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They come into your life, make you happy and then, just like that, it’s all over. They’re gone, leaving you alone to pick up the pieces and start all over again. No, I’m not talking about your no-good ex. It’s those TV, movie and music stars that were a regular part of your life before their limelight was up, or so you thought.

Here’s a selection of stars you probably haven’t thought about in a long time.

Kellie Shanygne Williams-Jackson

Kellie Williams is better known as Laura Winslow from the 90’s TGIF hit, Family Matters, in which she spent the majority of her time playing off the affections of Steve Urkell.

These days, Kellie is spends most of her time tending the matters of her own family. She got hitched to a guy named Hannibal Jackson in 2009 and they had their first daughter last year. Fans can ogle pictures of Jackson’s on Kellie’s Facebook page.

Since Family Matters, she’s had a handful of roles, and recently completed a lead role in a short, Aide-de-Camp.

Danielle Spencer

You may remember sass-talking Dee, from the 70’s hit What’s Happening!! and its follow up, What’s Happening Now! Here’s a picture of her all grown up, looking very awesome at 45-years old (when the picture was taken.)

Now 46, Spencer makes a living as a veterinarian. Perhaps you saw, and didn’t recognize (like me) her on-screen portrayal of a pet doctor in the Jack Nicholson flick, As Good As It Gets in 1997.

Denise Katrina Matthews

With an awesome stage name (seriously, someone else needs to lease “Vanity”), Canadian-born Denise Katrina Matthews was best known as Prince’s gal pal and front-runner of the 80’s girl-band, Vanity 6. The former narsty-girl went on to slightly bigger fame in the films, Action Jackson and The Last Dragon before a narsty drug habit slowed her roll in 1994.

Matthews promptly reformed as a born-again Christian, forever forsaking her narsty ways. Her “tell-all” book, “Blame It On the Vanity”, dropped last year, continuing her go-HAM as an evangelist. She currently resides in Fremont, California.

Lil Mo

Lil Mo seemed unstoppable with a string of hits showcasing awesome singing, rapping and production skills. She and Fabolous hit #9 on the Billboard R&B charts in 2001 with Superwoman Pt. II and had one of the biggest hits of 2003, Can’t Let You Go.

These days, Lil Mo continues to fight for relevance on the R&B charts. Her fourth studio album dropped just a month ago. Mo’s more promising prospects are raising her three children, Love’on, God’lss (I kid you not), and Justin.

Her second and current husband, who she shares a son with, was able to convince her to pick a good name the third time around and settle down in Maryland.

Bryton James

Bryton McClure is better known as the curly-headed cutie from the Steve Urkel show, also known as Family Matters. Thankfully, Bryton has mowed down that mop-top as an adult and continues to work as an actor.

Daytime TV aficionados recognize him as Devon Hamilton from The Young and the Restless, which earned him a Daytime Emmy Award. He also snagged a recurring role on The Vampire Diaries this year and is currently filming a TV series called, Miles Across the Sea, slated for release in 2013.

Deon Richmond (Kenny/Bud from the Cosby Show)

Deon Richmond entered the living room of millions because of his portrayal of Bud, friend of the much-celebrated TV family, the Cosbys. He hasn’t really stopped acting much since then. He has a long list of IMDB credits, albeit, in many less-poignant roles but hey, at least a brother is working.

Memphis Bleek

Memba’ Memph Bleek as that wack rapper that got famous hanging out with Marcy Projects alum, Jay-Z and the rest of the Rock-A-Fella camp killed the charts back in the day? One of his hottest songs was Is That Your Chick, in which the best version had fewer Bleek verses and lots of help from Missy and Jay-Z.

Now-a-days, Bleek is frontin’ like he’s running a music label, dropping an album and about to make a comeback. His latest album, The Process, was scheduled to drop in March of 2010 but has yet to hit store shelves. He’s currently signed to a deal with Mass Appeal Entertainment and CEO of his own label (snicker), Get Low Records.

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  • Wilsona81

    Uh, in what world was Memphis Bleek whack? He had atleast 2 other hit songs. Just because Jay-Z is dope doesn’t mean that the rest of his team didn’t have skills. Memph had skills but I think his image or lack there of didn’t get him as far as he should have gone.

  • Mskikib1974

    spellcheckk dam I have it ok my phone.

  • Mskikib1974

    Two words proofread.

  • uniquefashionista

    Okay, am I the only one wondering why Stoney Jackson didn’t make this list? LOL!
    I’m just saying…….

  • Question

    I hate when people click on an article and go on and on about people, things or other crap missing off the list…make your own damn list!

  • Dee

    Can someone tell me how you pronounce “Shanygne”? For years I have tried to figure that out!!!!

    • kt

      I’ve heard it pronounced as “shuh-neen”

    • tastythoughts

      i think its shan-non….smh

    • kiki j

      Sha-neen basically the is silent…you know our people and their made up silent letters lol.

  • KevinFerere

    I’m mad you threw shade at Memphis Bleek though.  He was one of my fav rappers back when I was in high school. (not to give away my age lol)

  • Fey

    Where is Lisa Bonet aka Denise Huxtable?

  • chaka1

    Where is Tweet and Monifa?

  • Oh how I used to love Bleek! Not so much now…

  • Melissax1972

    I always have wondered how does kellie from family matters pronounce her middle name shanygne

  • Thanks or sharing where they are..i do love the celebrities of old!

  • Korey

    You should always be concerned if your child’s name has an apostrophe in it… It’s going to be a mess come SAT and College Application Time. 

    I was asking about Memphis Bleek just recently. Bigger question is what happen to Amil… Damn, once Jay adopted Kanye, everyone else had to fall back huh?

    • LisaLuvless

      I swear Amil disappeared after she accused Jay-z of rape. That’s all I remember..
      I kinda like that song with Beyonce’.. Sings “..you could be out of here baby, ‘ cuz I GOT IT..”

  • Cocolino

    Lil Mo is also a DJ on WPGC in DC.

  • Pleasurepp

    God’lss. Is this pronounced God Less?

    • LisaLuvless

      Thought the same exact thing, but as a person with a ghetto real name as well I’m going to say it was a combination of Godess and isyss. God’iss.

      I hope..

    • LaMish237

      I think it’s a “i”.. It’s a mess both ways lol

    • Guest

      That’s what I was wondering!  If so…the name and the meaning behind it are just wrong lol

    • Ynvee99

      No no no…I heard her on the radio. The name is pronounced God is….as in God is love….

  • IllyPhilly

    Hey MN, you said they made us happy then left. Memphis Bleek was annoying from the start. Why are Jay-Z’s “friends” waaaay in the background now?

  • ay

    I heard Lil Mo is a mess on twitter smh

  • tastythoughts

    so no one is gonna comment on the names of Lil Mo’s kids names? i just cant with these people. 
     Love’on, God’lss (I kid you not)

    • IllyPhilly

      I was just about to. Why didn’t they make the hood name list!?

      • LaMish237

        Is God’Iss the ghetto spelling for Goddess?? I can’t..

        • brivvy

          Sounds more like GodLESS. So in other words, the kid is born to fail? LOL

    • Girliusmaximus

      I didn’t even bothering reading them. After I saw all those apostrophes I just glossed right over them. Utter madness.

    • At least the last child won’t get beat up in school.