This Ain’t VH1’s Version: The Real Real Football Wives of The NFL

December 14, 2011  |  
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Have you ever wondered why these reality shows that claim to document the lives of women married to high profile sports celebrities (hence, the term wives) never include actual women who are married? It’s a wonder, especially since we know a lot of these married women would love to get some of the attention too. Here are women who may fly under the radar as celebrities but who are nonetheless actually married to the NFL.

Tiffany Burress, wife of Plaxico Burress, who is the wide receiver for the New York Jets. Tiffany is also a personal injury lawyer. Many would remember the Burress name from that embarrassing incident in which he shot himself in the thigh at a New York city nightclub in 2008.

Raquel McNabb, wife of Donovan McNabb, quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. The couple were college sweethearts at Syracuse and married in 2003. They have four children together.

Kiya Winston, wife of Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin. The couple met at The College of William & Mary and have three children together. Kiya does have her own business going on however as a women’s formal wear designer.


Taniqua Ware, wife of Dallas Cowboy Demarcus Ware

The Wares were high school sweethearts who married in 2005. They have three children together, two adopted children and one biological.

Pashun, wife of Cullen Jenkins of Philadelphia Eagles

Pashun and Cullen were college sweethearts who met at Central Michigan. They have two daughters together.

Jada Hall, wife of D’Angelo Hall of the Washington Redskins


Angela Pressey-Forsett, wife of Justin Forsett of the Seattle Seahawks. For their one year anniversary, Justin rapped a love song for his sweetie.


Andrea Collins, wife of Nick Collins of the Green Bay Packers. Andrea, a Florida University grad, is the President of the Nick Collins foundation.



Patricia Southall, married to ex-NFL player and Dallas Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith. Southall happens to be the ex-wife of Martin Lawrence. The couple have been married since 2000 and have one daughter Skylar. Southall was the former Miss Virginia and now spends her time running a non-profit organization  Treasure You.

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  • doesntevenmatter

    Pashun and Cullen have been together since we went to Belleville High School!

  • mknox

    I appreciate this post. Notice all of them have BLACK wives! Just beautiful! 🙂

  • PleaseDOBetter

    And Black men don’t marry Black women? I loved these pictures!

  • Tony Williams

    Beautiful couples, i am happy for them keep it going strong.

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  • Mjb

    That self hating idiot Ochocinco needs to take lesson from these men who are married  to college educated, beautiful Black women instead of that Ghetto, uneducated, unschooled Latina he’s with.

  • Shlyfields

    this is a nice article; need to see more like it! now only these women are black, but they’re educated and beautiful!!!! love it!!!

  • These women aren’t on the show because the have lives an jobs, unlike the women on those shows. Self respect too.

  • Kelly B

    Patricia Southall is a James Madison University alum! She was at our homecoming this year. GO DUKES!

  • SelinaaWozz

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  • SelinaaWozz

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    • SelinaaWozz

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  • Noneofurbiz

    these are educated women who have better things to do than to come on some show, form a clique and have endless drama upon drama… sad truth all those women on those basketball wives and whtever wife shows are out there are not even married to the dudes, some of them are ex gfriends and if u notice there is only 1 wife…. i pray they don’t degrade themselves the “true” wives and come out on a reality….

  • reese

    We know that reality tv doesn’t reflect real life.  These women’s shows wouldn’t last because they aren’t ignorant acting and not alot of drama.  We can say we want positive shows of bw or black people, but if nobody watches them and flock to Atlanta housewives they won’t put the shows on.  It is all about money.

  • Wow…nice positive ACTUAL houseWIVES (not house hoes or house girlfriends)….. I didn’t even know LaDanian was married…..good article


  • Ecjackson27

    I thoughy D Ware only had two kids… The oldest baby girl is adopted, & the baby boy is biologically theres, where did the third baby come from??? LOL

  • KeptWoman

    Thank you for this story Bossip. I’m glad to see all of them are beautiful, smart, black, and they have something going for theirselves ;))

  • Not only are the reality shows about black people very
    negative but the image of gay black men  is derogatory.

    • Miss Truth Hurts

      A Gay BLACK man is an abomination…Period…Why the f*ck are you even here bringing up G@Y sh*t anyway?….Sh*tty butt azz f@ggot….*smh*

  • Ronnie3457


  • zw

    It is so nice to see black love, to many times the media potrays Black athletes as those who like to date, and marry outsitde of their race, and these women are college educated, brilliant young BLACK women not the typical gold diggers and groupies that we often see.  Love it !!!!

  • Getit!

    Black love, beautiful.

  • Girliusmaximus

    Okay Mr. or Ms. or Mrs. MN Editor, his name is LaDainian Tomlinson.

    You want to know why these women aren’t on these shows? They have better things to do with their time, they aren’t scrimping for change and attempting to collect spousal/child support from an ex boyfriend/baby daddy, and quite frankly I think it’s beneath them. Does it sound like I’m being judgmental of the women of the “Wives” shows? Yes I am because all I have to go on is how they allow the networks to present them on those shows. We’ve all seen them… Why would any of these women want to be a part of the garbage that comes from VH1 and other such shows of the same ilk? Those shows do their best to portray those women in the worst light, not that they need any help from the women because they seem to do a good job of that themselves. Fighting, arguing, foul mouths, childish clique type nonsense, and hanging on to men that don’t seem to want them. That’s what sells. If you put the ladies from the slideshow on a “Real Wives” show, it would go off after 2 episodes because there would be no drama. Which is a pity because that’s what people need to see… Positive women who stand beside their men and could stand on their own if they were single.

  • R Wilson

    Black Love !! We need it ,  that’s our power.Lets stop loving white people and come together , lets love one another again we dont have anybody else but black women and black man.Black love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ImNewHere

      You’re preaching to the choir on this site. Your message might be more effective if you left it on a site frequented by black men, not black women.

  • iGOTswaqq:)

    these chicks look like nfl wives the second one look like a line backer lol but at least they ain’t basketball hoes

    • ImNewHere

      Actually, you don’t have swag, which is why you have to resort to calling women out their names

      • iGOTswaqq:-)

        I am a girl and ill call them whatever the f*ck want to and I do have swaqq sweetheart 🙂

        • MeMe

          Out of curiosity, how do you pronounce swaqq? 

          • iGOTswaqq:-)


          • mrzmlm

            S-wack! That’s how you pronounce that! Lol!

    • cindy

      well their husbands like it and that is all that matters.  Why you feel the need to try to down them.  Is it jealousity I wonder. 

      • Miss Truth Hurts

        loL@ People always pulling the “Jealousy” card. I think it’s great that they are actual wives, with a great background in education or other wise. BUT what @IGOTSWAQQ:) is true. A lot of the women pictured above aren’t attractive & do look like MEN them damn selves. That’s not “hate”, that’s TRUTH, or at least her opinion. Which she is entitled to and just because it differs from yours doesn’t make one a “hater”.

        • Valencia Stokes

          I don’t think any of them look like men. They’re just not supermodels and there’s nothing wrong with that. They look like your everyday college educated woman who have held down their men since day one. That can make a woman beautiful in a man’s eyes.

  • RJH

    Thank you for a positive story about African-American football players and their wives.

  • SimplyComplex_87

    i like how these women look more low-key and like actual wives…unlike the gold digging women who are too busy chasing fame to keep a man.

    • Getit!

      You see they met at college. For the promo hoes college is a non m–fn factor.