Why Do “Ballers” Get Married In The First Place?

December 19, 2011  |  


by Charing Ball

So Vanessa Bryant, wife of NBA Star Kobe Bryant has finally wised up and has decided to kick Kobe’s arrogant cheating behind to the curb.

Vanessa filed divorce papers after catching the NBA star engaging in his “latest act of infidelity,” according to TMZ.  And according to the LA Times, the divorce papers, which had been filed on Friday, may have been in the works for some time now. Though details of what Vanessa could expect from enduring years of infidelity were not made available in the document, Vanessa Bryant’s mother has gone on record to gleefully express that the couple had no prenuptial agreement. Okay, gleefully is my word but I beat my bottom dollar that somebody in that family is grinning from ear to ear.

However as news of the impending split made its way around the internet, most of the comments I’ve read bypassed concern over the well-being of the children and instead focused squarely on the well-being of Kobe’s pockets. I must have read dozens of comments critical of Vanessa for not realizing that it was her job as a Basketball wife to get cheated on.  I mean, doesn’t she realize that her husband is powerless to the advances of sex crazed groupies, who are ready and willing to throw themselves at a famous man? It’s not like he could say, “No. Stop. Don’t. I’m married.” No these groupies are ravenous man eaters, who will rip the clothes off of these poor defenseless men and force them to perform all sorts of sexual acts against their will. The only logical conclusion is that Vanessa must be a gold digger.

Although I poke fun, I do see where some folks are coming from.  I like to believe that there are some professional athletes, who are faithful to their wives. However, I am a lost right now to actually name them. Moreover when stories do arise of professional athletes getting divorced, the grand majority of them do because of issues related to acts of infidelity.  You can help but to think that women, who marry professional athletes or rich people in general, shouldn’t expect fidelity. However, why do these men,who are constantly tempted and caught up, get married in the first place?

This may come as a surprise to many but I’m actually a poor person.  Well, I’m not desolate but I do fit nicely into the newest Census data of 1 in 2 people in this country, who are like a paycheck away from the poor house. Nevertheless, I would like to think that if I was rich, I would never marry. Not because I didn’t want to have a significant other but because it is hard enough now trying to find a person who I could trust not to rob me blind. It goes without saying that if you’re ultra wealthy, you will attract gold diggers and it will be impossible to see what their true intentions are. Mo money, Mo problems. Therefore I would go the Oprah route and have an in-house Stedman, who I could love, canoodle with and force to watch The Real Housewives series with me.  But I would also be on birth control, the best my money could buy and I would make my Stedman leave on the weekends, to ensure that our relationship doesn’t enter common-law status.

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  • Theophania Antinomian

    “Cheating” is a non-concept. Life isn’t a game. i know you’ve all had it beaten into your tiny little skulls that monogamy is natural or inherently superior, but that’s straight-out bullshit. It made some sense, as a security, in times past when there was little disease control, no paternity testing and women without a patron might starve. Now it’s just an atavistic relic; not that it will stop you twats from insisting on the obvious and intrinsic value of monogamy, because morality is a non-rational psychological spasm.

  • Dean444

    He met Vanessa one day. She went home with him and NEVER left. So, what did she expect from this. Apparently the wallet was more important to her! 

  • GrammarPolice

    I would like to think that you could proofread these articles every once in a while, so unprofessional….

    • Theophania Antinomian

      Since when can black people proofread?

  • Natasha T

    Yeah why marry if you’re not gonna commit to ONE woman? If you can’t keep your po-po in your pants, then don’t even f**k with marriage!

  • Calhoun704

    Yes, why get married when you know damn well you are’nt capable of being commited to one woman. About 80% of the men who are professional basketball, football, baseball (and golf) players, are just that PLAYERS. yeah, they got nothing but GAME!

  • Rastaman

    Does that qualify as “trickle down” economics?
    In a way it does because today it is Kobe Bryant who is worth about $100 mil and next year it will be people worth $50 mil a piece.  At least one formerly not wealthy is becoming wealthy during the Obama presidency. 

  • F3ral Anarchy

    im still trying to figure out myself why any athlete would get married before retirement


      You can’t put a time watch on finding real “love”. Besides when you are a celebrity you have your own pick from state to state making it easy to find an attractive woman that’s willing to go the extra mile to live that luxurious lifestyle. Lets be real, most women only marry these guys beside its their guarantee route towards a very fortunate lifestyle, (shopping, man of status, cars, lifestyle & fame). Its no secret that most of these housewives are cheated on repeatedly, but whats mind boggling is that fact they choose to endure it.   

      • F3ral Anarchy

        i dig what you are sayin.  But i look at it from a standpoint of these dudes should KNOW these women are groupies out for money.  matter fact i’d view EVERY woman that came at me as a gold diggin groupie even if she wasnt just to protect my money.

      • 2012

        Yeah but having beautiful model like women in your face every night realistically you are gonna eventually take the bait and fall for somebody and pray they honestly love you for you… Everybody has likes and preferences and is naturally attracted to the opposite sex. What good is money if you have no one to come home to or share it with?

  • Nehemaih

    These simple minded buffoons have it all, a beautiful wife, health happy children, money, a career they LOVE, yet its not enough! Greed is a horrible sin but worse is thinking your entitled to EVERYTHING you want without one concern about anyone else’s life

    • Pinkpolkadots29

      i second this all the way! its not only rich successful men that do it broke and no career having fools do it too. they have the kids and wife and a happy home but its never enough!

    • Theophania Antinomian

      Why do women think they’re entitled to be the only partner of a successful, attractive, physically fit man?

  • Sucker…

    In this day and age, why would any high earner marry without a pre-nup? Its sad dat she gets to walk away with half of his earnings as if she earned it…but i guess it serves him right for being stupid and a cheat…lol