Should You Change Your Appearance for a Man?

December 9, 2011  |  

We all want a man to fall in love with who we really are; but at the same time, we understand that men are visual creatures.

Soo, how far should we go to get the man? If you change your appearance to attract a guy, does that mean you’ve sold out?

See what a matchmaking expert at Your had to say about this question.

Have you ever changed your appearance for a man?

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  • I might change something if my boyfriend or husband asked me to try something out. Might. But some guy i just met or who i want to like me? No. He has to get to now me as i am. I’m not going outside my comfort zone to attract or “keep” someone. If my hair or clothing style is a deal breaker then we shouldn’t be together.

  • Pivyque

    I don’t think it’s selling out. I think it’s compromising. I love my hair in a ponytail, but every now and then I will do something different with it because I know my husband likes it down. 

  • Kayla

    it’s not selling out. Men workout and present themselves a certain way to attract woman. It’s not selling out to do your hair, nails, etc.. even when you do that stuff for yourself, nothing wrong with it.

  • Girliusmaximus

    I would want to know what type of change he means. Let’s say a guy genuinely says he wants to see what you look like with more or less or different make-up on… I’d give that a try because it’s a temporary curiosity and I can always go back to how I look. Maybe he’s curious what you would look like if you had long hair, some extensions can fix that, or if you wore a dress instead of pants all the time… I honestly could say I can show him that, BUUUUTTT he has to be able to accept and respect my choice to ultimately keep my own style and if he can’t, see ya.

    Now if a guy come to you talking ’bout your hair is too nappy/too straight, you’re too fat/skinny, or you should wear some contacts to fake something, then that’s a HELL TO THE NAW. Make like Martin said and GET TA STEPPIN’! If you don’t like what you see you need to roll out and sit down, boo. (I love MN articles)

    • Girliusmaximus

      Yeah and you are loser who has to pay for p*ssy (or d*ck, who knows these days). I’m sure you’ve contracted all manner of STDs in your mediocre lifetime. Running around on the boards posting useless replies. GTFOH

  • phoenix

    i met a guy who doesnt like make up or hair extensions, even though im not over top when apply makeup the most i will wear is foundation and lipgloss, i did stop wearing the foundation when we were to hang out, he always complimented my complextion and said i didnt need makeup, that was the only change i ever made for a guy

  • dddooonnnttt

    If you aren’t attracting any men or the wrong kinds of men, then i think you should assess what it is about you that might be keeping people away. But uf you are meeting men and 1 happens to want you to change your hair or style of dress, that’s going to be a no sir.

    • Mel


  • I have never changed my appearance to appeal to any man. He has had to accept me bald, short hair, natural, big ‘fro, little ‘fro. For those men who weren’t checking for me because of my hair…it’s their loss. And if I find out one of my friends is changing their hair to please a man, I will slap her silly.  Real men will accept you as is. Step off with that nonsense.

  • Albert59

    No I wouldn’t.He has to accept as I am or keep steppin.