Evening Eye Candy: Morris Chestnut

December 28, 2011  |  
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As sad as Boyz n the Hood was for me, it’s a must see not only because it’s a classic, but because of Morris Chestnut’s fine behind! His first film role had the ladies swooning (and crying at his ending on screen), and since then, the hot factor has just increased with age. He’s a throwback hottie because everyone’s big sisters and even mothers were checking for Chestnut, but the question is, are you still checking for him now? Get a glimpse at his beauty over the years and let us know if you’re still down!

Are we loving him bald? I say yes! A man with a shiny dome can be a mess, but this guy pulls it off VERY well…

Ricky! The brother did once have a nice fade back during his Boyz n the Hood days, but it’s those lips I’m scoping!

Who else is a huge Best Man junkie? Morris is the best part of that movie! Well, him and the drama of course…

Smoooooooth dark chocolate! Can’t get enough…

What an ageless beauty? Am I right? Very glad he’s back on television. *smiles*

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  • Jahsmah

    Gurrrrrrrl Morris Chesnut??? I am all about that! Still love Kels though…

  • angeleyes

    Yes still one the finest black actors out there.Still love him dearly.My friend met him years ago and said he was so down to earth

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  • I will ALWAYS be checking for Mr. Chestnut. ALWAYS. <3

  • FromUR2UB

    Yeah, he’s a very handsome guy!  I like that you don’t hear any bad stuff about him either.

  • habbibi

    I don’t get it!!

  • Mstifflee

    He is definitely FINE, I have always loved him…

  • Shontovia Clayton

    I never liked chocolate until I saw Morris Chestnut. My husband gets jealous every time I talk about him,or watch a movie with him in it. They should name a candy bar after him…

  • Lover of lovers

    He’s one fine man with his smooth chocolate self  I can definitely see US getting it on in a big way lol just two days ago I watched a marathon of movies with him but the best man remains his best. He was even finer back then made me fall in love with him all over again **daydreaming**

  • Krissiem67

    beautiful beautiful man

  • Lan

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  • Getit!

    “And IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I will always love You ooo I will always….”

  • Sha’

    I will love that man until my last breath! HIS kind of fine does not go out of style. The man is simply GORGEOUS and can even put some of the most beautiful women to shame when he stands next to them on the big screen 😉 And I admit Idris Elba does comes close in the finery department, but Morris’s chisled like features have stood the test of time. And I believe they will continue to do so Aged or not, he will always be handsome in my POV…whew lord! His wife is one LUCKY WOMAN!! lol My favorite movie was The Best Man and Two Can Play That Game!! And if anyone remembers to old sitcome he stared in that used to come on BET called “Out All Night” …with himself, Dewayne Martin, Pattie LaBelle and Vivica Fox! LOVED him in that too!!

    • EJB2554

      I thought I was the only one that remembered him in “Out All Night”.  BET bought it from NBC, but that sitcome came out in the early 70s.  Great line of actors and Chestnut was fine and handsome way back there as well.

  • Drdiva219

    Ummmm hmmmm 🙂

  • I’ve always appreciated Morris Chestnut (as does my youngest daughter). He is a fine chocolate man. I love his eyes the best.

  • I think I would love him with or without hair, I’d love him any kind of way I do not care! With teeth straight or out of place, with a 6pk or a stomach like a buddha! He’s just one priceless fine brotha!

  • Andra Powell Henderson


  • Ba_in_pa

    Black don’t crack. . .he’ll probably be nearly as fine when he 60!  Been watching him for years!

  • Lmaria1958

    I’m definately still checking for Morris Chestnut from when I first saw him in Boyz n the Hood to Not Easly Broken…Time and time again he shows his incredable talents and looks…What more can I say Morris Chestnut does it for me…x0x0

  • Webster8100


  • R Wilson

    black women are the worse

    white girls rule , we taking all your men.

    • L-Boogie

      Please do.

    • IllyPhilly

      Well you ain’t “take” him cuz he’s had a sister for almost 20 years! Doubt you are a female anyway. You are some old black guy playing around and trolling.

    • Getit!

      Y’all like the garbage collectors of our society. Take Pookie and RayRay no child support paying self and the closet freaks. Let you pay their child support, rent, and car note.

      • Getit!

        P.S. Don’t forget to write! See Ya!

      • gaitow

        Yep! That’s all they want Becky for but Becky don’t have sense enough to see it does she? She thinks it’s LOVE!

    • Mystified

      You get them because they know white girls are nothing but easy, (docile) hoes.  You rule the crack heads, drunks, and scrubbs. 

    • Mystified

      Trailer Trash.

    • EJB2554

      While you believe white girls rule, Black, African American and all women of color are specimens that God make first, which means that we have ruled for Billions of years.  Just got side tracked by white boyz who stole the planet and made you queen, even though he kept coming back to the original Queen all the time and still does, if you did not know.  Morris has his Black Queen and no white girl can take Her place.  Go somewhere with your inapt self and play that game somewhere else.  You will never take all our men because all our men will not disrespect their mothers in that way.

    • FromUR2UB

      Yeah.  Kobe, here’s one for ya!

    • Kim

      …………..Iont see no action. !!!

  • Semi

    This brother is unmistakable fine!!  He gets better with age!

  • L-Boogie


  • IllyPhilly

    How come he doesn’t have an expiration date? 😉 Looking like chocolate silk!