“She’s The Boss” Episode 15 – Yvette Miley, Vice President And Executive Editor, MSNBC

January 12, 2012 ‐ By Madame Noire

Meet Yvette Miley, Vice President and Executive Editor of MSNBC. A 21-year veteran of NBC Universal, Miley oversees the editorial content of MSNBC’s dayside programming. Accomplished and hard-working, she remains committed to providing viewers with quality programs that aim to motivate, inspire and inform. FInd out why she’s the boss.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Williams/100001394430485 Josh Williams

    This explains a lot…  

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  • RV

    What great advice!! This was wonderful!

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  • Nekia

    What a great interview! I’m sitting here soaking all of this up. As a broadcast professional I do deal with the desire to be on air but she is so right in what she says about getting your foot in the door.  i know what i’m good at but i’ve also learned that i’m better in other areas. Great work Kela!

  • MixedBeauty1212

    A very inspiring and motivational interview.  I too work in the industry, and am trying to discern the level I would like to be at, and importantly, how to get there.  Thank you for recognizing her talents and sharing with the world!

  • NikoWozz

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  • MixedUpInVegas

    What a remarkable woman!  She is a walking example of what women can do given the slightest chance.  Ms. Miley, my hat is off to you!  Keep showing us the way. . . .

  • http://twitter.com/MarijaynSays Yvonne Jones

    Preach! Ms. Miley is so on point re: doing great work not being enough. Women in general and black women in particular do need to learn how to consistently shine a spotlight on our hard work and talents. And make sure we’re when in the room when opportunities are forming like a thought bubble in someone’s head…. It’s also cool to see that she didn’t let being a shy person keep her from the executive suite. Loving the ‘She’s the Boss’ series!

  • Kat

    Great interview. Her story motivates me. I anticipate her ownership of several media stations

  • FrankA

    I won my first Emmy because of Yvette Miley, great boss indeed!!

    • Katrina Vandiver

      Great interview. She  has given pertinant facts and information . Congrats to her. I look forward to her owning a number of stations. She motivates me.

  • http://twitter.com/JazGill J A Z M Y N

    i thought “how could they top Egypt” and they did! this is a GREAT video. thanks for the insight and advice

  • Lulutubillu

    What an ambitious woman this is.  Nice relaxed interview.

  • Thekarenhunter

    As one of the people who is currently a contributor on MSNBC because of Yvette Miley, I must say that she is a tireless worker with a vision. She gets it. 

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