7 Habits Women Should Steal From Men

January 6, 2012 ‐ By Julia Austin

"Attractive black couple holding each other"

I’m not saying you should give up your femininity, burn all your Hot dresses and never let anyone open a door for you again. I think you should enjoy the best of both worlds—you should be able to do and be what you like about being a woman, toss the rest, and maybe even snag a few habits that you like from men. Like these:

MadameNoire Video

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  • youmustbe#$^joking

    whoever wrote this is obviously a man………I dont agree with anything said…have more sex but don’t rush to label your relationship and be ready at his beck and call…..ladies if your man call you at 7 to go to dinner at 7:30..that means his first preference which was scheduled for 6:30 was cancelled. 

  • Ugh

    Damn i wish you all would just present a list.  i get tired of clicking and reloading everytime I want to move to the next item.

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  • aqquippless

    Here`s a habit women need to steal from men.Simple,basic,LOGIC,outside of the workplace.

  • MissK

    I’m pretty sure his friends would find it strange if you just sat there and didn’t say much.  You best believe his friends are sizing you up – in their own way.  In general, friends are closely watching to see the chemistry between you and their boy/girl.

  • Gmarie

    I don’t think (I hope) the article didn’t mean to ignore your phone on purpose to play games, It meant ignore your phone as in don’t break away from your priorities or YOU time just to answer a call or texts at every whim. For instance..If a man is in the middle of playing an intense ball game with his boys or working out, or watching the game 9 times out of 10 if he cares to talk to you he will call you when he is done doing what he is doing. It isn’t to play games with the woman, it is simply him enjoying his time in the moment then following up with you later. where a lot of women on the other hand could be out to dinner with her girls or at the salon for what is supposed to be a relaxing and pampering time and she will answer that phone instantly and hold a full conversation, ignoring hr surroundings. In short (lol) the article is simply saying smell the roses, take your time stop being so attached to your phone.

     I think most of the advice was spot on for once (bravo madamenoire!) especially the advice about maintaining your hobbies and not losing yourself

    • Truth0312

      Exactly, GMarie.  It didn’t say ignore his calls, just don’t be obsessed with checking your phone every 10 minutes.  Something I’m guilty of doing.  This was good advice overall, I think.  As I find myself guilty of doing most of the things.  

    • X’s Dad

      I agree Gmarie. I had to dissolve my marriage partly because she was what I like to call a ‘phonehead’. Women and their phones. I think a little prioritization is needed in regards to phone etiquette. Just sayin….

  • justme

    WOW, what awful advice. Number 1 is horrible, ignoring a phone call on purpose, that is called playing games. If you are in a committed, great relationship, your man does not ignore a call on purpose, if he does not answer that is because he is busy, didn’t hear the phone, was sleep, in the shower etc…..never respond to a great man going tit for tat. If he is calling you then he has something to say or maybe he justs want to hear your voice. If you are busy, then answer and say baby, I’m going to call you right back. That say, baby i can not talk right now, but I see you are calling. The other tidbits are what real women do on a regular basis because we understand our lives do not revolve around a man; therefore, we continue to do and enjoy the things we want to do. In regards to impressing his friends, do not go out of your way to impress them, stay true to who you are, but please be aware their opinions of you do matter. Having the respect of his friends (and his mother) are important, be who you are and they will see why he loves you. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SMATKZGN3DBYC2332Z5OQFSYFY Judith

      Exactly. Games