India Arie Sued for Sabatoging Own Career

December 21, 2011  |  

It’s been a long time since India Arie has been on the music scene, but her former manager says that’s her own fault.

Noreen Nalli is suing India, saying she still owes her money from when she managed her from 2005-2009, and that India sabotaged her own career, costing the manager even more money. She claims India constantly canceled shows, rejected offers to perform, and would be unavailable for weeks at a time which hurt record sales and Noreen’s profits.

India’s rep simply said, “she remains hopeful that the matter will be resolved amicably,” so India may have to come out of pocket on this one.

Do you miss India Arie on the music scene?

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  • MIA

    India has one of the most beautiful voices ever. But musically she is a bore. She’s always singing songs about how proud she is of being ugly, 1960’s bus sit ins, nappy-headed men, starfish, water and rainbows. Mix it up a little India and bring out a little sass!

  • Msmykimoto2u

    I do miss India. I loved Ready For Love and the industry needs her back so bad right now.

  • Tcakes1980

    Def miss her, I was in Red Lobster yesterday and i think i heard her singing a song………? we lost Lauryn too wtf?

  • Shareese_1992

    i hope she returns soon

  • SexyBrown

    She just seemed to have so many issues about her skin color and hair.  God bless her.  She’s so unhappy.

  • SweetBeautifulSisterofLight7

    First of all, India, many people love your music, support you and want the best for you. We hope that things are amicably worked out between you and your former manager. Blessings to you both.

    Secondly, sisters please don’t let any one person’s ignorant opinion throw you into a tizzy. Wear your hair, wig or weave whenever and why you want to. It it truly your business. If a man likes it, he will come for you. If he doesn’t, hewon’t. Either way, you should not fret. Do you and be fierce and stand confident and unmoved in it. You know the saying, “opinions are like________, everbody has one.”

    My natural hair is recooperating as I am, from illness and I’ll rock a wig in a minute AND my man loves me either way. Ladies, I love seeing you in all the glorious ways we can wear our natural and not-so-natural hair. Haters are going to hate. No mind paid is the best policy and as far as white people like or don’t like… puhleeeeeze, I can’t.

    Bald, fro’d, straight, curly, nappy… be happy! Weeeeerk it like only we can and leave the negative vibes to those who can’t help themselves. No Mind Paid!

    • sweetbeautifulsisteroflight7

      Sorry about the typo’s, re: “recuperating”, I do know how to spell.

    • Whitegirl

      i’m not hating. you black girls hate yourself and all i wanted to say is “stop trying to look white”….black girls have nice skin, nice booties, nice lips…you should love these features and stop wearing wigs and bleaching your skin.

      • Djka

        Ok, we got your point, now GFOH, this is a site for BW… Dont you wanna go and read your wonderful magazines full of white peoples? HuuuuushhhSMDH

      • MommaT77

        To whitegirl……I am a beautiful black woman who is in love with my beautiful brown skin, thicker lips and hips. I love my hair just as much as the next kardashians pig. Did a sista who is thicker than a snicker steal your joy? Must have …… make you think we ALL don’t love ourselves……..girl haven’t you read we haven’t rights now and Barack is the head many in charge!!!!!!! Get over yourself

        • Getit!

          “Thicker than a snicker” LOL stop. Dead.

      • straightandnarrow04

        I too am a black woman and I must say to any woman when you are truly confident in who you are, you will not feel the need to respond to foolishness….now that being said, not all black people hate themselves, but there are a lot that do!!! I get what it is you are trying to say, I say it to my own kind all the time!!…lol

      • reese

        But we have the most self worth and body image of any race according to your scientist.  I will say it again I don’t want to look like you.  I love my dark skin that doesn’t age like some, full lips, femine curves.  I don’t need your help in building my self esteem, but some of your white sisters might.  You know black women have the lowest suicide rate of all people so maybe we don’t hate ourselves as much as you believe.

      • Msmykimoto2u

        Tell your white people to stop tanning, injecting their lips, butts, and breasts to look like us and then we will stop wearing weaves

  • I don’t see how she sabotaged her own career…she’s praising the baphomet, NUFF SAID!

  • If she is sick, unable, and or have someone in her family to take care, then she has a good excuse. 

    I do not know her situation. Hopefully, she will continue with her career once she solves things.

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  • I miss India Irie so much.  I pray all can be resolved by seeing the bigger picture of her contribution to our culture rather than to bicker about monetary issues.  Bring her back and watch the money roll in.

  • Rubystone

    I just saw her in concert and she was amazing.  She has a new album coming out in early 2012.

  • IJS

    Actually yes. I thought she was just working on managing other artists so I didn’t really trip. But hey, only you know how much you can take. She needed her space….

  • I do miss her, She ha a great voice and she wouldn’t do things others would just for publicity. That’s probably why she refused so many shows, she ddidn’t agree with what a lot of people wanted her to do.

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  • Semy

    There should be a Wig Revolution!!! burn your weaves a say i’m finally free!! whites dont like nappy hair thats why blacks dont like natural hair. whites dont like dark skin thats why blacks bleach their skin…whats next? will all african americans look like michael jackson one day????

    • L-Boogie

      You are stupid!

      • Semy

        i am stupid? maybe….but i am not wearing a wig (dead hair from a poor girl from india) and wigs smell bad!!! how you people can wear someone’s else hair….bllleeeeh….thats disgusting….

        • Some people don’t have a choice in the matter…due to cancer or some other type of disease/illness that causes you to lose your hair!

          • Whitegirl

            of course…but i”m talking about black girls who r not ill…who just hate their black features.

            • dddooonnnttt

              Black women are the group that are happiest with their looks. Please stop whitegirl, you know nothing of which you speak…

              • Whitegirl

                I know more than you…white girls have problems with their hair too but they do not wear wigs…they wash their hair and thats it but blacks hide their unwashed hair under their wigs and they stink.

                • You should change your username to:


                • dddooonnnttt

                  You know more about my hair than me?? 0____O
                  So now we’re dirty. Ok. Done with you.

                • reese

                  White women wear wigs and weaves you are very uninformed.  Google wigs and weaves for Europeans.  Jessica Simpson has extension line.

                • Wow, that’s way over the top. From the way you speaking I could tell you are not well educated when it comes to weave, because everybody wears it! ALL RACES and ALL HAIR TEXTURES, some wear it to make their hair look full! #Knowbeforeyouspeak, and make yourself look ignorant

                • Are you crazy White woman??! Lots of white girls wear wigs. Check out Kim on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

                • Msmykimoto2u

                  So are you saying white girls dont wear weave or wigs? Girl sit down somewhere. Seriously. You are embarassing yourself

                • Ruby R

                  Actually many white women wear wigs, extension, etc. White women are also more likely to get plastic surgery. Black women wear wigs, weaves, whatever to add variety to our styles. Unlike white women our hair does many things and an have many styles that last longer than one day. What any woman doees with her hair is her business!

        • dddooonnnttt

          Do you tell that to your ‘black friends’? That their wigs stink?

          • Whitegirl

            no but i tell them that they are beautiful and that they do not need these stinky wigs or bleaching creams

            • dddooonnnttt

              Black women are the the group of women that are happiest with their looks. If you have a friend that is having serious issues with their looks it is indicative of a mental problem and having some ‘standard beauty’ white lady trying to tell her she is beautiful is probably not coming off the way you think it is to her. You do not understand or possess black hair, so don’t try to insert your opinion into a conversation where you are about 2% informed. 1 Braiding in extensions is an African tradition. 2 Women of all colors are wearing weaves these days. 3 You never know what is hiding under a wig. There are women with gorgeous heads of hair who rock the wig because (again, something you wouldn’t understand) daily grooming of her real hair can be very time consuming, they’re shaving time off their morning routine. And skin bleaching isn’t a problem in the AA community. It is a problem internationally among darker skinned women of all ethnicities. So..
              PS. So you do tell your black ‘friends’ their wigs stink o.0
              PPS. A wig will only ‘stink’ if it isn’t being maintained properly, the same way real hair will.

              • Whitegirl

                stop lying to yourself…the onlY reason why you wear wigs is because you hate your black nappy hair

                • dddooonnnttt

                  Lying to myself, lol. I can’t find the link, but there is a very recent study that shows that most black women are happy with their looks. It’s you who is obsessing over how we look. And I don’t wear wigs.
                  Anyway, 99% of the internet feels it is appropriate to denigrate black women. This site is not the place for that.

            • reese

              Tell the white women that they don’t need fake tans.  Are they trying to get darker because they hate themselves.  Please get out of here with this fake Malcom X crap.  You don’t know what you are talking about.  Oh and who are you to decide what black people where.  Gone are the days that black people are owned and we have the rights to make our own choices if that is Ok with you.  I mean who the ****** are you anyway.

            • Msmykimoto2u

              And just for your 411, black women dont need you or any other white person to tell us we are beautiful. Duh! We already know that dummy!

    • Freebee33

      India said “I am not my hair” meaning, whatever is on our heads, be it naturally grown, chemically processed, store bought or shaved off…it should not define who you are inside!

      Now please have a seat with that foolishness…

      • BedStuyBetty

        Yes you have a very good point! But at the same time some black women use their weaves and wigs as a crutch that takes away from thier ability to truly love themselves for who they are. Im not opposed to weaves or chemically processed hair, to each its own, but dont make it your life. Some black women feel that if their hair is not a weave or chemically processed that they are unattractive thus stifling their self confidence and taking away the person they should truly be.
        *Mind you i mentioned some black women, not all.

        • Freebee33


          I agree with you on that.

        • That’s true, but it gets instilled in black women. If we change the behavior at home by telling our little girls that they’re beautiful without the extras, things would be different. 

          • Msmykimoto2u

            Its called changing up your look. I hate that stupid misconception that because a woman wears a weave/wig that she is unhappy with her own hair. I like to look different. I cut all my permed hair out to go natural and sometimes I rock “as is” or sometimes when i dont feel like fooling with it or im in a rush, i throw on a wig. Either way I look good and it sure as h*ll has nothing to do with insecurity. Far from it

            • I said nothing about insecurity in my comment…

              • Msmykimoto2u

                I didnt mean to reply to you I was responding to the person above. Sorry bout that

      • Semy

        I am a white girl from europe and i read madamenoire every day and i have black friends and you know what!? black girls hate their black features…they try to look WHITE because they live in a world ruled by people please have more self-confidence!!!!burn your wigs and show your natural beauty.

        • I don’t know what black girls you’ve been around, but I happen to be a black woman. And I know i’m beautiful! My features make me who I am!

        • dddooonnnttt

          Ut oh, we’re being colonized. But for real, shut up. You don’t know anything about what is going on on top of my head or inside of it. If you have a vague understanding of ‘white rule’ in the world we live in, why do you think it’s appropriate to come to a board (that was made so we can have non-white perspective/resources) and tell us how to live. We do not want you (white people) to tell us how to be, feel, look, act. Go somewhere else.
          PS. not a girl, a woman. Thanks.

          • Whitegirl

            the main subjects of your magazines are: – wigs, weaves and being a baby mama and why blacks do not get married

            • dddooonnnttt

              And you’re doing what exactly to help solve these problems (mainly created by white people, but I digress) besides telling your friends their wigs stink? Or are you just here to say that our hair isn’t good enough for you and you’ve got something better and that the articles in our magazines that pertain to our lives aren’t good enough for you? Really be honest with yourself, do you think that comment comes off as a friend or a foe??

              • Whitegirl

                i love black people but if i were black i would be proud and i would not hate my hair or dark skin…go to afrika and most women there do not wear wigs. it is the white world who tells you how to look like….light skin straight hair slim body….fact!!!!

                • dddooonnnttt

                  No one is negating that the media and society has a boner for light skin, etc.. You know so much about our magazine articles, I guess you missed the one that was talking about how they wear just as many wigs and weaves as American black women. Face it, our hair is versatile. And a person can do what they want with their hair, black , white, whatever.

                • Msmykimoto2u

                  learn something and stop watching discovery channel. Alot of women in africa wear weave.

                • Ruby R.

                  I do not have a slim body or light skin. Many white women are trying to look like black women and have been. Butt implants, breast implants, tans. White women have tried to get the naturally “curvy” bodies of African American women since slavery times. I have researched this. All cultures have issues. There is a light/dark issue amongst latinas. Most of my AA friends like themselves just fine…light, dark, blue , or black. obbivously your friends are insecure, and maybe it is your fault becase you are quite negative!

            • reese

              No, that is just what you are getting from the articles.  This article is not about hair at all.  It is about Indya being sued for sabotaging her own career.  And you are here trying to debate hair.  I understand what you are trying to say, but this is more about wanting to look white and looking a certain way with certain careers do you think Obama would be president if him and his wife were rocking afros?

        • reese

          Natural hair is on the rise, but you have no right to tell us how to dress although you might be well meaning.  Maybe that is just the black women where you live.  You do know that you don’t know 99.999999% of us.

        • Msmykimoto2u

          Honey, its a proven fact that black women are more comfortable in their skin then any white woman. You guys are the ones who have to compete with the models in Vogue, Elle, and Cosmo to look like a 12 yr old boy. We embrace our curves, small waistlines, full hips, butts, and breast (no silicone needed) So umm…im going to need you to try again

      • Semy

        How do you know what she meant by singing i am not my hair??? and thats why india is NOT wearing a wig!!!!

        • Freebee33

          Lyrics from the song…

          “It’s time for us to redefine who we be

          You can shave it off like a South African beauty

          Or get in on lock like Bob Marley

          You can rock it straight like Oprah Winfrey

          If its not what’s on your head

          It’s what’s underneath and say..”


          • Semy

            blablabla….ur stupid cuz she is singing about REAL hair and not Weaves…wigs…its all about black people real hair

      • JN31

         Indeed. The foolishness will stop when people stop responding to those who have nothing better to do then post ignorant comments.

        At this point weaves/wigs are worn by all even white women like Kim Kardashian, Brittany Spears, and pretty much every other person in show business. Puerto Ricans like Jennifer Lopez and others. The idea is not to get caught up in it and become only about your hair (like the song says). It’s beyond race- women have an emotional attachment to their hair weather it be short or long. Are people of color effected more? Probably so, but maybe some people should check out the other articles that show there’s been an increase in the natural hair care scene.

        And yes, I do miss India Arie and hope she can come back but if she made the choice to stay out of the public eye then I wish her the best. She may be happier away from the spotlight.

        • Semy

          ok…ur right. whites and latinos wear wigs too buuuuut they do not wear nappy hair wigs! they do not try to look like an other race! but blacks def. try to look like whites asians. thats the problem!!!! its not about beauty. its about trying not to look like a black because the world is ruled by whites and all the girls on the covers of the magazines are light girls with straight hair. even with the big money stars like beyonce or WHITEyonce bleach their skin (cancer)…have surgeries (nose)…wear wigs…damn white people laugh about You.

      • Say it again! They should have several seats for being ignorant!

    • reese

      I am not as concerned with what white people like.  I wear my hair the way I want it and would never ever consider bleaching my skin.  Most black people don’t.

  • Semy

    I am not my hair!!!! listen black girls!!! and burn your wigs…

  • L-Boogie

    Yes, very much so.