Email from House Speaker Compares ‘Mrs. YoMama’ to the Grinch

January 6, 2012  |  

When will these government officials learn? I can just see the smirk on Kansas House Speaker Mike O’Neal’s face as he crafted what I’m sure he thought was the most clever email ever, sending warm wishes over the holiday season.

The subject line of the email reads “Twins separated at birth?” and the body of the message includes side-by-side pictures of Michelle Obama and the Grinch with hair that’s been blown into a similar position. According to the Lawrence World-Journal, the forwarded part of the email reads:

“I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing Mrs. YoMama a wonderful, long Hawaii Christmas vacation — at our expense, of course.”

The email was sent to House republicans along with the text, “Sorry, just had to forward the latest holiday message! I’ve had worse hair days but this is pretty funny.”

As these things usually go, Mike apologized for the email, claiming that he missed the ‘YoMama’ text in the body of the message, however, the picture “made me laugh.” Prior to that, his communications director defended him, saying that political cartoons are a “part of American culture.”

So is racism. Doesn’t make it OK does it?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Anon

    I thought the side by side photo’s were hilarious!!!! Now the political nonsense of the email talkin about vacations was ridiculous. Bush spent over 50% of his Presidency on vacation and these fools mad because the First Family is relaxing for Christmas? oooooooh please. I don’t see any racial undertones in it just straight up hating and nip picking on everything the President and his family does because having them in the White House eats them a new a$$hole everyday lol!

  • Klynfun

    White people are just a very unhappy people by nature, yes there are some cool ones, but basiclly they are a very unhappy race of people.  they spend billions of dollars tanning themselves to look like black people, curling their hair, pad their behinds, and shooting stuff in their lips to make themselves have the same features as black people have. It apears to me that what they really hate the most is the fact that they are white.  The problem is they just do not understand the beauty of blackness;  it is something that white people will never be able to master, it belongs to us only, we have the key, and God blessed us with the secret.  Pray for them yall!

  • That’s rude and very disrespectful!

  • Jim

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  • Sashafierce

    Wow, it never ceases to amaze me just how deep the hate and bigotry of these Republicans run. Every change they get they show their hate and ignorance, it is truly disgusting, but guess what devils, a Black man is in office and their isn’t a damn thing you can do about it so go hang yourselves on a tree!

  • reese

    It is crazy the way they disrespect her and the kids.  I read on yahoo them refering to the kids as little monkeys and future strippers.  It is just criticism, but when people were talking about Bush they lost jobs like Bill Mar or the Dixie chicks were almost ran out of country music industry.

  • Mmitsubishi1955

    How is the world House Speaker Mike O’neal get his mother confused with First Lady Michelle Obama? He needs to do a Reality check black people don’t turn green (looks at  yourself). LOL

  • Even when George W. Bush was the most hated man in America, I do not ever recall once an occasion where his wife was disparaged in this manner. And these are elected officials? Shame!!!

  • anybody else poking fun at the First Lady can be accepted as ‘American Culture’ because we do it to every family in office to some point. however, any federal govt employee, particularly a member of public office, should be reprimanded for using company resources and time to engage in unprofessional behavior, like any other public/private employee might. So, No Speaker O’Neal (KS), the President’s family vacation is no more at your expense than your inappropriate use of company resources is ours…since we pay all of your salaries. but we knew the first non white president would catch the most hell, so I’m not even surprised to which lengths people have gone to express their dislike for our President but for government officials to speak & behave so unapologetic as they have was not foreseen. As for as “Mrs. YoMama”, remember..”tar baby”, “uppity”, food stamp president, the monkey carton, “the magic mulatto”…the racial slurs against the Obama’s continue. 

  • Pmldjhn

    Everyone knows white people can’t tolerate black people’s skin color, hair texture, facial features, etc. They must take advantage of every opportunity they have to express their hatred for us, and then offer a sincere apology. I’m sure the wind blew First Lady’s into that shape. I wonder how long it took Mike O’Neal to find something cruel to say about it and then offer up an insincere apology. This is no political cartoon.

  • Onterris

    I still feel that the President should address this stuff on some level……..

    • jlm863586

      I think he won’t reply because he cannot reply the way that he- or any other respectable man worth his salt- would like to. These people forget that not only are they disrespecting the First Lady, they are disrespecting another man’s wife. I’d like to see them do this to an ordinary woman in front of her husband. Someone would walk away with some bruises. It doesn’t matter what they think she looks like. It’s total, unapologetic racism. The think they can say what they want because the president is black and then hide behind “freedom of speech” and ‘tradition”.

  • DeepThinker

    Is it just
    me or out of ALL the first ladies, Michelle Obama have been the only one that
    is the harshest criticized for her looks.  Jackie Onassis looked like a piranha, Barbara
    Bush – George Washington and Laura Bush – the joker. Let’s not even talk about
    Hilary C, BUT YET you never heard them being the butt of jokes because they
    were not the Barbie-types. I do not expect people to say Michelle is beautiful,
    but public officials should be respectful and mature enough to not make PUBLIC mean-spirited
    remarks about her.  Like it or not she is
    the first lady.

    • Dhicks1962

      I think it is unbelieveable that way these people speak of them…that just shows me that white folks can still do and say anything they want to us and we can’t say a damn thing…

      • brian k

        I think in politics when you have a strong capable woman by your side, rather than your typical wall flower, the opposition (Conservatives/traditionalists) have a problem with it.  Michelle Obama is like Hilary Clinton, they are both very intelligent and confident women, and even though they should be off limits, people can’t help themselves.  It is not racism, it is sexism from these average good ol’ boys who think they are funny.  They went hard on Chelsea Clinton as well, and in the UK they went hard on Cherie Booth (wife of Tony Blair) who is a top lawyer and not your typical sidekick trophy wife. 

  • cleojones

    tom foolery

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