Tamar Braxton is Considering Babies and a Hair Care Line

December 27, 2011  |  

The Insider.com recently spoke with Tamar Braxton to discuss details of her new spinoff series, “Tamar and Vince,” which is set to begin filming in March, but the youngest of the Braxton clan let out a few other gems during the interview as well.

Here’s a snippet of what she had to say about rumors that her new $6.9 million home purchase is just for the cameras, what people will learn about her marriage from her new spinoff, and what other ventures she may dip into soon.

Some people are saying maybe the new house was purchased just for the new show. Or that the show bought it for you.
Oh please! People can have a seat! Let me tell you, Vince is not even the kind of guy that would let anybody do anything like that. Number one, he’s a real man and number three (Ed note: Yes she jumped from one to three!) he’s not an opportunist like that. He bought the house because he loved the house.

Your new place is so big, will any of your sisters be living with you?
Absolutely no! Everybody is grown and has their own house. [Laughs]

So there are five bedrooms in the house. Any chance you got so many because you want to hear the pitter patter of little feet? And I don’t mean puppies!
Well … in the future maybe! We’ve only been married three years. We have time! We’ll get it out there! [Laughs]

What can we expect to see from Tamar and Vince in the new reality show that is different from Braxton Family Values?
Well, you know, everyone sees me as Tamar the loud mouth outspoken sister. Now you get to see me as Tamar, Vincent’s wife. I do have a different personality when I’m in the wife role. I think that’s important, you need that balance.

You do have a successful marriage and there are few married couple reality shows and even fewer geared at African-Americans. Why do you think that is?
I think that there are a lot of people who are just not married! And while it’s okay NOT to be married. It’s also okay TO be married! I just want to show the side. It’s great to have that foundation, but it’s also okay to be yourself too. And have fun with your life. You really can have it all and you don’t have to settle.

You have tons of different hairstyles, wigs, and colors. Is a hair care line an avenue you would explore?
It definitely is, but with everything it has to be the right situation. And it has to be affordable, and be a good grade of hair and please the audience who wants to wear it. All those elements have to make sense, otherwise it’s not fair to the people buying it! You don’t want to walk by a heater and it catches on fire! That’s not the move right there! [Laughs]

I definitely hear Tamar when it comes to her sisters living with her. Check out the rest of the interview on Insider.com.

Can you see Tamar as a mama? What do you think about a line of hair products inspired by her, would you check it out?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Every Black woman that is not doing so hot is starting a hair line, give me a break already. What ever happened to wearing your own hair. Vince is just plain not attractive and I seriously wonder is Tamar real cause he is repulsive looking. Lord give her a baby and I pray that baby does not come out looking like Barney, like it’s father.

  • Dandra steber

    i love tamar and i love her hair…i will be watching her show and everything she does..she keeps it real everybody else is just a hater…check lol

  • Frank White

    Tamars morning affirmations:
    Be obnoxious on show to gain all of the attention,  Check!
    Try to upstage anyone that is better than me, including Toni, Check!
    Pretend I am in love with Vince  so I can keep the money and the lifestyle, Check!
    If anyone disagrees with me, they are haters. Check!
    Get your own reality TV show, Check!!

    Mission Accomplished Tamar,  I wont be watching! CHECK!  

    • You could not have been more on point with this post, cause Vince is so ugly. I just can’t get past the two of them having any sort of intimacy, Yuck. Tamar is annoying and full of herself.

  • Zumba Queen

    Wow….an hour of Tamar! I’m sure Vince will not be seen that much since he’s always running away from Tamar after a few minutes or so! (maybe it’s the editing) 🙂 I have to fast forward my DVR whenever she is giving her interviews on the Braxtons! I will not be watching but I love her sisters!

  • MIA

    An hour full of Tamar’s loud-mouthing, plastic sea hag gargoyle face, childish, spoiled, bobbing from side to side as she talks about how fabulous she is,  Vice breathing like Mt. Vesuvius unable to close his mouth? I think I’ll pass…

    I’ll also pass on the hair line, I sport my own hair and have no time for that lace-front wiggy foolishness.