Romantic Facebook Statuses That Annoy Your Friends

December 13, 2011 ‐ By Julia Austin


"Relationship statuses on Facebook"

We’re happy for you. Really we are. We don’t mind when you kiss each other at the dinner table across from us. We do enjoy hearing your stories of cute things he did for you. But, there is a difference between sharing stories in confidence, and in person, with a friend or two, and publishing it for your 5th grade teacher, that guy you met once in Cancun last year, and every one else on Facebook to see. They just don’t need to see things like this:

MadameNoire Video

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  • Girliusmaximus

    Some of this stuff is just downright inappropriate… And why would you post your bling for your 280+ friends to see? So you can get robbed? Great

  • Ivysapphire

    I have come to the conclusion that most people put all this mess on facebook because they need someone to validate their relationship or they want to make someone (who shouldn’t matter) envious. It’s immature, ridiculous, and the reason why I deleted my facebook page. I had a guy I previously dated say how much he hated when people did this but he get so pi$$ed at me for deleting my page all because I wouldn’t/ he couldn’t post crap about each other. Now he’s boo-loving with some other chick’s facebook wall.  

  • Pamela White17

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  • Yjoseph28

    my guy and I getting married in 6 months, most of our FB friends think we both single, we decided not to advertise our relationship, we never post a word about it… and we are happyly in love…..  while watching our friends statuses  bouncing back and fourth like crazy.

  • MsIndependent

    wow they have all these relationship status options on Facebook now dang. I have an account i rarely visit the site. 

    • Miss K

      I was thinking the same thing! I used to have an account and now I remember why I don’t. 

  • Mocha_687

    Yeah, I’m not a PDA fan at all, especially not online. It’s like the equivalent of telling everyone in view “LOOK WHAT MA BOO DID FOR ME!!!”  Obviously people do things on facebook because they want an audience. Ahh, your life isn’t that important. I love my boyfriend but I’m not going to chronicle our relationship on facebook.

  • kelz

    Agreed! Romantic relationships should be special and private, not exploited online. Posting every little detail for your friends and friends of friends to see makes it less special and really makes me question it’s strength. Have a little tact and discretion!

  • losh

    I think it’s awesome when people are in love… however, all this stuff is just plain corny.

  • Getit!

    Should you have to tell people that?

    • tastythoughts

      unfortunately….yes…smh…some people dont get it