MN Exclusive: Sheree Whitfield on Dating, Kobe, and She By Sheree

December 24, 2011  |  

If Sheree Whitfield had to be stranded on an island with only one real housewife of Atlanta cast member, who do you think it would be? Well  we asked one of our favorite Bravo stars about this, plus her dating life and who her celebrity crush is. Oh by the way, you know we had to ask her about what happened with She by Sheree?


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  • I dont care what yall say she is so beautiful I love her I woudl love her for ever 🙂 can someone get me connected to her ?? Please

    • Emp Kai

      Seriously, I wonder how you much you will love meeting her after she finishes cleaning the lint out of your pockets. That’s one of the women your mama told you to watch out for! Just saying,….

  • Wow I really like her. anyone know how I can meet her ??? Can someone please connect me with Sheree. I would just love to meet her and talk. can someone help me.

  • Whatever smh!

  • Guest


  • Miss Truth Hurts

    Why the heII is any still interviewing this ugly Tranny lookin h0!?
    No one cares w.t.f schemes & scams she has going on right now. “Shlt
    by Sheree” is GONE! Non-existent! So stop askin her about it. She
    reached new low when she started drop-shipping cheap jewelry via an
    affiliate website, and had the nerve to be promoting that bull$h1t on
    twitter. Sheree is a talentless uncreative gold-digger who is desperate
    for income & dont know w.t.f to do with herself!…….Just sad
    man…T.Fvck this hatin azz MAN faced heifer and STOP GIVING HER

    • Hot_Medusa

      I feel bad for her children…

  • Yohan Nermis

    she is certainly the best looking housewife!

  • jl cray

    I dont like shree



  • cleojones

    crazy tranny


    What’s the point?

  • Mcsc4t

    lmao did she just say country bumpkin haha oops i mean southern bell smdh! This chixs crazy!

  • Lan

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  • Spiceypisces

    Shut up He/She by Sheree…..this woman is a mess!  Please take of your kids, stop hating on NeNe, and settle on a career you can actually do like perhaps buying clothes for a living.

  • Sheree is my least favorite housewife… next to Kim. I am not a fan. Please interview NeNe or Phaedra, they are so genuine.

  • Lan

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  • Lan

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  • Whatever.  She liked his bank account.  Which he won’t have muchh longer.  SMDH.

  • Lily

    Her hair looks great

    • Z143

      Lawrence Boo!



    • Sugar_Spice

      She actually looks softer than in the first couple of seasons of RHOA.  I can’t put my finger on it but maybe it’s her nose.