Basketball Wives Star Imani Showalter Pops up on Twitter Looking Really Slim…and Scandalous

January 5, 2012 ‐ By madamenoire

At an event in October...

In today’s installment of “Somebody, come get your mother!” Basketball Wives LA star Imani Showalter (the one who called Draya worthless) took to Twitter (@IamMelissaImani) to showcase her new figure. Not that she was actually large at all during the first season of the show, but she looks substantially leaner and very different in the face. In the shots from her Twitter, the reality personality is seen trying on a new bikini that she is looking to wear on an upcoming trip to St. Barths. She recognizes that she looks absolutely different in the pics and acknowledges it to her followers who were probably stunned: “Yes it’s really me haha” Not sure if this is a result of some hard core boot camp classes or what, but the difference in her look from the show and now is tres interesting–and she looks pretty good.

While the swimsuit is cute, and once again, she looks to be in good shape, we can’t help but wonder why she’s doing the ABSOLUTE most right now??? As a mother of three, I don’t think I would tweet pic photos of myself in a scandalous a** bikini for the whole Internet to see (at least not for free…). Save all that for when you actually get to the pool–not a minute earlier. But then again, she wouldn’t be the first mommy we’ve seen on social media taking scandalous photos bent over stoves and squatting over tubs for social media “friends” to see…


Do you think Imani looks fab? Would you ever take photos like this as a mommy?

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  • Tricia Clark

    Please put that back in the closet! Don’t get me wrong she looks nice, but don’t parade yourself like that after setting such high standards!

  • Kenny

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  • Blkqueen39

    Kuddo to you.  There is nothing wrong with you celebrating your weight lost.  Stop hating ya’ll why is it when a woman is cofident about their body flaws and all she this she that….  Damn it ain’t that serious you do you girl.

    • Keisha

      So true Blkqueen39…

      I don’t understand why black people are so afraid of their own bodies, we were born naked for pete sakes!!! She is happy that she has lost weight and it is nothing wrong with with her taking a picture in a bathing suit, children or not. I agree with Eric, women are so quick to jump on each particularly when it’s related to sexuality but I sense a lot of jealousy…..

  • darkman

    She’s hot!!! I like her big thigh. Tasty! More skin!!!

  • dddooonnnttt

    I hate that little tattoo on that big thigh.

  • mdw785

    I didn’t care for how mean spirited she was on the show. That aside, she is in great shape! I would hold off on tweeting pics until I was poolside though b/c otherwise there is no way to avoid looking thirsty. I have a few “friends” that put up might-as-well-be-naked pics and even the guys we know think they are thirsty even though they’d still chop em down…by the way, what’s wrong with scars or stretch marks? Maybe it’s a c-section scar and not a tummy tuck scar. Why does it even matter? Everyone has something “imperfect” about his or her body. Real > Airbrushed…Don’t be so harsh. She looks great.

    • SloMo

      Her kids are too old for that mark/scar to look that fresh. Tummy Tuck. But I don’t care though. Its her body and she does look nice.

  • Eric McDaniel

    Let me be the first man to speak on her…I’d murk that. Funny how all the women on here dogging this chick but you don’t even have a pic for an avatar for people to judge you with. Then the one chick on here with a pic for an avatar is fatter than a mf. If you think she looks bad, take a pic in a bathing suit and use it as your avatar so we can see what you look like. Haha!

    • Jenn

      I thought Imani looked pretty on the show and I think she looks pretty in the picture. However, I don’t think it’s cool to take half-naked pictures of yourself and out them on twitter, no matter how fabulous you may look. I (and my husband) think I have a pretty fierce figure, but I don’t need to post half-naked pictures of myself on social media to prove it.

    • DeepThinker

      When a person puts themselves out on a social networking site half nekkid, they can’t expect for people not to express their opinion and evaluate what is presented even if it isn’t nice.

  • Cherie Michele

    looks like someone is trying to stay relevant with naked body pictures! how original, lol. But seriously she could have taken a shot in her mirror showing her weight loss with some clothes ON. As a mother, you should have more self respect than that. But oh, I forgot she signed up for BBW-LA, she does not have any.

  • Wecare000

    She look STANK!

  • catherine jones

    just plain MESSY!!!!!!!!!

  • DeepThinker

    could’ve atleast got a swimsuit to cover the tummy tuck scar and stretch marks. Yes reeks desperation!

    • SloMo

      I just noticed that scar lol. Oh well her body.

  • Chessica450

    ewwwwwwwwwwww! *shoots self in the eyes*

  • Uc Oh

    Sloppy body, sloppy face…that explains why she hated Draya so much. 
    If Draya did this, all of them will take to their twitter to rant and explode…angry ol’ hags. 

  • pretty girl swagg


  • guest

    Smells like desperation!