The Woman Who Cried Rape…

December 14, 2011  |  

The lengths Laurie Ann Martinez went to to prove she was raped earlier this year are beyond me. Authorities say she split her own lip with a pin, scraped her knuckles with sandpaper, had her friend punch her in the face, ripped open her own blouse, wet her pants to give the appearance she had been knocked unconscious, and then blamed it all on the likely culprit, a black man. Why? To convince her husband they should move to a safer neighborhood.

The ploy didn’t work, though, and for two reasons. One, the couple filed for divorce six weeks after the April 10 incident, according to court records. Two, Martinez has been arrested and arraigned on two felony counts of conspiracy.

There is one glimmer of hope for the 36-year-old, she still has her job as a prison psychologist for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation “for the moment,” her lawyer, Michelle Spaulding said.

Martinez didn’t enter a plea before a Sacramento Superior Court judge Monday and she was released on a $50,000 bond, but I don’t suppose she should get too comfy. I doubt a jury will take her stunt lightly and it’s likely she will be the one undergoing a psych eval soon.

“If all you wanted to do is move, there’s other ways than staging a burglary and rape,” said Sacramento police Sgt. Andrew Pettit. “She went to great lengths to make this appear real.”

Martinez may get her wish to move afterall, it will just be behind bars. What do you think would be the appropriate punishment for Martinez?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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  • Jennif302003

    Throw the book at the skank!

  • Delenalarose

    However many years they give men for raping a women she should get for lying.  We have too many women screaming rape that have not been because they get away with it.  I feel really bad for the women that reads this and in real life she was raped and was either told she lied and didn’t or was raped and they never caught the person.  God don’t like ugly.  The friend that helped her should go to jail to.  I don’t care if she said it was a black or white man.  Yelling rape when it didn’t happen is wrong.  

  • She should be forced to volunteer with real rape victims. Rape is not to be taken lightly. 

  • tastythoughts

    this stupid excuse for a female…

  • Sugar_Spice

    This dumb broad must have never seen Rosewood

  • Ugly cheap wh0re. 

  • She should get the same tie that her fake rapist would have gotten and lose her license. Lying women like her hurt all women when they do that.

  • Rickgee

    ppl like her should face the same amount of time as the charges actually carry just like in conspiracy charges since she conspired to have the charges made she should reap the punishment. thats how you deter b.s. like that.

    • reese

      I know did you see the cop who only got 4 years for planing crack on the couple.  I was thinking how many other people did he do that and get away with it.

  • Kelly White115

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  • Zc7463

    Yeah! they always cry rape and blame the black man.  But the black  man will always marry and date them!!! That’s the  really sad part. LOL!

    • Indie_bindi

      There is no Us vs. Them.

    • Jaz

      I agree with you 100%. This is more proof that White and Hispanic women don’t want Black men. They think that ALL races of women want them, and they couldn’t be more wrong.

    • Alana

      This isn’t the first time this has happened and it will NOT be the last, they do this crap to black men because they think they can get away with it and sometimes they do! Black men don’t care though, they will still kiss their asses smh. This is why black women shouldn’t support, date, or marry black men anymore. In fact they should date non-black men and let black men deal with this crooked society ALONE!

      • GM_I

        A story about a woman lying about rape goin thru extreme measures to make a falsehood seem real, falsely accusing a blk man of this crime and you still want to find a way to turn the sh1t into a “woe is me” blk man bash session smh

        • reese

          I agree with you to some extent.  I think the worst thing is that they are claiming black men because people believe bm or more likely to do it.  When I see the news there are so many non bm arrested for rape all day long.

      • aqquippless

        When blackwomen left the civil-rights movement to support the feminist movement.That`s when the blackman started facing this society ALONE.

        • Charlieshine1

          After the civil-rights movement black women went to school, work and many moved up the ladder. In the corporate world, I see many many more black women than men. Many of us moved up but are still very much committed to the advancement of our people. We are also almost exclusively committed to black men, sometimes to a fault.

          • aqquippless

            What does your educational level have to do with commitment to a group of people.Once again the blackwoman throwing her education in the blackmans face as if that demands some obedience from the blackman.I`m educated too,SO WHAT does this have to do with my comment.You either care or you don`t.

    • reese

      there have been black women who cried rape too.  But they can date who they want.  If we judged people by actions of few nobody would be elligible to date.

  • GM_I

    Women and cases like this are exactly the reason women who claim rape are questioned or ppl are reluctant to believe them these days…add this broad to the other women on the list such as the nun who lied about being raped by a blk man to hide the fact she was having a sexual relationship with some bodega owner, the weather reporter woman who claimed to of been raped by a Hispanic male in his 30 or 40’s who never even existed becuz she wanted attention and ppl to sympathize for her (endangering any hispanic male in the age range of being convicted of a crime he didn’t commit), the stripper who accused the Duke Lacrosse team of rape that was completely false and disputed by the accusers own co-worker/friend who worked with her the very same night.

    Women like the one reported, some of the women i mentioned and many out there like them guilty of the same false accusations are the worst individuals regarding cases of rape becuz not only do they make a crime already difficult to prove that much more difficult, they try to personally gain money, attention or something stupid like a new house by trying to utilize the real traumatic experiences of true female rape victims for their own petty selfish reasons…its disgusting and pisses me off that these type of women are dealt with nothin but a lil slap on the wrist, I’d be surprised if she even does a year in prison for this, probably just give her probation and some house arrest…men accused of rape are villified, demonized, forced to do the perp walk, names publicly released in the media, deemed guilty by the court of public opinion & have their entire life destroyed before any proof or reports of what actually happened & confirmed are released but a woman found out to be a liar about a rape is shrugged off as no big deal smh.

  • Betty b

    The saddest part about this story, there are still states in America where she could have gotten away with that unforgivable LIE. Simply disgraceful.

  • C Tate1

    Wow she could have put an innocent black man away for the rest of his life behind some untrue stereotypical foolishness !!! As if someone would ever rape her! Shame on her.. She needs to repent lol

  • freefromlye

    oh LAWD! O.o