Finding the Right Frame: Eyebrow Shapes That Flatter Your Face

January 6, 2012  |  
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Eyebrows play a major role in framing and accentuating the features of your face. Preferences regarding the thickness, arch and width will vary from person to person, but your face shape should be one of the top determiners of your brow shape. There is no rulebook that says you MUST shape your brows one way because you have a certain face shape, but these are just guidelines and tips to help bring out your strongest features and pull your look together.


Heart Face

Soft, rounded brows will add to the femininity of the heart face. Your brows should work in conjunction with your pointy chin to frame your face perfectly. A lower arch will suit you best if you have a long heart shaped face. Too much arch might make you look like a contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Long Face

Your face has enough height naturally, so you don’t need arches. A straight brow that is thick and neat will help add some width to your face, but if you really want some curve, make it subtle.

Oval Face

Oval faces don’t have many restrictions since they are so proportional. Like with hairstyles, the oval face is open to versatility, just be sure not to let pluck too much and end up with little slivers of hair. Lucky you!

Round Face

In contrast with long faces, round faces need height. High angled arches will give you some height, while a more rounded arch will make your face appear even rounder.

Square Face

Your jaw line is very defined and prominent, so you should maintain the equilibrium with thick, well-defined brows and a moderately angled arch (not too high). If you would rather soften your prominent features, you can opt for a soft, rounded arch.

Diamond Face

Diamond faces are very angular around the cheekbone area, so round brows with a high peak will increase the width of your forehead and chin areas to balance and frame your face.

What brow shape do you think flatters your face the most?

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  • reese

    Please don’t do the hairless eyebrows and magic marker look.

    • Caribbean in the house

      yes please because afro-american negro chick don’t look good with it, even white girl look good with their natural eyebrow.

  • Love_Sexy

    Good tips MN!

  • MeMe

    I don’t think straight, thick eyebrows look good on anyone. But maybe that’s just me

    • MissK

      Some women have naturally straight brows that are beautiful.
      p.s. That diamond head looks like a straight bi@&*h!

      • Caribbean in the house

        yeah & ugly as hell. who the hell is telling these afro-american b!tches that they look good with shaved eyebrows when guys only pay attention to azz, puzzy & their chest area’s.

  • MIA

    I’m def. heart shaped. I have very dark features and use Elizabeth Taylor and Aishwarya Rai as my eyebrow models.