I really don’t think Taylor Swift is thinking too much about Mr.Kanye West.

        • Scar-scar

           Her songwriting skills amount to “I love you, let’s get married” or “You are mean and I have money” She writes as if she is perpetually 16 years old…and acts like it with the fake surprise every time she gets applause or an award.

          • guest

            Wow are you not giving credit where credit is due! If you listen to Fearless and then Speak Now there is a tremendous amount of growth in her songwriting and singing (although it’s still not so great) I truly belive she wrote for teens as a teen and until she was 20ish. Let’s see where she goes at 22 with her writing. I agree that the all love songs thing has to go.and her latest release shows that she is on her way. Listen to “Eyes Open” Still Taylor – love song – not so much. Let her grow she has been all along and remember she is still only 22 she has lots of time to make mistakes and learn from them.Oh, and by the way She was 14 was she was hired as a staff writer at BMG. Oh, and didn’t she win a Grammy for”Mean?” Love song? Nope. Standing ovation at the Grammys? Yes how many artists can say that? By the way wasn’t she accepting her first Grammy when Kanye interrupted her? Hmm to me that says career already blowing up! I will Admit Kanye’s inane behavior didn’t hurt her career by any means. Oh one more thing how many artists can say they put out a number 1 album nominated for a grammy for album of the year and they wrote ALL of the songs by themself…food for thought just sayin….

            • ManWithAMusicDegree

              ewww. every live performance she gives sucks. her songs are exactly as SCAR-SCAR says. and she sucks. she sounds like the chipmunks moved to nashville. 

              • guest

                By the way MANWITHAMUSICDEGREE I am a WOMANWITHAMUSICDEGREE so I know that doesn’t mean anything. I reread what I wrote hmmmmmm well thought out, easily understood, supported facts appropriate language and pretty well written and fairly well said. You in response give no facts, obviously not well thought out (I hope), inappropriate language, easily understood however, not well written, but certainly well said in some circles somewhere. I’m thrilled to get a response but you didn’t say anything. Well that’s not true you said ewwwww, sucks twice and you compared her to a chipmunk. If you are going to respond to someone at least say something!!!! Wow did you go to music  school to learn to critique  a performer this way. I’m surprised you finished. Oh, your teacher’s would be so proud ” if they could see you now!” Where did you say you went to school again? Never mind. Your turn…now you can say ewww about me and tell me I suck.Get a life. LOL!

        • I think she won because she was a cute little girl, if she was 30 she wold never have won and it had nothing all to do with Kanye’s antics. 

      • Baw777

        That’s a ridiculous assertion. “Fearless” was released in fall 2008, before the MTV awards in 2009, and she had sold 700,000 copies in the first week alone, something I think Kanye can’t do now. Also, she was big time before that, given the fact that she had a sold out tour (and lets not forget, she won the award that Kanye interrupted her for) To put her on this list is ridiculous, even more so for thinking Kanye West put her on the map. Maybe he did for African American audiences, but the general public was well aware of who she was long before Kanye entered the equation. 

        • Pppp

          Stop. kanye sells more than her!

          • And sales determines what’s “good,” right?  I mean, Hanson sold tens of millions of records… you must have them tattooed on you somewhere.

            • Hinga Gikaru

              Stop Kanye consistently sells more than her. Many people dont like Kanye but they like his music. Its a proven fact thats why he still gets grammys even after all the bs he did to Taylor.

          • Donnab

            So did a couple of guys with the name Manilla Vanilli (sic) who turned out to have no talent & had other people sing for them.

          • ShowThemReceipts

            Kanye sells more than Taylor??? Receipts please… Her last album opened with over a million in sales…hmmm…kanye what now?

      • Sheamill

        Lol.. Chubby chick…

      • Donnab

        Duh she won the awards & then he came & did his s**t while she was giving her acceptance speech. Kayne would be a nobody now if he didn’t steal the moment from Taylor!

        • Greatace01

          Kanye is biggerstart than miss swift, and already had fame before she anyone knew of her existence

    • Lola

      I find her EXTREMELY boring. I love a girl that is actually modest in her songs & how she carries herself, but Taylor’s voice just does NOTHING for me. And I even like Country music, but I just find her voice way too blah.

      I honestly think every song I hear of hers sounds pretty much the same.

      • Sugar_Spice

        Even her Cover Girl commercial is boring as hell

    • Tyra

      Taylor cannot sing at all. Kanye made her who she is. I have also seen her alive (tickets were free thank the lord) and I can tell you; her fans do the work for her. She sounds horrible live. Look up her videos on youtube and you will see what I mean. Also, remember her horrible performance at the grammy awards last year where she made Stevie Nicks look like a fool? yup! that was it for me. She is waaaaayyyyy overrated!

      • sarawraw44

        Kanye did not make her who she is. Yes, she’s overrated, but she was before Kanye.

    • Tdubb28

      That girl cannot sing

    • She didn’t’ deserve artist of the year, there are so many better artists out there, though she is one of the better people on this list. 

  • Akirret

    I agree with every artist on here except for Ashanti. And I’m neutral about T-pain. Carry on. LOL

    • Smacks_hoes

      T pain is not talented at all!! He’s the retard responsible for the auto tuned movement

      • Jazz

        Agree completely…..until I noticed the user mame

        • Hinga Gikaru


        • LiddyBug86

          lol Jazz. I notice his name when I read your comment !

        • LiddyBug86

          lol Jazz. I notice his name when I read your comment !

      • Hinga Gikaru

        And thats why hip hop is dead………………………

      • Mimi

        Have you even heard what T-Pain sounds like W/o His Auto tunes?

    • nicolelavonne

      I had to read on after seeing Ashanti’s name first…was so happy to know that someone else feels about her the way I always have. What IS her talent?! And Total…yeah, they rode the wave off one of the last great time periods in R&B/hip hop/urban contemporary music. “Kissing You” was written by Raphael Saadiq, so it HAD to be hot, despite their vocals. Wiz…Wocka…womp womp womp. What the…?! Rihanna…yeah, not so hot vocally.

    • Shani’s Baby

      Ashanti shouldn’t be on this list…granted if you dont like how she sing fine but for those who know how to sing and trained to sing…she is a great singer. Lets be clear, I hate the sound of Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson voice ..but I wont say they cant. They are not my cup of tea but to say Ashanti cant is appaulling. whether you by a cd from her or not check her talent not once but twice on broadway ( when the last time your fav was asked to perform on broadway) blowing, no four walls to echo her out, no dj covering her vocal..just raw talent.

      • Mona

        You are absolutely right about this. We’ll said. I was surprised once when I saw her singing the Star Spangled Banner, she sounded great. More to the point, it’s her sound that I don’t like. As a singer, I do recognize her actual skill. Btw…I love Fantasia lol

  • Amiyah

    I can agree with this list even tho Rihanna made me a fan (I BROKE DOWN). She does have some singing ability. She isn’t a powerhouse but she does have a lil chops. Don’t believe me go listen to her sing There’s a thug in my life acapella on youtube. Plus she def. took a page outta Madonna’s book, evolving her styles for each album and cranking music out so fast that you have to find at least something you find a bit catchy.

    Sigh. I like Wiz…. I don’t care about his rapping one way or the other. The vibe of the music is chill. His voice is chill. And his videos make me happy with all his gleeful highness.

    • Redmarilyn

       I love some of her stuff, especially her duet with Eminem. She’s great on video. But when I saw video of  several of her live concert performances doing the duet I was shocked at her lack of charisma & fire. No passion & no chops live & no ability to even fake chemistry during the song.  However, she is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, which doesn’t hurt. & you’re right, Amiyah, on the re-inventiion…she is young & has lots of time. Too bad she seems to think she has to compete with Gaga & Minaj in the freak department to sell herself. A lot of her fans are young and don’t need to be encouraged to learn how to fly the freak flag.

      • I saw her live years ago and she was pretty good then, but recently it seems like she is drugged up or something and has lost her energy. 

    • chaka1

      Wrong about Taylor Swift. The country gal had already sold millions before Kanye humiliated himself. Her currently popularity has zero to do with Kanye.