My Boyfriend Doesn’t Want to Get Married, What do I do?

December 14, 2011  |  

You’ve been dating your boyfriend for a few years now, everything is good, you love the man. You’re ready to walk down the aisle. When you tell your boo, you’re ready he says he wants to marry you but not right now.

A common issue, right?

See what relationship expert, Lori Pinkerton, had to say about this sensitive subject at Your

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  • Shawn

    My husband left us a year ago when we had our last kid because he has always been afraid of having kids (so embarrassing). I was in a dark world, things did not go as we have planned when we exchanging our marriage vows, he hates kids and never plays with them even on their birthdays; he always wants to have me alone for reasons best known to him. I tried teaching him ways to love kids but he constantly keeps his distance away from them which made them to think that he is not their father.
    He finally left us to an unknown destination when he couldn’t bear with the pressure around him. I suffered and convinced them that their father will change to a better man and come back. This made me stand by my word because I don’t want to be a lying Mother, so I had to find ways to bring back my Boo as a changed man until I overheard a woman in a mall talking to her friend about a Spell Doctor called Dr.Osaz who help her sister get back her husband; so I quickly asked her if she can help me with the doctor’s contact if he can help me.Thanks to her and Dr. Osaz who changed my husband and brought him back to us as I promised our kids. He now loves them and plays with them. Dr. Osaz him a lovely Father and Husband. I am so happy that I finally fulfilled the promise I made to my kids. Contact Doctor Osaz if you are suffered relationship humiliation via: spirituallove @ hotmail . com

  • Jason D

    I swear its like women only live to get married and have kids.. like its some type of validation for breathing.

  • cutily

    How come some women can have so little self-respect to want to force a man into marrying them?

    It’s just unbelievable!


  • miamac

    Old fashion morals have gone out the window with the baby and the bathtub so why do women of today still want to get married? Marriage is old fashion and therefore if you want the ways of old, return to the ways of old. Stop spreading your legs, moving in with your lover, having not one but multiple ‘daddy’s babies’ and thinking he’ll ‘eventually’ marry you because you already proved your love. smh. Nawl, the only thing you proved is how desperate and easy you are. Real talk.

  • Zc7463

    I say keep it moving!!! Some people are put in your life as stepping stone, or for some other valid reason.  If he or she is  not really to commit, it is just sign or learning lesson.  So your best possible move is to see it for what it is and keep stepping. Take the correct action, because time is to precious, to fail not to know.

  • Guess

    In my dating years, I was always that girl who wasn’t afraid to break up with a boyfriend. I didn’t believe in wasting time with someone who wasn’t on the same page as me.  The girl in the video is young; 24. At that age, the world is your oyster, dont cry over a boyfriend who is not ready to marry.  But if he is stringing you along.  Drop him.  Cry on the shoulders of your mother and friends and move on.