Game Over: The Scoreboard Of How Kobe Fouls Out With Wife

December 17, 2011 ‐ By Drenna Armstrong

The last six months haven’t been kind to Kobe. First, the Lakers don’t make it to the championship and just earlier this week, they lose a huge chance to obtain Chris Paul. And now, it appears Kobe and Vanessa have called it quits.  We all read the breaking news on TMZ, right?  So let’s see here: Two children? Check. Married in the state of California? Check.  Married longer than 10 years (they married in April 2001 so that’s about 10 years and 8 months)? Check.  It sounds like Vanessa is possibly up for long-term spousal support. Oh and lest we forget that Vanessa didn’t sign a pre-nup which might mean an even bigger payday.  This announcement has sent many into a sort of frenzy. While the dissolution of a marriage is a sad situation, this one always had a few layers.  Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, shall we?

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  • Hahaha!!! Her parents going to have a big fiesta, Mariachi band and all at this negroes expense. LOL…I do not feel sorry for him. This is what he gets.

    • Evans

      Why do you have to bring race into it you moron?  Vanessa’s children are rich, beautiful “negroes” and they are the only ones really hurting from this split.  If she loves her children, she despises idi@ts like you. 

      • Her children are not black. They are bi-racial. And I could care less about them, her or him, but this situation makes for one heck of a good…LOL. 

  • mochaaa

    sings american wedding by frank ocean. smh welp 

  • Mia

    I don’t know why people are boo-hooing over these two. Marriage is an outdated concept that has an
    insanely high percentage of failure. 50% will end in divorce and the
    majority of the other 50% that don’t seek a legal divorce are
    dysfunctional. The things that once made marriage a necessity are no
    longer as prevalent as they once were. Marriage is no longer necessary
    for women to make it outside of their parent’s house, it is no longer
    necessary to have children, and it creates more problems than it ever
    solved. It has always been loaded with dysfunction…ALWAYS!

  • Analicia04

    BOUGHT* Purchased*    Bout??? lol

  • Tval

    If you want a pre nup then DO NOT get married. The law says it is for your protection, but all it is saying that there are doubts and you don’t believe the marriage will last. 
    And for the cheating part, you are putting a person’s health at risk with lord knows who. Too many people remain married to spouses that clearly don’t respect their feelings or their health. Give her the money and move on.

  • Greenmonster

    Can I just say?! I love this site!!!

  • Greenmonster

    She’s lucky he wasn’t a hockey player!

  • All the Kobe bashing
    is all revisionism. It is not like you can tell the future. Nothing wrong in
    falling in love [whatever that means] and getting married to a girl you
    cherish. Yes, he looks stupid now because he didn’t arrange a prenup prior to
    marriage but of what use is that if you believe you will spend the rest of your
    life with your bride? The insistence of prenup in this generation just shows
    how desecrated the institution of marriage has become. Alas, this divorce just
    reinforces the perception that marriage has become an unserious, if not
    absolutely irrelevant adventure. Remember, this discussion wouldn’t have been warranted had the two adults involved tried to work out their differences as apposed to throwing “the baby and the bath-water”

  • james

    I dont feel sorry for her at all either. Vanessa was married to a rich man and she does not have to do anything. All she has to do is look pretty and smile for the cameras once in a while, yeah she had the kids but we all know she had nannies there.. I am sure she is not innocent either cause Kobe was not in LA all the time. Yea he cheated but that happens al the time. I think she knew what she was doing that is why she left after 10 years, Kobe seems niave and I blame him for not listening to his parents.. I bet she will go marry her own kind and take millions with her. 

    • Lagois32

      Lationos rarely date outside their race, especially to a black man. A beautiful pureto rican woman like her especially won’t look twice at a black man. This is karma for Kobe. He dissed his high school sweetheart and Brandy for this chick. I know he’s gonna eventually feel played. She’s gonna be spending his money Nicole Simpson style on Mario Lopez’s. Look how J.Lo when she left Puffy, immediately went pushed out kids for hispanics Marc Anthony.

      • Fun

        Vanessa is Mexican not Puerto Rican.  I’m sure your point is the same but it just irks me when people think they are the same. Puerto Rico is in the United States.  Mexico is an entirely different country.  

        • Lagois32

          I didn’t know that she was Mexican. She’s real light and has a curvy shape like most Puerto Rican women. Most Mexicans have darker skin and not as curvy. Didn’t mean to offend

      • reese

        Latinos marry outside their race more than anybody.  They are almost the 20% as far as interacial marriages.  There are more latino men married to white women than black men.  I know alot of them who are married to black men.

      • Evans

        Most women date within their race, so what?  Don’t act like beautiful black women fall all over themselves to date hispanic or even white guys.  But (unless they’re stupidly biased) if a successful, rich, decent-looking guy of any race comes along and makes a move, they’re probably going to get some action if they have any social skills whatsoever, such is life.  

        But, this is karma for Kobe, not because he married outside his race, but because he didn’t keep his marriage vows.And the word is LATINA. 

  • Tee_Uh

    I don’t feel the least bit sorry for him and I don’t understand why everyone is making her seem so calculated with her intentions. I truly believe he forgot she wouldn’t remain young and naive forever and when she did mature he thought the money would keep her. She is pretty and still young so she’ll be just fine. They seem mature about the situation so I’m sure their girls will be fine once they get adjusted!

  • Ms12

    Also, Vanessa is now in her late 20s/early 30s, the perfect timing to start a brand fresh new life. Anyway, he cheated on her and that’s what people will remember.

  • L-Boogie

    I hope they can work it out. 

  • Anaiya

    its a shame Kobe didn’t get the same good legal advice that Vanessa so clearly did. Not doubting that  there was love at the beginning but its weird that she’s finally had enough 10 years into the marriage just as she would be entitled to half under California law. Vanessa stands to make a fortune for doing little more than being a trophy wife. Let this be a lesson to all those rappers/ballers looking to wife a video chick. Not being heartless and of course there are children involved and they must be considered but they will be ok. Sadly divorce is nothing out of the ordinary now, the other kids probably won’t even care.

  • reese

    Kobe’s choice.  I don’t see him as a victim.  He decided to marry her without prenup which is crazy when you have that kind of money.   She is int he money and I ain’t mad at her. 

  • homie

    His parents had a valid point, but love is blind. It’s hard enough for leroy down
    the street to be  faithful let alone a rich man– people aren’t perfect but you should
    learn from mistakes. I  don’t understand not having a prenup though.


    Maybe she was madly in love with him, if they met at 17 then he could have been her 1st love…which may explain why she stayed so long with all the drama…She is almost 30…mature and motherhood most likey told her life is too short for this pain and deception…what kind of role model to her young girls to always see mommy sad, she is catholic and perhaphs beleives in stand by your man no matter what, in the 40s and 50s men cheated just as much but they were called indiscretions and no one got divorced over it, people are too quick to divorce and work it out for the family they created. Money does not replace loniness or the feeling of being loved and cherished. Pray for them. You never know what really was going on behind close doors…what’s going on in your house? Drama, Lies, Pain? Don’t judge her – she was Ice Queen for a reason…we will never know and we don’t need to.

  • Prissy

    He CHEATED. I could care less how she met him. If you want to be gross and sleep with everyone you meet FINE. but NOT while you are married where you are LESS likely to be using protection because you are MARRIED and should be able to not have to use it. DISEASES and PREGNANCIES can spread so easily! Look at Magic. I may NOT be a fan of hers or HIM for that matter, but dang….. Can’t people show self control. Do you HAVE to sleep with everything that walks in site? She actually STAYED with him after that “rape” thing years back. UGH

  • kobe was forced to marry vanessa when her parents found out they were having sex b4 she was legal, he was always gonna pay one way or another

    • reese

      That is the not true.  If she is 17 he cannot go to jail.

    • nursedred

      Thats not true at all. Ive lived in california my whole life and the age of consent is 16. No crime there the parents just have to sign off for the marriage since minors cannot sign legal contracts and marriage is a contract

      • Msgonzo10

        Word around the league was that her mother threatened to press statutory rape charges against him unless he married her w/o a prenup. At that time, so early in his career, his agent feared it would ruin his image on the heals of one of the biggest Nike deals since Jordan. Plus Kobe was WIDE open off of Vanessa so he wasn’t concerned about not having a prenup needless to say his parents were VERY concerned. He pressed forward with the wedding w/o a prenup and his parents moved back to Philly because they were so disappointed. They didn’t speak until after his oldest daughter was born. No one in their right mind with that kind of money would’ve married an 18 year old high school student in a communal property state w/o a prenup just because they were in love (and she wasn’t pregnant). But at the end of the day, they will both press forward with their respective lives.

  • Getit!

    An end of an era indeed. The Lakers aren’t world champs as the league is shaken up and the queen bee of the Lakers organization is dismissed. Phil retired even Lamar Odom is gone. Bring on the new. Healing and best wishes to all.

  • DrennaB

    I definitely do think they were in love for quite some time and I also don’t like (no matter how lighthearted this post appears) that people aren’t even recognizing that a family is breaking up.  As much as the money is being discussed, let us not forget (for the short time that we actually care about this) that children are involved. I’m hearing that the children are out on Christmas break effective yesterday and they chose to do it then to spare them from immediate “hounding.” But this has got to hurt them.  Vanessa possibly getting a big payout doesn’t help THAT.

    • Toogood345

      And when you wonder why your girlfriend’s long-term boyfriend refuses to get married all you have to do is read the comments here. There’s no way I will ever get married. And, yes, my money is long.

      • LakeShow

        Yeah, yeah, go on and use Kobe, Tiger, Jordan, etc as excuses. lol IF you really believe in marriage, you will do it regardless. All you have to do is have a prenup prepared to protect all that “long” money you have. Or you can be like Stedman and get with a rich chick who doesn’t want to be married. 🙂

      • Goodluck

        How about you find someone you trust who loves you. Also try not to f*&k everything that moves. Otherwise have fun being alone. 

        • Akhibrass

          Who says he’ll be alone just because he refuses to get married? that’s a lame fallacy. And just because you trust someone doesn’t mean they won’t screw you.

          • Pivyque

            Exactly! Some people would rather be in long term relationships instead of getting married. 

  • Cynthia

    Congratulation$ Vane$$a!

    • NewMommi870

      Really…she losing her family money can’t amount to that get real.

      • Cynthia

        I believe that Vanessa just bided her time (in spite of his philandering) and I say 
        good for her!  They will undoubtedly share joint custody of the children.

        • Akhibrass

          You don’t know if Kobe continued to cheat after the “rape’ incident.

  • LakeShow

    I don’t like how people are making Kobe out to be the victim. He pursued her, proposed, chose to get married without a prenup, and she stayed with him and held his hand on national TV after he cheated on her and caught that case. People make her sound so calculated but isn’t it possible that maybe, just MAYBE they were in love? Now don’t get me wrong, all that money certainly doesn’t hurt, but let’s not act as if pro athletes can never have real relationships. Not all women who date athletes do so because of money.

    • Elyse Primus21

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Ilovshooz

      “Maybe just maybe they were in love.” Then why was he having sex with another woman? Who needs that kind of love.

      • Missy

        Maybe SHE loved him but HE had a problem with fidelity. Even with money TEN years is a long time to stay with somebody AND be miserable.

        • No Disrespect

          Thank you Missy..if it is true that she stayed with him ONLY for the money, that is the saddest part of the story. It would also show her greed. Either way he would have to pay child support and alimony SO why wait it out for YEARS after you are ready to leave. Just leave and start anew — I’ll take happiness and a good amount of money OVER misery and a whole lot of money any day! 

        • Pivyque

          It’s not hard to believe that she stayed because she loved him, they had kids and he promised to change. There are women that stay with men with a lot less status and money for those reasons.

          • Girliusmaximus

            Co-signs with Missy, No Disrespect and Pivyque… Well said yall.

    • Sugar_Spice

      AGREED 100%

  • Calhoun704

    I’m not suprised at all. Through out the year there have been sooooo many divorces/ breakups There will be more. ( Especially within african american marriages). Sad but true.

    • Logic

      Why “especially within African-American marriages”? People get divorced everyday across racial lines. That sounds ignorant fake Dr. Phil!!!

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  • Guest

    Typical. She just did what the rest of them do when they marry a pro athlete. She waited her time out and then went in for the kill. What he did in Colorado just put the icing on the cake. She was smart and had good counsel to do it the way she did by waiting ten years, no prenuptial agreement, having kids and getting married in one of the toughest states on divorce. Can’t hate her for what she did but men will never learn and this will continue to happen time and time again. 

    • Love_Sexy

      I agree 100% and you hit it right on point…….She was one smart cookie!

    • Icy

      I can’t help but think Vanessa had a plan too. She might have been in love initially (remember the reports of her fainting when the rape scandal came out) but once he betrayed her the high was gone. I can’t blame her. I think if my man were supa dupa paid, I wouldn’t leave either- not until my bank roll is right. 

      • Aldfj

        oh yes thats it. Waste Ten years or your life in a loveless marriage then be rich. Perfect plan right there. (Thats dripping with sarcasm) 

        • IcyT

          Cracking up at the fact you had to “announce” your sarcasm. LOL!