Six Fashion Trends Sistas Need to Change. Now.

January 4, 2012  |  
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A well-dressed, well-coifed black woman with her finger on the pulse of style and elegance is quite a sight to behold (see any movie from the turn of the millennium starring Taye Diggs for examples).

But man, far too many sisters don’t know how to work with what they have (or don’t have), often resulting in disasters the likes of which wind up on sites like or It’s easy for me to level the blame of black woman style disasters on the bad economy and all that…but then I look at the music industry and see chicks with money completely blowing it as well.

I’m no Tim Gunn, but I know what looks good and what’s flat-out atrocious. Here are just six out of many:

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Lace-front wigs: Fine, many brothas do like long hair. Great. But the type of dude who gets his jollies from black women with hair like a blonde Norwegian chick should reassess their priorities. The lace-front is an affront to decent coifs everywhere and should be abandoned in the name of more natural or natural-looking hairdos everywhere. If a dude is only into you because of your fake long hair, then your relationship is fake in essence. Embrace reality.

Midriff where it doesn’t belong:  I’ll be the first to admit: in-style or out, I love me some bare midriff on the nice, taut stomach of a pretty woman. But I think a lot of hood-fantastic sistas don’t register the base requirement for any outfit that shows midriff: A TAUT STOMACH. I could recommend simply hitting the gym, but women rolling like this probably have deeper issues.

Baby Phat & “Urban” brand name jackets: Played. Super-played. Beyond played. This is the hood chick calling card: a waist-high, cheap-looking leather coat, often draped around the torso or with raccoon meets rabbit hair fur around the hood. Leather is cool…but find another path, though. As a grown woman, a jacket covered in insignia, or a huge label on the back comes off looking real high school.

Leggings with everything: A good pair of leggings, whether to work out in or throw a dress or something over, is fine–and most men are big fans of the seemingly painted on tights. However, let’s not get the game twisted–leggings are not real bottoms. You should not be throwing on flourescent neon tights with a shirt so tight and short it looks like it came from the Baby Gap. Chances are you’ll look like a soon-to-be guest on the show How Do I Look? Answer? A mess.

Out of control tattoos: Alright, so this is not exactly a fashion accessory. But it’s the one “accessory” that’s not easily taken off, which makes for a serious problem when you get older and don’t wish to explain to your granddaughter the “Big Sexxxy” tattoo you have scrawled across your now sagging mass of a lower back. White women also get terrible tattoos, but we take it to another level…especially considering that some women of the chocolate persuasion get dumb tattoos that fade, the only way anyone is going to be able to make out what’s on your body is with a CSI-esque black light.

Too tight when not appropriate: As you can see, some things on this list are largely dedicated to women who could stand to lose a few pounds. Just two nights ago, as the new year set on a dark downtown Chicago, I witnessed two larger sisters galumping up the street in miniskirts and five-inch heels. It took them about five minutes to clear one street block. What a sight it was to behold. I’m not sure what impression we’re giving our ladies that that mess is even remotely hot, but it’s more vomit-inducing than anything.

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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    which braxton was that last pic?

  • Vonda Conway

    Ok but nobody said anything about 1.) THE COLOR or 2) Her eyeshadow theres so many things wrong with this!

  • WOW Is that Tamar….Ratchet then and still ratchet….

  • Juice

    Just shut up. This article could have ended at “I’m no Tim Gun” Don’t like my belly? Someone does. Avert your eyes in another direction and keep it moving.

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  • In this article another missing topic, skin bleaching

  • Jessie

    Lace front wigs can look very real if you do it the right way, and with a hair color that matches your skin tone. The girl in the photo obviously did it wrong with the worst color for her skin tone. But trust me if you do it right no one would be able to tell it’s a wig the most they might thing is it’s a really good weave job. Just look at Beyonce and Tyra I’m sure you don’t think all that hair grows straight out of their scalp. It’s lace wigs they use just a really good quality that was put on correctly.

    • Tabitha

      I hate to bust your bubble,  but we can tell. We were just being polite when we didn’t snicker.
      Fake hair looks good on no-one…..sorry

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  • MikiMii

    That last pic was a shame.

  • Bronzediva76

    This article should be subtitled, “How to Not Look Cheap.”

  • LOL hot mess!!!!!

  • The bad thing… this is so sad …and so true.. I know I am one who can lose a few ..but I know what NOT to wear…LOL

  • Okay waaaah was with that last outfit, I hope to never,eva, eva see anything like this in my life again!!


    I can’t help but wonder if Manifesto is male or female. I assume male so i can’t help but wonder if these same rules apply to latinas as well. I ask because, here in NYC, except for (maybe) the lace-fronts, the latina girls are sporting every single “trend” listed.

  • Sara66

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  • there’s a man in there…

  • Sista

    It”s not the lace front wigs…it’s the way sista’s are having them glued to their heads with those soooo very un-natural hairlines.  FOR REAL?  Just like in the pic, these young girls and women alike are spending their good money on these wigs and then letting someone slap them on their heads to create a semi-circle at the very top of their face.  HELLLOOOO!!!!!  DId you not take note of your own hairline before you allowed someone to affix that wig on your head?  There is noooo way I would walk out of any shop or any BSS looking like a dang on fool.  And they actually paid someone to make them look like a clown.  Why?  Trust and believe it is in no way cute.

  • You forgot one, how about going out with the hair bonnet or head scarf you just slept in, how lazy is that?

  • GreenTea516

    LOL at the photo on page 7 saying its Tamar Braxton tho 0_o

  • GreenTea516

    LOL at the photo on page 7 saying its Tamar Braxton tho 0_o

  • I don’t understand where these women are buying their wigs from so that they look so cheap. They get them too thick and have this inherent need to pull the hair back to expose the unnatural hairline (isn’t that defeating the purpose?) and get totally fake textures and colors. Laces are like foundation-execution helps a lot if you know what you’re doing, but you get what you pay for in the first place.





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  • The last one looks like toni braxton a bit! How do you even begin to explain to another black woman on the street that she looks “out of order” or is sending the wrong message?

  • lol, she looks like she has on a stripper outfit she must be on her way to work

  • VivlianWozz

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  • Black women need to stop wearing THAT WEAVE!!  I hate it.  Grow your own hair and get back to the natural look.  I’ll take an afro over weave any day.

    • Harmonilife

      you must not have upkeep money for your woman, broke asz

      • guest

        or she could prefer to wear her own hair. having your natural hair done can be just as expensive as putting weave in it. im just saying why wear a weave if you have hair that grow out your scalp. if you want long hair…grow it.


    Don’t forget the sheer “leggings” that’s actually stockings and the women walk around in with either colorful undies, thongs or simply none at all. with a tee shirt that covers nothing!  And the pajamas pants with the UGG boots, all of that YUCK!!!

  • HandsomeBlackMan

    Thats why I love white women. No matter hot or cold weather: They keep that Baawwwddddyyyyy TIGHT! I love you so much, you can have everything I have

    • RedButterfly81

      And do you really think they want your black azz?!

  • Librannie4u


  • Yole’

    I truly enjoyed this topic and many others. I laugh at myself for possibly being boring but I appreciate expressing my fashion sense down-scaled. I was 28 when I got my first tatoo & 40 for 2nd and final one. All in all this topic made me smile at myself inside/out. #cheersmadamenoire

  • LOL

    Leggings are pants. They were in the eighties too.

  • Mija

    A lot of them were extreme, but the one that hit home with me was the urban wear.  Baby Phat clothes are sooooo tacky!  But they got the fat chick clothes so black chick think they fly because it’s BP and it fits.  If you are over 25 (and I’m being generous) you should NOT wear Baby Phat, Rocawear or anything from Dr Jays.  

    • ValdaDeDieu

      Jeans that fit me best under $150 and wore well, were from Baby Phat. Small waist, black woman’s butt, long legs–only Baby Phat had EXACTLY what fit, instantly, and comfortably, with  stretch and boot leg. Macy’s in Miami Beach stopped carrying Baby Phat jeans; I’ve yet to purchase a new pair anywhere…

    • Fox

      I do not think that there is anything wrong with wearing urban brands. If the clothes were designed by another company would they still be considered tacky because I see some of the same designs by other non urban labels. And what Valda says is true the jeans made by Baby Phat do fit the body of a curvy woman better. Jeans made by other companies have no stretch and are made for butts that are flatter in the back. Only now are other companies making pants with stretch to fit everyone. I would rather support a company that at least represents a minority in a campaign and on the catwalk than a company that doesn’t. I do wear other clothes because I am a professional and dress accordingly to the situation but it’s not nice to put down other people because of there choice of clothing. Now the only gripe I do have with urban clothing is the name plastered everywhere on the clothing. The clothes do not have to be designed like a walking billboard but it would be okay to have a tiny emblem.

      • honeybee

        I can really appreciate and agree with your comment here. I know for myself, because I am now over 25, I associate the “urban”brands with younger women and that’s why I chose to not wear them anymore. But I agree that we should not tear someone else down for choosing “urban” designers, but the logos all over the outfit should be for the younger set in my opinion.

  • Team nymphis

    Wearing ANY type of fake hair.jublacsic park should be a movie about when black women use to wear their hair naturally.cause that’s almost extinct too.

    • Claire

      Um… actually going natural has been trending for like over a year now. But we can go with your comment.

      • Team nymphis

        I don’t know when this natural trend you talkin about started.cause it’s sooner that I see a giraffe in a wheel chair before I see a black woman with her natural hair

        • Claire

          Must be where you live. In Houston you cant throw a rock without hitting a chick who’s gone natural.

  • Team nymphis

    Walking to the corner store in house shoes and pajama pants

  • K Karma

    I don’t think anythingis wrong with a full figured and mid sized figure showing and maintaining confidence. If it was a skinny *ssz white girl, no one would say a word. Wear what you want to wear and stop being concerned about how everyone else views you.

    • Butterfly

      I can’t help but mention that lacefronts can serve an actual purpose. I wear them for now because chemo took my hair and self confidence.

      Good to know that the thing that gave me my “self” back is just a joke to some people.

      • RedButterfly81

        At least you have a reason to wear lacefront wigs. Hope you’re doing well.

  • Cakebfdf3132

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  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    LOL yes! Please stop the madness black women! this article was right on point. . .

  • Precious

    This list was so judgmental, degrading and racist!
    Internalized racism at its best!

    • RedButterfly81

      Then you must be these hoodrats they’re talking about. How is this racist when it’s the truth?!

    • ValdaDeDieu

      I agree this list smacks of internalized racism… I thought so too. And to Red Butterfly…I don’t know a hood. I wouldn’t know a hoodrat if I stepped on one. I have good taste and the income to indulge it. True, some people could use a bit of help developing a style that looks good–but let’s not make it about black people. 

      • RedButterfly81

        Was I talking to you, NO! I was talking to Precious!

        • ValdaDeDieu

          Red Butterfly, just pre-empting your assertion that calling this (article) racist means you’re a hoodrat–as you said in reply to Precious…Try another one, because while it appears to be okay with you to take potshots at people for their opinion, you’re testy about the slightest allusion to yourself. ODD.

  • bk4real


    • SayCheese

      Tattoos are not of the bible tattoos are pagan based. Tattoos have been around for millions of years. But any middle eastern religion speaks against tattoos because they are tried to pagan beliefs and other gods that are not of GOD of the Bible, Koran or Torah. 

  • Unckle_Ruckus

    Jesus jumped up and kicked you in taint!

  • MM82

    Lol. So true, but the majority of the women that was just discussed are usually found in the hood. The lace front and the branding on the chest are the worse.

  • RedButterfly81

    Y’all should add wearing pajama pants in public, especially when you live in cold cities like Chicago and it’s 45 degrees out. I also agree with the scarves on the head, satin shower caps and slippers. Also, if you’re over the age of 20 and rocking anything with Justin Bieber on it, you need to be slapped!

    • T682

      I totally co-sign everything you wrote. I am a teacher and have seen mothers coming into school after hours with pj bottoms and sleep bonnets and I’m thinking……..REALLY!?!??!?!?

      • RedButterfly81

        My aunt is a teacher too and now her school forbids students wearing PJs, unless they have spirit week when students can wear PJs.

      • wehavetodobetter

        OMG!!!!! My children attend a predominantly black school & every morning when I drop them off all I see are black women with scarves, plastic & silk caps, pajamas, sagging pants, (red, burgandy, pink, blue, purple, yellow, green, gold, platinum blonde) weave, & bad mouths. I get so disgusted because these are grown women making a mockery of themselves & the sad thing is, is that they’re passing this onto their children. Pathetic & sad. I know that those white teachers clown us & think that we’re all the same. Smh.

  • Charmed

    “As a grown woman, a jacket covered in insignia, or a huge label on the back comes off looking real high school.” — priceless!

  • crazylove101


  • crazylove101

    No only do “distaste” need to stop dressing like this but all races should consider it

  • IJS

    Ok, I agree with all but the last chick. Her outfit is hot and she has the body to pull it off. Maybe she was walking near the beach….or from her job as a stripper. lol.

    • nephew_ruckus

      I agree too. Even though it is a stripper outfit, at least she DOES have the body for it!

      • Smacks_hoes

        Umm no I’m sorry she is overweight and out of shape. Not to be mean, rude, or harsh. She has curves but she can stand to lose 10 pounds and tonE up

        • Overweight and out of shape?? You must be into the anorexic look.

  • Guest

    i personally would like to see an article about the different types of Black women that are not ratchet, and have tattoos and dress differently, but not “hood-tastic”. I have been told numerous times that my tattoos are nice, but they are also easily covered. I have tattoos because that’s WHO I AM. not trying to be a video vixen or rock star. i have been told i have “white girl” style and even been compared to dressing like i starred on The Hills, but it doesn’t bother me because i’d take that any day than to be coupled in with the hoodboogers on your list…

  • DeepThinker

    #7 could have at least got a brazillion wax before wearing that.

  • huhhuh

    I think this applies to all races.  Just like when I see white girls with tattos on there neck. Or Latinas with straight hair who choose to put gel in there hair for the wet look, umm…no. A mess is a mess.

    • SayCheese

      Exactly. I live in New Mexico most o my life and The wet hair look for young Latinas was always in. 

  • saycheese

    Wearing outfits that scream for attention and then acting uppity when you get attention

  • Not sure how women can look in the mirror and see the unnatural hairline of a lace-front and think that it looks fly. I suppose if you’re going for “baby-doll chic” it’s fantastic, but natural it is not.

  • CaramelBeauty

    That last picture of Toni Braxton is a definate fail!!!! She actually walks around looking like that? Doesn’t she have a son?  She should remember that she is a mother!!!! I agree with all of these, the tattoos in particular are horrid.  Women should not get tattoos, it takes away from their femininity!!!!!!!! And please retire the lacefronts girls, they are in no way flattering!

    • Native Gear

      LOL that’s not Toni Braxton. She could pass for her though

  • universal

     “raccoon meets rabbit hair fur around the hood ” hysterical! but isnt it called faux fur??

  • universal

     “raccoon meets rabbit hair fur around the hood ” hyserical! but isnt it called faux fur??

    • SayCheese


  • universal

    awaiting approval?! c’mon man

  • jj

    maybe the title should be for hood rat trend because i don’t personally know ONE black women following these trends
    i swear any list aimed at “black women” are hardly EVER relatetable to me,  and the black women i meet on a daily basis..just a bunch of typical stereotype foolishness. i would expect that from some clueless white blog or person but i would hope my own people actually know collectively black women are not all ratchet
    get kind of tired of folks always giving rats attention an ignoring regular down to earth black women that would be just as disgusted with this mess as anyone else
    I basically cant relate to anything the media say black women represent..feels like im some unknown breed

  • OnlySpeakDatruth

    The lace fronts and out of control tats are the top 2… I think some women try too hard to be people that they are not (Video Vixens) and unfortunately their is a major price to pay in the long run. For example, lace fronts damage your hair line while tats everywhere are undesirable especially when you are 60! Are you really a 5 star chick then, smh…

  • SHAY


  • lakeshore properties

    PLEASE stop with the tattoos already.  I can always tell a tacky or uneducated woman by the visible tattoos on her chest area.   I definitely not attracted to sistas with tattoos, especially when they’re being flaunted.  It looks like you’ve been “branded” for sale or you’re a harlot.  Stop jumping on everyone else’s bandwagon. 

    • Harmonilife

      another excuse for a ni}}a that tries to justifing do you a blk woman wants you anyway? i noticed this discussion is not about all women with tatoos just blk women. stay over in left field no one misses you.

  • What?

    It’s not just black women dressing like this. You must not get out much.

  • Iguessso

    This is probably the only list this website came up with that I agree with 100%!  Too bad some of the ones that need to read it won’t see it.



  • Srhurd

    Where do yall live I have never seen anyone wear most of these looks accept in tv as a character.  I agree that if you don’t have the body for not only midriff but form fitting dresses/jumpsuits don’t wear them.  And remember if you have a weave it is supposed to look natural.  I have seen some women look like they are wearing thin ropes or hair that is obviously fake and in outlandish colors.  The last one should be arrested for indecency.

  • aprilmayjune

    the last pic is just wrong, regardless of size. unless ur in a strip club, on the pole..

    • Cakebfdfdfd133fdfd2

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    • Sssazzdsfwr

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  • Myailias

    The #1 fashion thing sistas need to stop doing is wearing head scarfs out in public

    • Sexi

      Thank you for telling the truth!  Too many sistas walk around looking like they just rolled out of bed.  Please wash and comb your hair.  And a weave is not meant to stay in your hair for months with the naps surrounding it like weeds!

      • Smacks_hoes

        Lol…guilty as charged. Jk. I’ll nvr leave the house with a head scarf on.

      • Cakebbbbb39fdfdf4

        My friend just met a chocolate man on Blackwhitemeet.COMit’s where for men and women looking for interracial’ship for a fabulous lifestyle
        It’s a nice place for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love.

    • Precious

      Scarves are part of our African heritage! Not all black
      women are ashamed of their heritage!

      • LuLu_Slim

        Not when it has those little nappy balls on it with chicken grease stains.

  • Tallchiick

    Add Invisible part weaves to the lacefront category…I hate thhem…I think the purpose of a weave/wig is to make it look natural…if you have glue on your forehead and your hairline is down by your eyebrows…FAIL!

    • Smacks_hoes

      Lmfao invisible parts are ridiculous!! Simply because it’s nt invisible it’s actually quite large.

  • Claire

    I absolutely hate this assumption. Who says women wear wigs or extensions because of men? I simply prefer how I look with long hair; short hair isn’t flattering for everyone.
    Anyways, I dont think lace fronts are the problem, its about the quality of them. People only notice the bad ones because the good ones look so realistic, no one knows it’s a lace front in the first place.
    I’ll still rock mine regardless. Who gon check me? *shrugs and walks away*

    • Smacks_hoes

      Thank you!!! I’m nt bald my hair is past shoulder length. Actually quite lengthy but I love the way really long hair looks on me. it’s not because I hate my hair, I Dnt hate being black, and I’m nt attempting to look white. I’m simply doing what looks better on me. I wish people would stfu about it. Lol but I codign 200% with you comment

    • shinkado

      Short hair is very flattering.  It depends on the style. There are a lot of beautiful women with short hair…me included.  With that being said, my hair isn’t what makes me beautiful, it’s the qualities that I possess that make me beautiful.  We have to stop defining ourselves by our hair.

      • Claire

        I believe I said short hair isn’t flattering —-> for everyone<—

        But okay.

    • honeybee

      i am not my hair! or the hair i chose to buy! lol

  • quiana

    I agree, but why are these in reference to what men want or like? Shouldn’t we be able to wear our hair or dress without basing it off of what a man likes or doesn’t like?

  • Kfree722

    Isn’t that Tamara Braxton in the last pic

    • Kfree722

      I meant Tamar Braxton

      • LuLu_Slim

        It is.

    • SayCheese

      LOL! #Dead

  • Ronnie

    Ghetto, hood rat, and just plain sad:(

  • Thank you, thank you and thank you!

  • Sugar_Spice

    I live is So Cal & that comment about midriffs needed to be said.  Too many jelly rolls walking around here looking just ratchet.

  • Mrsjmoore2

    I am sorry….was this ever a trend?

  • Wow

    I’m speechless… oh wait I do have something to say — last pic………..bikini wax… that’s just ew.  But how much do you wanna bet she had a ton of brothas salivating behind her and her shady crotch.

    • MRSW

      Trust me – for every one of the examples (except the lace-front wig) these trashy chicks had a brother salivating – even the big girls.  I have a friend that is a size 32 (no, I am no where even close to that) and she SWEARS men are always flirting with her. 

      • Guess

        Size 32? Are you sure? I didn’t know that was possible! Please tell me she’s a virgin.

  • GUEST4

    This list is VERRRRRRY on point.

  • RedButterfly81

    Whoever came up with the idea of the lace front needs to be executed! That shyt looks funny and we know that’s not your hair! I don’t know a black man in my life that likes lace front wigs, they all hate it. Thank you for this article, I was wondering when someone will write one because I live in Chicago and when I go to the hood, I see more trash than class and this coming from the sistas. I’m glad my mom raised me to be a lady and dress conservative. 

    • Smacks_hoes

      I’m sure you haven’t seen the really good ones. Some of them can be very authentic looking. I just think it depends on the execution.

      • Idk288

        I.e. Beyonce, Tyra, Jennifer Hudson, yes they all wear lace front wigs

      • Idk288

        I.e. Beyonce, Tyra, Jennifer Hudson, yes they all wear lace front wigs

      • Idk288

        I.e. Beyonce, Tyra, Jennifer Hudson, yes they all wear lace front wigs

    • Harmonilife

      yeah right dressing doesnt make you a lady,honey.

      • RedButterfly81

        Gee, I didn’t know people like you who make other look dumb so they can make themselves feel smart exists on this planet!  BTW I am NOT your honey so don’t call me that! Of course it takes more than the clothes on your back to be a lady, DUH!!!

        • Jenrojackson2004

          You are extremely immature LMAO….I hope that you were not born in 1981. If so, im embarrassed for you!  Silly girl. Go to school and educate yourself honey.  By the way im from Chicago too!!

    • There are actually a lot of really good looking ones, like the ones Beyonce wears (and some people on youtube too) but their like, crazy expensive.

    • Sista

      OMG!!!  I live in Chicago too and I just shake my head everytime I see those crazy lacefronts with the semi-circle hairlines.  But in the hood, this such a hot thing.  I will never understand why.  There is a right and wrong way to do everything and that hot mess is most definiently WRONG.  But when that is all you know, you just go with the flow.  If they would just really look at themselves and see how crazy they look.  Oh…my bad, in their minds, when everyone is doing it must be right.  I too am glad my mom raised me to be classy in everything that I do.

      • Bria

        I too live in chicago[well chicago suburbs but who cares]. But I just want to want to say that lace fronts look good when you wear them correctly. My mom wears them and she looks beautiful and natural. She just sticks to ones that are curly or wavy and she always either gets brown, light brown, or black. People always think its her real hair.

    • NYCTA

      Nothing wrong with a lace front if it looks natural and it’s styled right. Lace fronts on a girl (like the one pictured) that are obviously fake and make her look crazy(again, like the girl pictured) are the problem.

  • Nina

    That last pic left me somewhat traumatized…..0_o……but I agree on the entire list. 

  • IllyPhilly

    Last pic made me say WTF out loud. Ew

    • Guest

      mine was more like OH Noo! … Someone had to ask me what was wrong lmaooo

      • Guestlist

        Even with her very nice body, that is atrocious!

        • Srhurd

          Yall killing me. lmao

          • Sherry22

            It is impossible to fall out of love. Love is such a powerful emotion, that once it envelops you it does
            not depart. True love is eternal. If you think that you were once in love, but
            fell out of it, then it wasn’t love you were in. There are no ‘exit’ signs in love, there is only an ‘on’ ramp. (( b_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e_p_l_a_n_e_t. c_0_m )) Lots of my friends found
            their lovers through the se’rvice. You may have a try… 😉

        • LuLu_Slim

          Did you know the last pic is Tamar Braxton before her surgery? Look it up on line. I’m serious.

          • Lilly

   body is going to comment on the fact that the last picture is of a man? Nice body or not that is not someone who was born a woman.

            • NYCTA

              That last picture was most certainly of a woman. Real tits and real hips. No transgendered man would let his breasts hang (naturally) like those.

          • I thought she looked like one of those Braxton’s but say it ain’t so and you just playing…

    • Sugar_Spice

      Yea IllyPhilly I said It loud as I was at work!

      • MRSW

        Unless you are at LUNCH – or work for TMZ – stop using work time to read articles on Bossip.  You are supposed to be WORKING.

        This is how Black people get such a bad reputation for being lazy.  SMH

        • Libraeffect

          its called multi tasking…smh…jesus christ ….black ppl lets stop with all the racists comments

          • Sugar_Spice

            Thank you!

          • Strawberry

            Please DO NOT use the Lord’s name in vain!!!! SMDH….I hate when folks do that!!

        • Sugar_Spice

          Well MRSW since you feel it concerns you I do my company’s social media.  While MN is not one of the sites I am required to be on you better believe that I have my priorities straight & do my work first.  Thank you for your two cents but I don’t need it. This Is Madame Noire BTW.

          • Stranger

            Is who you are supposed to give your opinion more value?  Or is the name-dropping probably something you should put in one of those “Do & Don’t” articles???

            • Sugar_Spice

              I wasn’t saying I work for MN, I was telling MRSW  that that we are on the MN website & not Bossip as they stated.

        • reese

          Black people always had the relationship of being lazy even when white people brought us over here to do their work and raise their kids.  And believe me white people are on cnn, yahoo news or whatever else at work. 

    • Right!!

    • I just burst into tears my eyes my eyes!!!

    • Mixi

      That’s one of the Braxton sisters from back in the day. Not sure which one.

  • Guest

    taut stomach or not, no one should wear midriff shirts because it’s tacky.

    • IllyPhilly

      Yes, keep on TV

      • Smacks_hoes

        Not true…it depends on the styling. mid drifts can be really cute

  • mysteryguest

    Hilarious and true…This may be directed at adults,but I will be posting this in my high school classroom. Lets just help the next generation too lol!

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