Whoops! Ways You’re Leading Him on and Don’t Even Know It

December 21, 2011 ‐ By IndigoBlack

As much as men say they can’t read women and we’re so hard to understand, I often find myself feeling the same way about them. Case in point: a really nice guy who I just  met, a new friend of my family, and probably twice my age, asked for my number. And while some might be flattered, I have no interest in this guy like that whatsoever. He’s damn near my uncle’s age and well…like I said, I have no interest in the guy like that. Ever since that incident, I’ve literally been ducking and dodging him, as the things he says to me and ways he gazes at me (since he’s around a lot now) gives me the hee-bee jebees.

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  • Allnyamouth

    women are some dumb azz bits…i swear…

  • Ti

    there’s no such thing as”wrong signals”.there’s only game.don’t believe the hype. ppl play games because they work on suckers! the end! lol!!

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  • Mapaige

    This is common sense stuff. Next.

    • Ti

      If you say”next”..why don’t YOU write a blog? (And not wait on others to write,and you respond to)

  • Some men, no matter how many times/ways you let them know “I’m not interested!!!”, think they have a chance. 

  • Lj4771

    We women have to be so careful with how we react with men. Men will take the slightest smile and nod and interpret it as you being into them, when all we’re doing is being nice. Smh.

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  • Kim13321e

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  • Mrsindependent

    Nope, this has never happened to me and it never will. I’m very aware of my actions, and pay attention to my signals. The reason being I hate when a man gives me the wrong signal so I make a conscious effort never to do that to any guy I’m not interested in. If I like u I make it known, if I’m not feeling you i make it quite clear based on my actions, very straight forward. Guyz never have to question my intentions. There problem is when a guy likes u regardless if u make it quite clear u r not interested. I’m so annoyed by that, but I still maintain civility and keep my distance